Thrice Returned: Positive Energy Always Multiplies

ThriceThe number three has been cropping up a lot today. Especially three times three. It’s the power of creative energy returning to make me thrice blessed. And giving me and those around me a positive boost in our lives.

Thrice blessed. Receiving back three times what I have sent out. Like a miracle happening just when I need it. My life has been full of threes and nines. Written in many of my patterns and habits. Starting with being born on the thrird. And having a very strong nine year cycle of significant life changes. It’s also the rule underneath my creativity. If I create a positive flow of energy I will receive back thrice that amount. It’s all about what I create. I’ve written about ‘what you give out you get back’ before. It’s something easy to say but had to have faith in. Distortions creep in. Like the twisted financial energy of our social systems. Or the need versus greed stance that we are encouraged to take to get what we want.

Also, in an uncertain world we deal with change by developing a lack of trust. Followed by the need to control every last thing. Yet there is a way to be thrice blessed. I’ve had to gather up all of that distrust, financial fear, uncertainty and chuck it out. Out of my mind, heart and energy. That has been quite a journey. Because the road to faith in myself, my Spirit and the Universe has had many tests. Yet I’ve been shown how the tide keeps turning and the moon keeps rising. And I have always always had whatever I really desired.  Even if I found I didn’t actuallylly enjoy what I had requested. Now I realise that my intuition has always told me what to ask for. It has been steering me to the best things all my life. Because that is it’s job.

So if I stay positive and send out the positive it will all come back one way or another. Returning back to me threefold. In ways that help me complete each phase of my nine year growing. I’ve been recently started another nine year cycle. I’m sending creative energy out every day. Wondering with delight how it will eventually return to me. How exciting!

Day 947 of my blogging challenge

Connection To Earth: Protecting My Energy

ConnectionSometimes I have to check my connection to Mother Earth. Usually when I have been dealing with people, places and situations that are ‘heavy’ energy. Now that I have opened up my intutive senses I’ve also had to learn to close the door on negative vibrations.

This is the same for all intuitively sensitive people. We are affected by the flow of energy around us. The connection to intuitive information that I have also allows me to ‘read’ the energy of others. If I’m not careful I can end up transferring my energy to them. And, more importantly, their energy to me. Dealing with other people’s low vibrational energy, on top of my own, is hard work. The way that I keep my aura energy clear is to make sure I can ground any negative energy back to Earth.

That means I try to get out into Nature as much as possible. Even if I can’t retreat to a forest or the beach I get out into my little garden. Sitting in my own tiny patch of greenery I can let things drift away. Drifting away is much better than storing up loads of old energy. So I also use meditation to go into the natural world I can visualise in my mind’s eye. Especially on the cold, wet days when my inclination is to stay inside.

I can also connect to Mother Earth when I have my feet in water. Beach is best. Although in the shower or bath will do. I imagine I have roots going down into the Earth. These roots can drain away all the energy that would be disruptive to me. This connection through my feet can be so strong that sometimes when I am letting the energy release I find I can’t move my feet. They are stuck until the last bit of negativity has gone.

Today I wanted to release all of the tricky energy from yesterday’s Full Moon. So I made my Earth connection on the beach. As I strolled along feeling the wet sand between my toes I felt a sense of contentment. The late evening sun was still warm. The pools of water were inviting. And my toes danced with excitement. A perfect way to balance off anything negative. Thank you Mother Earth for protecting my energy.

Day 946 of my blogging challenge 

Wander Down Memory Lane To Bring Spirit People Closer

wanderI took a wander down Memory Lane today. I was driving through the places of my childhood and young adulthood. Places that I only visit now and again. Noticing the changes. Seeing what had stayed the same.

Lots of people crowded my head. Some of them spoke to me with pride that I remembered them. Memories of good, or not so good, times flooded in. Each connection another link in the chain from me to them. It reminded me that we can all wander to the places where our loved ones are still alive. I always think about something I understood from a very early age. I have no idea when or where I heard or got told this. But I know that loved ones stay with us until the last person who remembers them has died too. Then the Spirit family can move on together as a complete group. An important piece of information that my loved ones confirmed for me.

They don’t wander off. They still take an interest in what I am doing. Even though some in my family have been gone for a very long time now. It’s a way of keeping them alive too. So I tell my daughter stories about her ancestors. We discuss how alike our lives are to the ones of family members who have passed over. Or how different. I share the jokes and laughter. The funny stories. And the photos of all their smiling faces. Because I know that they are sitting with us laughing at the stories, the photos and the lives. They made it through the adventure of life somehow. That gives me great hope too. Because no matter where I wander and what I do my family in Spirit will be with me. Encouraging and cheering me on.

I know they will do the same for all of our family still down here. And they will wait until we are all assembled in the pink perfect. Then we will have the biggest party ever to celebrate all of the generations making it home safely. When you get a bit lost in the stress of life take a wander with your loved ones in Spirit. They would love to create more memories with you.

Day 945 of my blogging challenge

Shimea Shimmers In The Summer Sunshine

ShimeaArchangels took me by surprise. They walked into my life and turned it upside down. Today I was getting a print of ArchAngel Shimea ready to send out. It’s the first one to go out into the wider world as a result of a painting I did. I felt really proud to be connected to these Energy Beings because they have given me so much.

But right back at the beginning I really thought I had wandered into a strange space in my own head. Because I thought I couldn’t paint. And I was really uncertain if angels actually existed. Yet the energy I connected with was so loving, so patient and very clear. Every way I turned there was a confirmation. Or a message. And the paintings certainly took on a life of their own. However, it has taken me a number of years to feel confident enough to let my artwork speak for itself. Even getting the prints of Shimea done felt like a big step. And the ArchAngels gave me a gentle nudge because someone actually ordered a print when they saw a picture of the painting.

His painting is listed as part of my entry for Hebden Bridge Open Studios. Something I have been taking part in for four years. All to build confidence to show my work to the world. And to understand that other people can also sense the energy in the paintings and prints. Of course Shimea, along with the others in this group of Earth’s Guardian Angels, knew this already. His energy leaps out like the sun on a hot day reminding me to enjoy the  Light. Yet he also draws on the energy of the cool places. Grass in the shade. Ponds, Sunlight through the forrest trees. And Shimea shimmers with the golden light of the fireflies, dragonflies and silver winged insects. He reminds me to take life easier. To hover above it all. Moving myself to where there is calm and ease.

I’m glad he walked into my day and reminded me that on a hot day it is wise to rest. That I can do what is necessary without driving myself too hard. And that the sunshine is here to enjoy too. Image posted. Time to wind down!

Day 944 of my blogging challenge

Watering Time: Feeling The Earth Grow

watering plantsAs I sat on my bench this evening I could hear my plants calling for water. I’ve ended my day giving them a good drink with my watering can. I could feel the burst of energy this released. And their roots reaching down into the wet soil so they could grow the plants some more.

It made me think about all of the beautiful plants that grow on the planet. Sometimes we forget how fortunate we are that Mother Nature provides so much for us. Yet we also have to be involved in the process. There are thing to do, like planting, watering and harvesting, so that there will be an abundance of growth. It’s a shared endeavour. Each Spring I begin a new adventure with my garden. And round about now I can see it’s full beauty emerging.  That exchange of energy makes it bloom. And when I see the perky geraniums, hopeful petunias and cheeky busy lizzies my heart expands too. These plants are a reminder that even the smallest part of Mother Earth has something to offer us.

It also made me think about the way I tend myself. Do I make sure I am watering myself enough? Finding the sunniest position? Is my planter too restricting to my growth? Are my roots deep and strong to deal with the dry weather conditions? And do I let my beautiful flowers blossom? I’ve written before about the should, musts, oughts and duties that we take on in life. These SMOD’s become restrictions that hold us in the same old patterns. When I am transplanted into new ground my roots may still carry the energy of previous restrictions. Perhaps I get frightened of spreading and growing. Yet how can I grow bigger and better blossoms If my roots stay small? Water represents emotions. When I am transplanted I have to start watering myself with positive vibes. Feeding myself the encouragement I need.

At the end I had a quiet chat with my plants as I was watering them. I asked them to grow well, be health and happy. To show me their true colours. Because I was also asking myself to do that too. Like the plants it’s my summer time. The time to be all that I can. So, do you need little watering and tender loving care?

Day 943 of my blogging challenge

Float! Have You Got The Vibe Yet?

floatI’m learning to float. To sink back and let the flow of positive energy carry me along where it will. Actually I’m getting really good at floating. Especially since the Summer Solstice.

I’ve known for a long time that we are in an energy of change. What began in 2013 was a process of energies designed to wake up, shake up and propel us forward into Ascension Consciousness. The material world needs to rebalance so that there is more love flowing around the human energy system. And I know that I need to rebalance so that I have more love flowing through me. In turn, that will give me more love to send out into the material world. That’s where learning to float comes in. It’s about floating through life on a current of love. Letting the love surround and support me. Although it has taken me quite a while to let go of the urge to control where I float to. Probably because it involved trust, faith and belief in myself to get me started.

Like anyone learning to swim I worried that I might drown. That tricky currents would pull me under. Or that I would run out of energy and sink below the surface. Yet when I learned to float on water it was one of the most peaceful things I could ever have imagined. It’s been the same with learning about floating in the energy. Fear, anxiety and lack of confidence have made me wary of letting myself relax into the flow. But it has got easier every time I have surrendered and floated along. Until last week. The Solstice energy has been incredible. A wave of immensely positive love has picked me up and carried me along. There has been nothing for it but to lie back and float with it. I’m letting it take me where it will. This peaceful, easy feeling carrying me to who knows where.

I know I have crossed an important line. Feeling ready to float in the new energy being beamed in. I had already stated my choice. To step completely out of my old patterns and limitations. Now I know the next eight years will bring more and more love into my life. Because that was the choice. Stay limited and stuck. Or embrace the freedom of being limitless. I hope you have embraced the free flow of love and are floating along with me today.

Day 942 of my blogging challenge

Karmic Debris: How To Make Better Choices

karmic debrisI’m rather tired tonight. I spent my day running a Past Life workshop and discussing karmic debris. All those waves of energy that have been stored up in other times that can come back to disrupt this present life.

I’m not tired of discussing past lives. Or debating about karma. I’m tired because of the come down from really high vibrational energy that flows through a group when everyone is ready to work hard. Working at a level beyond the material is wonderful. So it always feels like a bit of a pull to have to return back down to earth. However I know that my work is here on the Earth for now. And that work involves helping people to understand karma and the impact of the choices they are making. Sometimes the consequences are very different than what we assume or imagine. That makes karma quite a tricky subject to explain. And karmic debris something that people feel they should avoid.

Or a tricky energy to deal with. Because what I might consider as karmic debris – the scattered remains of a previous try at being human – can contain nuggets of gold. There is so much wisdom earned when we get things wrong. Or have to navigate through all the different ways that love can be absent from our lives. Treading very carefully so as not to make the same mistakes all over again. Karmic debris might actually be exactly what is needed to help me make positive choices with my free will. If I can access the history of my decisions, take a look at why, what, where and when then I can discover how it all turned out. Even why I found myself creating the wrong flow of energy for myself. With those clues I can hope that my next choices will be more loving.

That’s the real, sometimes hidden, value of karmic debris. The remains of other lives show me where I struggled to love myself enough. The times I chose what others wanted for me rather than what I knew would be best for me. I can use the past life choices as my guide to what not to do this time around. So that, in the end, I create new flows of karmic energy that leave fewer remains for me to pick over. But gather me increased amounts of loving wisdom.

Day 941 of my blogging challenge

Sugar Sharing: How Good Vibes Come Back

sugarOne of the hardest things to do is to get in a positive flow of energy when you are feeling stuck. That’s when I remind myself of sugar sharing. My way to increase the good feeling in me and around me.

One day I was talking to a group of students about how we give out our energy vibrations. Even when we don’t realise that we are doing so. I know that all of us tend to take one another at face value. That what I say and how I appear may make people think I’m fine or ok. But what my energy may be saying is the opposite. Intuitively that will be picked up and people will go away feeling rather confused. They may also pick up my energy vibe and pass it on to other people too. That’s the way energy works and transfers. So what about sugar? As i tried to explain the idea of energy transferring my Guide stepped in. Thankfully the Team are always ready to help. And I was given a great illustration.

Imagine you live in a row of houses. Your neighbour pops in and says they have run out of sugar. They ask if they can borrow a cup. You smile and give them a bag of sugar. They promise to return it and you say it’s ok. You ask them to pass on the kindness. They take the bag of sugar home. Next day the next neighbour in the row calls into their house to ask for a loan of some sugar. In the spirit of kindness the first neighbour gives them the bag of sugar and asks for it to be treated the same. Passing on the kindness in return. The bag of sugar goes along the row of houses until the morning you run out of milk. And the neighbour right at the end of the row gives you a pint of milk with the request that you share the kindness to the next person who needs something.

What has happened is a good vibe all along the row and your original sugar returned in kind. You have been sweet and got that lovely energy back.

However, there is another aspect to this. What if your first neighbour had not passed on the sugar? If it ended only satisfying the first person’s need? You might be reluctant to share again. The other neighbours might have stopped asking your first neighbour for help. And may have refused to help that neighbour in future. What is being transferred is not the sweetness the sugar can bring. But the sadness of looking only after number one. In that scenario the only person who benefits from any energy is the first neighbour. But it is a short term fix. And there is unlikely to be any more positive flowing their way.

I love this explanation for giving with gratitude. What I give will eventually return to me. What I give can be large or small. A smile, a small or large loan or a roof over someone’s head in an emergency. There are so many ways to share the sweetness of the sugar. Each time I do it I know that I can look forward to when it returns. And not care when that might be. Or how it will be returned. I am sending out a positive vibe, sharing and caring for it’s own sake. Not with my eye on getting anything back. Because I know that there is a great balance going on. If I feel happy and someone else feels happy we are sending that wave of kindness out as far as it can go. Eventually that wave will remove the low vibrational energy flowing around the world.

So make today the day you think about sharing that bag of sugar. Remember how much it can shift your vibration. When you focus on what others might need you forget your own stuckness for a little while. You never know. What you might get back could be exactly what can clear away the thing that keeps you stuck.

Day 940 of my blogging challenge

Phenomena Created By Spirit People As Evidence

phenomenaOne of the things I have been working for over the last twelve years are phenomena created by my Guide Team that have a physical impact on the world. When these happen each one is a piece of evidence that our two worlds really can interact with each other.

I had no plan to go looking for physical occurrences that had no human interaction involved. I was too much of a sceptic to allow that Guides could affect my physical reality. Even when I was learning to communicate with them. But I had a lingering fascination with what is called physical mediumship. And probably not much understanding of it either. Yet physical phenomena have been reported since the beginnings of what we now call Spiritualism. The dictionary describes a phenomenon as ‘a fact or situation that is observed to exist or happen, especially one whose cause or explanation is in question’. In reports from seances all over the world there are physical events that seem to defy any explanation.

Most people have heard of ectoplasm, a substance produced by a medium when in a trance. Some people have heard about noises and tables moving. Yet there are also other things like apports (objects appearing that where not there before), temperature changes or voices speaking around the room. Most of these are said to happen only in blacked out rooms or with red light. And often these phenomena occur very infrequently. Or not at all if the circumstances aren’t right. So I was bemused when I started to find physical things happening around me rather than in me. Being clairsentient I was, of course, used to feeling like I was being touched by my Guides and the visiting Spirit people. Discovering that they could also affect the temperature and light in the room was a surprise.

Over time I got used to the phenomena happening around me.

Working as a Trance medium also helped me to understand how the phenomena could occur. So it was through that interest that my Guide Team led me into the production of physical phenomena. They created the circumstances where I could work with different groups of people, in all sorts of settings and conditions, where these physical things could happen. Over and over agin I have been present when noises have been produced, lighting altered or ectoplasm started to form. Unusually for me I have been less questioning than normal. It’s is hard to dispute with the evidence I have observed for myself. Instead I have been interested about why my Guide Team spend so much effort letting us know they can also work in our physical world.

The answer has always been the same. Whenever I have asked they have talked about their desire to let us know that they exist. That some part of me will continue after my human body disappears. Interacting with our reality is a good way to say, unmistakably, they are still here. And to say it in ways that I can understand. Because I have been present as it has happened. I have to say that their approach has been the best one for me. I am much more open to their presence because of what I have experienced. And keen to show and share with other people the phenomena that can provide evidence to them too. This kind of physical activity gives me a lot of comfort. I have heard the sounds, seen the tables move, had morse code tapped out using a glass ornament. Along with a lot more.

I enjoy working with my Guide Team to produce these phenomena. It is a very tangible and substantial way to evidence the presence of Spirit people. Along with being a great way for any Doubting Thomas like me to discover life is really eternal.

Day 939 of my blogging challenge

Financial Energy Can Make A Positive Difference

financial energyThere has been so much Light pouring in today. Enough to help shift our attitudes to financial energy into a more positive mindset. Because the energy of money has been distorted for a long time now. And that distorts all of our lives.

I was given a lovely quote quite a long time ago. It was part of a discussion, one of many, about running a spiritual business. I have recalled it many times since. Every time I have wobbled and worried about financial matters. It seems so appropriate today, on the longest day of Light, Summer Solstice, to remind myself about this quote. I know it’s all to easy to get lost in the fog that money mentality creates. I’ve felt the fear of lack. Poverty consciousness, a deep social conditioning, has dogged my steps. And I have wobbled many times about my financial future. Only to have it all, lose it and realise this energy has very little to do with what makes me happy.

When you spend money, whether a little or a lot, wisely or not, do you celebrate that you’re creating opportunities, dancing with life, exchanging energy, supporting economies, feeding families, lessening poverty consciousness, demonstrating courage, validating life, eradicating fear, inviting magic into your life, and lifting humanity higher into the Light?

Financial waves come and go. I’ve tried to stay afloat and found myself overwhelmed and drowning. Yet my Mum always reminded me that there were no pockets in shrouds. What did I really fear? There is a shame attached to the energy of money. It had become the way I placed a value on myself – how I judged whether my life was good or bad. Yet a financial flow is only one type of energy. I have learned, the hard way of course, that love and wellbeing contribute far more to my life. And that these are freely available to me. Far more available than money even. Because when I detached myself from the fear money generates I found my life was full of joy.

Not full of material things. But packed full with laughter, adventure and uplifting company. I have learned to celebrate the flow of financial energy. To let the waves wash over me and stay afloat. I have the buoyancy of love to keep me above the water and the comfort go others to keep me steady in any storm. Finally, remember that you can lift yourself higher, out of the waves, and dance in the flow of abundance.

Day 938 of my blogging challenge