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Let’s Celebrate! My paperback book turns one year old this week. From 1st – 15th October I will be offering signed copies, with a personal message, plus an extra gift. A signed piece of channelled energy artwork – one of my Pocket Art range – to help you boost your vibration. Will it be an Archangel, an Elemental, a Guide, an Alien or a Dragon that connects with you?

For UK residents: To purchase a signed copy of Down 2 Earth: My Intuitive World for £13.99 plus packaging & postage please click here and follow the payment instructions. For Overseas residents: To purchase a signed copy of Down 2 Earth: My Intuitive World for £13.99 plus packaging & postage please click here and follow the payment instructions. You will get an email confirmation with details of when the  book will be posted out to you.

For the last three years Annie Conboy has been writing articles for her local magazine Valley Life. She is also published one thousand and one daily blogs. On Tuesday 3rd October 2017 Annie took another step forward in her writing career. She launched her first of what she hopes will be many books, Down 2 Earth: My Intuitive World. It’s all about Annie’s journey into mediumship. As the book’s cover explains:

 Meet Annie Conboy, an ordinary person who seems to be able to do extraordinary things. A down to Earth, straightforward woman who has worked as a counsellor for nearly twenty years. What happened to Annie to make her take a journey into mediumship. How did her psychic abilities surface? And what did she do when she realised she could talk to dead people?

Read her story and discover a warm hearted, intelligent and gifted woman surprised and challenged by the Spirit people who stepped into her life. Discover how she found her Guides and their connections to her. Find out how Annie used her abilities to connect people with their loved ones in Spirit, how she reluctantly fell into public appearances and why she started teaching others to open up to an Intuitive world.

There has been a flow of positive feedback for her work with a five star rating on Amazon for her paperback book.

“I love the way you write; there’s something measured and eloquent about the way it flows.” Shirley

“Brilliant I look forward to more reading Many thanks and Blessings” Carolann

“Love Love Love reading your work. Always inspiring, educational, compassionate and uplifting, Thank you Annie your a Treasure beyond measure.” Claire

Dear Annie , I have just finished reading your book and I loved every bit of it . For me ,I felt the honesty and love of your words and experiences and I’m really grateful for the personal inscription that you wrote . Massive congratulations to you and I’m looking forward to reading more of your books . Much love and gratitude x

Annie as you enter on this new journey shine the light brightly. It was refreshing to read excuse the pun a down to earth no frills honest and open account. The tickling the uncertainty the doubting and the acceptance. A truly enabling read with “ a you can do it too message” Jen

“I don’t know why it’s taken me such a long time to write this review. Probably because I keep re-reading the book. I’m new to all things spiritual and with so many books to choose from I wanted a more down to earth approach and something that resonated with me. I certainly got that from this wonderful book. It’s honest, insightful, informative and has encouraged me to keep going along my spiritual path. I highly recommend this book, it’s a gem. I just hope there are more to follow.” Amazon Review

This has encouraged Annie a great deal as she practised and refined her writing voice. Now her book is also available as an ebook & on Kindle.

Watch Annie read an extract from her book

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