Enterprise Chakra Balancing: Feeling The Wobble

enterpriseI love Star Trek. As a child I used to wish I was on the starship Enterprise setting off on a five year journey into the unknown. I was ready to seek out new life, new planets, new experiences. That memory came back to me today during a mentoring session.

I was discussing someone’s plans for starting a new enterprise. They had done some business plans that were really helpful. But had perhaps lost sight of the overall mission for a moment or two. We talked about the issues running a spiritual business encounters. Not least that recurring debate about doing something for the greater good of all yet not feeling able to charge what might be appropriate. And that assumption that I know pops up frequently – the idea that everyone agrees on the direction the venture is supposed to be going in. I know it can be hard when I want to collaborate but also have to accept that I’m the leader in my business. Others may share my business but are the willing to take some of the risks too?

These questions often brings on a root chakra wobble. A business chakra wobble. Whatever the enterprise and no matter how able I might have felt at the beginning. My root chakra needs to feel it is going to get it’s basic needs met. So I have to check that my business is setting off from a firm and clearly understood foundation. Have I got all the paperwork in place? Does everyone understand the rules of conduct and what is expected? Am I ready to deal with people who might not agree with me about my business direction? Sorting out the business root chakra also involves being clear about the business identity and how the business will relate to customers or users. Because a root chakra wobble inevitably spreads upwards to sacral and solar plexus chakras if not dealt with.

That’s what reminded me of the Enterprise. There was clearly a captain who had a lot of willing support. Because everyone understood what they signed up for. Even when drama and disaster caught everyone unaware the starship sailed onwards. The captain and crew felt the wobble, took action and stuck to the purpose of the mission. So remember to tune in to your business chakras. It could save you a lot of time, effort and drama.

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Valueless? How Should I Charge For My Experience?

valuelessI’m back home and working through my emails and messages. It’s an interesting experience responding to requests for readings, healing energy and other work. Yesterday in my Letter From The Light Side I found myself talking about how I value myself. How we all value ourselves. And sometimes feel that we are valueless.

Another word for valueless is worthless. Cubic Zirconia gems are often considered valueless because they are man made. Whilst Diamonds can be priceless because they are Earth made. Synthetic versus naturally occurring if you like. That made me think about my experiences. I arrived on the planet so I am Earth made. A naturally occurring human being. But my life has shaped me in so many ways that I could be classed as ‘man made’. Is my life experience worthless then? Or is it a very valuable part of me? Sometimes it’s really hard to get a balanced view of that. Especially when I have to tell people what I charge for my services. This is not a new discovery for me. Or for the many, many people who work int he holistic and alternative therapies or practices.

Even setting up a business can attract a great deal of comment about ‘God give abilities’ being meant to be used for free. That’s what the Inspirers wanted me to recognise yesterday. My experience isn’t valueless. In fact I need to be very sure to include it in my calculations about my own worth. Instead of dismissing the many years of searching, questioning, trying and testing I need to own those things. I have arrived at this energy level because I have done a lot of things. And studied many more. I have also worked to refine my abilities so that they are active at the best level I can presently achieve. So it’s important not to believe that I am valueless. I have a value.

And I know that I add value to the lives of the people I help and support. Therefore I have to make a charge for my work. In order to honour what I can offer to others. This is true for everyone on the planet. We need a wider debate about the distortions money makes to our ideas of self value. In the meantime, until there is a better balance, I will continue to charge what my study and experience is worth. Is it time you did the same?

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June Workshops: The Energy Of Angels And Past Lives

angelic juneJune is a great time to discover something new about your intuitive abilities. I have two of my favourite workshops: to help you connect with Angels and also to discover your Past Lives. Both these subjects have come up a lot during my intuitive development. 

In a way that is why I love sharing this knowledge. I believe everyone can access more of the intuitive energy information that surrounds us. Including making contact with the Guides and Inspirers who are willing to help us. I know that if we clear past life energy our connections improve. And I also know, because I have channelled their presence, that the Angels stand ready to give us all of the love and healing we need. Both of these June workshops can be life changing. I would be delighted if you could take a look at what’s on offer and attend if it’s part of your development.

Sunday 3rd June 11am-4.30pm – All Things Angelic

Have you ever wanted to connect with Angels and Archangels? Do you want to know more about these fascinating Energy Beings? Would you like more of their unconditional love in your life?

Join Intuitive Medium and Angelic Channeller Annie Conboy for a day focused on all things angelic. Take the opportunity to connect with the Angels around you, get a message from your angels and find out how you can keep the conversation going.

The workshop costs £70 and includes a workbook & all materials. Refreshments are provided. You will need to bring a packed lunch or you can use the local shops which offer a good range of food.

Sunday 24th June 11am-4pm – Discovering Past Lives: Present Day Patterns

This is a one day workshop to help you identify the Past Life patterns still working in this life. Clear old ties, promises and trauma that are keeping you stuck. Skill yourself up to access & understand more about your past lives so that you can keep working with the wisdom they provide in this life.With forty years experience of working with past lives, Intuitive Medium Annie Conboy is ready to help you find out about your own Akashic Record. She can also help you gain the experience necessary to keep exploring your own stories. All materials will be provided including a work book and CD.

Refreshments are included in the workshop cost which is £70. You will need to make your own arrangements for lunch.

I work with small groups so that everyone gets enough space and time to explore and question. To book or for more info please email, phone or text me. A £25 non-refundable deposit is required to secure your place.

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Green Light For Workshops: Guides Set The Pace

green lightI’m sitting writing this blog in waves of incredible energy. It might feel like a hot flush but I know it’s the Guide Team energising my events. After a few months of stepping back from workshops they have once again given me the green light to teach.

By now I’m used to the way they chop and change my work around. I remember kicking up a fuss with them when they first asked me to teach people what I knew. And I suppose I kept asking for confirmation that it had to be me. Until they actually got me off and running. However, I like to work in small groups, with people who are ready to learn what I can offer, so my workshops were not a key part of my business model. It’s a good job too. Because even though I could plan is as many as I wanted they only happened when my Guides gave me the green light. Sometimes there aren’t enough people around who are ready for the energy that is passed on from the the Energy Beings.

So it was nothing unusual at the start of this year to close down the workshops. In fact my planner was full of all sorts of other things. yet I knew that workshops would feature again once the green light got switched back on. And this week it has. I had a couple or three dates earmarked in my diary. For what I wasn’t sure. Then, at the start of this week, I did a trance mediumship demonstration. While I was with my Guides they told me I could confirm what workshops would run on the dates. I’m so glad. I love teaching, sharing my experiences and listening to other people make sense of theirs. The Guides are always present to make sure everyone gets the support and information they need. And I get to talk about the subjects I’m passionate about.

So June is going to be a busy month! I have the green light to offer three workshops – Exploring Intuitive Energy Connections, All Things Angelic and Discovering Past Lives. Three key areas of knowledge and experience that will help anyone wanting to change their intuitive life for the better. Thank goodness for those Guides and their ‘bigger picture’ planning. Everything happens at the perfect time.


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Accounts: Being Accountable For My Choices

accountsIt’s always a balance running a spiritual business. My passion might be for my mediumship, teaching or sharing healing energy. But every now and then I have to come down to Earth and prepare my accounts. There is a financial bottom line to what I do. Sort of.

Prior to working for myself I worked in  a corporate world. Most things were tied to a financial bottom line. There was a great pressure to be accountable for under and over spend. Financial budgets and targets were the focus of most of the attention when measuring if something had been a success. I have to say there weren’t many freebies or give aways. Interestingly, this generated a great air of competition. The belief was that I had to compete for scarce resources. And I also had to be accountable for them by making sure they produced the greatest return for the investment. Year or project end accounts were the focus of very much time, effort and attention.

When I moved into working for myself I though for a while I had left all of that accounts work behind me. Until I started to recognise that I had to have some sort of focus on the bottom line. Otherwise I would end up going out of business fairly rapidly. Yet it felt uncomfortable. There was an implication that if I was helping someone – not apparently applying my abilities – then I had to give that assistance free. It took me a long time to work out that I was seeing my work as less valuable because it was coming from my spiritual beliefs. And my genuine desire to support anyone I could. Of course I also had to work my way through the assumptions people make about what I offer. It’s surprising how many people expect that I can give them what they want for free.

I find I have to account more for what I do than many other occupations would. So it’s not helpful to me when even I actually feel I should be doing things for free.

That’s another implication of being an energy worker, medium or therapy practitioner. I have a part of me that wants to rush around tending to everyone who might need a boost. That inner force, added to the external assumptions, held me back from assessing my abilities in a meaningful way until I started to recognise that I had a business to run. If I wanted extra training, to extend my services wider or to have an internet service I would have to have an income. My passion is my spiritual work so it was clear the spiritual work would have to be the source of my income. To account for my choice to focus on the spiritual work I also had to acknowledge that it was what I was good at.

Meaning that I eventually started to value my work better. Keeping an eye on the ways the money came in also let me make informed choices. My accounts showed me which of my services was most in demand. That gave me choices. I took control of what I invested my time and energy in so that people got what they wanted. I also found that by paying attention to my accounts I had the choice to do things for free anyway. The choice to charge or not was up to me. So my business has evolved into a balance. I balance what I gift with what I require a payment for. And I am the only one who chooses when I will offer something at a discount, for free or for full charge. Those decisions help me manage the competing demands on my time and energy.

Like any other business I review my accounts to help me make better decisions. It’s not all that different than the corporate world I used to work in. But my decisions can also flow with my spiritual principles. Cash flow, profit, competition with other suppliers can be set aside. The bottom line has shifted. I do run my business to cover my life expenses and so that it pays it’s way. And I also run my business to give as much as I can. I’m delighted to say that somehow this year it has all balanced out again.

Day 886 of my blogging challenge

Plan B: A Wave Of Tranquil Energy

plan BToday was definitely Plan B. I was expecting to travel for a day out to London. Instead I found myself in York right in the middle of a wave of tranquil energy. Exactly what I needed after the hectic energy of the start of the year.

I know I don’t allow myself enough ‘me’ time. It’s because I am passionate about what I do. So sometimes I get carried away by work. I can also get carried away by the energy that washes around me. Every day I try to find and stay in positive energy. But that does take an effort of will. Especially when there is plenty of fear and anxiety around. It’s part of my wellbeing. And part of my business strategy. Because I want to be as effective as possible. So I am getting better at making time for me. That was the trip to London. Yet I ended up falling back on my Plan B instead. My rail card disappeared. Meaning my train tickets were invalid without it. Resulting in a rapid change of plan.

I always benefit from a change of scenery. My mental health and general wellbeing respond to different experiences when I get out of the same old same old. Going away from home lets me step out of the stresses around me and in my every day life. It’s a chance for me to see things from a different point of view. And when my plan changed yesterday I knew that I would benefit from the change in some way. Not exactly how it would work out. But enough to know that my intuition was prompting this for good reasons. As it turned out my intuition was correct once again. I was unaware that a peaceful wave of energy would be coming through the York portal. Until I stepped off the train and felt it.

So next time you are presented with complications or your plan falls apart remember there will be a reason. Move to Plan B. Or C and D if necessary. Follow the prompting of your intuition and go where you are sent. You never know what wonderful things may be waiting for you.

Day 875 of my blogging challenge

Entertainment Purposes Only? Consumer Protection?

entertainmentI enjoy questions. Good debates. Entertaining chats. And ways to expand my knowledge. But I’m not a medium for entertainment purposes. I’m a medium because I believe that what I can pass on to people is part of my pastoral care. Because I practice spirituality.

Already I can hear one or two subsidiary questions. They are the ones I asked myself when  the Fraudulent Mediums Act was repealed to be replaced by the Consumer Protection From Unfair Trading Regulations in 2008. Designed, amongst other things, to stem the flow of begging letters from unscrupulous people who target vulnerable people for money they cover all sorts of unfair practices. Unfortunately the interpretation of these regulations is very much the remit of Trading Standards officers as they are the ones who prosecute cases. So there can be different approaches across the country. In 2008 I saw advice that suggested I should start using a disclaimer. Words to the effect that my readings were ‘for entertainment purposes only’.

It got me thinking about whether what I was doing was only for entertainment. I hope my readings are uplifting. There may be lots of laughter. Even some tears. But I’m not a TV programme, theatre production or comedy show. I am passing on what I believe and trust are the words of people who have passed over into the Spirit World. To do so is a long way away from what most people might consider entertainment. Especially when I’m working in a Spiritualist church or centre. Because there it is a matter of religious belief. I am sharing something that people respect as a way of worshiping a higher power. So much as I love what I do a blanket disclaimer isn’t helpful.

That then begs the question, if it’s not for entertainment, what is a reading? And why might someone want one?

Of course, as I’ve already said, someone may get a great deal of entertainment from my readings. However, my work is about bringing the evidence forward that is available from the communicators I work with. In other words it’s about passing on messages. Messages that contain information I couldn’t possibly know. Words of comfort, support or encouragement. I see this as the essence of pastoral care. Helping people in my community to deal with the ups and downs of their life. You might ask how is this different from counselling? When I work as a counsellor I may use some of the same skills that I use in my mediumship. But the emphasis is very different.

Counselling comes from an understanding of our metal and emotional processes. Readings come from  an understanding of our spiritual beliefs. There is no way that the counselling and psychology profession would describe themselves as ‘for entertainment purposes only’. And neither would I in relation to my pastoral care. I am mindful of the vulnerability of the people who I work with. In both roles. So I have an ethical framework to help me ensure that I am not taking advantage of someone. This includes allowing the readings to be recorded. And dealing with any issues about the quality of a reading openly and honestly. I am also prepared to stop the reading within the first five minutes if there is a poor connection.

I hope that I do provide entertainment if that is about people leaving feeling uplifted. But I return to my opening. It’s not the only thing a reading embraces. My readings reflect my spiritual beliefs. They are a way for me to demonstrate my beliefs. And I am delighted to share my messages with those who believe and those who don’t. In equal measure.

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Weekend Approaching. Time To Relax?

weekendWhen I worked for an organisation I used to love getting to Friday night. The weekend was next. I knew I would get two days to myself when I could choose exactly what I wanted to do. Now I run my own spiritual business. And things have changed.

Of course anyone running their own business soon learns that you have to work when your customers are free to visit you. But I guess I didn’t really think about that when I moved into my mediumship. I think I had an idea that my work would be mainly in churches and centres. Those were the places I expected people to go for messages. So mostly nights of work, I thought. Until I started to be asked to do private readings. Then I found that most people were only really available at the weekend. If I wanted to do their readings for them I would have to shift my expectations of my own weekend.

Actually it was something that seemed to fit quite naturally for a lot of reasons. Especially since the weekend was the time I had the most childcare available to me. At the least cost because my family could do it. Getting any kind of business venture off the ground costs quite a bit in the early stages so not paying childcare was a big consideration. I also had to adjust my week. It was rather easy to find I had worked straight through seven or ten days because I wasn’t used to taking time off during the week. Eventually I started to carve out a space in the week that was a regular weekend. But I had to fight hard to keep the time free too.

Eventually I settled into a more fluid pattern. I work some weekends and not others. And I work Monday to Friday some weeks and not others. I identify enough days to be filled with work. And I look forward to the weekend I have built in for myself. Finally, on my days off I make sure I relax. Doing all of the stuff I normally would on my weekends. After all, I know a life-work balance is important for my wellbeing. And my work!

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Listing Progress: A Passion Planning Hour

ListingI can be a great one for listing things. Especially when my head is full and I have lots to juggle. That’s why I took the opportunity this afternoon to review my Passion Planner and check my progress.

In my corporate days I used to be involved in a lot of projects. I loved planning, checking and progress chasing the elements of a project so that we came in on time and one budget. If we were very organised and fortunate. Part of that process was listing all the things that needed to happen before I could pull a plan together. Later in life I realised what a gift my project (and programme) management skills had become. Every time I needed to make changes, or set off in pursuit of the next dream, ourt would come my paper and pen. I would get busy listing all I could think of to make sure I got where I wanted to go. Especially when I started to run my own business. Then my lists became a vital part of my everyday work. They helped me to stay on track.

Even the items on the list that I didn’t complete. Listing things down showed me what was important – because those things got done – and what wasn’t. At the end of my projects I looked back at my lists and thought about what hadn’t happened. To see if those things were as important as I’d originally thought. So that, if necessary, I could build them into my next plan. I love using my Passion Planner now to help me do that same process. Because I feel I need more than a diary. I need a place to go to that helps me see the bigger picture. And my planner keeps everything in one place. Both the daily and weekly pictures and, most importantly, monthly and six-monthly too. But even more, when I look at my planner I can also see a list of my achievements.

Every tick against a task that got done encourages me to keep listing more items. The success of the completed work carries me forward to the next list.

That’s why, on my train journey today, I buried my nose in my planner to think about my November successes. Going through what I had listed brought me fresh ideas. There were gaps I needed to fill. Other actions that followed on from my completed list. And a timescale started to emerge. Considering where I wanted to aim for in 2018 I identified some key changes I still want to make. Listing them as the headline points I got a chance on my journey back to start to break each one down into more steps. That’s a form of progress too. I’ve learned from my Guides to go with the flow in very many ways.

I know that my plans might not happen the way I expect. That other things get to the top of my list in unexpected and surprising ways. So I understand that nothing is concrete. And I make room for the times I have to head off in a different direction. Having a series of steps acts like a baseline. If I have to change anything I can go back to the baseline and refocus. It’s great for helping me to stay positive about where I’m heading. And it also means that I don’t loose sight of my achievements. Something very easy to do if things get muddled up. At then end of my journey I had a great list of my successes over the past couple of months. With some great steps about how to move forward into 2018.

I also had some goals listed too. The key things I want to achieve by the end of 2018. Even some of the steps I will need to take. I’m going to keep listing those steps, reviewing my progress and celebrating my achievements. All with the help of my Passion Planner!

Day 753 of my blogging challenge

Curl Up With A Good Book? A Life Habit

curl upI love to curl up with a good book. I’ve blogged before about my love for books and my passion for the written word. It’s my favourite form of escapism!

This week I’ve had a chance to curl up with several books. As I moved from one to the next I though about my lifelong habit of reading. It’s something I learned at my mother’s knee. Literally. She read to me and my siblings all the time. Or at least for as long as we could sit still. In primary school I used to love the end of the day. Especially when the nights were drawing in and the classroom became a cosy oasis of light against the dark outside the window. Before we went home the teacher would always read a story. I remember all of us sitting around her in a circle whilst the latest book was performed for us. I could drift away to another world and forget about the walk home in the dark.

There were fantastical stories, tales of adventure and warm, heartfelt plots about ordinary lives. As I grew older I found that I also enjoyed curling up in the library with factual books. Biographies, how to’s and why books. History, travel and instruction books. I discovered that there was an amazing amount of information between the covers of even the most ordinary titles. By the time I was in college I had discovered books about subjects I was learning. Books that were there to teach, enlighten, open my mind to some aspect of my world. I enjoyed curling ups with textbooks and lightening their impact with the odd funny or fiction book.

Then I discovered that many successful people also like to curl up with a good book. It isn’t always a work of fiction but reading books definitely features in their top ten habits.

What a great reason to read. Spending time finding out new stuff, indulging my imagination and relaxing can all help me be successful. Actually I have to say it’s also true. When I began to experience contact from the Spirit World the first thing I did was threw myself into a reading frenzy. I took every opportunity to curl up with books about the history of the Spiritualist Movement. Biographies and autobiographies of mediums, some well known, some not. Plenty of how to books. Even more that seemed to be how not to books. And a very wide ranging selection of books about the evidence for or against mediumship. I loved it. Because I know it is my preferred way of exploring anything new.

However, as with anything that requires action, I ended up putting the books down. Whilst I love reading it can’t replace actual experience. It’s exactly the same with the internet. Virtual worlds are fab (or not so fab if you’re running away from living your life) but they don’t pay the bills (unless you have sold them to others). So at some point what all successful people do is put their knowledge into practice. They go and have experiences. The live their lives. I knew that I couldn’t just curl up with a book about mediumship and have the sort of experiences I wanted. After all, I was hoping to feel, sense, see or hear Spirit people for myself. I feel I have been very successful with doing that. It’s become my passion.

Finally, I believe that books open our minds. I like to encourage people to curl up with a book. Let it inspire, teach or entertain you whilst you work out how to apply your abilities to being successful in what you do. So, what are you going to read next?

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