Catching Light Bulb Moments

Inspiration is catching. Like a virus it can spread from person to person. Chatting with people today was an exercise in all of us grabbing the light bulb ideas that suddenly seemed to surface in the conversations.

Right now there is a surge in inspiration. Waves and waves of new ideas are washing over us because we have stepped into a new cycle of energy. Options and solutions that were floating around in my sub conscious mind are freeing themselves to bubble up to the surface. My ideas are riding this wave of new energy. If I pay attention then right now I can find a new direction, new ways of doing things and new adventures. But best of all, as I talk to other people so can they. I love sharing these light bulb moments. Between us we can collaborate in catching all of them. And can help each other record them so they aren’t forgotten.

I think that’s the hard bit really. In a conversation catching hold of all the discussion means I have to be an active listener. If I give all of my attention to what the other person is saying perhaps my light bulb moment will disappear. Yet if we are both actively listening then both of us can do the catching. That was my experience today. Some really helpful, thought provoking discussions. Plus several new light bulbs switching on. Each time I asked for a pause. I grabbed my diary so I could make a note. Then the conversation moved on again. It was really fun. Especially as the number of light bulb ideas ended up about equal for each of us.

I also recognised the importance of my creative mind too. The intuitive bit that throws me answers when I’m stuck. Or encourages me to step out of my usual habits. So that I end up looking at new things with an open mind. So much has come out of three conversations today. I can’t wait for tomorrow. It’s the chance to turn on another light bulb! 

Day 463 of my blogging challenge.

Intuitive Energy Awareness

One of the themes today has been about our awareness of our own intuitive energy. Helping people to connected with their intuitive senses is a big part of my life.

I guess that’s because it took me most of my life to even begin to explore outside of my Ego mind. So realising that I had an Intuitive mind that processed information too, just not the kind I’d been used to, meant a big jump in my awareness of who I was. Finding that I actually had intuitive psychic senses that collected the information was a bit of a game changer too. I wanted to know why I hadn’t been told about my natural senses. And why I was left to figure it out for myself. Remember, this was the time before I’d got a clear connection to my Guides. So everything was extremely hazy. I admit I felt a bit lost with it all.

As I struggled to understand and make sense of this new stream of information I also had to think about how it was happening. That’s when I started to learn about me properly. Of course I am a physical being. I can touch, sense and interact with my body. Accepting that I have an aura, layers of energy vibrating at different rates, I can expand my ‘self’ to take in a lot more layers. Then I have to add in an Ego mind plus an Intuitive mind. That’s a lot of awareness to take on board. Putting them all together I can see that there is a lot involved in being me. Because next I have to add in the presence of my Spirit somewhere in this energy cocktail. Phew! Is that all of it?

Once again I had to expand my awareness. My whole system runs on energy. I am a flow of vibrations with a solid middle. Particle or wave?

And what about all that energy. What is it doing? The middle bit is sort of stuck. Vibrating so slowly that I see myself as solid. Then I’m a particle. But the other layers of my Russian doll are vibrating much faster. They connect with the Russian doll layers of Energy being given out by other people. That’s how I get intuitive information about them. So I’m a wave. Connecting with other waves. Creating energy as we crash or splash together. Their waves disrupt my flow. And my waves disrupt their flow. My Intuitive mind is processing the wave information. It’s telling me a different story than the one my physical senses are listening too. That’s why I know when someone’s surface is different from their inner energy.

An awareness of the wave or particle nature of my existence has helped me to embrace my intuitive senses. I enjoy having access to two sorts of information about the world. If I can’t make sense of something one way I can always look at it from the other direction. In fact I’ve learned that my Intuitive mind is much more trustworthy. What it tells me is usually spot on. My Ego mind might be fooled  but my intuition never is.  So the journey into an awareness of my intuitive abilities has brought me a much greater understanding of who I am and the reality I live in. I hope you can make the time to explore your intuitive side ?

Day 462 of my blogging challenge. 

Random Connections?

Some days stand out because something just feels right. Connections flow. Everything makes sense. There are no loose ends left over.

I love making all sorts of connections. To people. To Energy Beings. And to all sorts of intuitions and inspirations. Although I was focused on some admin tasks, not my favourite thing, all the bits and pieces got done. Easily and without much fuss from me. The Intuitive Energy group at lunchtime brought out the best of energies. So that ideas connected with real experiences. People found their ‘ah ha’ moments. Understanding expanded. It was wonderful to watch people making connections for themselves. I love that part of my job. Because I know it means much more when I make a discovery for myself than when I’m told that’s how it is.

Doing some readings later in the day I also felt the power of making connections. What I’m told to pass on in messages may seem to me like random information. But time after time the person getting the message understands it completely. I’ve learned to trust this seemingly random information. Even to recognise when someone has found their way to me in a manner they think is random. Because the Spirit World and Energy Beings bring me into contact with exactly who I need to connect with. The people I need to meet. Usually because I can make a connection for them. Or I can help them to make the connections they need.

Moving from connection to connection I am challenged to explore why this person, experience or piece of information. Connections are there to help us grow and evolve.

I can learn so much about myself and others when I pay attention to the connection between us. I know that I can also connect the people I meet up with one another too. We all need to be able to share with like minded people. I’ve been helped so much in my spiritual development by the support of others. So it’s really special to flow through a day where one good connection follows another. I smiled this evening when I got home. Nothing about my day has really been random. It unfolded in the way it was meant to. So I got to meet some new human and Spirit people. And to make connections for them. Connecting together is what it’s all really about.

Day 461 of my blogging challenge. 

Mine? Yours? Ours? Theirs? No-ones?

There was a strange moment today. A memory of mine brought to the surface by an overheard comment. ‘They’re coming over here and taking our jobs. I’m paying mine to support them.’

The comment was said with forceful energy. Aggressive energy. I felt uncomfortable to be around that statement. I wondered if I should challenge it. Then I was suddenly back in time more than 50 years. As a child I lived in an ordinary terraced house. In a mill town. In a respectable but poor area. There was great excitement in my street one day as the landlord had let the house next door to some Pakistani men. They were going to be working in the mills. It seemed there were quite a lot of them in the house. Many more than in mine. There was also a strange smell at dinner time. It was my first exposure to what a curry was. The men seemed to come and go at all times. But very quietly. Respectfully.

My Mum and Dad certainly weren’t disturbed by our new neighbours. And neither were we children.The street was very much like any street. Although the men kept themselves to themselves – English not being their first language – they smiled and nodded to everyone. Time passed and so did the nine day wonder of the new neighbours. It was only later, after a few years, that I started to hear people being unpleasant about our neighbours. Apparently they had come to take our jobs. Or to get our benefits if they didn’t have jobs. Worst of all, it seemed, they were sending all of their money ‘back home’ to their families. Who might also want to come here and take our jobs. It seemed that some sort of backlash had been building. Our town started to become divided along racial lines.

That’s when I really started to notice possesive pronouns. Mine. Yours. Ours. Theirs. Suddenly people were laying claim to an insubstantial idea as if it was a possession.

After all, I reasoned in my young head, a job has no ownership. It only belongs to someone for the time that they are occupying it. A land is the same. The British found that out about the Empire. Perhaps it was because my Dad came from another country too. When he met my Mum he decided he wanted to stay here, got himself into work and built a family life. He did jobs for very little pay. Hard jobs that other people hadn’t wanted. Dirty jobs that exhausted him. All to provide for his wife and family. I saw that. I didn’t exactly understand it. But I knew part of what he earned was mine. Because I ate the food and wore the clothes he had provided. How was my Dad any different from these neighbours?

‘It took me quite a while to understand that people use mine, yours, ours and theirs as a way to divide humanity. To give an entitlement to something. Whether earned or not. Or deserved or not. The one who shouts the loudest, or has the biggest weapons, can grab whatever they like. It’s socially acceptable. Think about the way women have been bartered and traded for thousands of years. So it’s easy to see that if you think something is yours you will be very unhappy when someone else says ‘no, it’s mine’. You might even want to fight about it. Especially if you think you have been the one to pay for that ‘thing’.

Back to the present day. In all these years the issue of mine, yours, ours, theirs has never gone away. Underneath the surface there is simmering belief in ownership. Of things that can’t actually be owned..

We even have patents to protect the ownership of ideas. I understand that patents place restrictions on what can be done with ideas. Yet why would we want to hold back the development of good ideas by saying only one person can profit from them? Back to the comment I overheard. Instead of understanding that those who can pay more in society can help the vulnerable until they no longer require that help the speaker applied the logic of mine and ours. In effect the person was saying you can’t earn to provide for yourself. Nor can you get help from me. I won’t let you pay your own way through employment. I walked away trying to find a lighter side to what I’d heard.

In my mind I started to run the scene from the Life of Brian where they discuss what the Romans did for us. It made me smile. A lot. Then feel somewhat disappointed. The person who made the comment probably went out for a curry now and again. Or relied on an NHS were talented immigrants and their children and grandchildren were involved in all aspects of medical care. Right down to the cleaners, porters and admin clerks. Or visited the local supermarket which is open on popular religious holidays due to people here who take different religious holidays. Perhaps the speaker was a prudent person who saved up to help buy a house or two for children and grandchildren in order to contribute to the local economy.

Who knows what the waves of immigrants have given to this land. Or any other for that matter.

I know that family members of mine put their life into being part of the local community. That was the only things they ‘owned’ in any real sense. And they couldn’t take anything material with them when they died. It’s time to stop fighting over these pronouns. I rather wish I had challenged what was being said in a public place for all to hear. Even if it meant driving the conversation underground again? Because that is what has happened so often. The challenge to this divisive language has only ended up with hidden hate. When I think about it now perhaps it’s better to hear it and know it’s still there. So I can start to challenge the mine, yours, ours and theirs that is within myself. I’ve been exposed to that energy most of my life. Hearing it spoken by another reminded me it’s time to make sure I’m not doing the same as that person.

Day 460 of my blogging challenge.

A Total Eclipse of the Human?

The incoming energy today has been amazing. It’s solar eclipse time again as well as the run up to the new moon in Pisces. What a spiritual energy combination. No wonder I’ve been dishing out healing energy from ArchAngel Parashiel.

Whenever I tune into the energy I get a taste of what is on the way in. That’s why I like to get people to open to their intuition. When I ‘read’ the energy I am able to keep myself in balance as ups and downs occur. I know that at the end of the Zodiac cycle we embrace the spiritual completion of Pisces. My journey of the last twelve months is over. I need to reflect on what I’ve learned about myself in that time. To think about what changes are required and consider my new direction. What are my next steps? How do I continue to evolve. What will I be asking the Universe for in the next twelve Zodiac months? So lots of soul searching. All being conducted with eclipse energy and a bit of Mercury & Mars for good measure.

So it’s time to communicate with myself. Probably forcefully. Whilst the energy of the eclipse disrupts the normal influx of New Moon’s new beginnings energy. The Moon will be blocking out the light from the Sun potentially making us experience darkness during the daytime. What that means is I’m like to be very confused, energised and stuck. Again. Because what these forces are doing is about getting me to recognise the truth of myself and my life situation. As a spiritual being I respond in a different way than as a human being. Where I might want to charge into something, perhaps laying down the law or being demanding, my inner self is seeking peace, harmony and using compassion. The mix of eclipse and moon energy stirs up that cocktail of impulses to show me where I might be rushing in where angels fear to tread.

So what can I do about the eclipse distortions? How to I maximise the new beginnings energy of the Moon?

That’s where I have been with the healing energy today. Taking things very gently. Looking after myself as well as being compassionate to others. Keeping my feet on the ground. And avoiding making any earth shattering decisions about my life. Until I can see more clearly once again I’m letting the energy wash over me. I’m not only talking to myself but I’m listening to myself too. It’s been a very demanding year with lots of experiences to grow through. One or two I admit I’ve backed away from. I’m sure they will be back around some time soon. But I feel that I’ve met most of my challenges head on. By doing so I believe I’ve arrived at a very positive place. I’m ready to push myself on again and grow some more.

Letting myself recognise the best time to make decisions is a big step too. Learning not to dive into action when the sea of energy is turbulent has been a big gain. I’ve begun to let the energy storms pass by or, if I can’t, to be in the eye of the storm. Calm and centred. Grounded to Mother Earth. Taking each moment for what it is. It is a time for all of us to come to a true understanding of ourselves and our current reality. I’m letting the energy ocean do the work for me. Staying positive whilst I wait for more truths to emerge. Recognising that ‘truth’ isn’t necessarily the hard fact I was taught it was.

There is truth behind the ‘truth’ and the current energies highlight that. Which means that I am healing too. Healing from the conditioning I’ve experienced whilst being human. Allowing more of my Spirit within to shine out. That can only be a positive improvement in my world.

Day 459 of my blogging challenge. 

Letters From The Light Side

Well there I was. After a lie in this morning and a slow start to my day. Then the storm hit. I’ve had Letters from the Light Side in my mind for quite a few months. An inspiration that hadn’t yet been given a green light.

Then all of a sudden, at 4pm today I was told to launch it. What, I thought. I know I’d done the Facebook page in 2016 after a lot of insistence from the Energy Beings. Then they told me to put Letters on hold until the time was right. I had felt I had at least another few days, or months, because every date I set had come and gone. But that’s the way working with the Spirit World, ArchAngels and everyone else goes. They jump in when you least expect it and say do it now. So this afternoon, with no idea of what they were likely to say, I found myself on a live stream via their Facebook page, announcing their intentions to the world. Or at least anyone who went to the page to watch the video.

I love that the UK was in the grip of Storm Doris at the time. Although she must have decided to give Hebden Bridge a miss. All we got was a bit of blustery wind and some rain. For a place that’s used to downpours for weeks the drops we had today hardly registered on the scale of my attention. Underneath the surface though there is a much bigger energy storm. We are all dealing with the truth coming to light. Not just ‘big’ truths but all the hidden feelings and thoughts that sit within us and make us mean or hate-filled. And when it all comes out we will need all the help we can get to make sense of the pent up fear. It’s important we don’t loose focus and let it slide back underneath the surface again.

Letters from the Light Side is one source of help. I know we are being encouraged to deal with our inner world and the shadow side of being human. It’s so that we can dream a new world where love is the energy for all of us.

I have to say I’m nervous. I know how important it is to represent these Energy Beings to the best of my ability. Their support and guidance has got me from a spiritual sceptic to a practicing spiritual Being despite my fears, doubts and woes. It mattered to me that they gave me lots of evidence of their existence. And that they really wanted me to do this public work for them. Now it matters to me that I return their trust in my abilities. I’ve found my writing voice but it seems I am going to find my speaking voice too. Speaking for the Energy World. I want to try because I am sure they will help as many of us as will listen to make it through the coming events. Change is really here. It’s unavoidable now. We want it too much for the energy to disappear.

So please take a look at the videos from time to time. They will be posted at least once a week. Though I have no idea who will be writing the Letters I’m sure that they will be accurate and interesting. As well as life affirming. And a reminder to all of us that the pain of change is nothing compared to the positives of change.

Day 458 of my blogging challenge.

A Cleaning Meditation

Today I spent quite a lot of time cleaning. Anyone who knows me also knows I’m a bit hit and miss with housework. But I’ve had quite a bit buzzing round my brain. And cleaning is a great way to think.

I sometimes get caught up in the spaghetti of my mind. Too many thoughts rushing around. Issues vying for attention. Decisions shouting for a yes or no. Other people wanting my attention. New information to process. It can be exhausting! Clearing my mind somehow becomes the most important issue. How to make the cleaning happen? What to let go of first? How to empty my mind? Because until I do the spaghetti will only get more and more tangled. Meaning that I’ll miss something I don’t want to. Or do something I hadn’t intended to. And yes, chaos will follow as my world falls in on my head.

I know that sounds extreme but it’s usually some sort of fear, or even a few, driving me when my mind is cluttered. Cleaning up my act, so to speak, means getting in front of the fear. Chasing it off, putting it behind me, or diving in through the fear at all costs. When I’m in front of the fear I’m taking the lead. Not the fear. So I try to convert this chaos into activity. That’s why I was cleaning. Hot soapy water to wash the dishes in. A cloth and bleach for those harder to remove stains. The duster with the long handle for those hard to get to places. One bin bag for charity stuff. Another for the rubbish. Also cleaning the carpets. The soothing sound of the vacuum cleaner. Watching the bits of fluff disappear into the he nozzle.

I even found myself wondering where all the fluff comes from. It’s like a magical substance. I think I’ve got it all but when I turn around there is more.

With my hands occupied the noise of my thoughts gradually faded into the background. Every so often one thought would walk to the front of my mind, present itself and wait to see what I responded. I found myself flying through a long list of thoughts in a natural and logical way. Rummaging around  seemed to be the order of the day for my intuitive brain. Yet the connections that I made between issues, thoughts, decisions made the next steps really clear. By the time I’d finished cleaning I felt that my brain was sorted out. Lots of have beeen let go. After my cleaning meditation I now have only one or two things to think about. And a nice clean house too!

Day 457 of my blogging challenge. 

Keeping Going Is A Life

For the last week I’ve been juggling work, an energy upgrade cold and helping move my auntie to a new home. Keeping it all going has been quite exhausting.

At six this morning when my alarm went off I could cheerfully have stayed snuggled up in bed. Yet I knew there were deliveries arriving, untilities to be switched on and a couple of repairs to be done before my auntie could move in. So off I went, still half asleep, with a long list of things to do. Keeping it all organised has been a task in itself. Yet this house is a new lease of life for my auntie. At seventy seven, with a list of ailments as long as my arm, she had become some what a prisoner in her home. Because it is on a hill of sorts. So the path to her house was hard work when pushing the trolley she needs because her walking is bad.

The discussions about her moving house have taken a couple of years. She had lived in her previous home for 23 years. It was also the home of her mother for many years before that. There are a lot of family memories tied in with that place. I knew that she was finding herself more isolated as time passed but my auntie has a stubborn streak. It’s the energy that has kept her going as illness, loss and change threw her life upside down time and again. She’s determined that life isn’t over until it’s over. And I know that she wants to live it to the full. So eventually she decided that the hill was too much. I was relieved when she said she would move. But that was only the first step.

Keeping positive I started the process of getting a new house. Within the restrictions that my auntie needed or had given me.

The new place had to be on the flat. It also had to be in the same area as her other one. She wanted to stay with the friends she has known for many years. Even though, as she laughingly told me, the ones who are now on the other side have to come back and haunt her to get her attention. It’s taken six months for the right place to be manifested but last week I got the keys. Then the process of saying goodbye began. My auntie decided to clear lots of things away. She wanted to have new energy in her new home. I made a list of what she wanted to take. Top of the list was my Nanna’s display cabinet. Something that was in every front room fifty years ago. As a sign of being a step above poor.

As we waded through family photos, old clothes and pottery ornaments I got the sories of every item. The ups and downs. The might have beens and the actual events. I find my auntie fascinating to listen to. So does my daughter. Whatever has happened my auntie has plodded on. Keeping facing forward and trying to do her best. In fact that’s one of the qualities I really admire. Some would say she is a grumpy old woman determined to outlast us all. Most would say she’s a survivor. And her many friends would speak about her sense of humour, her kindness and her ability to carry on. I’m delighted that she will be in a much more appropriate home for her. And that she can enjoy a safe, comfortable environment for many years to come.

Day 456 of my blogging challenge.

Armageddon- An Ending? Or Beginning?

I love when I can have a discussion that makes me think. Today it’s about Armageddon. Not one of my usual topics because I prefer to see human  behaviour as a continuum rather than good or evil. Yet Thin Places call for us to consider what we believe about this reality.

And whether some kind of Armageddon is about to happen. The biblical suggestions of this interesting word centre around the idea of a God who will rescue his believers from the oppression of their enemies. This God will arrange to smite all the baddies at some kind of major gathering of armies and kings. Only the true believers will be saved. Certain battles have already been claimed in ancient texts as Armageddon-like events. But there is one book of the New Testement in Christian bibles that goes into much greater detail about a battle to end all battles. And apparently that is still to come. The book of Reveleations is quite a revelation.

My wonderful friend Maura, a talented medium and guide to sacred places, reminded me of another prophecy. Within the works of Nostradamus there is said to be a suggestion of a third great Anti-Christ, possibly connected with the sound of trumpets, who brings about the war to end all wars. I know that reading the Nostradamus predictions can be hard work. And making sense of them even harder. Because we are looking back when he was looking forward. Much the same as John was doing when he recorded his vision or Revelation. So does this connection to trumpets predict that the current President of the United States will be responsible for a war that wipes out the world?

I have always been fascinated by the idea of Armageddon. Of an apocalyptic event that causes all of life as we currently know it to cease. That’s also been a strong thread within science fiction writing for the last 150 years.

But are we destined for destruction? Certainly all things end at some point. But usually because something new has taken it’s place. Where once there were at least three or more species of humanity we are now all one type. Are we the most efficient version of the human race? Possibly for now. Will we always be? Probably not. So change has to happen. Something has to tip the balance. I believe that what we are dealing with right now is that shift. Just as the Thin Places encourage us to rethink our understanding of time and space because they challenge our definitions of what is real I feel that the emotional energy now being expressed is a revelation too. There is a choice fast approaching.

How we respond to the reality of our inner human emotions will determine what we share as an outer experience. Armageddon may not be a time of aggressive destruction for power over and control of others. It may instead be the willing destruction of old, worn out ways of unequal living. A clearing of the ground so that we can build anew. Not a time to fear but an experience to welcome. Can we rise above the fear and approach these challenges with love and positivity? I know that letting go of old patterns is hard. So the time to start doing so is right now. I’m aware that I still have the capacity to be angry, frightened or overwhelemed. Made powerless by thinking that human nature can’t be changed.

Perhaps that will prove to be the case. But I’m going to work very hard to rise above these emotions. To do the best I can to hold a positive view of the possible outcomes. And to trust in a new world where destruction is gentle, powerful and leads to reconstruction.

Day 455 of my blogging challenge.

Sensing the Veil Between the Worlds

I’ve been chatting today about the veil between the worlds. Understanding the energy that divides us from each other and from other realities helps us to learn to cross backwards and forwards through that veil.

Because when I consider myself as an energy being I can understand more about the way I experience both the ebb and flow of all the other energies around me. So it starts with recognising my own energy. Then recognising the energy of other physical beings. Finally I can sense and understand the energy of the non-physical beings and places too. I can learn to cross the veil in some way so that I can communicate and experience other realms. Part of this sensing is also learning to pay attention to the Earth’s energy flows too. In a conversation with my good friend Mindie Burgoyne this evening we discussed the Thin Places. Areas on the planet where the veil is easier to cross.

There are lots of locations where energy recordings have been captured. Sometimes called the stone tapes theory it’s as if the events of a place are accessible every time I press the play button on the recorder. This is definitely one way to see beyond the veil that speparates us. Yet the recordings are just that. Repeatable certainly. But providing the same information over and over. There is no opportunity for me to interact. To move the information forward. It is what it is. And it can’t ever be anything more. What I do find interesting about these recordings is that they are often laid down by extremes of emotional energy. And sometimes because the place containing the recording is a high energy point.

That’s also what interests me about the veil places. To move between energy realities requires a lot of additional energy. I have to shift my rather slow human vibration up a level or two just to be able to sense a thin place. To engage with it takes even more of a shift.

It’s much easier to have this experience if I happen to be at a place where there are plenty of ley line connections. These energy lines grid the Earth. Some are extremely powerful. Especially if they are an energy node (a collection of powerful energy streams). Quite a few are damaged. And some have stopped transferring energy altogether. In such a place where the energy is strong it’s possible for most people to sense the veil. That sizzle of energy keeping one reality apart from another. And it’s also possible, if you wish to do so, to cross through the veil in some way. Many people have experiences where they feel they have stepped from one time into another. I know they have been able to sense an alternate reality.

In that other reality our Ego mind feels out of step. Perhaps even a bit threatened. The connection with our usual energy flow has altered. Yet the intuitive mind is, for once, able to process the energy of that place in interesting ways. I know that I have travelled back in time to interact with the Energy Beings of places where our ‘times’ overlap. I’ve also stepped into completely otherworld places to talk to Energy Beings from other planets. Or the Spirit World. Often I’m given guidance. Or knowledge. Even energy to bring back to my personal reality.

These Thin Places can expand our understanding of what human and Spirit life is about by encouraging us to access altered states of consciousness. To explore beyond the surface of life.

When I make energy connections on this side of the veil, or beyond it, I am open to being much more than a human being. I am exploring the Spirit within me from different realities. I’m not religious. I feel religion is something we have manufactured to keep ourselves small. But I do believe in Spirit. And that the Spirit within each of us is a spark of some Divine existence. Connecting all of these sparks on this and every other side of the veil, in every reality, is important to me. That way we become a cosmic oneness once more. Not the illusion of individuality that I currently sense in my physical body.

Have you tried stepping into your energy? Have you visited a Thin Place and travelled beyond the veil? I know that if you do you will understand the beauty of the energy you are. And the beauty of the energy ocean we all share. Once you connect to the vast possibilities of alternate realities I know you will take to heart the idea behind “what you give is what you get”. There is more you and I than we can know in this life unless we use our energy to approach the veil and find out. I know that we can change the world for the better with our combined positive energies. Let’s look at ourselves differently, approach the veil and allow our beautiful energy to flow.

Day 454 of my blogging challenge.