Compassionate Practitioners

compassion-quotes-positive-provocationsOne of the themes to emerge from this busy day of connections, achievements and insights has been the choice of practitioners to become compassionate in what they do. In several discussions today it became clear that most people experience the practitioners they encounter as somewhat detached, even non-involved, in the outcomes of their work with people. Having trained as a person-centred counsellor many years before my spiritual journey became the focus of my life I understood that the relationship between counsellor and client was a major part of the therapy. Working at a relational depth that allows the counsellor access to the client’s inner world seemed to me to be an obvious way of starting from where the client was. It was a bit of a surprise to explore other modalities as a professional counsellor and realise that starting with the client’s inner world didn’t always apply. Although I met many compassionate people working as counsellors it seemed that when they stepped into their professional role they unhooked or bypassed that loving feeling.

As a counsellor I used to believe that I could counsel anyone about anything so long as I had had the ‘right’ training. I studied specialisms & specific ‘illnesses’. I researched abnormal psychology. Armed with this knowledge – whether I really understood or not – I launched myself into work with clients confident that I could relate to them no matter what the issue. After all, knowledge plus a listening ear would help me enter their world once we had formed a relational bond. As I learned more and more about relationships, positive and negative, as a therapist, my experiences steered me to think deeply about compassion. How could someone describe their inner world in a space that felt safe enough to do so unless there was some show of empathy? Perhaps understanding wasn’t actually enough.  I feel that this was the point when I began to look for the spiritual aspects of counselling and began the journey into my own mediumship.

Compassion is a word that is thrown around a lot nowadays. It’s a buzz word, a short cut for some kind of loving kindness that we can all express. One dictionary definition is ‘sympathetic pity and concern for the sufferings or misfortunes of others.’ Not sure I would want sympathy and pity when I was experiencing life’s challenges. Another definition is ‘the response to the suffering of others that motivates a desire to help.’ The second definition is certainly more to my liking. But here is a definition I really love – ‘Compassion is passion with a heart’. When I work I am following my passion. I put all of my heart into what I do and hope that the relationships that are formed will enable others to change whatever they wish to in their lives. I can’t think of a better reason to run a spiritual business.

It’s often said that you get the clients you need. Clients are mirrors for the practitioner to see their own reflection in too. If we offer positive relationships, based on honesty, tough love and compassion, both the practitioner and the client can practice relating in a deeper and more meaningful way. I am surrounded by some wonderful practitioners who also have a passion for thier work that demonstrates compassion combined with professionalism. We love that we can support people from whatever their starting point is. Making relationships that listen to the inner person, validates their experiences and offers choices is a very empowering experience for both parties in the relationship.

I feel that this is a new model of working which gives a greater choice to all. Too many professionals work from a knowledge base that insists on a detachment from the warmer emotions that we might naturally feel when seeing someone’s struggles. Teaching, medicine, law, government, care & support systems all present an opportunity for services to be delivered with compassion. Too often the ‘system’ takes over and the users become numbers, nameless & faceless, sent away with a quick fix solution. The people who have the passion for service in these professions are eventually driven away by the frustration of not being able to start their work from the heart of the client’s issues. For many people the service they receive becomes a ‘one size fits all’ sheep dip process.

I am fortunate that I can run my Centre in whatever way I feel is best. We will continue to offer compassionate professionalism in whatever we do. If you are passionate about helping, can start from where the other person needs you to start and want to make a difference to they way services are organised please share this blog. The more we discuss compassion as a natural part of our working lives the faster we can really make a significant change in the lives of those who we feel compassionate towards.

 Day 136 of my blogging challenge.

Refurbish, Refresh, Renew

Since we've remodeled, you are no longer here.

Since we’ve remodeled, you are no longer here.

Although today counts as a day off I’ve been busy planing to refurbish my Centre. On the 10th April it will be our second birthday. There have been times when I wanted to quit, times when I was certain of my vision and times when I took a step off the cliff. I have had some wonderful companions on my journey who have supported me in all sorts of ways through the changing times of a spiritual business.

When we opened on our first ‘official’ day we had refurbished a set of rooms that had been unused for some time. Everything had a smell of brand new paint. An eclectic collection of second hand, much loved furniture had been positioned around the rooms. We were looking good. On our first birthday there were more little changes. Some of the furniture was moved around. Different stock was brought in to expand our range of products for sale. The smell of new paint was replaced by the fragrance of PartyLite candles. Now it’s time to do a little more. A refurbish this time includes replacing the carpets, renewing some of the paintwork, a massive window clean to refresh the view (most of our exterior wall is actually window!) and repositioning some of the library & sales areas.

You might wonder why we refurbish, refresh & renew before each anniversary. I sense energy so it’s important to me that the stuck or flagging energy of the last year is cleared away. Keeping the wonderfully positive energy that has been generated through the year so that it can be the foundation for the next year helps the Centre go from strength to strength. If I didn’t pay attention to the spent, worn out energy it would get in the way of new sources of energy. Being placed on a ley line it’s also a good idea to make the most of the positive blasts of energy that flow through the Earth’s energy lines too. In the end, the benefit is to everyone who calls in or works at the Centre. It’s much nicer & healthier to work surrounded by positive and peaceful energy. And as energy flows the positive energy boost that people gain from being there removes some of the negative energy we all carry around with us.

The ‘push’ we receive to Spring clean is from our intuitive side. We are being asked to recognise the end of one cycle and the beginning of the next. Planting for the future goes so much better if we have cleared out old energy that may disrupt our intentions if we don’t let it go. To refurbish anything doesn’t take a lot of expense or energy. We only need to look at everything with a fresh pair of eyes and ask ‘is this still useful to me?’. On a personal or professional level that question will help identify where the duster, mop or paintbrush can help and where it is time to recycle by sending things on their way. Doing the refurbish on a physical level, looking at the Centre and how it is as an environment to work in or visit, has also prompted me to consider how I feel & what I think about the Centre. Does it still make people feel welcome to step inside it’s door? Do they feel that they can be comfortable enough to step off the world for a while? To talk? To receive a treatment? To leave their burdens behind when the go out the door?

What about me? Have I refurbished, refreshed and renewed myself? Or am I standing in stuck energy? Looking at myself is always a challenge. Seeing things as they truly are can be hard because we are all used to wearing masks. If I want to be authentic and allowing myself to evolve then, like the Centre, I choose to have a look at where I am at on every anniversary. I’m the one holding the vision to be of service to the people who work and visit the Centre. The vision that was inspired by my Guides and formed part of the plan I set out for myself before I came here. Any vision has to move with the times, so to speak, so acknowledging that I am not the same person as the Annie who opened the Centre, or celebrated it’s first birthday, is very important. I am the Annie of now. The second birthday Annie who is able to modify, redesign and redevelop the vision for the next year. I feel a sense of personal freedom when I consider that my choices are endlessly flexible. There is also a freedom to let the vision for the Centre evolve as it may knowing that wherever we end up it will be the right place for that time & Annie.

Does something in your life need a refurb? Is it time to refresh and renew yourself? Take a step away from your usual patterns and find out what no longer serves you so you can let it go. Start your new growth cycle with the spring in your step that new energy creates.

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Little things mean a lot

imageToday has been a day to recharge my batteries. It has been very special to have time away from my busy life. So today there have been no big insights, no lightbulb moments, no creative splurges. It’s been a day of little things. Sometimes we forget the little things that happen. They form a backdrop whilst we get on with what we feel are the important aspects of our lives. They are the moments that can be easily missed when we are looking for ‘significance’ in our lives. Yet without the little things I believe nothing of significance can ever happen. My little things might have value only to me. I want to notice them because they keep me aware of the flow of energy in my life. They also help me remain mindful – thoughtful & focused – on what is really underpinning my spiritual journey.

There have been three hugs & I love you’s from my daughter. Precious because we lead busy lives. I’ve had two cats sleeping on the bed with me, curled up as close as they could  and nudging my nose when it was time to wake up to feed them. Animals are so accepting of our place in their lives. I had my first cup of coffee in the peace of my Centre. When it’s quiet there, first thing in the morning, I feel the presence of my Guides showing me positive things to do in the day. Outside it was snowing. Snowing on my day off. Crazy weather! A complete turn around from the sunshine over the weekend. It reminded me that each day can be full of surprises. Lunch was from one of my favourite shops in Hebden Bridge. I love food that is made with love. I really can taste the difference. Nourishing my body with the best vibrations is really important. Loving my body means I love myself more unconditionally and my body loves me back by keeping going another day.

I took myself off for an afternoon siesta. A treat to spend some relaxing time listening to meditation music. As I lay there I received the heat of healing energy sent to me by my Guides. I know that they often send me extra energy so it was special to feel it come in from them and to be able to say thank you. I got an invitation to go out from a friend. It’s always lovely when someone thinks of me when planning an evening out. Friendship is precious and actually very rare. I sat and watched a bit of tv. That’s something I only do late at night usually so I miss out on quiz programmes where we can have a go at guessing the answers. Knowledge is something we can all have if we are curious enough about the world. I also got to chat to a good friend without feeling that I needed to move on to the next thing on the to do list. Sometimes the sense that we have to do everything on that list before we can rest creates such stress that we beconme I’ll. Setting aside a to do list every now and then keeps a balance to my life.

My day of little things is almost at an end. I have one more little thing to notice. I enjoy writing my blog. It gives me a reflective space to process my day, letting go of anything negative and focusing on the positives, bringing me a chance to appreciate both the big and little events I’ve experienced. One way or another my life is founded on lots of little moments of loving kindness for which I am greatful. What are the little things in your life that mean a lot?

Day 134 of my blogging challenge.

Belief in the Divine Oneness

Bishop David Parry & Alan Cox

Bishop David Parry & Alan Cox

Today I have been on a little trek down to Dudley in the West Midlands to be part of a historic ceremony. My lovely friend Alan Cox was being ordained as a Gnostic priest by Bishop David Parry. It’s always precious when someone discovers a calling to serve others, especially in matters spiritual, because a belief in something we can’t see and touch fights a battle against social conditioning that suggests scientific fact is all there is.  The belief in any kind of Divine ‘something(s)’ has also become wrapped around with rituals and teachings that attempt to interpret that Divine ‘something(s)’ for us.

After the ordination there was a lively discussion at our table. Bishop David, Deacon Paul, Reverend Sue, John, Gray, Karen, Kirsty and myself come from all sorts of backgrounds. What we all have is open mindedness. Gray & Karen love to do paranormal investigations, David & Sue enjoy offering spiritual guidance and, of course, I’m always ready to talk about the deeper nature of Spirit in a human body. What was so lovely was to carry out a wide ranging discussion which had at its core a belief that we all shared. Whatever way we individually choose to express it we all have as a central point in our lives an acceptance of a Divine Oneness. Not necessarily a God, Goddess or Gods & Goddesess. A sense that within each of us is a connection to something ultimately loving and positive. This belief connects us with all of humanity and has done for thousands of years. Human beings have always chosen to acknowledge something intangible that exists as the connecting bond to encourage us to offer service from an altruistic perspective.

Of course we can reject this belief. We can doubt it, analyse it, criticise it. We have freedom of choice. It’s interesting that in the end the majority of us return to a belief in the Divine. It sets a context within which we can offer to be of service for the greater good. Not a rule or requirement. Not a responsibility. It’s a choice we make freely and exercise to the best of our ability within the limits we place on ourselves. It is also an encouragement to give and receive love to our selves and other. I believe that love is the fundamental force in our Universe. I believe that love energy flows outwards from the Divine Oneness and we receive as much of that force as we allow ourselves to. Alan’s acceptance of the ministry he is called to follow will put him more deeply in the flow of that love energy. He will be able to pass on to those who seek it more of the Light radiance associated with Divine Love. He will be able to do this because of his belief in a Divine source of love.

At the start of the ceremony we listened to Imagine by John Lennon. It’s one of my favourite inspirational pieces of music. Pure poetry. As we discussed belief and the barriers man made religions place around the direct connection to Divine Oneness the song reverberated around my mind. When will we return to love for one another? When will it be possible to hold very different understandings of the nature of life, the Universe and everything and be at peace with each other? When will we start to serve one another from a heart full of love? Some days it seems to me like Mission Impossinble. Other days, like today, it seems like a peaceful world is just in front of us if only we could reach out and grasp it. Whatever you believe I wish you a peaceful world, love and understanding.

Day 133 of my blogging challenge.

Challenge yourself!

imageMy live blog has been posted late! Another challenge came along to disturb my pattern of posting. Life is often like that. You make plans, fix them as concrete but other things step in the way to blow the plans off track. I’m very proud to have kept up my blog posting going every day so to find that I had forgotten my iPad & couldn’t post my Sunday blog was certainly frustrating. However, it’s what we do about the challenges that matters.

A couple of times before I’ve had to write my blog on paper – the old fashioned way to communicate, lol – and get onto the web later than planned. So one valuable thing I’ve already learned is to be flexible about this particular challenge. I could have got angry that I couldn’t sleep most of Saturday night. I could have been irritated at myself for not doing my blog much earlier in the day. I could have blamed the fact that I needed an early night because I had an early morning drive. But what would be the point? I have learned to trust that everything happens exactly as it should if only I let it. This makes life a lot calmer and more exciting at the same time. There is a point to ‘what will be will be’.

When I look back at my life I can understand my lack of patience was one of the biggest challenges I took on in making my plans to come here. I tend to think because I can see what is coming in, or when I have a vision of how things could be, that everyone is at exactly the same point of understanding. So why don’t they follow the plan? Of course, we are all at different point of evolution, sometimes in front and sometimes behind, much like being stuck in traffic when one lane speeds ahead and then we catch up & speed ahead of them. That is why we have set up reminders to encourage us to keep going with our challenges.

Those reminders can include the people who we meet or share our lives with, the books we read, the tv programmes we watch or the activities we choose to do to pass our earthly time. In the Celestine Prophecy the narrator of the story is advised to look at each meeting or connection with another person as a synchronicity; that these apparently random connections are full of information that will help him in his spiritual journeying. In the same way, if we step back and look for the patterns in out lives or the points when we were most challenged we can tease out the lessons we are learning. Paying attention to our challenges when they repeat themselves is a great way to evolve new ways of dealing with them. And if we get stuck you can guarantee that someone will come along in the nick of time to give us the clues we need to solve the challenge.

So I welcome (mostly) each challenge I get. Ok, there are occasions when I think oh no, not again! Yet I remind myself that I set these challenges up as a Spirit long before my body got here so I certainly wouldn’t have given myself anything I couldn’t succeed at. I also set myself challenges down here too. Everything I do has consequences, some of which are completely unexpected and unpredictable, so there are bound to be challenges. It’s a matter of accepting that each time I take on a challenge I will be able to handle it. So staying calm, getting on with it and enjoying what I can achieve without judgement seems to me to be the only sensible option. We can’t avoid the challenges so why not see the positive in each one?

Day 132 of my blogging challenge.

Anahata – Love is in the heart

Anahata1My Centre is called the Down 2 Earth Heart Centre for many reasons but I wanted to share with you the inspiration that led to choosing that name. I’ve been thinking about Anahata – the Hindu word for the Heart chakra quite a bit today. It’s been a lovely Drop In session preceded by the Mojo Club first thing & then my lovely colleague Alastair Bishop with his stress busting group. This afternoon we have had the laughter of children hunting for Easter eggs, the relaxation of people chatting about life & spirituality, treatments for the body and the sharing of intuitive information through readings. There is something special about the love that unfolds in this place. I feel protective of the space and energy because I know that love is channeled in for everyone.

I originally opened the Centre with the word psychic in the place of heart. We ran for about a year as a psychic centre but it was clear that a lot of people didn’t know what was on offer inside the doors. In fact, it seemed that some people who might need to find us were put off by the word psychic. I’m very proud of what I do but I understand, having been there myself, that anyone considered to be psychic can be seen in quite a negative light due to misunderstanding, misrepresentation and disbelief. Perhaps there will be a time when we can reclaim the word psychic – when people really understand & acknowledge that we are all psychic. So my debate with myself when I approached the first anniversary of the Centre was wether to stick with psychic in the name.

I often substitute intuitive for psychic. People are much more comfortable with thinking about intuition – now linked with gut reaction – as a part of what they are able to do. Intuition implies a sense of listening to your feelings whilst psychic is taken as listening to dead people. So a year ago I sat down to consider if the Down 2 Earth Intuitive Centre would mean anything better for people. Some how the name didn’t feel right. It sounded a bit clumsy and it certainly hadn’t captures anything about the many things we do here. So how about holistic? How about spiritual? Not forgetting therapy? Nothing seemed to quite fit. As I thought about what I do here every day I began to realise that the most important part of my working life is my passion for what I’m doing. I love working with my Guides, Inspirers and Energy Beings to bring their love – the Divine Love – to all the people I meet. In fact, one of the most important parts of my whole life is to reveal the Divine Love within me so that I can share it with all of those I love too. Felling like I had half an answer I started to list in my head the people who work at the Centre. As I thought about their reasons for being part of my working journey I recognised that they were all passionate about helping people too. Each in their own way was offering loving support to others.

The next step was very easy. I felt the wonder of the love flowing through my heart chakra. Anahata is the lotus flower with 12 petals in the Hindu tradition. It translates as ‘unhurt, unstuck and unbeaten’ and represents the union of the Supreme Being with Mother Nature. In the balance, calm and serenity created by this union of higher and human selves the heart can represent to us the wise decisions of the Higher Self. What I wanted to offer was the calmness and serenity in a physical space so that the voice of the Higher Self could ‘speak’ to anyone who was seeking help. I also felt that by offering a listening ear in the drop in sessions I would be helping people to become free from hurt, capable of rising above the blows of life and able to move forward with strength. So a year ago we became a Heart Centre. I have to say that the love has never stopped flowing – tough love included. We have all been on a journey to learn to love ourselves accompanied by many visitors & clients. The conditional way we learned about love from our earliest childhood experiences onwards placed us in chains. We limit ourselves with so many “I can’t’s” or “I won’t’s”. Here in the Centre it’s ok to say I can and will. To love your body, mind & spirit without restriction.

So the second anniversary is fast approaching. I am passionate about continuing to share the love. Because love is in the heart of every single one of us. Please take some time to find Anahata – your Heart Centre – and give yourself some loving kindness. It flows to you from Divine source whether you believe in it or not. It is still there beaming unconditional Love direct to your heart.

Day 131 of my blogging challenge.

ArchAngel Love

It’s been a funny old day! The sunshine this morning was the promise that Spring is here. Yet the niggles of old, stuck energy kept popping up as if to say ‘do you love yourself enough?’ In the end the loving embrace of an ArchAngel brought me through the shadows into my true radiance. Love is in and around us all the time if only we choose to look for it. So before I explain more I want to share that love with you.

Earth's ArchAngel Tiphoniel

Earth’s ArchAngel Tiphoniel

Tonight I visited a local mediation group in Saltaire to share with them the energy of two of the Earth’s ArchAngels, Comeliel and Tiphoniel. Comeliel, the Keeper of Records, works with me now in my Past Life work. She has been helping me to bring forward the present life soul purpose of each person I read for. The sequence of lives we have brought into this one helps steer us to the best path for evolving our Spirit vibration. She weaves the information together with loving insight. Tonight she helped people to become aware that growth happens even in a life that might appear barren or a disaster. That our resistance to feelings, thoughts and experiences helps us to notice the wisdoms hidden behind that resistance. If we are reluctant that is ok because change will happen sometime in this life, or the next time we are human or the one after that. Our ascension will and already has happened.

Then it was the turn of the ArchAngel who connects us all with the Divine Mother. Tiphoniel brings unconditional love to combat our fear of appearing selfish. She works through tough love too. When we are frightened to try something or change ourselves she is the gentle but firm force who keeps bringing the issues back in front of us. I worked in a trance state during this silent mediation as she wanted everyone present to receive the love for themselves first. On the spiritual path we sometimes run away with the idea that we have to give unconditional love to everyone else. We put ourselves at the bottom of a long list and become unused to receiving the love in return. Tiphoniel brought the love to us so that we could receive without giving it away to others in the way we assume we ought.

As I drove home the Moon, another symbol of the Divine Feminine and the planet with a strong connection to Tiphoniel, was lighting my way in a clear sky. The clouds of the day have been cleared through Divine Love and I feel ready to shine my Light once more. Love really is the answer to life, the Universe and everything ?

Day 130 of my blogging challenge.

Holding the Energy

Holding the Energy

Holding the Energy

The world is going through turbulent times. Across the globe violence and aggression spark fear and anger. If you are sensitive to energy (and we all are to a greater or lesser degree) you will ‘feel’ the impact when the levels of fear energy rise. At those points in time our physical body may become restless, exhausted, limp or sluggish all at the same time. It’s as if a tidal wave of unpleasant energy has caught us in it’s grip. Emotions will be closer to the surface and you might find your thoughts becoming less positive. There can be a feeling of why bother or an increase in fearful thoughts. You, along with the rest of the global community of Spirits inside human bodies, are caught up in the energy impact of the original aggression and the reactions to it. This is exactly the right time to be holding onto your own positive energy.

In the middle of this it’s important to be able to steady yourself. I do a lot of work involving holding the energy. Sometimes it’s a place than needs to have energy removed from it, sometimes a person and sometimes an object. The energy concerned is causing consequences that generate more low vibrational energy out into the world. So I become a receiving battery for the low vibration energy and I can move it to a place of clearing & cleansing. Energy isn’t necessarily ‘good’ or ‘bad’. Energy vibrates in different ways. Some ways are useful to our spiritual path and some ways aren’t. When the energy is no longer useful it can be re-energised to a higher vibration with a little bit of positive intention from me and my Guides. When doing this work I also need to be able to hold energy fields steady – mine, the energy I’m moving and the energy field that I’m moving in. Careful balance is important otherwise the low vibrational energy can be ‘pushed’ towards unsuspecting people or areas. I use lots of positive thoughts, hold within myself feelings of self-love and compassion for others and I have a firm intent that the work I am doing will be successful.

Holding the energy is also a key part of creating a safe energetic space to open up to intuitive information. As energy flows like waves the more people contributing to that shared space adds extra layers of intuitive feelings. If the energy vibrations are low then the space created will be awash with low level feelings like anger, disappointment, sadness etc. Learning to open up to your intuitive side also involves learning to hold your energy steady in a positive, higher vibrational way. It’s important to recognise that, for example, fear, hate, despair and anger are inappropriate spiritual responses to the actions of others. Allowing yourself to remain at the calm centre of a whirlwind of low vibrational energy sending out all the positive thoughts and feelings you can creates a loving space for everyone. Of course this isn’t something you can see the results of right away. Sometimes you have to wait out the energy storm holding peacefulness in your heart. However, when the dust has settled you may notice that the people you care about have a more positive outlook than might be expected. They may even say that they feel better. Or have a slight ‘glow’. Your efforts to hold a positive energy space will also have helped you to become more radiant too.

Becoming conscious of the energy you give and receive is an important step in your intuitive journey. The spiritual side of you has been trying to help you hold your own energy intact all your life. It would like you to always be in a positive, loving energy. It’s the human side, containing as it does the lower emotions (vibrations) & thoughts, that has to work harder at holding the energy at a higher vibration. Being aware of both sides of your being gives you much more choice about the energy you hold onto in your life. Look for and ‘hold’ the love & compassion for yourself so that you feel the peace and contentment instead of the fear & aggression.

Day 129 of my blogging challenge.

Automatic and Inspired Writing

One of the techniques often used to develop communications with Energy Beings is automatic writing. Today my daughter was busy practicing so that she could get messages from her Guides. It developed into an interesting discussion about what automatic writing is, how to do it and what might get in the way of clear communications. I love writing messages down. It’s a wonderful way of opening up to our psychic abilities and giving our intuition muscles a good workout.

The first question is of course, what is automatic writing? There are two ways of using writing to connect with both our own higher side and other Energy Beings. The first is what I call inspired writing. Using the hand you normally write with you allow yourself to write down whatever drops into your mind. You can ask specific questions by writing them down too. Then you allow yourself to write the answers you get. You can use two different coloured pens if you want to make the question & answer stand out more. The more you practice the more you are able to remove the doubting thoughts that naturally pop in whilst you are writing. You can find that the writing flows along, especially if you don’t try to read and digest what you are writing. I always recommend reading what you have written only when you feel like the information has stopped coming in. However, this type of writing is still largely under the control of your concious mind. It is using the patterns you have formed by writing with your dominant hand – the one that has been trained to write for your thoughts. It’s harder for an Energy Being to take gentle control over the movements of this hand for that reason.

If you decide you are ready to try something more outside your comfort zone then it’s time to move on to automatic writing. Automatic writing happens when the level of influence the Energy Being has over the writing is much greater. So automatic writing is usually practiced by using your non dominant hand. Most of us have the ability to write with both hands when we are children but as we develop cognitive abilities we start to prefer one hand over the other to grip or manipulate objects. The least used hand is often unable to produce the well recognised writing of our dominant hand so putting the pen or pencil in the non dominant hand can feel very odd. And what first appears as the pen moves around can look like random scribbles, dots and lines. The best way to allow the experiment to happen is to put the point of the pen on the paper and then look at something else. Allow your attention to be focused on whatever else may be going on in the room. For instance, I often do automatic writing while I’m watching the tv. It really is best if you can ignore what is happening to your hand and the paper. With patience and repetition you might find that words are starting to appear. Even sentences.

When we allow our control over the least used hand to drift away the Guides around you are able to blend their energy with your aura energy in a way that means they can influence what you are writing. You may even loose the feeling slightly in your hand as they direct the pen and write their messages to you. These messages are always a surprise as there is no concious thought process. As you get better at giving the control of your hand to your Guides you may also notice that different types of handwriting appear. It’s at this point that it’s worth saying what can get in the way of automatic writing happening. Working with a positive mindset is always best. Look forward to what may be written and hold the intention that the messages will be helpful. Trying to write when you are stressed, too interested in what is being written or when you feel frustrated that you might not be getting anywhere disturbs the energy connection. If you feel unsure about practicing either inspired or automatic writing that will also disrupt the energy of your connection. Being in a hurry for results you may find that you have inadvertently blocked yourself too. I also find that writing in a positive energy place is  helpful in clearing the line of connection. My daughter decided to try hers during the church service I was doing today as the Spirit energy was strong.

Finally, who might be writing the messages to you? When you start inspired or automatic writing it’s most likely to be your Guides who want to talk to you. I always ask my Guides to be around me when I’m writing and to keep any low level Energy Beings away. I’d rather find out about interesting and positive things than have a conversation with someone who may only want the equivalent of gossip. As with meeting any new person I want to build up trust with the writer so always ask for evidence of who is talking to me. That includes asking for confirmations from my Guides and Inspirers to be given outside of the writing activity. I enjoy this way of developing my intuition and strengthening my ability to make connections. So if you can spare a little time why not try inspired or automatic writing?

Day 128 of my blogging challenge.

Fear destroys peace

imageToday is another challenging day. Bomb attacks in Brussels have sparked fear, confusion and anger. Families are coping with loss, shock and uncertainty as their loved ones died or were seriously injured.  Bystanders caught up in a war of fear. How we respond to fear will set the course of the actions we take in future.

I don’t generally choose to discuss politics or religion because these are our man made conditions. They are part of the ‘reality’ we have restricted our human lives with. It has taken me long discussions with my Guides to make that choice as I’m often asked why a Divine Goodness would allow such violent things to happen. Why are there ‘unnecessary’ deaths. It takes a lot of soul searching to understand that every death brings a choice right in front of us. That choice is to descend into fear – it could be me next, it could be someone I love next – or to understand that we can work harder to hold onto peace.

Peace is a precious gift. It arises out of unconditional love for self and others. It is a state that removes judgement, doubt, dislike and hate of others from our thoughts and feelings. When innocent people are taken from us by others who say they have a justifiable right to harm anyone in their firing line it is easy to react with anger. We can build the perpetrators into demons – people who have stepped so outside of normal human behaviour that they are no longer people to us. They become targets of hate and, through the continued fear of more attacks, are able to destroy our peace of mind. In judging them we set ourselves up for more hate filled responses. The cycle of violence spirals on and on. Fear drives us more and more to extreme measures.

How do we find peace again? How do we recognise that fear drives hate which drives more extreme acts? How do we stop this dreadful game that plays into the hands of people who believe death is the only way to achieve acceptance by the very Divine Goodness they say they worship? The strongest response to these acts designed to create fear is to remain fearless. To recognise that death awaits us all. To know that every moment of life is precious and better spent in love than fear. One day we will all have to let go of this earthly life. We are here for a limited time only. If we can spend as much time as possible loving and being loved then we can leave with a heart full of peace. Better to live a life full on with love than cower in the shadow of fear. I am sending out healing, positive and peaceful energy for all of the people involved in today’s events in the hope that the choice they make in future will be peace not fear.

Day 127 of my blogging challenge.