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If you have found your way to this site then you have been prompted to discover the intuitive world of  Annie Conboy. She is the down to earth channel of higher vibrational Energy Beings and the world of Spirit. An Intuitive Medium, Psychic and Mentor, Reiki Master/Teacher, Writer and Artist, Annie’s journey with Energy Beings has been a real adventure.

She has been working since 1998 to encourage everyone to discover their inner world, acknowledge their intuitive abilities and embrace personal growth. This work with her Guides is all about humanity’s Growth Into AscensionBased in Halifax, West Yorkshire, Annie offers a range of services for all. She is passionate about personal development and change. That is the work which led her to her own mediumship and her work with Spirit & Energy Beings. She believes that everyone has intuitive psychic senses. Although we are often unaware of them or our particular skills.

Annie has nearly 50 years of experience in working with Past Lives. It was with this subject, she says, that she first started to question her own scepticism about the Afterlife. Although a keen interest in Psychology kept her looking for rational explanations of her own experiences. It wasn’t until she began her training as a person-centred counsellor that she realised her unexplained experiences had to be taken more seriously. Finally, Annie found her way to a Spiritualist church. This is where she began to develop her intuitive abilities in a more disciplined way. The result is the evidence – based intuitive mediumship she demonstrates today & every day in her readings, workshops & events.

Writing and Teaching

rewriting preparationIn 2007 Annie’s Guides asked her to start teaching about mediumship and psychic abilities. Over the last 16 years she has worked with mediums, psychics and healers of all kinds. In a supportive space she assists people to uncover their natural intuitive abilities. Understanding the process of reopening hidden skills she encourages each person to connect more deeply with their Guides. Annie is happy to help students recover Past Life information, current life blockages and options for the future. Helping them gain confidence is a key aspect of her work. And helping them to step out into the work they need to be doing. Her motto is ‘Each One, Reach One, Teach One’.

In July 2015 Annie was invited to write an article each month for her local magazine. This started a new journey in sharing her view of life. Then in November 2015 she started writing a daily blog about the things that occurred in her intuitive life. Expecting to write for only thirty days Annie has now written one thousand and one daily blogs. Straight talking, realistic and uplifting, each one is a reflection on her experiences on her spiritual path. Her blogs have gathered such a wide following that in 2016 she decided to turn her experiences into a book. Her book, Down 2 Earth: My Intuitive World, is now available to purchase here or on Amazon.Now working on her second book – a ‘how to’ manual – Annie is excited to share the development processes she has explored with her many students.

Intuitive Art

Since 2009 Annie has been the channel for Energy Beings through her intuitive art. She explores art through the intuitive connections of people, place, space and the non-physical beings who surround us. Linking in with these energy flows creations emerge from the astral plane to bring higher energies into this material world. It’s a glimpse beyond the veil! Artworks and merchandise can be purchased from this site, Etsy or Redbubble. In 2023 Annie started working from her studio at The Old Library, High St, Kirkcudbright DG6 4JW.  She can often be found down on the beach or up in the hills seeking inspiration for her work.

Annie will be in her studio & open for visitors from 24th March – 3rd April between 11am-4pm. She is also running an intuitive art workshop for beginners on 23rd March 2024. You can find more details here or sign up by emailing The workshop costs £75 and includes all supplies & refreshments.

Annie also undertakes commissions of her work  For more details please email

Contact Annie

Annie loves meeting new people. You can connect with her as a friend on Facebook. Or follow her on there if you prefer. Or subscribe to her YouTube channel. Join her in an online class. Attend a workshop or have spiritual counselling or mentoring. Take a Reiki or  Parashiel’s Balm treatment.  She welcomes comments on her blogs because she loves debate of any kind. Get involved. Connect and share. Explore your own intuitive side. Because Annie believes we all benefit from discussion.

You can also find Annie on Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Pinterest. Providing daily inspiration, opinion and laughter she likes to reach out to everyone. As Annie says, sharing the healing and love with each person is a key aim of her work. Inspired by her Guides she responds to the ever changing energies of the world. Her latest work with them is Letters From The Light Side. Videos available on Annie’s YouTube channel give weekly support and suggestions from the Higher Side beings. Also available are her channelling videos from the Earth’s ArchAngels. Along with her classes and workshops these blogs and videos share the knowledge that we need right now.

Annie offers two types of reading – Mini (approx 30 mins) for £35 or Full (approx 50) mins for £50. All readings are recorded so that you can have your own copy of what has been said. To ask about or book a Private Spirit, Aura or Past Life reading or for more info about Annie’s workshops & events please email

12 thoughts on “Annie Conboy

  1. Im currently at a medium night with friends & its terrible!
    I have told my friends about a lady in Mythenroyd (?) I saw years ago. Is that you? If so do you do private readings?
    Many thanks

  2. Hi Krissy, I’m sorry you didn’t enjoy the event you were at. Yes, I was based in Mytholmroyd for a number of years. I’m now at the Down 2 Earth Psychic Centre, Suite 4, Burlees House, Hangingroyd Lane, Hebden Bridge HX7 7DD. I do my private readings from there & if you would like any more info please email or call 01422 846117. Warm regards, Annie

  3. Hello Annie,
    I’ve never been to a medium night, but I sure am enjoying reading through some of your posts, before I write about you.
    You have so much to offer, and I’ve been quite non-receptive. Now, that I am able to realize that looking inside your world.
    Thank you so much for sharing,

  4. Thank you Emma. I love my work and it’s wonderful to help people find out more about the intuitive side of life. There is so much we can use to help us. Thank you for stepping inside & taking a look ?

  5. I have recently completed a workshop exercise in writing with Annie. Id like to tell you, Annie that I have really enjoyed the challenges that you set us. The way we could choose to explore different styles…and yes time got in my I got many done, not all. Your reflective comments have been empowering for me. I appreciate the time and effort you have put in for us all. I wish you all the best in your continued work. Thank you.

  6. Thank you Julie for being a part of the challenge. It was great fun & I hope you feel inspired to carry on exploring your writing voice <3

  7. I went to see Annie she was amazing😊 I have seen a lot of mediums .but she ☑️Every box for me.thank you soooooo much will be seeing you again

  8. Hi Annie,
    Thanks very much for a great day yesterday, on the Past Lives Workshop. Very informative and practical, love your feedback and interpretations. Looking forward to bringing my son along to the next one.

  9. Hi Ann and thank you for your lovely comment. I’m glad you enjoyed the workshop and look forward to working with you and your son soon 😀

  10. Hi Annie,
    Want to thank you whole heartedly for the phone consultation back in June following a life changing traumatic event.

    I just knew I had to contact you as could channel the guidance and comfort required to help me find the way forward for myself and our two courageous daughters.
    Life is indeed lighter and brighter even though our loss is unemaginably painful.
    You were able to convey hope when all around felt lost.
    Thank you for sharing your gifts in helping others to continue on their life path and manage those early steps to healing.

  11. Hi Katy and thank you for your very kind words. I am glad that I could help in any way in the worst moments for you and your family. I know how hard it is to find hope in dark times. So if I could represent your loved ones in Spirit in any way at all I am privileged to have done so. Your strength will keep you moving past those moments and you will always have the support of all of those who love you – from both sided of life <3 <3

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