Enjoy Taking Time

imageSometimes I have to remind myself that it’s time to take time for me. It’s all too easy to have a list of ‘to do’ items that fill up your day. So we spend time organising ourselves with ‘time management’ as if slicing up the allotted time a different way will find us some more hours in the day. If you work for yourself it seems to be a common pitfall. Feeling like you have to do everything immediately because someone wants something now. Or saying yes to everything you are asked in case you disappoint a customer. Then you have to squeeze the rest of life’s routine tasks like eating & sleeping somewhere around all those yes promises. So how do I find time to enjoy myself if I’m always chasing time?

Thre is an old saying ‘If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well’. Whenever I heard those words I recognised that I was being encouraged to slow down, take my time and do something to the best of my ability. I’m certain I’ve forgotten that advice many times. Rushing to get everything done, or even just the ones that were a priority, I end up getting muddles, stressed or making errors. The pressure is on to do everything asked of us all the time so going back to that saying is one of the ways I make time I can enjoy. That might mean I focus on the things I like doing a bit more than those I don’t. It’s also about making sure I find things to do outside of my work & life tasks that I enjoy.

So today is a short blog. I have walked away from the piles of work on my desk, the emails still waiting for replies and the text messages. I’m going to enjoy reading a chapter of a book, enjoy eating a lovely piece of fish, enjoy my shower and then I’m going to enjoy going out for the evening. I’m even going to enjoy staying up late to see a show. That might be accompanied by a gin & tonis that I’m sure I will enjoy. I’m taking the time for me because without any breaks we wear ourselves out. We get exhausted. We start to believe that we aren’t worth time off or time for ourselves. And we loose sight of the joy in life.

Tomorrow I may be tired but I will also be refreshed. The boost of spending time on me, being in positive energy, will set me right for the week ahead. I’ll be able to get back into my working stride feeling like I matter to me. So whenever you feel the exhaustion of ‘I don’t matter’, when you feel like all you do is give, give, give to others, step out of your busy day and enjoy taking time for yourself.

Day 165 of my blogging challenge. 

Rainbow colours

CB017727Today has been all about colour. Even driving this evening there was a wonderful rainbow accompanying me as I drove along to a Reiki session. Colour also came into the channelled meditation I did for the group this afternoon . I love working with colour vibrations because I’m always reminded about the song by Cyndi Lauper. It’s  all about our true colours.

You with the sad eyes
Don’t be discouraged
Oh I realize
Its hard to take courage
In a world full of people
You can lose sight of it all
And the darkness inside you
Can make you feel so small
But I see your true colors
Shining through
I see your true colors
And that’s why I love you
So don’t be afraid to let them show
Your true colors
True colors are beautiful
Like a rainbow

Some days it’s very hard to recognise that you are a bright Spirit light here on planet for a good purpose. Everyday niggles, issues or challenges can dull even the most positive of us. It’s a lot easier to react with fear than to find a way through the day looking on the bright side. I guess that’s also a cue for another song, lol. Yet what the Guides brought in for us during today’s meditation was a little bit of space to recognise how they see us.

To the Spirit World we appear like flecks of light floating in a darker sea. Tiny specks of radiance and colour. At our heart we are pure white energy. That is our essence. We can transmit that pure white light to everyone and everything around us. That white light is a spectrum of different vibrational colours (what you see when light passes through a prism) all of which radiate particular emotional vibrations. So you can have the light pink of mother/father love, the red of passionate love or the deep magenta of love of service to humanity. There is also the midnight blue of dedication. The pale blue of calm, cool headedness. The vibrant orange of positivity. So many colours to radiate like a rainbow through you.

I love helping people ‘find’ their colours. Once we begin to sense all of the energy we radiate we realise that no matter what is appearing on the surface underneath we are connected to beautiful energy. We can share that energy with others. I often wear the colour orange because it is, to me, a brilliantly positive colour. I feel good in it & everyone comments on how bright I look. Another colour I wear a lot is blue, usually when I am teaching, because I work a lot with channelling wisdom from Energy Beings. Red comes in to play when I’m off to a church service and need some active energy to get a nice strong connection. I try to steer away from black as it’s a colour that often represents invisibility.

That’s interesting thing about colour. Each of us has a preference for certain colours. Whether we are aware of it or not the colours we wear, or put around us, are a reflection  what our true colours are as well as what we feel on any given day. Also, what one colour means to me might be something different for you. Some people associate red with anger not action. Others may associate red with gift giving and a lot of celebration decorations are red too. So do you know your true colours yet? If not take a look at your wardrobe. Pick out the clothes you love to wear the most or feel really good in. What colours are they? What does each colour make you feel?  Now you are starting to identify the energy vibration you radiate out. Are you a rainbow or a single colour? Perhaps there is an opportunity for you to try more colours and increase the amount of Light you offer to the world.

Day 164 of my blogging challenge.

Passion to Create

imageFinding my passion to create is one of the really special aspects of the journey I started ten years ago. I began to acknowledge that there was something more to this life than what could be experienced in a material way. Stepping fully into an exploration of my intuitive abilities opened so many new doors for me. It also gave me lots of experiences where I could be creative. And I gave myself permission to create and to enjoy doing so. Today was a day of more creativity.

My good friend Jan and I are getting ready to launch something new in June this year. It is the end of a strand of work that has kept up us creating for four years at least. We have regular catch ups to keep us on track so sitting together today we talked about the end of one phase being the beginning of another. That is what happens when you get creative. When you find your passion in an inspired activity you end up with lots of interesting projects, prototypes and seemingly endless work. As one step fades into another you move forward to the next challenge. The excitement of creating keeps you bouncing new ideas around. Out if this process you can end up with some wonderful products or services.

The passion to create returned again later in the day when I was doing some business mentoring. I tend to work without a structure. I don’t make formal plans as such. What I keep in mind for my business is all about my passion. I have always wanted to help people. Then I learned that it was important to wait until they had identified what help they needed for themselves. By creating the right circumstances I was able to help people work it out for themselves creatively. Then I could get on with providing some of what they decided they needed. In the same way when you decide to work for yourself you have to be prepared to follow your passion. Successful businesses are built by the owner who loves what they are doing, can ignore the ups and downs and can hold the vision of the eventual outcomes. If you are not passionate about what you are doing, in any walk of life, then your activity is without joy.

Joy is an important ingredient. We all recognise brilliant customer service when we get it because the person giving it does so with joy. We can recognise the absence of joy in anything when it really isn’t there. The energy vibration of loving the work you do is very strong. In a world that understood energy vibrations we would certainly want to have only those things that were filled with joy. Passion, the feeling of joy, in being creative can be about finding a solution to an issue, making a new product, writing a blog or painting your own pictures. My passion for creating has included all of those activities. So I’ve had a lot of joy from my business over the years.

If you decide that you want to run a spiritual business you have an even greater responsibility to follow your passion. The whole of my business life is about spirituality in action. I want to walk the walk not just talk the talk. Otherwise I will struggle to find joy because I’m not being my authentic self. Deciding what to create for my business vision, putting that into action and dealing with unexpected outcomes will be draining if there is no joy in what I do. Before you step into your own business it’s wise to make sure you understand what it is you want to create. What is the passion that drives you forward? Is it enough to keep you going through the challenging times? Write it down. Write it down again. Write it down for a third time. Are you still clear about what you want to create? Is there enough passion and power for you to launch your new project?

We are all creative beings – really good at finding new ways & ideas – with a passion for producing all sorts of ‘things’. Some of those things are concrete and some are more insubstantial. Recognising our creativity, making sure that we use it and doing what brings us joy, because we can, is the perfect ‘working life’ we deserve. How much joy does your work give you?

Day 163 of my blogging challenge. 

Flooded Lives – Four Months On

imageIf you have been reading my blog from my first day, way back in December when I started the 30 day challenge to prove to myself I could do it, you will have read about Boxing Day 2015. The town where I live & work was hit by some serious flooding bringing an abrupt end to our holiday enjoyment. It was followed by a big clean up which was a challenge whilst many of us were without power for more than three days. Today it’s four months on from flooded homes, businesses and places of worship. Oddly enough Mother Nature again showed us the power of an erratic climate. The sun shone brilliantly until about 2pm when snow took it’s place. Definitely a fire and ice day! That reminded me of Earth’s ArchAngel Rophea. She is the Angel who helps us balance extremes, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. So it seems only fitting that my day has been one of extremes. As I worked my way through it I wondered how different things have become as a result of a flooded life.

My home was flooded but the main floor escaped damage. The power was out for three and a half days and the house became rather cold & damp. Yet my Centre and studio were warm and dry. I flitted between them microwaving, boiling the kettle, keeping in touch with the world through the Internet. My aunty and I wrapped up warm, dug deep into our ‘nothing is going to beat us’ spirit and kept each other going with laughter. On the 27th December I managed to get access to the local Spiritualist church where I am a committee member. The water had been up to nearly four feet high in the main body of the church (the basement was completely under water). Flooded furniture was thrown around by the power of the water. Hardly anything had escaped. It was the most dismal sight. A place where people came together as a community in muddy, soggy disarray. Yet on the 28th of December amazing people turned up from all over to help clear and clean the church. In fact, the town was full of people volunteering to help turn a disaster into something positive.

On the 2nd of January I went back to open my Centre. We sat around rather shell  shocked by the state of the town. Lots of practical help was coming in but we knew that the financial and emotional impact of Boxing Day would take much longer to heal. Flooded out homes and shops mean people had lost their income as well as their possessions. They would need to divert their funds to necessities so paying for holistic treatments – even if much needed – would be low on the priority list. My lovely practitioner friends, also reeling from the catastrophe, happily offered to donate their services for free or at very low cost. We decided that we would offer our community as much healing and emotional support as we could. There was a plan! We could do it if we worked together.

On the evening of 20th January I was sitting once again in my Centre. I had hit my own personal wall. I’d had the depressing task of looking at the finances for the month. There was talk of a grant to help businesses and crowd funding. I really didn’t know if I had any energy left. Nothing seemed to be straightforward at all. Being flooded isn’t only about the actual water entering a place. It is the way it weaves itself into the fabric of the debates people have. Should I feel survivors guilt because I hadn’t had water in my business premises or did beening flooded at the church and home make me eligible to ask for financial help. Do I keep topping up the Centre from my other business if no one is going to be able to use it anyway? What about the other practitioners who would be displaced if I closed? Did I have any business left at all? It was a very gloomy, hard place to be in. I actually came home with the intention of closing down.

What helped me turn the gloom around was a conversation with my daughter. She asked me who else would look after the people who needed healing. And if the church wasn’t open where could she go to get her messages from her Grandma. I bless that conversation every time I get stuck. She reminded me of the focus I have had for the last ten years. I want to provide a space for people to have sanctuary. A place where the Spirit World can be acknowledged. Somewhere where healing can happen. I want to share that space with people who have been down to the bottom too and are slowly climbing back up into the sunlight. Otherwise what would be the point. The water might as well have taken me with it. Being flooded has been a test of my intentions.

So what about now? What about today? It started on a very positive note. I began clearing out the clutter. When the flood siren went I realised that everything important needed to be upstairs but there was so much that wasn’t really important. At the moment every room looks like an upside down mess because I didn’t quite get chance to tidy up after myself. That’s because I had to zoom off with my daughter for some joint counselling about a different kind of flood that happened to us seven years ago. Containing the emotional fall out of that time has been hard but now it’s finally safe to let it go. Going along for the support we talked about how people get helped. She really enjoys the massage that she gets at the Centre with Caroline. I really enjoy that the Centre is still there and offering such professional, caring and positive support.

This evening I went to the church AGM. It’s a small, friendly place with a great bunch of people who have been willing week in, week out to keep it going. We have had some wonderful evenings of mediumship with love, laughter and healing in every service. It takes a lot to repair a flooded place. We are still very much in the process of getting things together so it was special to see all my lovely friends once more able to visit. I have to say that not everyone can appreciate the dedication of the people who are trying their best to keep the church doors open. Perhaps you had to be there on the 28th of December to understand why it matters. Perhaps community is really only something you notice when the bad times pull everyone together. And perhaps empathy is a challenge when you really haven’t appreciated what it’s been like in our town for the last four months. I’ve certainly come across quite a few people who don’t get it at all including people who say they are there to help.

So what about four months on? I’m still here, balancing work, home, church and personal life. I’m stronger, more prepared to be emotional and very vocal about the work that still needs to be done. My home town needs a lot more TLC. There is some work to be done to get the people holding the purse strings to understand how short sighted they are being in missing the opportunities to help small businesses. People still need emotional support and will do for a long time yet. We will continue to do everything we can at the Centre to offer a listening ear. The church will still be a place of respite. I will get my home neat & tidy once again. Life will settle down again eventually. Our community will be stronger and more supportive. Being flooded is tragic but being a community who cares is a wonderful response. Best of all – the community will be celebrating Christmas again on 25th June to reward all of the volunteers who turned up to help. I can’t wait to see what Santa brings me for being good, lol.

Day 162 of my blogging challenge.

Energy Sensitivity

imageOne of the things I started to learn very early on in my development of my intuitive abilities was that it meant I could sense energy. Not just make a good guess at how people were feeling but that I could feel how people were feeling. This energy sensitivity got stronger as my clairsentience improved. It got so strong that I could ‘feel’ people’s pain, fear, love, sadness very clearly. I could also feel their physical aches and pains too. When I connected to Spirit people I could use the sensitivity to feel the illnesses, physical characteristics and features they had when alive. It was a shock to experience the heart attack one Spirit gentleman had passed with. The pain I ‘felt’ made me wonder if I was actually having a heart attack too. Learning to separate my physical and emotional feelings from other people and from Spirit people was a key part of understanding energy vibrations.

As my senstitivity to these vibrations grew I also noticed that I could pick up the energy of objects, other living things and the land itself. Psychometry – getting information about objects – is a psychic technique based on sensing the energy of something you are touching or holding. I got very good at psychometry by understanding that the energy of many people can be in layers around an object. The secret is to sort out the energy of the current owner from all the rest who might have handles the object. I once read a ring for someone who couldn’t understand any of the info I was giving her. It turned out the ring was second hand so who knows whose memories I was connecting to. That taught me to always consider the info I get very carefully before passing it on. And to focus better on the info I was going looking for.

Eventually I also started to tune in to the energy around us and to the land itself. Mother Earth has a conciousness and an energy vibration. We are all a part of the energy flow. So it is possible to ‘feel’ the feelings of our planet. Standing with our feet on the ground we have a direct connection with the Earth’s energy if we choose to pay attention to it. As this aspect of energy sensitivity opened up for me I found that I could be involved in directing that energy from point to point around the planet. Mostly the energy being transferred is for healing purposes though sometime it’s also necessary to balance the Earth’s chakras and aura energy. What is also apparent when you work with Earth healing is that the flow of energy is also connected to the wider solar system and the Universe. We are all receiving blasts of energy from a Universal source too.

The planet and everyone on it is regularly bathed in the incoming energy. If we tune in, or if we happen to have been open & sensitive all of our lives, then we will respond to these regular blasts of energy more strongly than people who are still zoned out. There are cycles to the energy blasts. They tend to build up, peak and then die back. At each pass of energy we react by surfacing stuck energy, releasing fears and increasing our overall energy vibration. This is the same for everyone whether you can sense it or not. Symptoms of a positive energy wave tend to be heightened awareness, a general increase in noticing how others are feeling, feeling the need to release stuck emotions, tiredness, poor or restless sleep, exhaustion, stronger intuition and a feeling of just knowing. The waves of energy are designed to bring about healing so towards the peak of the wave people can be more irritable, angry, fearful or gloomy. As the emotions are released the wave fades out leaving a drained feeling but also an underlying positive energy feeling. New ideas, choices and options emerge out of the release of stuck energy.

Another wave is currently with us. It’s a strong one that will peak on 26th April around 23.23 GMT. It is surfacing anger based on injustice, fear of lack and judgemental attitudes. If you are already energy sensitive be kind to yourself when these feelings surface in you & the people around you. Don’t develop an over sensitivity. I always tell myself it’s a phase everyone is going through. I also try to focus on letting the feelings go as easily as possible. As the energy fades over the next five days remind yourself that you are a valuable Spirit in a human body doing the best you can to experience life positively. Be gentle with yourself when around other people who are also getting the same blast. Let them get on with clearing their stuff whatever way they can and don’t take anything personally. We are in a waking up phase. There will be lots more energy waves this year to get us aligned with living the life that is positive and joyful for us. To do that we have to be self aware and prepared to heal ourselves.

Ride each wave as if you were the best surfer in the world, not afraid of being dunked in the water now and again, always ready to climb back on your surfboard to meet the next big rush of energy. And remember, sensitivity to energy can be a powerful way to improve your life.

Day 161 of my blogging challenge.

Healing the Family Vibe

imageOne of the things I love to do is a family Reiki session. Everyone gets an individual mini blast of Universal energy whilst the whole family are sitting in the same energy too. Doing Reiki in groups is a wonderful way to share. It promotes everyone’s self healing. And the combined energy from everyone is shared by all. I find working with families also promotes interesting conversations amongst the participants. Anything that has happened to the family unit can be experienced very differently by the individuals in that family. The chance to comment on what they are experiencing from the Reiki tends to start a freer discussion about the stresses the family is currently under.

Members of a family usually assume different roles – the caregiver, the breadwinner, the emotional supporter, the peacemaker, the challenger, the rule maker etc. Sometimes the roles are played by only one or two people, sometimes they are interchangeable and sometimes the role becomes stuck with one or another person. It’s the group way of navigating life events so communication between the different ‘roles’ often follows familiar patterns. So when the family comes under stress each individual responds in their expected ‘role’ to the events as they unfold. They communicate following the script already given for that role. Sometimes that script is unable to meet the needs of the events the family are experiencing, especially if there is significant change involved, so the stress & strain increases. Significant life events can be so stressful that the fabric of the family is so damaged that it can’t continue as a single cohesive unit.

I feel this is when family Reiki can really help. Reiki healing energy is not dependent on any particular belief system. It doesn’t require any particular rituals or practices. It can be passed on with a minimum of fuss and it will always find the energy vibration that needs to be healed. During sessions with families I explain what the energy is doing and ask the participants to tell me if they sense anything. What I have observed is that as each person describes the tingles, tickles, heat, cold, colours etc they may be experiencing the rest of the family is chipping in with comments, support and validation of those. I can pick up on the words the individuals are using and often repeat back what they have said so the discussion moves into comparing the Reiki experience. Giving voice to how each person is feeling in the Reiki session tends to get a more general exchange of conversation going. It’s lovely to see the Reiki working on healing the family communication too as often there are breakthroughs in understanding. I feel this is because the topic of Reiki itself is a safe subject to the family, within which the discussion of feelings arises naturally.

Best of all is the way in which the family vibe can shift in the space of one session. As families we spend time with one another, mostly caught up in day to day living, trying to make sure that we make the best of our lives together as a group. Yet when we are under strain we often deal with getting help as individuals. In a sense that suggests that the rest of the family can manage without support. Or have to manage without support. It’s a bit like saying the broken leg can have a plaster cast but the other leg, that has to take more weight for a time, isn’t worth extra support too. Unless we accept the need for a walking stick or crutches. And then the hands and arms might be taking the extra strain so what about their support? When I give family Reiki it is amazing how supported everyone feels. Families leave my Centre with much more positive energy than when they came in. They come back and tell me of the ways in which they are coping better with the ups & downs of life. They have a second, third or more sessions.

I’m a supporter of holistic therapies. Science may not have recognised the reality of energy work yet but I go by what I experience and observe. Treating the whole family unit is also holistic. It is recognising that ‘no man is an island, and no man stands alone’.  We are creatures of community and connection. So I believe in working with the whole family, helping it to heal and grow stronger. Shared experiences can bring us closer together. Participating in the healing of the people you love the most, and healing yourself too, is a wonderful way to affirm your love. Next time the winds of change whip up a tornado around you and your family why not consider a family Reiki session to heal the dis-ease?

Day 160 of my blogging challenge. 

The Wonder of Words

imageTonight I’ve been enjoying watching a programme on TV celebrating the 400th anniversary of the death of William Shakespeare. It’s fascinating to think of his legacy. His plays & poetry have been integrated into our language so deeply than many of our modern saying come from his works. There is still much debate about his life. Even discussions about who actually wrote some of the pieces that bear his name. History is like that. Unless there is something significant about our life or our achievements we are eventually forgotten – even by our descendants. I know many of us would have to work really hard to go back in our family tree much more than a couple of generations. So it is a wonder that his works have survived and gifted us such a rich addition to our language.

I also wonder what he would make of our world if he could move forward 400 years in time. I suspect he would recognise quite a lot. We are still engaged in the drama of life. Our emotions, desires and plots still entangle us in a web of deception. We are still wearing masks and therefore lying to ourselves & others about who we really are. Love still makes us foolish and we certainly struggle to be merciful. Many of us still demand our ‘pound of flesh’. Our basic human nature still drives us forward in search of connection, love and security. Perhaps he would wonder why we were still chasing shadows, power and enrichment. He was an acute observer of life in all it’s stages so perhaps he would also recognise that his words had inspired generations. The pictures he painted so long ago with his words still encourage us to look deeply into our human psyche in an effort to understand what feelings & thoughts drive us.

As I watched the actors in the show I also wondered about the Past Life workshop I ran today. One of the ways I describe past, present and future lives is to talk about all of us being a theatre company. We work together to deliver a play, whether a drama, comedy or tragedy, so that we can take turns at all the parts on and off stage. When we have finished that performance we discuss how it went, make changes or take on new roles and then do another performance. As people wrote down their past life info I watched the descriptive words flow out of their minds and on to the page. Words are a way of sharing an experience to others. They can say so much. Words can bring out the fine detail of what has been experienced just by which ones we choose to use. It’s like saying that I am having difficulties. That gives the suggestion that what I’m dealing with is hard to do. Yet if I say I am dealing with challenges the energy of that word sounds much more positive because challenges can be overcome.

That is also the wonder of the words that come from the Spirit World. I know that they choose what they say very carefully. They want the energy vibration of messages to be encouraging, positive and full of hope. We are still some way from being able to read each others energy vibration easily so words still have to be a major way of communicating with and between us. Like a carefully crafted script the information we are given is put together in such a way that we are gently nudged to consider choices that lead us to happier, more balanced lives. Of course we don’t have to hear and understand the words of the message. We can always choose to ignore the words. Or remove the positive energy by wondering why the message wasn’t about something else we wanted to hear about. Or even say the ‘actor’ who delivered the words made a mess of it.

When Spirit give me information I like to take time to wonder about what they have said, what they haven’t said (which can sometimes be even more important) and what options their words have given me. I know they want to coach me to ‘act’ better in this play than I have done before in other performances. I know they also appreciate a lovely quote by Sean O’Casey – “All the world’s a stage and most of us are desperately unrehearsed.” Understanding past lives, recognising the wonder of words and encouraging yourself to practice more can make a big difference to the rest of this performance and the many, many future performances we will no doubt share together. I hope next time round I can rember my part a lot sooner!

Day 159 of my blogging challenge. 

Seven generations forward

imageOne of the many things I’ve studied in my search for spiritual understanding is Native American philosophy. One of the discussions I had yesterday remained in my mind today as I was watching a news report about the referendum on whether the UK should leave the European Union. My questions about the referendum issues collided in my mind with a long held principle of the Native American peoples. This is the idea than any decisions are considered to affect the community not only today but for seven generations. Ideas, plans and changes are discussed with a view to the impact they will have in about 175 years time. I wonder how many times we think that far ahead when we are making changes to our lives? I’m sure that most of the world governments have a much shorter timescale. And the political parties around the world seem only to focus on policies and decisions affecting their time in government.

I’m not writing about politics though. When I really started to travel my spiritual path it often left me feeling frustrated and irritated that change seemed to take such a long time. I really wanted to have a world that was so much better in many ways. That frustration sharpened quite a lot when my daughter was born. There is a genuine question to ask about bringing a baby on to the planet as it is now. What will that child, teenager, adult experience in their life? How will their world look to them? More especially, what could I do to manifest a better world if I did have a child?  There is always the option to remain childless but if we all do that eventually the human race dies out. So when do we start thinking beyond the next generation (if we ever actually do) and get ourselves into the mindset of seven generations?

There is also another issue alongside the 175 year perspective. We tend to look only at our own backyard. If nothing bad is happening to us or the people we care about we rarely look over the fence to see what is happening for others. We work very hard to keep the outside world from affecting our own backyard. This is another ‘short term view’ pitfall. We can’t keep the world out of our lives forever. At some point we have to interact with other members of our community whatever we feel or think about them. And we are rapidly becoming one big global community.

We live in a beautiful planet where there is an abundance of everything we need. Short term decisions, a lack of appreciation of the seven generations and an inability to arrive at consensus had split humanity into warring groups. It’s time to reconsider what indigenous peoples have known all along. When you send out you wish list for your cosmic orders, when you use the energy of manifesting, perhaps it’s time to start asking for the ideas, options and opportunities that will ensure the children seven generations forward can wake every morning to abundance, peace and joy. You are the one who can make it so. You are the guardian of their inheritance. The children of the future (our great, great, great, great, great, great grandchildren) deserve the best we can imagine for them.

Day 158 of my blogging challenge.

For a clear & well written article about the Seven Generations philosophy please see this article by Glenn Morris.

Questions, questions, questions

imageThe theme for today seems to have been questions. There is a line in a Johnny Nash song ‘there are more questions than answers, but the more I find out the less I know’ that fits with what has been happening. I have always been someone who asked a lot of questions. Not to be difficult or challenging. I’ve always wanted to know stuff. Like what makes people tick. Like why do we stress differences rather than similarities. Or why we have to be here in the first place. And did the dinosaurs really exist. Each time I ask what about this, why that and how does it work I also have a question floating in the background. One of my biggest questions has always been ‘who says so?’ I’m not very good at accepting some of the half answers either. ‘Because’ doesn’t work for me. Nor does ‘everybody does it this way’. Or ‘that’s the way it always is’.

It’s really wonderful that part of my spiritual path seems to be encouraging others to ask questions too. When I do mediumship and the evedidence is coming in I love that people wonder ‘how did she do that’. When Guides step in close (because they want to prompt someone to understand how to manifest a better world) I enjoy asking the questions that get someone thinking of positive ways to do that. When an energy imbalance has created dis-ease for someone I am grateful that I can ask the questions that might point them in a new direction so that they can regain balance. And if someone has returned to the Spirit World it’s my priveledge to help their loved ones get answers to questions like ‘has all the pain gone’, ‘are they safe & ok’ and ‘will I see them again’. Asking questions can bring so much positive energy for all of us.

Yet perhaps the biggest challenge is also learning when not to ask questions. Again, as the song says, the more I find out the less I know. Some things have to be experienced, lived through, to be understood. It’s the actual experience that provides answers (& probably lots more questions) so too many questions might get in the way of letting the situation unfold. In a way this brings us right back to doubt, fear and comfort zones. When we are developing intuition & mediumship it’s easy to want to know everything all in one go so we can get connected. Going for a reading or getting a message from Spirit we are also tempted to want specific answers because we have certain questions that help us to believe our loved ones are there. We also use questions as a way of getting the answer we really want to hear so we feel reassured to follow a course of action we wanted to do all along. In the end we might find we know way less than we hoped and still have a long list of questions holding us back from taking action.

My Guides have always said only ask a question when you are ready to hear the answer and act on it. I have found this to be a better way of questioning myself, my life and my spiritual path. It has enabled me to step outside of questioning everything I do. Yet I still have the freedom to question as much as I like if I want to. Today as I reflected on the questions people asked me I saw that what I was giving back were not hard & fast, solid answers. They were promts to encourage more questions, more action, more reflection in others. How lovely to share in being open minded, having the freedom to ask & answer and to arrive at a different point from which to view the experiences that life brings us. As the song says ‘what is life, how do we live, what should we take and how much should we give.’ I guess I will spend my lifetime looking for the answers.

Day 157 of my blogging challenge.

Outside the comfort zone

imageLast night I had to move outside my comfort zone. Only yesterday morning I was talking to a wonderful group of visionary women about the nudges I keep getting from my Guides. They want me to make videos to help people find out more about connecting to the Spirit World. They also want me to get involved in radio & podcasting. To make the point sink in I ended up with a dodgy broadband connect so I couldn’t access this blog page as I usually do. In the end I had four attempts at recording a video, so more practice than I expected!

Today I went off to do something I enjoy doing. I was at Blackpool Spiritualists Church doing the service. It’s very much in my comfort zone now. So comfortable that I could take my shoes off because it was part of a message. Immediately before I started I suddenly thought about how scared I used to be of standing up to give messages. In fact I told people at my first development group that I would never get up on a platform to give messages. So Spirit have helped me move a long way out of that particular comfort zone. Now they want me to move out of other comfort zones. And I’m going to have to make myself uncomfortable to do so.

That is where the resistance usually kicks in. Making a change to any pattern involves stepping into a whole load of doubt, reluctance and fear. If I can’t ‘see’ how things are going to turn out, how I’m going to be when the changes have been made it’s almost easier to try to stick with things staying the way they are. Yet staying the same rules out discovering the new. So it turns out that I am good at connecting with the Spirit World, getting the evidence they want to give and passing on messages. If I had carried on resisting their requests for me to try giving messages in public an opportunity for me to discover a skill and a new passion would have been missed. I suspect it would have come around again but less people would have been connected to their loved ones because I was scared or doubtful. I now wonder how many times they tried to get me out of that particular comfort zone and my reluctance won.

I have several other comfort zones to expand and grow through yet. I have a distinct advantage this time though. I am aware that I resist out of doubt & fear. I also have Guides helping me when I take my first, second and third wobbly steps over the existing line. There is great support available to me from some wonderful people in my life who encourage me to go for it. And I also know that the dithering will always end up with me taking that first step. You see, I also know that I love to grow. It may be painful, challenging or hard work but I enjoy finding a new bit of me – a skill or talent, a mindset or attitude – something that will widen my horizons. Growth is also fun, inspiring, energising and exciting. It’s why we are here. In fact I called my business Growth Into Awareness because I wanted to remind myself that a comfort zone becomes something of a prison if I refuse to let myself change & develop.

Starting right now I’m working on moving outside another comfort zone – more of this in future blogs. Let’s see how far I can move myself this time. If you are finding the pressure of change is inside of you it’s time to recognise your comfort zone has got too small. You have undiscovered & unacknowledge talents and skills. Push yourself a little. Step out one, then two, then more steps. Explore. Rediscover the excitement of the new space in your life. Step lightly through the changes you are making to become more ‘you’. Doubt, fear and uncertainty will be part of your journey. Make then useful by stepping further into those feelings. Turn them into a positive force for change rather than a big brick wall to contain you. You are a unique human being with much more to offer than you recognise yet. Enjoy your journey of discovery!

Day 156 of my blogging challenge.