Wolf Running

Grey Wolf (Canis lupus)

Grey Wolf (Canis lupus)

I often get asked about my Guides. Or to tell people about their Guides. As a reluctant medium I’m also reluctant to talk about Guides in anything other than general terms. I prefer people to work out their own relationships with their Guide Team because then you know what is true for you.

Today I had a lovely discussion with some friends about my Gatekeeper Guide. A Gatekeeper Guide is the one who stays with you all the way through your life. From the moment you decide to fall to Earth until the moment you are back in the Pink Perfect this Spirit will walk alongside of you. The job of this particular Guide is to remind you why you came here. It’s also to keep you on plan. And to give you early warning when you are drifting away from your true purpose. Of course I didn’t listen to my Gatekeeper for most of my life. It’s a good job he was prepared to be patient!

I realised as I spoke about my Gatekeeper that explaining why he was with me and how I found him was relevant to other people looking to make a connection with their Guides. So with his permission I am going to tell you our story. I’m aware that some people will find it hard to accept what I say. That doesn’t actually matter. The important thing is to dispel the mystery around Guides.

In come the wolves

When I started to explore my intuitive senses I had no idea about being a medium. Or actually about being in contact with Guides or any other sort of Energy Being. I was on a search for spiritual understanding. In several meditations I found myself surrounded by wolves. There was always one beautiful, blue eyed, light coated wolf who seemed to be leading of the pack. I loved the energy they brought me. As I expanded my understanding the wolves came more often. They became my protectors. They still work with me now. The wolves were my first clue.

Of course I had been working on my own past lives for years. So the next clue should have been obvious. I went along to several vision quest events and always seemed to end up with a head full of the sights and sounds of a Native American village. These experiences were very vivid. I knew very little about the traditions of the Tribes. Yet when I went in search of information it seemed my recall had an unexpected level of detail. Eventually I also discovered the aches and pains of that life. Literally. When you work with past lives your body ‘remembers’ the dis-ease in that energy life. If you seek information your body will also show you by developing symptoms.

Grey Wolf and I: our Past Life together

Still not putting the pieces together I started into developing my mediumship. At first all I could sense was as if someone was standing behind me. Sometimes I saw an large eye. Now and again there was a wave of warm loving energy. Over time I started to recognise a familiar feeling. It was as if I knew this energy. There was a connection. I could feel myself pulled towards this other ‘person’. Then I had a sequence of dreams. In each dream I was talking to a man. In each dream he looked different. By the third dream I knew it was the same person. I remember saying I know it’s you no matter which face you wear. The dreams stopped but my ‘person’ started to become much stronger.

I caught glimpses of him. I asked his name. He gave me a nickname to use. I asked him why I felt so strongly connected to him. He said because. No matter what I asked about him personally he replied with jokes or no answer at all. At the same time I found all sorts of books about Native American history kept turning up. People gave them to me as gifts. Or passed them on to me because they had read them. I finally read a book called Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee. It hit home very hard. After I finished it the pains in my right knee, side and shoulder made perfect sense. They were the wounds that had killed me.

The past is the past

A few nights after that I lay in bed talking to my Gatekeeper. I told him I knew where we had been together last. I also knew that he had not intended me to die. His love for me was so strong that he had carried a sense of guilt and blame back into the Spirit World. His decision to stay there and help me from that side of life was all about protecting me better. He had made his presence known so slowly because he thought I would reject him. In those moments I understood why he had been testing me. He wanted to make sure that I could accept him and work with him. As we spoke and I released him from the promise he had made himself he told me his true name. That is when Wolf Running took his place fully beside me.

Now we work together to unite the two worlds by sharing understanding and knowledge with others. Often people find that meeting with their Guides is slow, tentative, frustrating. When you deepen your connection with the Energy Beings you also start to clear the past life karma that has been between you. Be patient with yourself and your Guides. There might be many very valid reasons why they are reluctant to step forward in a rush. They value the relationship you are building with them. Look for the clues they send you. I know I missed quite a few! Be open to the story behind your decision to work together. Enjoy the process of discovery. I love that I have such a devoted Gatekeeper. He loves that I am finally listening. We run with the wolves together.

Day 227 of my blogging challenge.

Forgiving Everything

SorryA0616There is an Elton John song ‘sorry seems to be the hardest word’. The lyrics have always resonated with me. I do find saying sorry is a hard thing.

Perhaps because I’m never sure that sorry leads to forgiving. Or forgetting for that matter. And I’ve certainly said some insincere sorry’s in my time. Usually when I still felt like I was in the right and the other person was in the wrong. Or when I felt like I was being blamed unfairly. Yet I had a lot of conditioning when I was growing up. All about apologising. Even about apologising for being who I was. Sorry was a politeness. So I often said sorry for things that weren’t my responsibility or my fault.

That is the heart of the issue really. Sorry is only useful in limited circumstances. When I actually feel that I want the other person to know I am acknowledging a ‘wrongness’. Sorry is a prelude to ‘please forgive me’. Sorry is an opportunity to practice forgiving. I know that is another challenge for me. Some things have happened in my life that are hard to forgive. Perhaps another person could do so easily. Or perhaps not at all. It depends on the way I experience what has happened. And how I choose to process my thoughts and feelings. I know I have said at one or two points of my life ‘I will never forgive …’

Forgive but not forget?

It’s at those points that I’ve said or heard the phrase ‘I can forgive but I’ll never forget’. What a limiting statement to make. Am I really saying that I will let whatever has been a wrongness pass but I’m going to keep the information in my head? Why would I do that? To keep score? To bring it back up months, years, decades later? To let myself continue to feel aggrieved about a wrong? So I have to ask myself have I really been forgiving? Holding on to past events will eventually keep me stuck in the past. My energy will be spent gazing backwards instead of moving forward.

That has been a challenging lesson for me to learn. To acknowledge that what is done is done. Perhaps even to let myself see, once enough time has passed, that what was appeared to be wrongness has turned out to be rightness. I have had to recognise that feeling sorry can get intertwined with feeling guilty. Guilt is an interesting feeling. It comes from the should, must, ought and duty rules we have stuck in our heads. When I feel guilty I always have a look at which rule I’m breaking. Should I have called someone stroppy? Must I take the blame when I actually didn’t create a problem? Ought I to apologise because that’s what nice people do? Is it my duty to make someone feel better? Even if all I’ve done is spoken my truth?

Unconditional forgiveness?

I’m back to the insincere sorry again. Seeking forgiveness has to be from my heart. From an understanding of my own desire to act in the world from a conscious ethical choice. When I am given a sorry from someone I can also accept it as their conscious choice to behave in an ethical way. If I act from my heart by behaving as I would like to be treated I might even reduce the number of sorry’s I end up saying. I write this in the full understanding that my actions may still be perceived as a wrong. I have no say over how my actions are perceived by others.

Recognising that point was a key change in my understanding of forgiveness. I realised that the person I say sorry to the least is me. I am reluctant to forgive myself. I want people to be happy living a good life in whatever way that means for them. It’s been my life mission. Yet I’ve so often got my actions wrong. Or blamed myself when they don’t have a happy life. As a parent that came home to me in a very big way. After all, it’s easy to blame someone else, have them feel guilty and be forever apologising to you. So how do I make sure that I forgive myself unconditionally?


One of the ways I started to remove the barriers to forgiving myself was to tell myself what I was thankful for. Not about the outer world but what was in me. I’m thankful that I care enough to try to help. I’m thankful that I will speak my mind. I’m thankful that I am prepared to get it wrong right now in case it might be right in the future. I’m thankful that I think about what sorry means and how to forgive. I’m very thankful that I am prepared to forget things that I feel were wrongs against me.

Forgiving myself helps me to forgive others. Saying sorry is getting easier too. I’m developing an approach to my life based on unconditional love leading to unconditional forgiveness. I’m by no means good enough at it yet. I still have to remind myself of the journey I’m on. Every day is an opportunity to say sorry to myself, to be thankful for myself and to forgive myself. Every day unconditional forgiveness grows a little stronger in me. One day I hope to be able to forgive everything in myself and others. I’m thankful that I have the opportunity to do so.

Day 226 of my blogging challenge. 

Wondering about Wysdom

IMG_0105Apparently the older I get the more I’m supposed to be wise. I know my life experience have been very varied. I’ve certainly read and learned a lot of things. Sometimes I even surprise myself with unexpected bits of wisdom. Yet there is a search for one kind of wisdom I’ve been wondering about all my life.

Spirituality is a rather flexible concept. What it means to me might be very different than to someone else. In my wondering about why we are here and what it all means I’ve considered many religions. I’ve read what philosophers have to say about the meaning of life. I’ve asked my Guides. I’ve talked to many, many people. Yet I find myself still wondering. In discussions I’ve heard a lot of ‘wisdom’ and seen not a lot of action. I’ve been encouraged to be the one taking action whilst others have paid lip service to what they profess to believe.

I feel that is my first wisdom concerning spirituality. It’s easy to talk about but so hard to put into practice. That contrast became a reality for me when I began my work as an intuitive medium. Suddenly I had the words of others to pass on. Others who were not physically present on the Earth yet still very firmly around and interested in us. A number of years ago I started to work with Energy Beings who were most firmly of the ‘walk the talk’ kind.  I’ve talked about the Earth’s ArchAngels in my previous blogs. Their spiritual focus is very much on doing.

A Wysdom Odyssey

For the last two years I have been living the energy of these ArchAngels. They have been with me on a daily basis. I have been an observer of life through their eyes. It’s was very strange thing at first to see myself and my actions through the mindset of another Being. I’ve often found myself wondering ‘why am I doing this or that’. I’ve been encouraged to stand back and look at my actions against the bigger picture. This has been a big lesson in spirituality – my own spirituality. I have made lots of changes to myself as a result of sharing their wysdom. I actually wonder less and do more.

A few months ago in my meditation the ArchAngels asked me to share my wysdom – the understanding I have gained through my connection to them. It’s a big ask. I have to step outside several comfort zones all at once. I wondered for a brief moment if I could do it. My heart gave me the answer. If I believe in behaving better in the world, if I want to change the world for the better, if I want to help others change the world then I choose to step forward. Time to walk the talk once more.

Here is my latest ‘walking the talk’ 😀


Day 225 of my blogging challenge.

Truth Will Out

imageTruth. A very slippery word to define. Very often it means ‘my version of the truth’ or ‘my interpretation of the truth’. So what does truth mean. How do we know that we are speaking, meaning or acting from the truth?

I wanted to know today because if I use my powerful voice I want to be sure that I am speaking truly. So I looked up the definition. Truth is: the quality or state of being true;
that which is true or in accordance with fact or reality; a fact or belief that is accepted as true. Whew! A lot of room for debate there. It can be a state of mind. It can be a fact. It can be something that is accepted as true whether or not it actually is.

As I considered the definition I thought about the time when people thought the world was flat. It was stated as a fact although, as it turns out, it was only an accepted belief. Eventually it was proved to be a false belief though not until there had been a lot of argument and general falling out. My mind pinged onto another such example. I have been reading a lot about the idea that the Universe is actually a hologram. Not an accepted truth but when enough people believe will it become true?

Perhaps we we can only interpret truth when we consider the purpose behind what is being said?

The idea that a state of mind represents what is true is very interesting. I have changed my beliefs about many things during my life. What I would have sworn was true when I was twenty is somewhat different now I’m approaching the second half of my life. I still get stuck with the ‘does my bum look big in this’ question. Do I tell the absolute truth or a friendly lie? Who suffers for my lack of truthfulness? Can a lie ever be for a good purpose?

Interestingly, now I work in the world of energy vibrations, I am able to read the shiver present in someone’s aura when they fail to be authentic. When I am not being my true self, warts and all, my energy will fluctuate. The vibration alters ever so subtly. I notice when this happens in myself and others. I often let the change pass unchallenged if it is in others. Although I do wonder why they have decided to misrepresent themselves. When I catch myself in a shiver I check what is going on.

My authentic voice is the one with power. Not the power of right, force or control. The power to speak lovingly of myself. The power to represent what I am feeling and thinking honestly. With no fluffy confusion of apologies for having an opinion. When I drift into a half-truth, perhaps a deferential tone or flirtatious manner to put myself in some sort of submissive position I need to stand back. What is happening to make me shift from truthfulness? What purpose have I got for giving away my power?

Does conditioning drive our level of truthfulness?

As a social group it seems that our perception of truthfulness is coloured by the status we have. Politicians are allowed to lie so long as life continues along familiar lines. Doctors, teachers, employers, financial experts are allowed to give an ‘expert’ version of the facts so long as they are a shared belief. Children are taught to ‘be polite’ about the way they describe others. We are told to be tactful, to keep our true feelings or thoughts to ourselves and to ‘behave pleasantly’ to one another. How interesting that our energy never lies.

There is a change required in all of us. We have become so easy with our own perception of what is true that we are intolerant of others. We reject their right to have a different version of the truth. I have been challenging myself to convey my feelings and thoughts as clearly as possible. To tell the truth exactly as I perceive it. Then to check for the shiver in my energy. Because when something is in accordance with my heartfelt truth my energy will be smooth flowing. When I am giving my power away I will know. I can question why. And I reclaim my power by speaking my truth. After all, it seems the truth is different for all of us and that’s ok for it to be so.

Day 224 of my blogging challenge.

Voice of Power

Voice PowerOne of the discussions I’ve had today has been about power. The use, abuse and lack of power. I’ve talked about the needs of the many out-weighing the needs of the few. I’ve promoted positivity. I’ve steered clear of fear and doubt. Looking after my aura energy I want to be an effective human being. How do I do that if I have no voice?

Anyone who has been following my blogs will know that they started as my way to find my writing voice. By taking on a challenge to write for 30 days I hoped to overcome what seemed like nearly unbeatable writers block. Shaky at first, then gaining more strength my writing voice is now firmly in place. I love doing my blogs. I’m passionate about ending my day with a thought-provoking hour of personal reflection. I watch amazed as the words fly onto the page or screen. Wow. I feel so powerful to be able to express myself. I don’t care that no one else might be reading them. This is my introspection time.

The feeling of power has been there all along. I just didn’t acknowledge it. That’s something that spins into the voice I use in other areas of my life. I’m a medium so my job is to go where I’m sent to represent the voice of the Spirit World or other Energy Beings. I have to say it’s not a job I actively applied for. It sort of descended on me in stages. Bit by bit I got used to standing up in rooms full of people to speak. I had no oomph at first. No real volume to my words. Unsteady, slightly embarrassed, almost apologetic. I was as unsure of my ‘subject matter’ as of my ability. Yet I stood as tall as I could and spoke. I worked to get better. One day I felt powerful enough to decide I’d done a good enough job. Wow again.

Here we go once more – I’m a slow learner!

The same process happened with my painting. I was dragged rather reluctantly back to my love of colour & paint. My Guides had to send someone down here in to help me. Yet as soon as I put paint on the canvas the first time I felt a stirring of excitement. On my way home I had to stop to get paint and paper. Of course I went through the same loop of uncertainty, gradually finding a comfort with expressing myself in art until I was painting only for myself and loving it. The pile of paintings grew. I moved into exploring pastels, watercolours, collage, glass painting. Anything and everything I could think of. My artist voice was beaming out from my paintings loud and strong. Wow once more.

It’s clear that I have been disempowering myself in major ways for most of my life. Taking back the power, even finding it in the first place, meant looking for my voice. The inner journey is never straightforward. I had to remove the voice of doubt, the voice of comparison, the voice of not good enough, the voice of you can’t, the voice of you won’t ever. No wonder it was hard to find my powerful voice. Every layer of voice that I discarded contained a belief about myself that I had soaked up from experiences, judgements, social conditioning. Hard beliefs to remove. Especially when the final voice I had to silence was the voice of fear.

Fear steals our voice more effectively than anything else. Fear takes away our power to act. Fear pushes us into being passive.

I’m a bit of a social media addict. I love reading my Facebook newsfeed to see what my friends are up to. Over the last few days fear has stalked my newsfeed. People are uncertain. The language they use may be of anger or hate or intolerance. However the root cause is fear. If I feel fear I also feel powerless. My words go unheard because I express myself in fearful terms. Being able to speak out is to regain my power. Every time I achieved that in my writing, speaking and painting the fear disappeared. It’s time for me and everyone else to take back power through our ability to speak out. To reclaim the right to say ‘Not in my name’. I am on a mission to use my power to express myself for a positive good.

I want to offer people the vision of a powerful, united world where we can all speak our truth in whatever form that takes. Speaking from love rather than fear. Empowering ourselves. Respecting what is said. Agreeing to disagree if that is the reality. Putting the needs of the many before the power of the few. Turning our communications up side down. Leave behind fear and all of those other voices that steal your power away. Please love yourself enough to find your positive voice and speak powerfully.

Day 223 of my blogging challenge.

Promoting Positive Energy

imageHappy Alternative Christmas Day! The sun shone. Crowds of people turned up. Carols got sung. Christmas dinners eaten. Bands played. Cheerful chat and laughter filled the air. Best of all, the positive energy flowed through the streets of Hebden Bridge once more. I love being in positive energy. Promoting the flow of positivity is so important. It can be too easy to notice all the little or big things that niggle, irritate or annoy. Doing so brings your mood down as surely as a deflating balloon.

This evening at the Psychic Club the Guide team wanted to talk about promoting and protecting positive aura energy. I know all too well how easy it is to take on board other people’s energy. And that it can be a struggle to clear low vibrational energy. Swapping a rain cloud for bright sunshine can feel way out of reach. Yet we can block, return or hide from low level energy so easily if we only practice. The first thing is to promote within yourself an awareness of feelings. I ask myself what I’m feeling at any moment and why. I want to see if it is really my feeling related to something that is happening now or has happened to me in the past. Or if I’ve picked up on what someone else feels.

This is because I have a choice of what to do once I know where the feeling comes from. If it’s mine from the past I can choose not to react, or to act by letting the feeling go. Alternatively I can convert the energy of that feeling into a way of taking action. It can be the ‘push’ I need to get something done. Or to make changes. Thinking about my feelings I can choose to find a positive alternative too. Added to this is that what I feel turns into the energy I give out. What you give out you get back eventually. Promoting positive energy within me then sending it out is a benefit.

Secondly, if all of us are sending out positive energy the world becomes a much more enjoyable and peaceful place. So it’s also important to protect your own positivity. I like to imagine myself in a bubble of white and pink light. I focus on making sure I feel as good about myself as I can. Promoting self love may feel a bit strange at first. Especially as making judgements seems to be a habit we get quite early in life. Self love means I have to remove the judgements I make about myself. Then I need to remove the judgements I’ve been making about other people. When I approach any contact with others doing it from a loving point of view can only be positive.

I also stay away from as much low level energy as I can. Avoiding negative conversations, news or comments, I know I will have to deal with negativity at times. We are so good at focusing on fear, anger, hurt that it tends to creep in almost everywhere.  So when I find myself in the thick of toxic energy my positive approach along with my protection is what will see me through. Even if the energy is really grim at times. When it’s really bad I look for allies. Those people present who also have a spark of positivity. I focus on sending my positive energy in their direction so that more of us can promote a positive attitude. It can be amazing to watch this work. The room gets lighter. People start to smile. Perhaps even relax out of the low energy.

At the end of today I’m tired but energised after spending time with positive people in a sea of positive energy. I know that whatever I gave out came right back to me multiplied. The Light shone inwardly and outwards too. I hope these few words can encourage you to promote your own positive energy. Life really feels much better for all of us when you do!

Day 222 of my blogging challenge.

Strange Days

imageThe energy today has been very heavy and confused. Is it only me who has noticed the similarity between Boris Johnston and Donald Trump? Where does Nigel Farage fit? Not my usual kind of questions. Strange days indeed. When fear tries to separate us from remembering we are all human beings. When anger, dismay, and conflict surface across the board no matter what way the wind blew. How odd to be celebrating an alternative Christmas here in Hebden Bridge in the middle of all the political madness.

That’s what’s happening here tomorrow. Six months on, the town is still pulling itself together from the devestation the flooding caused. About 20% of the businesses are still closed. Some have gone for good. Many are working hard to recover the ‘joie de vivre’ that made this little town such a fun place to live in or visit. There is a tree in the town square once more. Holme St is closed to get ready for a party. Riverside school is putting on a thank you Christmas dinner for all the volunteers who came to help clean up. There will be a brass band. Christmas carols. Elf showing at the cinema.

All sorts of festive fun out of season to remind us that we are survivors. Strange then to get home to find half the street closed off by police tape. The shop across the road had been robbed at gunpoint about half an hour before I got back. I heard the helicopter hovering over the town creating such a loud, insistent sound. Could it be the TV company doing a follow up about our alternative Christmas I’d wondered. Sadly no. The family shop just getting back into it’s stride after the floods had taken a different kind of hit. How sad that people live in a world where they believe crime is acceptable.

Pulling my energy together I went off to Brighouse Spiritualist church this evening. I had a brown paper bag of crystals to give away. These had been hand picked -so to speak – by Spirit people this afternoon. Along with each crystal I would also be giving a message from that Spirit person. It’s strange that people judge the Spiritualist churches and centres without ever having stepped inside of one. What an opportunity going begging to connect with their loved ones. To get the messages of love and support. Or listen to evidence being given from loved ones to illustrate that death is only a physical event.

I like to make my own mind up. I also like other people to make their own minds up too. If we don’t agree that’s ok. If we do agree that’s lovely. How strange to expect that we make our minds up in one way or another just because someone else says they know best. So how best to deal with those who think crime is acceptable? How best to deal with fear, anger, conflict? I don’t have an answer. My Guides remind me we are humans trying to evolve through developing love, forgiveness, gratitude and service. Perhaps we have to accept that all sorts of mindsets exist for all sorts of reasons.

That’s why I’ll be singing carols tomorrow, joining in the street party and enjoying myself. Not because I’m wholly convinced that it’s a good thing to have another Christmas. It’s already stirring up mixed feelings in me and other people. But because striving to find the positive view of life is an excellent way not to be swamped by negativity. Being positive is the hallmark of a survivor. That’s me. I’ve survived all sorts of things. I’m sure I will survive these strange days too. So will you if you choose to look at the world in a positive way.

Day 221 of my blogging challenge. 

Filtering the Truth

imageI will be really glad when today is over. I have tried to stay away from the UK Referendum news for many weeks. It’s been a difficult task filtering out all the news items, social media comments and overheard conversations about this topic. In what seems like an endless process there has been so much said that confusion reigns. Why do we try so hard to influence one another? There is an assumption that people need to know the ‘truth’ so they can make an informed choice. But what is the truth? How much filtering has been going on?

I’m not going to rehash the debate here. My desire to vote is about retaining a right that was hard won. Women struggled for me to have a vote and I believe if I don’t use it I loose it. I also know that walking away from anything takes a lot of time and effort especially where the law is involved. So I’m not expecting big changes tomorrow morning whichever way the vote goes. Sadly that also includes the fact that filtering the truth happens all the time.

We seem to have opted for an adversarial way of choosing what is for the greater good. I remember watching Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan and listening to Spock’s dying words. “The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few”. Perhaps the scriptwriters put that in as an aspiration. Certainly Gene Rodenburry who created the series included ethical debates in the program. His characters behaved in altruistic ways though challenged by their human emotions. So what about the needs of the many? I’m not sure that we ever think about the many at all. When I do listen to the news it seems we act rather more from ‘the needs of the few outweigh the needs of the many’.

Instead of calm, ordered and wide ranging debate we are presented with polarised positions. Everything is black or white. No pun intended. The way that division by race, ethnicity and culture has been woven into the Referendum debate is shocking. So too is the floating of entirely speculative statistics and economic information. The words used have been chosen to raise fear, increase insecurity and generate panic. Filtering everything through the lense of these polarised positions means the same information is presented very differently. And far less clearly that ought to be the case.

The Referendum is only the latest example of the needs of the few being considered as our yardstick for making decisions. We seem to be stuck in a repeating pattern. A pattern wher it’s ok to filter out those bits of the argument that weaken our claims. Or shout them down. Or hide them altogether. Is this a way for grown ups to conduct themselves when making decisions that affect other peoples lives? I’ve asked my Guides how we change this. How do we change ourselves so that the decisions we consider first are the humanitarian ones? How do we focus on building hope not fear? How can we act so that we recognise every single person on this planet has value? Has a right to life, shelter, food, warmth, community?

My Guides have brought me back to the starting point. We have to learn to value each child on this planet. We have to see that what we do they inherit. We have to be brave enough not to accept the filtering of information, of decision making, of facts. We have to find our individual voices so that we can start to speak as communities. We have to reject fear as a way to live. If we want peace and harmony we have to create it. We have to learn to love one another unconditionally. Most important of all we have to learn to love ourselves unconditionally first. Then we will be ready to act for the needs of the many.

Day 220 of my blogging challenge. 

Life in the Fast Lane

imageI’m writing my blog at the end of a very busy day. It’s lovely to have so much to do that the time goes by unnoticed. I suppose you could say it’s living life in the fast lane. Speeding along with a purpose. Feeling like I’m getting somewhere. It’s at times like this  that I find myself having to be very careful not to get out of balance. When you enjoy giving, get a buzz from helping and want to be supportive of everyone around you it’s easy to forget that the first person to help is yourself. I had that discussion several times today so I know my Guides wanted me to notice where I could take things slower or easier.

Zooming along it’s also easy to forget to notice the energy you are surrounded by. Unless we are mindful of the energy it’s always possible that our aura will pick up low level vibrations. If that happens we can take on board the thoughts and feelings of other people and not realise that they belong to someone else. So having a break or being in positive energy and spending some time clearing energy are good things to do. As I was explaining to a group this evening, I make sure that every time I take a shower I also tell myself that my aura is being cleaned too. I picture any stuck or grimy energy washing off me.

I also try to spend a little time sitting in the Centre where I know that the energy is peaceful and positive. I’m letting my cares or worries float away. Whenever I do this it feels like my Guides are sitting there with me too. They bring me encouragement as they chat backward and forward with me. I know that letting the conversation flow around me will  inspire me in one way or another. Sometimes another practitioner will join me. Or someone drops by who needs quiet time too. Sharing my time and space is lovely. It is another way to pull me out of the busy, busy energy.

Allowing myself pockets of time in this way gives me the fresh energy to zoom ahead again. I am more effective and productive. I’m also showing me that I care about me. That point is really important. When we spend time on ourselves we are confirming that we are important. That we matter. Low moods can only find a toe hold when we feel like we don’t matter. When we forget to value ourselves. Living life in the fast lane is fun but only when we value ourselves enough to recognise it’s not the be all and end all of life. Some times it’s about slowing down to enjoy the view!

Day 219 of my blogging challenge.

Earth’s ArchAngel Wysdom Odyssey

Earth's ArchAngel Etieliel What a day! Up at 5.30 to get ready for the launch of the Wisdom Odyssey – the challenge set by the Earth’s ArchAngels two years ago. And what a day to launch. Jan and I know that the ArchAngels set us tasks, we complete them in the nick of time, then the explanations come in.

The Wysdom Odyssey is the return of the help and support these energy beings can share with us. They have waited a long time to come to our attention again. They bring knowledge backed by powerful energies for change on Mother Earth. It’s time for us to set up and play our part once more. We are being asked to channel through the Light, Love and Healing that will bring us through the gloom to a much brighter future.

As I sat writing up our discussion about the Odyssey yesterday evening I was struggling to find the right words. There is so much healing to do so how best to offer people an explanation. When you discover their energies you can’t quite take it all on board at once. Their vibration is so strong, so close and so loving. They have loved us and served us for such a long time without requiring any recognition. It can be overpowering to sense all of this love all in one go. Jan and I have been working very closely with that energy and it’s been a challenge. So how best to bring a sense of their presence? How best to help people get into that energy? The Wisdom Odyssey is the way the Earth’s ArchAngels suggested.

To begin with, there is the Seeker level for those who are new to working with energy. Then there is the Custodian level for those used to working and healing in higher vibrations. Finally there is the Guardian level for those who have got to know each ArchAngel, have completed significant healing of themselves and are ready to share the Wisdom with others. As I wrote this last night I felt the click in my intuition. This signal always lets me know that what I am doing fits perfectly with thew Divine Plan. This morning the Odyssey began.

Again it couldn’t have been planned better. The date today (21/06/2016) combines to make 3/6/9. Added together this is 18. And again to reduce down to 9. I’ve made a study of numerology and sacred geometry so became very excited last night when they gently reminded me to see if the numbers added up. It took me a moment to guess what Etieliel was referring to. Yet when I got it I was astounded. I couldn’t wait to tell Jan and share the ‘joke’ the ArchAngels were playing on us. After all, they had only given us three weeks to get this off the ground after months waiting around.

Three is the energy of creativity and a universally powerful number. New beginnings under a three are very likely to succeed. Six is the energy of change moving forward and two times three so creativity doubled. Any changes started under a six will multiply the benefits likely to emerge from what is being done. Finally, nine is the number of completion and three times three. Everything has an ending. Nine ensures that creative energy is carried forward into new beginnings by leaving all that was less than expected behind. Bringing all the nine facing nine energy together will create a vortex of positive energy to lift all of us and the planet. So today is also a good day to create new beginnings, change anything that is stuck and end the energies no longer useful in your life.

Finally, I’ve put the video we made at 6.30am this morning below in case you are interested in starting the Wisdom Odyssey too. For more information email me using admin@down2earthpsychic.net

Day 218 of my blogging challenge.