Achieving an Energy Balance

img_2192One of the themes that came up today in my Reiki Reresh group was how often we get our energy out of balance. Achieving the harmony between Spirit, mind and emotions that keep us in a healthy condition can be a challenge. That’s why I love to offer people a chance to receive Reiki and Earth ArchAngel energy.

ArchAngel Nushiel is the ArchAngel of Harmony in all things and is here to help us understand balance. She came into the session too so she could help me in achieving a balance in the healing energy being channelled in. I know that we are learning to think of ourselves as energy beings, with a physical body and an energy aura. It’s also important to understand how the aura can collect all sorts of low vibrational energy that creates dis-ease in the physical body. What I feel we notice less is how quickly our energy/body connection gets pulled out of alignment. Noticing this as soon as it happens is quite an achievement.

Yet I know it’s something we have to develop so that we can remove the mismatch and restore our wellbeing. My starting point has been to look at myself much more closely. So I try to notice every little thing around me. And every little thing within me. By placing my attention on the energy of small things I have started to see the imbalance in the energy of large things. I’m open to the intuitive information that Nushiel also brings to my attention. Sometimes it’s to do with the way I am thinking or feeling. Sometimes it’s about how others are behaving.

Paying attention makes achieving balance a lot more possible. Because as soon as I notice that I am off centre in any way I can use my Reiki to self-heal. Or I can ask for balancing energy from the Energy Beings who work with me.

They are happy to join in this process of rebalancing. They helped me to understand that I can connect with my intuition better when I am balanced. So that means I can get clearer messages much easier – a must if I want to be able to offer people that kind of service. I do know what they mean. On days when I’m feeling a little off par the connection seems like a mobile phone link. One that keeps cutting out, as if I was in a tunnel, and some questions I ask have to be repeated more than once.

On the days when I’m feeling centred within myself the information flows as fast as I can receive it. It’s accurate. There is significant content for the listener. And I don’t even have to ask any questions. I love those kind of days. To make sure I get more of them I check in with my energy every morning. If I feel sluggish or off balance I meditate to find the energy part of me that has drifted off. It could be that I have a cold, or aches. It might also be that I have drifted into negative thinking. Or that I wasn’t keeping my aura clear of other people’s energy.

Whatever the source of the energy drift I know that achieving balance again will only take a few moments. If I am willing to take action.

I guess that’s the point really. If I take rebalancing action as soon as I can there is less to consider later. Because I am sure we drift off balance quite a lot every day. Leaving energy to get stuck means a longer repair job. Especially if we are so out of alignment that our body is affected. I also,close every day by sending out healing to all those who wish to receive it. Balancing my energy means not just giving but taking too. Please join me in being open to receive that’s balancing, healing energy ?


Day 320 of my blogging challenge.

Discovering Confidence

confidence-is-the-only-keyA theme that has cropped up several times today is confidence. How do I know that I’m doing accurate readings if I don’t have trust in myself? Will I be able to get to a new venue if I don’t agree with my Sat Nav? When it’s time to make changes in my life how will I know what to do if I don’t have self-confidence?

These are all good reasons to think about confidence. It is a mix of what I think backed up by what I feel. So it can be wobbly at times. I wanted to share with you a piece I wrote for a lovely magazine that we have locally. It was written just before I went on holiday and I was aware that lots more changes were coming through for me. I’m not always the best at coping with change. So thinking about how I could help myself to stay confident was important. I hope you find what I wrote of use for you.

Many of us present a confident face to the world. We smile and say everything is fine while we are really trembling inside. What we are feeling is a lack of confidence.

It can be hard to admit that you don’t feel capable or able to handle your life. Yet a lack of confidence in yourself is a very common thing. I’m used to people saying they don’t feel confident about exams, job interviews or driving tests. But it’s much less said that we don’t feel confident about being a parent, a team member, a provider or a person.

Somewhere inside our mind we carry a description of the ‘perfect’ person. That description has been built over the years by the things people have criticised us for. Or our own beliefs about what is good or bad behaviour. That ‘personality’ can trip us up any time we get into a testing situation. Or any time we test ourselves against it. When stressful situations arise we want to handle them like the perfect personality would . When that’s not possible it nibbles away at our confidence. Some times we feel so lacking in confidence that we don’t want to deal with the world at all.

The first step in discovering, or re-discovering, your confidence is to admit that you feel wobbly about what you are doing.

I remember as a new mum a sense of panic every time my baby cried. Somehow, despite my lack of confidence my baby survived and thrived. And I found as I got better at looking after her my own confidence grew. So it’s ok to feel like you don’t know what you are doing. Keep trying and it will get better. Before long you will wonder why you felt worried in the first place. That’s the same for a new job, a new course of study or a new hobby.

If the wobbly feeling stays with you perhaps it’s time to have a talk with yourself. Ask yourself why the anxiety is there. Are you expecting too much of yourself? It’s like learning to play golf. No one would expect you to be able to get a hole in one so why would you expect to do so on your first, second or seventy fifth go. If you don’t seem to be able to find the reason for the wobble think about talking to someone else. Having a ‘second opinion’ so to speak can often get to what is causing the lack of confidence. Pick someone who has listening ears and give it a go.

Finally, confidence is something we can build so long as we give ourselves time to do so.

Getting your confidence back may take a little while. Especially if there have been big life changes happening to you. So take it steady. Set yourself little goals and praise yourself when you have achieved them. Ask your family and friends to give you feedback and encouragement. Notice the times when you have done something you thought you never could. Celebrate each step forward and you may surprise yourself at how quickly you can boost your confidence.

Day 319 of my blogging challenge.

This article also appears in Valley Life Magazine October 2016

Brain Fog on a Clear Day

imageEvery now and again I have a day when my brain seems to go cloudy. Yet everything still seems very clear. I know that Autumn is a time of fog, early morning mist and late evening haze. Somehow, in between these patches, the day can be incredibly clear.

So my brain has been floating in fog today. The cold symptoms haven’t quite disappeared. My head feels very much like it’s stuffed with cotton wool. Yet when I was doing my demonstration of mediumship this afternoon the connections were crystal clear. So was the drive over and back to Cleveleys to the Spiritualist church. I love how the focus can come in when I need it. Even when I can’t string two thoughts together.

I know my head isn’t overactive today. I’ve had to rely on a shopping list. Also on a To Do list to make sure nothing was missed. Yet I still ended up missing a couple of things I wanted to do. So I guess they weren’t important or necessary either. In a corner of my mind I was wondering if this was a way for me to take things easy. If I get woolly headed so that my subconscious can get me to pay attention to what matters. A useful pause, at least, to consider what to focus on every time the fog lifted.

I love bringing the Spirit people into connection with their loved ones. If I can make it feel like a conversation around the kitchen table has been resumed I feel I’ve done what I set out to.

I guess that’s the clarity kicking in. Picking up a conversation for two people that got abandoned in the middle. Reconnecting the flow of words. More importantly lifting the fog, the haze, the mist between the two worlds for a short time. Loosing someone makes us woolly headed. Finding that they are still there brings a fresh new view in front of us. I believe we can enjoy the journey of life so much more when we realise that it’s end is when we are reunited with those we have loved. During the journey the fog will clear now and again. Loved ones will come to call. To speak and encourage us.

I have some more opportunities tomorrow to peer through the mist for a short while into a clear place. Whoever steps forward I shall enjoy being the connector.

Day 318 of my blogging challenge.

Life Doing It My Way

imageI’ve had a lovely day being inspired in so many ways. What has been clear is that the way I do things has to be mine. I can take inspiration for the what others do but the responsibility for what I do is all mine.

Meeting up with my PartyLite leader, Liz, for lunch we talked about the way people can access our products. Some of you might know already that I sell these candles because it’s my hobby. I also use the income to fund my Centre. There are many ways I could do this but I like people to try before they buy. Perhaps I’m not pushing sales like another person might. What I am doing is doing what works for me. That’s important. I feel that all the fun of these products would disappear if I had to work in a set way.

Then I popped over to see Natalie who has a beautiful shop full of wonderful things. She works hard to find things that inspire people. I had to be pulled away from her display of new crystals. We talked about how personal development leads us to want to change. And how sometimes the change didn’t seem to come quickly enough. I was laughing as I identified my way of changing. I usually rush at things madly wanting it to all happen all at once. Then I have to wait. Knowing that this is my pattern I have got much better at letting change arrive exactly when it’s time for it to do so. I’m still doing it my way only now that way has changed too.

This evening I zoomed off to do some mediumship. Zoom is the right word as my car sounds like I’m driving a WW 2 biplane. I went to a lovely community centre where the welcome was very warm.

Tonight I connected with several Spirit people who in their life had lived exactly as they wanted to. I love that I get to meet these ‘characters’ because it makes for an interesting evening. It also means that they get to give their messages exactly how they want to. As each person stepped forward to make the connection I thought about the way that we worked together. I do my mediumship my way and they bring their information and comments their way. Between us we can reach out and support someone else. I’m glad that my Guides left me to develop my own style. That I had freedom to try lots of different ways of connecting.

In the end I feel that I have worked out what works best for me. I can deliver the messages straightforwardly to the people they are meant for. In other things I do I am guided by what works best for me too. It may not end up being perfectly or exactly what someone else would do or want. However, I feel I am honouring my abilities, skills, choices and feelings. That is so important to me now. I spent a lot of my life trying to do things the way everyone else said they should be done. It rarely worked. Be brave. Make that decision. Approach your actions and decisions from the ‘my way’ point of view.

Day 317 of my blogging challenge. 

A Sharp Shift in the Weather

imageI’ve been back home for two days and I already have a head cold. Today there has been a sharp shift in the weather. The season is changing and so am I. There has been an energy upgrade again.

Along with having to put my central heating on again I’ve felt colder too. Of course I’ve been somewhere that was a lot warmer so I expected to have to adjust. I guess that I also forgot that when I get away I often have an energy upgrade. My teachers take the opportunity to shift my personal vibration level up another notch. So long as I am prepared to do the energy clearing work necessary for it to happen. Sometimes it takes me a little while to notice that it’s happened. But when it’s a significant shift there are things that clue me in.

One of them is a cold. It seems a bit mad to get an ‘illness’ when you have moved to a clearer vibration. Yet that sudden shift knocks the aura and immune system out of balance for a little while. I have to adjust, energetically and physically, to the increased flow of energy. Once I am back in balance, usually after about 24-48 hours, everything will settle down. Another thing is my ability to connect. After an energy upgrade I can connect better and more strongly. Yet it’s as if the shift has switched my usual ways of connecting. It feels different. Almost like I don’t know what I’m doing. Or how I’m doing it.

I’ve done two church services and they went well. However, I felt a bit disorientated. I was working but not in my usual format. My directional compass was off in some way. Like the wind had changed suddenly.

It’s a really strange feeling to give messages but also notice that I’ve been set to deliver things in a different way. I know it will settle down in a few days. While it lasts it’s almost like trying to feel a tooth that’s not there anymore. Odd. Something is missing but I don’t know what. Of course, since I’ve had a lot of upgrades over the years I know what is missing. Some of the vibrational energy that was holding me down has been released. Stuck and blocked stuff has been poked and prodded until the shift happened. New, more positive energy has taken it’s place.

An upgrade also brings a clearer sense of purpose. Eventually. I’ve had a couple of nights waking up repeatedly as if I’ve forgotten to do things. Then today my mind has been almost blank. All the overthinking has suddenly stopped. I feel more able to go with the flow. Also more trusting that underneath it all everything is right for me in my world. An upgrade usually brings with it a sense of peace. Something new is happening. It will unfold, like me, in it’s own good time. I’m ready to notice what I’ve been thinking, reading, hearing and seeing from a more detached point than ever before.

The weather shifts and reminds us of the ebb and flow of our lives. New conditions need new responses. Nothing stays still forever.

Neither do I. I love that we evolve and change. Finding the wisdom in every stage of life. Enjoying the journey. Being ready for all circumstances. Each upgrade brings so much more of life’s experiences into alignment. Because each upgrade opens me up to loving myself and others more unconditionally than before. That’s the gift that this shift brings. A new way of loving all that is around, within, above, below. I wish you enjoyment of your upgrades too.

Day 316 of my blogging challenge.

Like Minded People Meet

imageOne thing I really enjoy is meeting new people. I am lucky that my work takes me to lots of places where I can do that. It’s also great to meet people who want to know more about the same things that interest me.

Today I called in to see my friends Jan and Tom at Nont Sarah’s at Scammonden. Jan has a coffee shop that is open on a Sunday afternoon. My daughter and I took a little road trip to spend some time up on the moors, enjoying the view and the company. We love seeing what new crystals and products Jan has got on display. I also love that Jan and I get to talk ArchAngels and all things spiritual. It was lovely to discuss books we had been reading so we could compare notes. And because the shop is open you never know who you might meet.

As we all chatted another couple called into the coffee shop. They decided to have a cuppa and took look around. I love the way Jan has a set of Oracle cards out on one of her tables because this proved to be the starting point to a great conversation. We sat around discussing Tarot cards, Spirit presence, the paranormal and the 1969 moon landing. It turned out that one of the pair wanted to ask me some questions. He renovated buildings and had often felt like he wasn’t alone. I was able to explain that Spirit people often pop back in to a familiar place to see how it has changed. Of course that makes perfect sense. When I go past a house I used to live in I want to see what has happened to it since.

So we all chatted on. And on. Sometimes when you meet someone for the first time it can be a bit uncomfortable finding things to talk about. But if you can find a shared topic it can be so easy.

That’s what I really liked about today. The conversation included all of us. Every one listened with an open mind. So the discussions could go off in different directions quite naturally. It was also easy in the sense that we didn’t all agree. There were different views offered. And accepted. When you meet people who are willing to consider your point of view but feel confident to stay with their point of view too it makes for a great conversation. I enjoyed the debate that went back and forth so easily.

I’m not here to try to convert anyone. I much prefer to discuss and reach no overall conclusion than be pinned to only one view. How great to meet like minded people. I don’t mean people who all shared the same point of view. We clearly didn’t. What we did share for a lovely hour was each other’s company, ideas and thoughts. I’m certainly going to be taking another road trip or two up to Nont Sarah’s soon.

Day 315 of my blogging challenge.

Healing You Heals Others

imageOne of the things I was able to do today was to pass on healing energy to some people who needed a bit of a boost. When our energy is out of balance we often forget that simply asking for this energy actually heals us. It also helps to heal all of those around us.

I believe that one of our best kept secrets – from ourselves – is that we can all use the available positive energy to self-heal. But an even bigger secret is the effect that any self-healing can have on the people I am connected to. Because energy flows all around. It is a source that heals. A blast of positive energy that I use remains positive so I can transmit it to all of the people I link with. I can also transfer it to the Earth or the animals, to stuck situations and to war zones. In fact, this energy can circle right around and come back to me, still as a positive flow, to give me more of a boost.

So why is it such a secret. I know from my own scepticism that my rational, materialistic view of how reality works closed my mind to the possibility that I was energy. Everything was explained as atoms and molecules in a sort of ridgid system so that’s why we needed chemical answers to illness. It took me a long time to step back from this point of view and look for different ideas. When I did I found that the certainty I placed in science was risky at best, collapsing at worst, I had to open my thoughts to new ways of understanding illness or disease. That’s not to say that science should be dismissed out of hand. But I did find myself asking far more intelligent questions about the reasons why I might be ‘dis-eased’ and how I might treat that situation.

Considering ill health from an energy point of view I also started to think about the people around me. What heals them? How can I help the people I care about get better?

Again it seemed that stepping back gave me a new picture to consider. Because, if they received energy from me and I from them, making sure I had a good or positive energy flow then that would be what they experienced too. We would be able to trade, and perhaps amplify, the good vibes for each other. I was keen to try this out. When practicing meditation I would include my family and friends in the flow of energy. I imagined they were sitting with me. So I encouraged them to receive the flow of energy. I hoped to bring better energy through for them. What I noticed was that some people responded very quickly. They talked about feeling better. They seemed more cheerful.

Some people stayed the same. I learned in time that their self-healing wasn’t switched on. For whatever reason they didn’t access the flow of positive energy. It hasn’t stopped me passing the energy on. I know that I have to wait until they are ready to use the energy on themselves. So any time I send a thought for someone I tag it with healing energy. Not necessarily because I think or know they need a healing boost. But because when they do need a boost the energy will already be circulating around their aura. Ready to be used and passed on to the next person. I encourage every one to send a flow of positive energy out. You can get this positive energy by asking for it. I also have to remind you that you need to be willing to feel the effects of the positive too.

So be open to receive and pass it on to receive once more.

Day 314 of my blogging challenge.

Harvest All Your Gains

imageIn all the travel I sort of missed the equinox shift into Autumn. Yet the season has changed once again and I’m thinking tonight of my harvest from the last twelve months.

I love the word harvest. It always suggests the return on all my efforts. All the things I’ve grown can be gathered and used. Even those things that haven’t quite prospered as well as I’d thought. I might have to rethink those things that didn’t grow at all, or went rotten or withered part way through the year. Yet each item is a source of potential for my future. I can plant again at the appropriate time and see if the conditions turn out to be better.

Today when I was getting yesterday’s blog live I was reminded of my grandparents on their farm. We visited in the late summer every year when I was a child. I loved the harvest work. Perhaps because I got to play in the haystacks or to ride on the tractor. Picking the vegetables to be stored or turned into pickles and chutneys. Gathering the fruit from the hedgerow for jam. It seemed as if Mother Nature wanted to give us all sorts of good things to eat. Of course I didn’t understand all of the work that went into producing crops.

Most of my childhood year was spent a long way from the farm. Many of the things we ate we got from shops. Harvest happened all the time as more and more convenience foods filled the shelves in my local shop.

I guess it’s a lot less easy to see the work involved in growing peas when you get them out of a tin can. It also means I can buy peas whenever I want without worrying if they are in season or not. With prepackaged food harvesting happens outside of any meaningful time. There is no sense of the clearing ground, planting, tending, watering and picking necessary to eat peas. So perhaps I miss the chance to appreciate all of that work too? The connection between the farm and the dinner plate is broken.

I feel that’s often the same with my life. If I don’t take the time to notice the shift from Summer to Autumn I might miss a chance to see where things connect for me. Some of my choices have prospered over the last twelve months due to my work on them. Some started from the wrong type of ground, with poorer seeds, or a lack of conviction. I know that I didn’t work with all of my choices as much as I could have. Some were planted before their time and suffered due to unfavourable conditions. One or two choices didn’t lead anywhere at all.

Still, I have managed to gather in a wonderfully fruitful combination of growth experiences. I have learned a lot about myself.

Recognising how and why I am different gives me a chance for more reflection. I can ponder what I want to plant for the next twelve months. It will be possible for me to choose those things that I feel offer the best of me out into the wider world. Also those things that are likely to get me growing a great harvest for next Autumn. Right now is also a time of gratitude and thanks. For the opportunities I have been given and the choices I’ve had. And for all the growing choices I have ahead of me. A moment to celebrate the timeless connection between my own growth and all that is around me.

Day 313 of my blogging challenge.

Flying Back Home Again

imageIt’s come to the end of my time away. It’s been very peaceful, restful and, sharing my time with a good companion, I feel relaxed and rested.

Our somewhat protracted journey means we have been travelling most of the day. Now on the plane, flying home, I can see the lights of towns below me. Watching the sun set above the clouds it was difficult to remember the Earth below us. The colours were spectacularly bold and bright. There is nothing like this above the clouds view to remind you that what we feel is so important is only a part of a whole different world.

This birds eye view of our planet makes me wish that I could go flying more often. Up high I can see a whole new viewpoint. I wonder why we fight over land, resources and possessions. I struggle a lot nowadays with that idea of the haves and have nots. What is sufficient for each of us to live a happy life? The sun still rises. So does the moon. The world turns. And eventually it’s our time to leave it all behind and fly to another level of existence.

Flying into the airport the moon peeped in and out of drifting clouds. A bright reminder that this planet is not the only lump of rock going around the sun.

I watched the neon lights below. Roads, cars, houses, petrol stations. Lots of snake trails of light across the land. The lights pulled me into the energy of busy lives. Even if most people were asleep by the time we were due to land at some point the rush to work, school, to be somewhere would click in. Like clockwork everyone would join in the hustle and bustle.

Gliding down, flying as if standing still, it all seemed so peaceful to me. I wondered what would happen if the ‘alarm clock’ never went off again. Could I adjust to a life where there was no rush? Where the only purpose was to ‘be’. I’ve been reading quite a bit about altered states of consciousness and the purpose of meditation for bringing us into the now. Mindfulness is bandied about a lot. But would the whole world really want it?

I feel that my time away has been full of living in the moment. Mostly doing what I wanted when I wanted. Enjoying each activity as it flowed through my day.

Yet I also recognise that I sometimes feel as if I have to fill my time. Flying in the night sky there was nothing I could do to change that experience. I wasn’t in control of the outcome. And I wonder if that is why we keep ourselves busy. Being on a journey from what I’ve just done to what I’m going to gives the illusion of control. Being in the moment I am directly experiencing not controlling. Somehow I find that a liberating thought.

Once again, going with the flow gave me the opportunity to have an experience that brought me deeper thoughts. In pausing, standing in the moment, I have had the opportunity to consider another point of view. My busy, almost pre programmed way of life has to be challenged every now and again. I have to check if I am living a happy life. For I would be saddened to get to an Afterlife review where I realised I’d missed the whole point of life after all!

Day 312 of my blogging challenge.

Meditation, Drop In, Psychic Club

imageAll in a day’s work! This is my last night away from home and on Saturday I start back to work. Not only with the Intuitive Meditation, Drop In and Psychic Club sessions but with a church service too. Good job I’ve had a lovely rest.

I’ve also got another church service on Sunday. As well as trying to catch up with the Earth’s ArchAngels online course which launched today. So why do it all? Tonight over dinner we have been talking about my work. I feel especially grateful to be able to work for myself, doing things that I love and having my material needs taken care of. Over time I’ve been able to expand my work from readings and demonstrations of mediumship in churches. As I’ve answered my Guides’ promptings I have a lovely Psychic Club to help people learn about their intuitive abilities. I run meditation and  Reiki groups to clear out the energy clutter. And I help people to connect to each other and the Energy Beings.

It’s no wonder that I appreciate every moment of ‘down’ time I can get. Especially since, when I am passionate about something, I want to do everything all at once, lol. Somehow my diary always finds me a gap to step away for a short while. The club, readings, services, workshops and everything else can fit around my absence. So over the past days I’ve been at the beach, read several books, done some drawing and slept a lot. I’ve been shopping, enjoyed great meals out and practiced my very limited Spanish. All in good company and with much laughter.

I’ve blogged before about taking time for me. It isn’t always easy to put into practice though because I tend to think of all the things I could be doing for other people in my ‘down’ time.

Yet even in my own business I have to be a tough boss and tell myself to take time off. Refreshing my energy means that as I leave the Psychic Club on Saturday I will still have the passion to go and do the best I can in a church service. I will also have the energy to enjoy all of my work until the next time for a break. That’s the best bit really. I love working for myself to serve others and I love taking time away too. It’s not the perfect life/work balance yet because I’m always ready to try something new. Extra things get squished in when I least expect it. But it’s good enough. Good enough for me as I enjoy myself at work or play.

Day 311 of my blogging challenge.