A Whole New World? Let Me Show You

A Whole New worldI woke up this morning with a Disney song in my head. A Whole New World, from the movie Aladdin. You see, I’d asked for some things to be confirmed by my Guides. And this tune was one way to tell me I was on the right track.

The tune refused to move out of my head. They often use my love of music to give me messages. As I ran through the whole song the bit that kept coming to the front of my mind was the line ‘a while new world’. I know that we are in a massive process of change. It’s time for the human race to embrace our intuitive abilities. I know that when we finally do so we will stop being divided, judgemental and the creators of pain or fear. That’s why I also know it’s time to shift the way I look at the world. Going through the words of the song in my head I agreed. The world is shimmering, shining, splendid. Only I have to want to see it that way.

Opening up to my intuitive ability meant I had to find out what was in my heart. To navigate through my life by feeling rather than thinking. I had to start paying attention to those niggling jabs in my gut. The realisation that my feelings knew better what was going on than my head did. That opened up a whole new set of senses to get information from. So I did start seeing the world differently. Seeing and sensing energy instead of using only my physical senses. That was the real revelation instead of the stuff talked about in the Bible. Because I also opened up to all of the non-physical things that affect my life too. Any there are many wonderful things waiting to be discovered by every one of us.

Tonight I’ve been thinking about my whole life. How much is has changed. How much there still is to change. I hear my Guides saying ‘I can show you the world’. All I have to do is let my heart decide ❤️

Day 649 of my blogging challenge