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imageSometimes I forget what I’ve learned about being a Spirit/Human in the last 10 years. Occasionally something happens that tries to dim my Light. I initially react in a purely human way rather than in a spiritually human way. You might wonder what the difference is? And why it’s important to change the way you act & interact in the world.

My Guides have spent a long time helping me to navigate the world as it is underneath what we perceive with our 5 physical senses. They have constantly encouraged me to sense & understand that everything, including me, is energy in a flowing state. That, moment to moment, I will this physical body & world into existence along with all the other co-creators that form humanity. I have choices about what the energy forms into solid. I can make myself of high energy or low energy. Therefore I can change myself & my small part of the co-creation by the changes in my intention & energy.

They have also stressed that I’m not human energy alone. There is a flow of energy within me that is created by my Spirit consciousness. That Spirit is encouraging me to choose the intentions & actions that are of the highest vibration I can. They call this my Light. It is up to me as Spirit to help me as human to shine as much Light as possible for myself and others. The combined Light we shine will raise the energy vibrations we create so that our human reality will be more beneficial to all. This is a kind of enlightenment. The first step really. We can all share a different experience of human life.

When I worked in a corporate world this would have been called walking the talk. Many people ‘talk the walk’, that is they say they want Β to be of service to others but they haven’t yet done the harder work of addressing some of the low energy choices they make. Their Light is dim so they co-create a loving human experience hardly at all. They wonder why they can’t make any progress and they hold onto fear, lack, envy, blame, aggression and anger. Eventually, hopefully, they start to seek inside themselves for the reasons they self-sabotage. They begin the work of cleaning their lamp and boosting their battery power. They start to discover the Spirit within.

When you realise that there is a Spirit part the task becomes to integrate the guidance from that aspect of you into the feelings, thoughts and responses of the human being. A lot of help and healing might be needed. Gradually the amount of energy being radiated at a higher vibration increases. Then it’s possible to walk the talk. To live & choose from the Spirit/Human perspective. To focus on unconditional love for self & others and to make choices guided by loving kindness. The choices being made may be as clear as mud to others who are not yet able to shine some or all of their Light. Living in the Light might appear as weakness at first. Yet acting from a place of strength a person who is shining their Light will always find the choices much easier than others can see.

I’m fortunate to be surrounded by others who are busy shining their Light. When my Light gets a bit dim they lift me up & help me clean my Light energy. I am protected by my Guides & Energy Beings so that my Light has less chance of going out altogether. Sometimes things happen that are unpleasant & I want to react from my lower energies. I’m grateful that I understand about energy and can choose not to be drawn into the drama of unpleasantness. My Light may flicker but it will never dim down. These moments help me to know I have changed, grown, can shine brighter if I choose.

Take a moment to notice what you are do-creating in your life. Do you radiate your Light of has it grown dim? Have you put a blanket over your Light so no-one can see it at all? What would it take to choose differently? To shine your Light? Please try to shine your Light fully again. You may not realis it but your radiance is beautiful.

Day 75 of my blogging challenge.

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