Accounts: Being Accountable For My Choices

accountsIt’s always a balance running a spiritual business. My passion might be for my mediumship, teaching or sharing healing energy. But every now and then I have to come down to Earth and prepare my accounts. There is a financial bottom line to what I do. Sort of.

Prior to working for myself I worked in  a corporate world. Most things were tied to a financial bottom line. There was a great pressure to be accountable for under and over spend. Financial budgets and targets were the focus of most of the attention when measuring if something had been a success. I have to say there weren’t many freebies or give aways. Interestingly, this generated a great air of competition. The belief was that I had to compete for scarce resources. And I also had to be accountable for them by making sure they produced the greatest return for the investment. Year or project end accounts were the focus of very much time, effort and attention.

When I moved into working for myself I though for a while I had left all of that accounts work behind me. Until I started to recognise that I had to have some sort of focus on the bottom line. Otherwise I would end up going out of business fairly rapidly. Yet it felt uncomfortable. There was an implication that if I was helping someone – not apparently applying my abilities – then I had to give that assistance free. It took me a long time to work out that I was seeing my work as less valuable because it was coming from my spiritual beliefs. And my genuine desire to support anyone I could. Of course I also had to work my way through the assumptions people make about what I offer. It’s surprising how many people expect that I can give them what they want for free.

I find I have to account more for what I do than many other occupations would. So it’s not helpful to me when even I actually feel I should be doing things for free.

That’s another implication of being an energy worker, medium or therapy practitioner. I have a part of me that wants to rush around tending to everyone who might need a boost. That inner force, added to the external assumptions, held me back from assessing my abilities in a meaningful way until I started to recognise that I had a business to run. If I wanted extra training, to extend my services wider or to have an internet service I would have to have an income. My passion is my spiritual work so it was clear the spiritual work would have to be the source of my income. To account for my choice to focus on the spiritual work I also had to acknowledge that it was what I was good at.

Meaning that I eventually started to value my work better. Keeping an eye on the ways the money came in also let me make informed choices. My accounts showed me which of my services was most in demand. That gave me choices. I took control of what I invested my time and energy in so that people got what they wanted. I also found that by paying attention to my accounts I had the choice to do things for free anyway. The choice to charge or not was up to me. So my business has evolved into a balance. I balance what I gift with what I require a payment for. And I am the only one who chooses when I will offer something at a discount, for free or for full charge. Those decisions help me manage the competing demands on my time and energy.

Like any other business I review my accounts to help me make better decisions. It’s not all that different than the corporate world I used to work in. But my decisions can also flow with my spiritual principles. Cash flow, profit, competition with other suppliers can be set aside. The bottom line has shifted. I do run my business to cover my life expenses and so that it pays it’s way. And I also run my business to give as much as I can. I’m delighted to say that somehow this year it has all balanced out again.

Day 886 of my blogging challenge

Wear Away The Rocks: The Action Of Water

Rock wear and tearThis weekend on the beach I wandered through and over the rocks. My feet crunched through thousands of shells washed up by the waves. I was fascinated by the shapes of the rocks. How the action of the sea could wear away some and not other parts of the rocks.

Each range of rocks spoke of the endless wash of the water. Eroding away the layers contained in the rocks to leave lines, strata, patterns all along the beach. For me water connects with emotions. Feelings flow in waves and tides throughout my life. And my feelings can wear away, and have worn away, parts of me. My personality has been altered, I have been changed, by the tides of my emotions. How I view myself and my life is affected by seeing my experiences through the lense of what I have felt. The formations of the rocks made me think about my own patterns and ridges. Which parts of me have been sharpened or refined or stayed strong? And which parts of me have been slowly but surely crumbling away?

I also wondered if what is left is balanced somehow? Do I wear well? Or have I become worn out? I was impressed by the endurance of the rocks. They are submerged and then revealed once again. They rise and fall through the water but always retain an overall shape. It’s as if they resist for as long as they can but still have to accept the action of the water that wears them away. Because that is what is happening. The smaller, loose falls of rocks show how the larger rocks will end up at some point in time. Walking on the sand I understood that underneath my feet there still remained rock and shell. No longer large and solid. More fluid and carried by the tides here and there across the bay. But still existing.

When the wear and tear of living has worn me down and I finally crumble into the flowing energy of water, or my feelings, the ‘me’ will still remain. A foundation that I can arise from once more. A base material that can be recombined eventually into a new form. Reassured by the presence of the rocks, shells, sand and water I turned for home. I am, and will always be, me. Spirit in a human body. Engaging in life. Because I know how to flow with my feelings.

Day 885 of my blogging challenge

Theories And Sacred Spaces: Reading The Energies

Theories of sacred spaceI’ve been back to visit Cairn Holy again today. The same man was sharing his theories about the purpose of the cairns with new visitors. In the distance the sea was glittering in the sunshine. Lambs and their mothers called to each other. All appeared the same. Except for the energy.

On my last visit the place was buzzing with energy. As I stepped into the first chamber of Cairn Holy 1 I felt the flood of energy washing over me. That day the cairn was drawing in Universal energy. When I stepped out I felt as if I had been flooded with Universal energy too. I felt a strong connection to this sacred place and space. I could feel the links going out to sea and into the mountain behind me. Like I was a crystal bead on a strand of Light. The energy hooked me into the place of the cairns. And showed me it’s sacred flow hidden under all the material world structures. Theories about intuitive energy have been forming in my head for a long time. On that day so many pieces of the puzzle clicked together.

Revisiting the site today I had non of that energy flow. It all seemed rather flat. Almost too quiet in one sense. But noisy in another. The gentleman had another fresh audience and was talking loudly and excitedly to them about his theories. I half listened. I heard them the last time. They are all grounded in logic. Measurement and repeatability feature heavily. The sacredness of the space seemed in a vital way to have eluded him. I thought about my ideas about intuitive energy. I’m curious about the contex of these sites for our ancestors. It seems a hard task to interpret these places becuase we continue to do so through the lens of our present day, rational minds. Standing by the stones I wondered about the intuitive way of experiencing energy.

Perhaps it’s time to tune in to the energy in an intuitive way so that we get a glimps of a different context for these places. Theories are fluid after all. Because when we discover more information the theories change. I’m adding in today’s energy data to my theory to see what else it can explain about sacred places and spaces. So, anyone for intuitive archeology perhaps?


Day 884 of my blogging challenge

Showers Of Rain To Clear Away Energy

ShowersI am back in one of my favourite places for the weekend. The beach is close by as are the magnificent mountains. The forrest is calling me to take a walk into the wild woods. Overhead the clouds have gathered with their blessing of showers. Walking across to view the tide going out the heavens opened.

In a strong wind I embraced the showers. The rain blew into my face. It was quite a downpour. But exactly what I needed to experience. Out in the aura of Mother Earth I was cleansed of all the energy that has been surfacing. Because it needs to be released before I can take the next step in my spiritual service. I’ve had a long journey working through what energy is mine and what isn’t. It’s been a challenge to strip away all of the ego stuff and face myself head on. I haven’t wanted to. Yet each morning as I step into the shower I know I am getting closer to the authentic me.

The me that understands the difference between being kind and being nice. Becoming the person who will approach everything armed with tough love and empathy. The rain showers reminded me that I have a duty to myself to be myself. It’s not about pleasing others. Although I hope they are pleased to esxperience the true me. Because I’m not worried if they are displeased. In the end, my service to myself and others can only be effective if I am who I am. That means being down to Earth, unafraid and ready to do whatever I can. I want to contribute as much as I can during my time on the planet. As always there will be things I don’t get to do. But I am willing to do as much as I possibly can.

Showers blow into and out of my life. In these showers there was also a rainbow. Hidden and only visible for a few moments. But enough to remind me that I have a rainbow of colours, abilities, energy inside of me too. Finding them and sharing them is my next task. To finally contribute more. The more. Until I have achieved that goal of giving (to myself and others) as much as I can. Can you see your own rainbow? Do you need to go out into the showers and look?

Day 883 of my blogging challenge

Alan Cox, Paramania Radio And Me – Good Friends

On the Alan Cox showI’ve had a hectic few hours this evening. After a couple of mentoring sessions it was time to do my Letters From The Light Side live video. Then it was time to get ready to talk to my good friend Alan Cox on his Paramania radio show.

Sometimes my working day is actually a working evening. But what a lovely way to work and to finish out my day. Channelling in the information from the Energy Beings is always uplifting. And it’s always delightful to chat with people who have become good friends. Alan and I, and his wife Ann, met a long time ago at a charity event. Then we met again at a crystal wholesalers. We all took that as a sign that Spirit had a purpose for us. And a good friendship got off to a great start with that Other World blessing. I have been a guest on his popular show, Understanding Spirit, a few times now and it always makes me smile. Or laugh a lot. We chat away as if there is no one else listening so that the time flies by.

Alan enjoys asking about spirit, spirituality and the paranormal. He has great guests. Even if I don’t agree with all of what they say. And I enjoy the open debate that Alan gently promotes. I believe we need more discussions and debate. It’s important to understand what we are all talking about when we say ghosts, spirits, grounded spirits and entities. We need to know about living in an energy world rather than a material world. And I believe we have to debate what the Afterlife is actually like. Not what we have been told. Or scared with. Because there is no avoiding going there. It’s the place where loved ones wait to be reunited with us. I really take Alan’s point about needing to understand spirit.

My final piece of work tonight is this blog. I explained to Alan that it is my way of putting my day into perspective. I also explained in my Letters broadcast that it’s my way of seeing the positive in my day. The Energy Beings who surround us and work for and with us wish us to get the best out of our lives. That’s why they put us in connection and friendship with good people. I am grateful I have had a wonderful day of being with my friends everywhere.

Day 882 of my blogging challenge

You can listen to this evening’s show here

Handbag For Success: Time For New Energy

handbagYesterday ended on a challenging note. I had to ask my lovely friends to send me a bit of healing energy. When I got up this morning I decided it was time for a complete energy change. Including changing my success handbag.

Thank goodness I was going to meet my friend at a large store. The urge to search out the perfect success handbag was with me. And I knew the Earth’s ArchAngels would be around me to show me exactly the right purchase. So after a good catch up we spent a little time browsing in the store. As luck would have it I found the perfect one. And some shoes to match. My vibration shifted upwards. Of course, I love retail therapy. But I also know that my success handbag is the new piece of equipment to keep me on track as I do the work the ArchAngels are sending me. That’s because I have used a success handbag for many years.

So what is a success handbag? In my mentoring I often encourage people to have a focus object. Something that will remind them that they can and will achieve what they want out of life. That object can be something small, like a crystal or key ring. It can be an item of clothing, like a scarf or hat. Or it can be something to carry around, like a bag or satchel. My first success object was a maroon satchel. I wore it out by carrying it with me all the time. Piling in everything I felt I needed to make sure I was successful. It was followed by a large black bag. Today I returned to a maroon handbag. After all, this year feels like being back at the beginning again. The time when everything is exciting and fresh. It’s one of ArchAngel Arsheliel’s colours. The action angel!

That’s why I need a new success handbag. It has to carry all that wonderful new energy out into the world with me.

So what do I keep in that bag? Pride of place, so it has to be a big bag, is my Passion Planner. I keep all my inspirations, notes and random thoughts in there. Along with my appointments and my progress. I also have my phone. I connect in so many ways over the phone. Calls, social media, websites. My phone is a small, very valuable way for me to reach out. Or to be reached. I have coloured pens. Different colours to prompt me to be creative. Even if I’m writing down an appointment. Or my To Do list. I have my car keys. There is a certain amount of travel involved in my work so my car is vital. Then there is the Tarot or Oracle deck or card that grabbed my attention that day or week.

I like to have reminders of the energy I want to create so there are also crystals stashed away in their little purse. I love picking them out and guessing what help will be coming my way. Of course there is my lovely pink purse. On it is written ‘You are in safe hands’. It reminds me that abundance is all around me and I will want for nothing. Sometimes I have my drawing pencils and a pad. Especially if I might be driving somewhere and I feel I might have time to stop and sketch. I often carry a copy of my book around with me. It’s lovely when people ask about it and I can show them a copy. There are always business cards too. In case anyone wants to be able to get in touch with me.

My success handbag has all of the things I need to remind me that my life is full of achievements. And positive energy. When I am carrying it I feel ten feet tall. I know I am out in the world doing things I am passionate about. And that those things help people. So, new handbag at the ready I’m ready to connect with new people.

Day 881 of my blogging challenge

Blah, Offline, Downtime: There Are Days Like This

blahIt’s been a blah day. I’ve been feeling slightly out of sorts. My intuition has been offline too. And my head is certainly ready for some downtime. I have been able to do what I’ve needed too. However, my head has felt like it was somewhere else. And my body has wanted to curl up and rest.

Feeling blah can be a bit of an issue when I have appointments booked. Do I cancel the catch up with friends? Or my Reiki treatment? Should I turn away the distressed lady who has questions about her loved ones that need answers? And what about getting the car MOT’d. It happened to be the last day of the previous MOT so not a lot of choice with that. As always, what I did was carry on with my commitments. My Guides have a way of organising things if I’m really not meant to be working. They also have a wonderful way of stepping in and making sure I have a lovely flow of positive healing energy with me all the time.

Because blah days always crop up. It’s no different for mediums or psychics than for anyone else. Although I might get a warning that I’m going offline or that it’s going to be a downtime day. I still have to take the time out when it happens. Or I have to do the things that are necessary. And that is where my Guides will help me out. But I also know all our Guides will help anyone out. All that is required is permission. I have to ask for the helpful energy because it’s a matter of free will. My Guides can’t act if I don’t want them to. Today I asked. As I do every blah day. In my head I call for help. Or shout if necessary. Then I step back and let them send me what I need. I also use my Reiki to self-heal too. That way I am taking positive action and so are my Guides. Together we work to get me through my day.

So now I’m writing my blog. The last action of my blah day. I hope to wake up a whole lot more connected, grounded and well tomorrow. Because one blah day is enough for me at the moment!

Day 880 of my blogging challenge

Painting Time: Letting Myself Get Creative

paintingIt’s been a while. Lots of changes have been going on for me. My painting has had to wait until I could get into my intuitive mind again. Finally today I got some time to work with my paint, brushes and canvas. And finish off some pieces I started last August.

I rediscovered my love for painting about nine years ago. Up until then, although I explored every museum and art gallery I came across, I lacked confidence in my own ability. It was only when my Guides encouraged me to take up psychic art that I found my feet again. And I had been off those creative feet for nearly all of my life. All due to the judgements of an art teacher at school. Yet when I stepped back into painting I felt like I had rediscovered a lost part of myself. It was joyful. Then stressful as I worked to remove the subconscious judgements I had taken on board. Then finally joyful once again. I tried all sorts of art. I even entered my work in a local competition and had some success.

Then, for most of last year, my creativity went into my book. Painting disappeared. Other things also got in the way. Changing my business around. Promoting my book. Starting the next book. With all of the nudges from my Guides that these were what I had to focus my energy on. Until a few weeks ago. I got out my paints and canvas. Placing them in a prominent position I kept walking past them thinking ‘I’ll start tomorrow’. It didn’t quite very mean that I started to paint. Until I arranged with a good friend, artist Kirsten Todd, to visit her. And take my work with me. In the company of such a good friend, and her daughter, I finally got some time to paint again. And I loved it. I’ve fallen back in love with painting once more.

I have completed some of the works I started a while back. Then there are those that still count as a ‘work in progress’. I am sure they will be done on another day soon. Because my passion for art is back too. It connects me directly to my intuition and feelings. The perfect connection for all of my other spiritual work. If you get a little time grab some paint and paper and take yourself off to a creative, intuitive space. You might surprise yourself.

Day 879 of my blogging challenge 

Newsletter Time: Inspiration Flying Out

newsletterAround this time every month I pull together a newsletter. Some months I have two to do as I enjoy sending out information and inspiration to my email people. Quite a bit of the content comes from channelling what the Energy beings say. And I love to see each newsletter flying out to be read.

My first newsletter is called Newsetter From The Light Side. It links in with the live broadcast I do on facebook every Thursday. The videos have been going for more than a year. To add to them my Guides asked me to start a monthly subscription email with content that doesn’t appear on line. Rather tentatively I started to do that in June 2017. I was uncertain how it would be received. But determined to trust my Guides who wanted me to get it going. I have to say that I have really come to enjoy doing the channelling. What comes in is always helpful to me. And, from the feedback, it has also been helpful to others.

That  inspired me to start another newsletter for my work as the Down 2 Earth Intuitive Medium & Psychic. It has some channelled information, news about what I am doing next and special offers on my books and artwork. It has been going out occasionally but today I decided that it would become a monthly newsletter too. I am looking forward to getting feedback on this one too because my Guides have asked me to offer people more support. Especially about all things intuitive. There is a big shift happening right now as people switch on their intuition. But access to good quality information is sometimes a bit lacking. My newsletter is all about pointing people in the right direction. That’s an exciting change for me.

I hope that these newsletters, like my blogs, will be of interest to many people. And I already know there will be a third newsletter in the near future for the people who use my mentoring services. It seems the way forward for me is more writing and channelling. That’s really exciting. I hope you will join me on this new journey.

Day 878 of my blogging challenge

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Storming Over: Now For Performing

stormingYippee! I’m back on track. Driving home thought the lightening and rain tonight my new Guide, Rafe, and I had a heart to heart chat. My evening of readings was great fun and I enjoyed meeting new people. That’s why I love my work. But last night I was storming. Rafe had stood back all day. Exactly when I expected him to step forward more.

The changeover from one Guide to another has always been a bit of a challenge to me. I’ve got used to the person I’m working with. We have ironed out the lumpy bits, sorted the rules and worked together smoothly. When I get a new Guide I know I’m going to go through a series of negotiations. First we have to meet and let the relationship form. Then we have to agree on what we have in common that will let us work together. Building up trust can be slow. Sometimes forming and norming are like a speed dating even. Decide to be together or not with only the briefest of introductions. That’s where it heads off into storming. Really testing one another. To see if it will actually work in practice.

Of course lots of first dates end up with ‘no thanks’, ‘never ever’ or ‘get me out of here’. With Guides it’s a bit more complicated. That expect me to keep trying for a while before I decide. So Rafe and I have been working together for a little while. Checking that the connection is good. Waiting while all the upgrade energy settles and my new ‘software’ starts running properly. Usually the storming part isn’t very big. I have a little rant about small things. And the new Guide reminds me I’ve agreed to serve on behalf of the Spirit World. Yesterday I finally blew up. There were too many little things all rolled into one. What I expected from Rafe didn’t happen. Because he doesn’t work that way with me. And it’s his job to get me to work differently too. No wonder I was cross.

After all, when I feel competent the work is easy. And I feel competent when I have been doing something the same way for a while. Now I have to shake up the way I do things. He’s right. For us to be performing the services that are coming our way I have to be different. So I have to have a different Guide. And go through feeling incompetent once again if only for a brief period. The storm has passed and I’m looking forward to our future relationship.

Day 877 of my blogging challenge