Pride Goes Before A Fall: Deadly Sins Revisited

prideI’m really fortunate to work with some lovely people who always bring me interesting things to think about. Tonight’s discussion is about pride. A topic, I have to say, that I’ve also debated with my Guides quite a bit.

The phrase I remember from my childhood is ‘Pride goes before a fall’. It was something I heard in my home and my school. Because pride was deadly. It was a sin. Even when I was too young to understand what a sin was. When I got older I used to puzzle about the people who wrote down the list of deadly sins. Who said those things were sins? How did they know? And why did so many people seem to fall into the trap of committing these sins? Of course the origin of this and many other rather interesting stricture comes from the Bible. In full the quotation is something like “Pride goeth before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall.” Apparently it can be translated several ways (as most of the Bible can) but is said to refer to the fall of the angels who defied God.

And there is another interesting issue for me. If God is all knowing he must have known the angels were going to defy him. He must have let it happen. Was it their pride that caused them to fall from God’s energy? Or his pride in not preventing them? Perhaps God was proud that they rebelled? You see often this statement is taken to mean that someone is being arrogant. Or has risen above their station. Is not being humble enough. I wonder how we are ever supposed to have pride then? In our appearance? Or in our abilities? In our selves? Because all of those have been told to me too. Repeatedly. And is being humble all it’s cracked up to be? Isn’t it an excuse for others to treat us unfairly. Or unthinkingly. Without consideration?

I have to ask who exactly is falling when we bandy the word pride about. And who might be heading for life as a martyr to themselves. Having a belief in myself is far from deadly. And far from a sin. It’s one of the ways I can sustain myself through the creative process. A way to love what I produce and who I am for bringing it into being. Finally, perhaps it’s time to revisit our use fo words and move away from a centuries old rule that no longer says it all?

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Alternate Dimension: Down Amongst The Fairies

alternateSometimes people ask about alternate dimensions. Usually when their Guides are getting them used to all of the different energies we can encounter if we are living an intuitive life. I enjoy getting this question. Because it often means taking a side trip to a different reality.

Today I went for a walk into Nature. A stroll amongst the trees. And a shift into an alternate world. Where I could chat with the elemental beings who also share that space. When I talk about different dimensions people tend to assume that the reality I am talking about is somewhere ‘out there’. A physical world like our own that is located further away from the Earth in some way. Yet the realities I have experienced actually overlay this material world that we all experience. Rather like airplanes flying around stacked one above the other. Occupying the same total space but one on top of the other. It’s all about energy vibration. More like a bandwidth than a single vibrational wave.

There are alternate explanations. I’ve read many of them. And enjoyed doing so. Yet the one that makes more sense to me, based on my personal, experience is that the dimensions are accessible because they are layered above and below our own dimension. When I want to connect with the fairy folk I shift the rate at which my energy flows. Then I open my perception into their realm. And we can talk if they wish to do so. It’s exactly the same with our loved ones in the Spirit World. Or the angels. It requires a shift of vibration and perception. So I enjoyed a lovely time in the fairy energy flow from my trip outdoors. And returned to this material reality with a supply of magical energy to use when they tell me to.

Alternate realities have so much to offer us. Not least the recognition that our own reality is full of wonderful things too. I always appreciate coming back to here and now because this is the dimension I have chosen for this incarnation. Next time perhaps I will choose to have a life at another vibrational level. But for now an occasional wander elsewhere is a great way to appreciate my current life.

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Revisited: The Beginning And Breaking The Rules

revisitedIt’s been a workshop day. A day when I revisited a set of rules that used to apply to me. Rules that needed to be broken by embracing my intuitive senses. And the presence in my life of my wonderful Guides.

As I revisited the beginning of my mediumship development in my workshop today I recognised that I had faced a steep learning curve. Although I’d read around psychic and intuitive stuff for a long time it was very different when I started to experience contact from my Guides. I felt quite a bit of resistance. Even fear. Although I was asking for the connections I still held myself back. Because sensing the world as an energy reality is very different than sensing it as a material reality. One day, when I was bit at my wits end with it all, my Guides sent me to my book shelf. And to a lovely book by Paulo Coelho. I can’t remember when the book came to me in 2004. But I know it made an impression long before I started my own development process. So much so that I quote from it in my workshops.

The quote I always use first is:

These are the commandments that no warrior of light can obey.

First: God is sacrifice. Suffer in this life and you will be happy in the next.

Second: People who have fun are childish. Remain tense at all times.

Third: Other people know what is best for us because they have more experience.

Fourth: Our duty is to make other people happy. We must please them even if that means making major sacrifices.

Fifth: We must not drink from the cup of happiness: we might get to like it and we won’t always have it in our hands.

Sixth: We must accept all punishments. We are guilty.

Seventh: Fear is a warning. We don t want to take any risks.

These are the commandments that no warrior of light can obey.


Learning to use my intuition, following the guidance as it came in, I realised that I lived these rules to some extent. One or two of them I was actively working on. But most of the others still had me in their grip. The fourth and fifth particularly strongly. So I know that the people who start to explore their connections to Energy Beings will have to work through letting go of these rules. And each time I have revisited these particular rules, with my new students, I have notice how much less of a role they play in my life. Today I was really please to find that only rule seven still turns up now and again. Only in certain circumstances and not at all enough to stop me stepping off cliffs into new adventures.

Have you revisited your life rules recently? If you are working to open up your intuition you might find that you are doing so sooner rather than later. We are in the final stretch of energy that began in 2012. Energy that is encouraging us to take a leap of faith and start a new adventure. A journey that will require new rules. What will yours be?

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Saint Germain Came Too: A Holistic Day Out

SaintMore time spent with Saint Germain! I wrote earlier this week about his presence when I was doing my channelled paintings. The result was a picture called “St Germain and the Violet Flame. Today I took the painting with me to a Mind, Body, Spirit event. And found that I was also speaking on his behalf.

That’s what I love about my intuitive life. If I follow the prompts that I’m given lots of great things happen. So I got my painting into a frame as directed yesterday. Today I dressed in violet (Saint Germain’s Ray or energy vibration) and emerald green (for higher heart healing) as directed. Even my FitBit has had to be violet. I gathered up all of my stuff, planning to take my book and a few other things, only to put most of them on one side. The instruction was to take my channelled paintings and my book instead of everything else. Of course the energy of the paintings was all about healing, third eye chakra and Violet Flame. With a bit of Owl Wisdom, Merlin and Fae energy thrown in for good measure.

So I knew I was going to be in for some interesting discussions. I was also giving a Past Lives talk with a meditation. It made perfect sense that Saint Germain, who has had many lives, wanted to be in on the energy of my session. I’m sure he was working with the Violet Flame to dissolve as much stuck energy as possible. And he was very persistent in my chats with the people who visited my table. His words poured out to help people recognise that the challenges in their lives could be resolved in a positive way. I love his gentle insistence on saying what is needed. I also know that everyone who came in the door today got a blast of his compassionate toughness. Whether they knew it or not. That’s why I love taking my paintings and crystals with me.

They do their work. And I do mine. We collaborate in sharing the loving energy as much as we can. I have a feeling that Saint Germain will be popping up again in a lot of my future work. It’s time to embrace the Age of Aquarius. I’m ready. Are you?

Day 975 of my blogging challenge

Unexpectedly Changing Plans: Go With The Flow

UnexpectedlyIt’s been a day of muddled energy. Unexpectedly changing plans, being somewhere else and doing the unexpected. Yet I’ve had time with several good friends because everything changed around.

Today has been very different than I thought. Or had decided it would be. Unexpectedly I found myself taking trips out. After a long drive yesterday I was ready to put my feet up, do some crafting and relax. Instead I was here, there and, it seemed, everywhere. It’s a good job I enjoy driving. It’s also great that in all of the chopping and changing I spent time with some good friends. Quite unexpectedly. But very much what I needed to keep me going with the flow. It’s that time again. When all sorts of energies are bombarding the world and we humans have to try to deal with the muddle this creates.

When it gets like this I have learned to trust that what I have to do is follow the new plan. Even if that one changes several times in my day, I remind myself that I will end up doing the most important things first. Even if I don’t know why what I am doing is important. I also enjoy the random moments when good things happen. Like an assistant finding out some measurements for me in a shop. The chance to take a walk by the canal. Or the hugs I was give. And the unexpectedly pleasant and refreshing unplanned meals out with two dear friends. There are threads of gold in amongst the turbulent energy. So I take time to watch for them so that I will be boosted by positive energy. Then the abrupt changes hardly ruffle my feathers.

If you find yourself unexpectedly changing your plans this week remember that the energy is helping you to go where you need to be. Look for the nuggets of joy amongst the general grumpiness of a world in a storm. And make sure that you are open to as many hugs as come your way. Together we can get through anything.

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Snails Pace To My Destination. Patience!

snailsThe traffic moved at a snails pace today. I spent seven hours getting from one place to another. A journey that normally takes about four hours. Mercury retrograde was certainly testing my patience.

With nothing to do but observe the view, including all of the large lorries that had to take to small side roads too, my mind began to wander. I thought about the way my mediumship had developed. Some times I went at a snails pace. Other times I was flying like the haws I spotted twice today. And then there were the times when I was unsure whether I was a snail or a hawk. When my mediumship sort of clanked along. As if I couldn’t get my broomstick to take off. There were several points when I decided to give up. Like the road today, I felt like I wanted to park up and watch everyone else journey on. But I also found that, for no reason that I could fathom, I was reluctant to stop. After all  there was a destination ahead that I wanted to reach.

I wanted to get home today. Snails or not. Traffic snarls or not. I’ve been away for a couple of weeks and there are things I have to do, people I want to see and my garden to tend. Again very much like my intuitive development. I understood that there were things I had to do so that I could help people I met and it was time for me to grow some more. As I sat in the car I realised that my mediumship journey had been a series of detours, dead ends and tailbacks. Along with speeding along through fabulous scenery with the wind in my hair. All to get me to right here and right now. To recognise that I have been learning to be patient with myself. Because sometimes going slow is the right thing to do.

Now I’m trying to write a blog at something faster than a snails pace. Because I want to make sure it goes live on the right day. I only have a few daily blogs left before my challenge is complete. Slowly, steadily I have got to where I hoped to be. I’m home almost to the end of my personal trial. I wonder what the next snail will bring?

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Control: Fearful Or Loving? What Do You Choose?

opening controlIn an uncertain world it’s no surprise that we all try to control the outcomes in our lives. However, there is a difference between controlling through love and fear. Though it took me quite a long time to work that out.

I know that I would like more certainty in my life. I feel that is a natural part of being human in these times. We are surrounded by bad news, fearful discussions and events that can make the best of us pessimistic. Not to mention all of the times life turns up side down. Because that’s life. It’s what happens. Yet we have lost our ability to be as flexible as perhaps we once were. So we try to work out and control all the possible eventualities that can happen. I used to do that. Have a long list of ‘what if’s’ that I planned for. All in case something dreadful should happen.

Then I started working with Guides. Who gently pointed out that trying to control my life in ways to push my fears away was a restriction. I had become so locked into the idea that anything going wrong would be a disaster. And it inevitable was. They helped me to see that my Ego Mind was pushing me with fear. When my Intuitive Mind was trying to surround me with love. There is a lesson we all need to learn. Expect the worst to happen and it will. Expect the best to happen and it will. It’s our choice. I slowly and painfully started to let go of my fears. In their place I recognised that I was a strong, capable adult who had been able to survive this far. I swapped to being in control through love.

Meaning that whatever happens I love the challenges that I have been given. I control my reactions to the events of my life. That means I still have my feelings. That doesn’t change. But I have the inner love to deal with what is happening by looking at it as positively as I can. In turbulent times are you in control of your life in a loving way?

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Shifting Stuck Energy: Release The Feelings!

Shifting stuck energyOnce I identify stuck energy then I have to get involved in shifting it. Of course I could carry on holding all of that stuck energy. But that will only wear me down and wear me out!

When I started to use my intuition and develop my connections through mediumship I quickly realised that I had very muddled energy. Scanning my aura and my physical body I found loads of old emotions. Emotions that I thought I had got rid of a long time ago. My Guides helped me see how the stuck energy was involving me in more and more effort. Just to carry the energy. They suggested that I start shifting it as soon as possible. I also discovered that big chunks of energy actually came from other people. They had blasted me with their feelings. And I had ended up carrying the energy for them. That hardly seemed fair.

So first I started working on protecting my energy. Moving through my day in a bubble of positive, loving energy.

That way I became aware of what I was feeling. Instead of what everyone else, the world even, was feeling. It gave me a choice. Instead of adding more to my stuck energy I could feel the feeling there and then. And get rid of it. To get rid of my current feelings I knew I had to speak them out somehow. Or turn the energy into being useful for something else. I learned that shifting my feelings meant telling others, writing them down or standing in the middle of nowhere and shouting it out. It was also energy I could use to do my housework, go for a walk or do the gardening. That helped me get a clear space to start tackling the old stuff.

Shifting old stuff often involves me overcoming a whole lot of resistance to doing so.

That’s one of the hardest bits to understand. I know I want to get rid of the old energy. But  the fearful part of my Ego Mind thinks it’s going to be hard. That I might actually have to re-experience past hurts and pains. However, these old energies act as a hook on which current energy can get caught. Meaning more stuck energy builds up. So the old energy has to go somehow. I’ve used meditating on what isn’t mine and seeing it lift off me like a cloud. Or I’ve sat in my Reiki grid and watched the old ties fade away to nothing. My journaling has been a positive way to get the stuck stuff out into the open. Then I can use the Violet Flame energy to dissipate it. Or I try shifting it down my body and out through my feet into the Earth.

Then there is the inspiration of my Guides.

They do their best to help me overcome the resistance I feel by giving me messages of support. My Guides also help me if I get stuck on what I’m actually trying to clear. They gently prod me and push information into my consciousness so I know what I have to let go. I also get to do the work in my dreams too.  Because this is a great way to work with the emotions and not have to worry that they are flooding into my waking life. My Guides send me plenty of positive, healing energy so that I can fill the empty spaces with it. That way I’m less likely to take the stuck energy back on.  Finally, I pay attention to the energy flowing around all of us. I wait for the times when there is a strong, positive energy flow that I can tap into.

Shifting stuck energy is a lot to do with recognising I want to let it go. And turbulent energy often brings stuff to the surface for me to recognise too. Then taking some action. Almost any action. So long as my intention is to let it go. So I have to be firm with my Ego Mind when it tries to hang on. I love myself enough to be tough and let go. Do you?

Day 971 of my blogging challenge

Sentinel: My Watcher Waiting On The Beach

SentinelI love visiting a special place where I can sit in the energy of the Beings who work with me. Today I went to a spot where I can connect with a Sentinel. A Watcher. ArchAngel Dareshiel.

The Full Moon energy is starting to build. As is the pull of Mercury going retrograde. So the energy currents are unsettled and chaotic. I’ve been watching the rise and fall of these energies as they pass through me. And trying my best to stand steady. To keep my emotions from becoming too overwhelming. Going down to the beach allowed me to see the waves hitting the rocks. To observe the stillness of the stones as the water washes over them. The sky was cloudy too. The weather seemed to be reflecting the turbulence of the energy as well. I made my way to the sentinel rock. It always draws my attention. Gazing out to the sea. Watching the eternal flow of the tide. In this place I can take comfort from ArchAngel Dareshiel.

He is the one who helps me to detach from my emotions. Dareshiel helps me to become a sentinel in my own life. Not that I avoid my feelings. That would be very hard for me as my birth chart is ruled by Venus. But Dareshiel is supporting me to feel first and react third. His energy gives me a barrier of a sort. A second or two to process my feelings before I make a choice to act. That small nanosecond of reflection giving me time to work out how I want to deal with what I am feeling. Because my intuition also plugs me into the emotional energy of everyone on the planet. And that can be overwhelming. That’s why so many empathic people struggle to act and react in a balanced way. Especially when they have muddled up what they feel with what others are feeling.

Being a sentinel has served me well so far. I have been able to flow with the energy currents in the wider world. So that I can work out what I feel about any situation and then work out how it is best to act. Dareshiel is my sounding board whenever I get stuck. As well as my support in challenging energy. Finally, over the next two weeks, when you are struggling with your feelings why not ask Dareshiel to help you too?

Day 970 of my blogging challenge

Letting Spirits Blend: Channellings From Inspirers

lettingI’ve taken the opportunity today to do some channelling. Letting the Inspirers who work with me blend with my energy so that I can pass on their teachings. It’s work I very much enjoy because I am always intrigued by the information they share with me.

Sometimes I am inspired to paint. Other times the channelling has to be written down. And sometimes I record the information as I speak it on their behalf. Letting these ways of communication develop is a process that has lasted a number of years. First of all I had to get used to their connections. Then I had to learn to open my aura energy so that the Spirit or Energy Being could share my energy. I also had to understand the nature of blending. Giving my conscious mind a task to do whilst my intuitive mind deepened the connection. Deepened it by allowing an inflow of the Inspirer’s energy. Being patient with myself was a key part of the process. Because making sure the blending is balanced between us took time.

I had to learn to be comfortable with this extra energy. Also letting it fill me as much as needed for the channelling to be a success. Finally, I also had to let go of a little bit of control. I feel this was the hardest one for me. Learning to trust the communicator as much as I trusted myself. Removing all those fearful ideas that I had picked up over the years concerning possession. And understanding that my invited guest would leave the instant I asked them to. As I worked I discovered that channelling is not just something done to me. I am an active participant in the process. I give my permission first. Then the energy blending takes place. Producing some interesting, jaw dropping and exciting results.

I’ve been learning so much more about myself as I channel. My Guides and the Inspirers have been my steady and kind companions in what I first undertook as an experiment. A dare if you like. What they have put in front of me has opened my eyes and my mind. I consider myself truly blessed to be able to work in this way. Long may it continue!

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