Transition And Transformation: Happy New Year

TransitionIt’s the last day of 2017. Almost at the point of transition. The swap from a ten to an eleven vibration. Or, if you prefer, a transformation from one to three. And in the middle, for a moment, one foot on each side of a great divide.

I love numerology. And I’m excited to be on the point of moving into a new vibrational year.  It’s a moment of magic. The time for me to ask for my desires for the next year and to trust they will manifest. But it’s also the time to say thank you for all of the events and experiences of this last year. I went for a walk on the beach this afternoon. The wind was still strong in the aftermath of Storm Dylan. I could feel it tugging away at my coat. The sky was full of clouds. Yet I also saw a beautiful band of pink in amongst the clouds. I felt the Light of love shining through all that swirling energy. It reminded me that I have been through a transition this year.

I always think of ten as the beginning and the end. An infinity number. Because every end creates a new beginning and every new beginning creates an end. That was certainly true in 2017. It’s also a karmic number connected with releasing old energy so that a rebirth can take place. And one is the new beginnings number. Again something I experienced in 2017. My life became one long transition from who I had been to who I was becoming. The energy of transformation filtered into every aspect of me. So now I am ready, on the brink, waiting to step into the eleven energy. 2018 will bring a powerful creativity related to the power of the three vibration. Finally, eleven is a master number related to intuition, justice or balance and faith.

I’m waving goodbye with gratitude to 2017. In the end, I know that 2018 will give me more opportunities to continue my transition and transformation work. So long as I honour my intuition, have faith in my abilities and stay in balance. It’s up to me to use these opportunities to create the year I desire. Time to open up and say Hello 2018!

Day 768 of my blogging challenge 

Cobwebs: Strands Of Memory, Patterns And Choices

CobwebsI went for a walk at the harbour today. It was windy and fresh. Perfect for blowing the cobwebs away. And, as ever, I was inspired to think about a few things.

I love looking at cobwebs. They are so detailed, intricate and delicate. Each thread criss-crosses with others to make a wonderful pattern. And when I started developing my mediumship cobwebs took on another significance. As a claresentient medium I feel Spirit connections in my physical body. At the beginning that usually meant feeling like I had walked into cobwebs and they were on my face. The threads of that contact linked me ever onwards to stronger and stronger physical sensations. Of course I ended up being able to translate these feelings very accurately. Which, in turn, led me to more and more work and development with my mediumship. Until my life became a new pattern. Something very different from where I had started.

In the last few months I have been exploring the patterns I’ve built up over the last eleven years. All patterns involve choices. But I’ve been checking if I need to change any of those choices. Fresh decisions mean a change in my patterns. And that is something that has emerged as well. To help me I have been letting the cobwebs blow away. The thoughts and feelings behind my past decisions have sometimes become unnecessary or incompatible with where I am now. I’ve been releasing them, along with the memories they are attached to, so I can enter 2018 ready to work up new patterns. Free to make new connections within the strands of my life. Creating a space where I have new options to choose from. Today it felt really good to gift the old energy to the wind. Ready to tap into fresh energy.

Letting the cobwebs flow away, dissolving the strands, I feel empowered to move in new directions. The air flowed around me. Reminding me that I have the space, time and creativity to revision my web of connections. And that, in the end, since everything is connected, my web can be as vast as I wish it to be. All I have to do is be open to seeing it. Meanwhile, is it time you cleared out your cobwebs?

Day 767 of my blogging challenge 

Family Time: Both Sides Of Life Gather Close

familyIt’s nearly time to celebrate a new beginning. Letting the old year go so the new one can come in. I’m very fortunate to be with family at this time. From both sides of life.

It’s always hard to pass another anniversary without loved ones who have gone to the Spirit World. Yes, I have memories of their time with me. But it’s not quite the same as being with that person. That’s why I valued time spent with my Earth family around these anniversaries. Until I opened up to communicating with the Spirit World I wasn’t certain that those on the other side of life were actually there. Because I had no evidence that they were. Yet when I began to develop my mediumship they gave me more and more evidence. Plenty to show me that they still got involved in my life. Knowing that eased the pain of those anniversaries.

It also helped me make the most of family time because I felt the connection with those who had gone before us. And I could remind myself that we were all together once more. And would always be together. As each anniversary comes round again I count another year. However, I also understand that time is passing for me and not for them. So we join as a family on lots of occasions but, like any family, are there at any time for each other. Until we reunite again in the Spirit World and step out of time. In the meantime, back with my Earth family, we have been talking about old times. Looking at a group photograph and chatting about those in Spirit. Recalling gatherings. Telling stories. Passing on our history to the next generation.

Family is a connective thread. It can include blood and married in relatives. Mine certainly includes friends. A thread that joins all of us together whatever side of life we are currently on. When it’s time to sing Auld Lang Syne I know all of us will feel the pull of our connection to each other. Reminding us of times past and present. As well as taking us into the future.

Day 766 of my blogging challenge 

Warmth Of The Sun: Feeling The Positive Flood In

WarmthThursday is my live broadcast day on Facebook. The sun was still giving some warmth as I crunched along the frozen path to the beach. A perfect place to open up and feel the presence of Energy Beings.

I found a quiet place to sit because the sun had encouraged more people onto the beach today. The rocks underneath me felt solid. They helped me to feel grounded. A key thing when I want to open up to energy connections. Mother Earth gives me a positive energy boost that helps me reach the vibrational level of those who want to communicate. I felt the angels draw in close and add their energy to the mix. The sun warmed me and I relaxed into the flow of their communication. It’s a kind of magic that the words I speak in that connection come from the Energy Beings.

Every time I do it I am in awe of the unconditional love I am given. I love the warmth and generosity of their gift. I try my best to pass on that feeling, that energy. Because it is meant to be shared. Love is universal. It connects all of us in a spiritual web. We can come together as our Spirit selves shining that love through our human existence. That’s why I love to share the energy, the wisdom and the ways that everyone can access this warmth. Sitting in the sun, watching it gently set into the sea, I thought about the ways each of us can give and receive love. It’s amazing to wrap mysel or someone else up in the energy too. Again it reminds me that what we give out we get back.

I let the warmth of the sun blend with the warmth of the presence. All things considered it was a Light filled afternoon. In more ways than one. Furthermore, I felt a wave of love race back towards me as the sun dipped lower. Of course I soaked up as much energy as I could. That love will keep me warm for a long time. Not to mention powering me into the next year. Take a moment. Power yourself with love. After all, there is a new year to enjoy!

Day 765 of my blogging challenge 

Freeze – Considerering All Options Again

FreezeI woke up to frost this morning. The sunshine was doing it’s best to beat the freeze but the ice wrapped the world in a white coat. A very pretty coat. But one I hoped would dissolve soon.

The freeze could be felt in the air too. My breath was a white fog. The ground crunched underneath my feet. A real blast of winter weather making me think about how stuck we sometimes get. I’ve known what it feels like to be frozen with fear. Paralysed and feeling helpless. Even when there is warm and comforting haven ready to shelter me. I’ve been that rabbit in the headlights too scared to fight or run. Suspended in the moment and unable to decide. When I freeze like this it can take me a while to thaw. But the start is to recognise that it is fear holding me back.

Fear of change. Or fear of getting things wrong. Even fear of getting things right. A freeze can give a momentary pause to all sorts of things. But it can’t last. A thaw happens eventually. Because life always resumes, shifts, moves on. Although I know that sometimes it can take me a while to accept that. In the end I do. Like today, by mid afternoon most of the ice had gone. Dissolved by the sunshine. I could move around once again without thinking about sliding or slipping. When I remember that a thaw is inevitable I let myself take those frozen moments and study what my fear is. Understanding my fears gives me options. Even new ones I have been blocking because of the fear.

I enjoyed the frost today. It gave me time to look again at my choices for 2018. I am busy sending out my wishes to the Universe. Getting ready to take the actions that will bring them back to me fulfilled. Fear has been excluded from my agenda. After all, I don’t want to freeze when all my dreams are starting to come true!

Day 764 of my blogging challenge 

Objects And Orbs On My Walk: I Wonder?

The sky was blue. The sun was shining. A perfect afternoon for a post-turkey walk. On the path I noticed some objects. Little thought provoking prompts.

Objects 1The first of these objects was a bicycle stranded by the side of the track. It seemed to be undamaged. I wondered who had left it there. Was it a Christmas reveller who found the path a bit too muddy? Or a Christmas gift abandoned out of forgetfulness by a child who had run home? Someone had certainly stepped off the road for some reason. It was a red bike. The colour of action. Lying there it spoke of inaction. I thought about my path this year. It’s been muddy, tricky to walk. And I’ve certainly had lots of times when I’ve stopped, paused, abandoned my journey. Been inactive. Weary of carrying on. Each time I have had to get myself going again by reminding myself I had things to do, places to go, achievements to accomplish.

Objects 2Further up the road I entered the woods. At the edge is a Mother Tree. She has many large branches which create a central platform to sit on. Glancing down at her roots I saw a another one of the objects. It was white, standing out amongst the leaf fall and green moss. It was a small piece of quartz with a point. I looked at where my eye was being drawn and saw the ivy on the tree trunk. Sitting like green jewels in the lush moss growth. I always take ivy as a sign for faithfulness and protection. The image of the tree, stone and ivy reminded me that this year I have had the support of many faithful friends. Their purity of intention has helped me to stay true to my purpose even under pressure this year.

I gave thanks for those friendships and left the tree to walk on towards the beach. I was curious to see whether there would be more objects for me.

Objects 3At the turn in the lane I caught the sun in the branches of a tree. Below it were puddles of water from last night’s rainfall. I thought about the Light that fills all of us. And the human emotions that can enhance or drown that Light. I have the opportunity to grow and branch out in any way I like. It’s up to me how I weather all of the storms, soak up the sunshine or put out new growth. If anyone objects to my choices it’s up to me to decide if I want to pay attention to what they say. My journey this year has been a lesson in staying in the positive, higher emotions.  Even when others have been passing on waves of low or negative emotions. Like the tree I have been reaching for the Light whenever possible.

Objects 4Ambling along the lane I was deep in my thoughts when a dog raced by. A dog on it’s own with somewhere to go. However, he paused when he heard me say hello. I turned to face him as he stood in the middle of the lane and started at me. So I told him he was a good dog. He was weighing me up. I smiled at him considering me. This dog reminded me of me. I was born in the year of the dog. This year I have been practicing holding my ground and protecting my territory. That’s not necessarily a physical space, rather my inner world. I’m fiercely loyal but sometimes this year have forgotten to be loyal to myself. The dog and I paused, checked each other out and then went our separate ways.

The afternoon was certainly full of objects, like signals from my Guides, that were showing me the high points of my year. I wondered what the beach would bring.

I’m always aware of the Energy Beings around me. Most of the time it’s in the back of my mind. They only step forward when I ask them to. Yet as I stepped onto the sand I felt the boost of their connection to me. The sound of the waves, the cry of a raven, the crunch of shells underfoot. Everything was heightened. The cool breeze mingled with the warmth of the sun. I felt that I wanted to walk into the waves a little. The tide was coming in. I watched the sea wrack bob along the surface of the waves. It was peaceful. I had the beach to myself for a few moments.

Objects 5Taking out my phone I decided to see if I could catch the view. Something about the stillness spoke to me about the waves of energy I’ve experienced all year. From a turbulent start I feel I have reached a place of calm. The waves of my feelings have gradually worn themselves away to a gentle flow. Standing in the water I snapped away. Sometimes I have been fortunate to get light anomalies, orbs, in my photos. Especially when my Guides want to remind me that I’m not alone. Sometimes I can see the orbs quite clearly with my human sight. Sometimes I rely on my clairvoyance. And sometimes I sense the energy but can’t ‘see’ it until I look at the pictures. Today I had a beautiful turquoise orb.

Objects on photos are often exlained as an aspect of the technology being used. Lens flares, flashes, shutter speed, angles and all sorts of other things. That’s interesting. But today I felt the presence of a Spirit and feel I caught it in my pictures. It reminded me to stay true to what I believe. In exactly the same way as I have all year.

Day 763 of my blogging challenge

Still, Calm, Tranquil: Marking The Peace Of The Season

Still lightToday has been an opportunity to be still. I’ve enjoyed a tranquil, peaceful day away from the world. For at least one day the hectic energy of the world has been calmed. A little bubble of serenity to hold onto.

Underneath the surface energy for the last couple of weeks there has been a band of still, calm energy. As we approach all these festivals to recognise the return of the Light we can focus on what is stiil, what is below the frantic activity. Today I took a few moments to tap into the stillness. I wanted to get underneath the waves of action energy that have been pounding us all. Pushing us to the fear that our celebrations will not be good enough. I remembered that during the night it rained very hard. A cleansing energy. Removing the old stresses. Releasing 2017 and all it brought to me. Linking me into that deeper, more peaceful band of energy.

Sitting quietly I found that tranquility. Being still I let it fill me up. As it did I knew that I wanted to magnify and resend all of that energy back into the world.  An extra Christmas gift to me and from me. Because the Light we all feel is the energy of unconditional love. The power that fills of us. I know we are all capable of receiving and sending that unconditional love onwards. In that wave I held in my thoughts Mother Earth, the animal kingdom and all human beings. The strength of our connections are amplified by the love we can all send. As I expected, I was also joined by my Guides and loved ones. Here with me to share that loving connection. And bringing their unconditional love to all of us too.

I hope that in your enjoyment of all of the Light festivals you have found those still, calm moments to recieve and share the love today. Sending you calm, peace and much love.

Day 762 of my blogging challenge 

Undisturbed: A Quiet, Reflective Day Away

UndisturbedI feel really fortunate to have been undisturbed today. It’s very quiet here. And my family are all occupied with their own things. So I could step out of the world to relax and reflect.

I’ve done quite a bit of thinking this year. Sometimes going backward and forward with myself because decisions have been required. Other times trying to second guess where my life was going. Almost to the point, at times, of exhaustion with thinking. As if I was driving myself around in circles. And finding it hard to stop the thoughts chasing around locked inside my head. I’m so grateful that I have my blog. It has helped me to release all the thoughts cluttering up my head space. I like to find an undisturbed corner and write about my day. That clears my mind so I can focus on the important choices I have to make.

Today I was thinking about my blogs. How much I appreciate a chance to say something about my intuitive world. To get things clear in my head. And often to find the answers to my questions. Because my Guides use my writing to explain things, prompt me or encourage me. They leave my free will undisturbed by using my writing to help me work things out. Unlike the popular belief that mediums like me do everything their Guides tell them to do. However, it really is all about my own choices. I have to work out what I feel is best for me. Then go ahead and do it. My time to reflect is also a very special chance to check that my choices are taking me where I want to go. And where I can best be of service.

Being undisturbed for even a short time is a real gift in this busy world. I hope you find some time to reflect on 2017 and then reaffirm your decisions for the next year.

Day 761 of my blogging challenge

Unusual Last Minute Gifts: Christmas Present

Unusual presentsThere are some lovely little shops where we are at the moment. This afternoon I got the chance to find some unusual last minute gifts. I love finding different Christmas presents.

That got me thinking about Charles Dickens again. It brought me into my Christmas Present. I love the opportunity to search out little gifts that are unexpected, unusual and fit the person. Then to see the reactions of my family when they open the gifts. I don’t spend a lot of money because it’s far more fun to buy something special within a budget. A challenge really. I like to feel that I have been creative too. So I enjoy wrapping each little gift as well as I can. Because I do feel that it’s the thought that counts. Remembering what each person likes but might not expect to get. The more unusual the better.

It also guarantees a surprise when the gift is open. And I love the excitement that happy surprises bring. That’s what is special about my Christmas Present. I get to spend time in positive energy with the people I care about. And our other family are a phone call away. One of the positives of our modern technology. So the next few days will also be full of contact with family and friends to send positive wishes out to them. And to recieve their wishes back. Unusual though it may seem I also like a little bit of time to myself over the Christmas break. Time to bring my loved ones in Spirit to mind. An opportunity to remember friends who have drifted out of my life. And a chance to count my blessings from the year just gone.

I love my Christmas Present. It’s a wonderful time to share the gift of love. I hope you get something unusual as part of your Christmas celebrations. And get to share the love of family and friends too.

Day 760 of my blogging challenge 

Decorating The Tree: Remembering Christmas Past

decorating the treeWe have been decorating a Christmas tree today. Getting ready for another celebration in this season of Light festivals. As I picked out the baubles it drew me back to Christmas past.

I love ‘A Christmas Carol’ by Charles Dickens with it’s themes of love, loss, redemption and community. Although it was written over one hundred and seventy years ago it’s still relevant today. And the name Scrooge has become a deeply ingrained name to represent the miser in all of us. The Victorians gifted us many of our current Christmas traditions, including decorating the tree, although they also echo many Pagan themes. I like this thread of continuity as we link back into earlier times. Charles Dickens also links his main character back to Christmas Past so that Scrooge can see where his life got out of step. The reflective moment I had when I was doing our tree.

I have been able to enjoy many great Christmas celebrations. My family and friends have featured in nearly all of them. I love that we have been able to gather and enjoy time together. Even in the times when that wasn’t always possible the phone and internet kept us close. My memories are precious. Because I know that love can be in short supply in the world. Yet I have never lacked love and kindness. But I do wonder about others in our global communuty who may look at Christmas Past with sad eyes. Decorating a tree when  loved ones are no longer there becomes a challenge. Loosing loved ones changed the shape of my life. And the shape of my Christmas celebrations. Yet I also know that my loved ones are still with me bringing the gift of their love.

Their love made sure my life didn’t get out of step. Mistakes yes, but never cutting myself off from recognising that kindness matters. Decorating my tree I realised that I have no regrets about my Christmas Past memories. They are happy, positive and filled with love. I’m looking forward to making more good memories this year too.

Day 759 of my blogging challenge