Inspired 2 Write – Challenge Time

img_2369When life sends you lemons it’s time to make lemonade! Today has been a bit of a bumpy day for one reason or another. So I feel really glad that I have a new challenge coming up.

If you have been following my blog you may know that I began writing every day because of a challenge. Last November I was asked if I would try to write a blog a day for 30 days. Part way through that challenge I realised I was inspired so much by what I was doing that I wanted a bigger target. That’s why I’m still writing after a year of blogging every day. As I’ve chatted to people about what got me off and running with my writing I’ve discovered there are lots more people like me. I have stopped and started quite a few times. Somehow the consistency never seemed to happen.

Until I got the right challenge for me. Now I can’t go to sleep if I haven’t done my blog. And I look for every opportunity to do more writing. I scribble away at bits and pieces whenever I get a chance in the day. I don’t know what these scraps will turn into but I love that I’m catching my thoughts somehow. Recently my lovely fellow writer Emma suggested that it was time for another challenge. Would it be possible to run a blog challenge so people would be inspired to try to write for a period of time? It got me thinking. The idea got me excited. As it ticked away in the back of my mind I was already saying yes, yes, yes.

As with all things inspired both my brain and my Guides wouldn’t let it rest. What a wonderful idea. Find a group of people and help them to find their writing voice.

Last week as I was trying to go to sleep the whole plan came together in my mind. Then when I mentioned it to several people I got a very positive response. It seems my plan has potential. Over the last few days I’ve been working on the nuts & bolts of how I could offer this dare out to everyone. Now I have it all organised because today I needed a positive distraction from some less than positive news. That’s one of the benefits of an intuitive approach. Distractions that produce a positive outcome are everywhere. They work to give me time to process and deal with less positive things.

So what am I setting up? I will be creating a Facebook group for 30 people to join. Anyone who joins will be able to post their writing to the group with the aim of doing a piece every day for 28 days. I will read all the posts and encourage comments and feedback. So I will also post hints and tips to help everyone keep going. I am hoping that by the end of the challenge everyone will have done at least four blog length pieces they can use. Anyone can join in. They don’t have to have a blog already. It’s really about the willingness to write. I’m looking forward to people finding their own voices. And to reading some great content. It all starts on the first of January!

Day 381 of my blogging challenge.

Time for Full Steam Ahead

Today I’ve been sorting through things I want to let go of. It’s all the New Moon energy pushing me to move ahead.

It’s sometimes very tempting to hold back. Intuitively I’ve been getting messages about a new path for some time now. Yet to follow that road I have to change what I’m doing now. To get ahead I have to stop holding on to what I know I can do. Instead I have to grab for what I’m not entirely certain I will be able to do. I’ve talked about the fear of change in my blogs before. And still when it’s time to leap forward I find myself hanging back. That’s why I decided to change my surroundings this week.

I have started reorganising the Centre so that I can let go of all of the stuff I no longer need. I know that moving ahead I need to be lighter. Have less to be responsible for. Or I will get stuck with the weight of it all. That action of change can feel hard to begin with. In fact today it has got me feeling exhausted. There is still a little bit of me resisting what I know I have to do. The bit that is resisting is the shadow of fear. We gather things to make us feel safe. I’m asking myself to make me feel unsafe.

Looking ahead when I’m resisiting change is a challenge. Sometimes I can’t see anything at all.

That’s why I love having my Spirits and Guides around me. Tonight I went to an Open Circle service at Hebden Bridge Spiritualist church. I wasn’t particularly expecting a message. But my lovely Nanna popped in twice. Both times she wanted to tell me to believe in myself. She wanted to remind me that I am going in the right direction so to get on and follow the new things up. Perhaps I had to hear it from her because of that resistance and fear. To help me recognise that whatever I do th epoint is to enjoy it.

So I’m ready to jump off the cliff again. To let go of the old and move ahead to the new. I’m loving the part of me that wants to keep me safe. The bit that prefers a small comfort zone. However, it’s also tough love. Because, despite that part, I am going to step further and further outside of my comfort zone. I know that there will be times I wobble and want to run backwards. There are, I am sure, going to be times I’m loving what I’m doing and want to run forwards. It’s taken me a long time to really get the idea that life is a journey that I can make as easy or as hard as I like. Now I feel ready to make mine as easy as possible. Bring on the new!

Day 380 of my blogging challenge.

Why Bother With An Agenda?

img_2365Throughout my life I’ve come across other people’s agendas. I have also had my own agenda. That list of things I’ve wanted and worried I wouldn’t get. Things I’ve worked hard to achieve because I though they were important.

The one thing I’ve rarely had, however, is a hidden agenda. First, I can’t be bothered with secrets and games. Second, my face tends to give the game away. And third, it always seems such a waste of energy. I’d much rather operate from the truth. So you will get my opinion, if you ask for it, warts and all. Why hide behind polite pleasantry when I’m not in agreement. Surely it’s better to acknowledge what I’m feeling as openly as possible. I do like having a list though. A plan of what I want to work towards. And I will happily share it if I’m asked.

If I’m still working out my agenda what I tell you might be a bit hazy. I might have to say I don’t know. But as soon as I do I will share the detail so we can work together. After all, your list might compliment mine. Or mine might support yours. It’s really great to work towards common goals or share a part of the journey. Sharing an agenda can be great fun too. A journey is so much easier when you have company to keep the road interesting. I love helping someone get to where they need to go. Even if that means I have to leave them at their resting point and journey on alone. Or they have to leave me behind instead.

One of the challenges with being psychic is I can tell when an agenda is open or hidden. It’s there in the other person’s energy.

I may not know all the detail. The small things might escape me for a little while. But I do know the big picture. And if I don’t my Guides are certain to make sure I find out. In some ways the need for hidden agendas is a disappointment to me. The world really would benefit from a lot more honesty. If we stopped disagreeing in secret and told it like it was. That way I’m sure we could all adjust our lists to make sure that everyone got what they wanted. I guess we would have to acknowledge a few key things though. Like I want what I want and never mind you. Or that’s mine and I’m not prepared to share. Even I want all the power and you can’t have any.

Lots of hidden attitudes. Lots of ways to act as an individual rather than a community. Or to gather power and support by joining in only with like minded people. I would love to set an agenda of sharing. A list of common goals that everyone could achieve. I know that Mother Earth has the means to provide food, shelter, warmth for all of us. We could create harmony by stepping away from hidden agendas, secret cliques and me me me. What keeps us from doing that? Is my internal agenda of fear too strong to let me share with everyone? Am I so stupid that I think no one sees my actions?

In the end, what I do know about myself is that I am prepared to examine my own inner agendas. To see if the actions I take will produce good for others too at some point. And I’m prepared to do it openly. How about you?

Day 379 of my blogging challenge.

A Warm Welcome for Spirit

img_2363My blog is a little late tonight because I’ve been out most of the day.  I have been to Harley St Spiritualist church in Barrow in Furness to do the services. With a warm welcome waiting for me it was a pleasure to connect with the Spirit World in this lovely church.

Driving home I started to think about all of the churches I have been to over the last 10 years. When I took my first tentative steps into doing church services I’m not sure I realised how many times I would be the one passing on messages to others. It was more about exploring a new ability I had discovered than being the medium on the platform. Yet over the years I have had many a warm welcome and the support of the people attending that evening.

However, I also thought about the churches where the welcome wasn’t so warm. Sometimes the church was struggling to stay open so people were stressed. Occasionally there were only a few stalwarts left to run the church so there was more stress. Now and again there was a distinct atmosphere. A sort of ‘this is how we do it here’ energy that cooled even the warmest smile. In some of these churches the welcome didn’t even include the congregation.

Of course I recognise that it’s not easy to run a church or centre. I’ve been involved in doing both and certainly at the start of this year was stressed about both. Creating a warm welcome is based on every one of the team focusing on the same things. Again not always easy.

So what are the churches doing right when I feel like I’ve had that welcome? I love it that people smile at me. Even better if they offer me a cup of tea. I might not have one until after my service but an offer is always a kindness. Also I love if the people running the church are smiling at everyone who comes in. I know there are jobs to do before a service but a ‘meeter and greeter’ kind of person can get everyone feeling relaxed. Especially if it’s the first time someone has been to a church.

A church is a family too. For someone who needs the connection to their loved ones feeling comfortable with the people at a church is important. Families do fall out. But I feel it’s best to save disagreements for later. Falling out creates low vibrational energy that can affect the medium, the Spirit visitors and the church congrgation. And as in any family disagreements need to be resolved with an eye on loyalty. Nothing is solved by trying to get people on one side or another. The church is much more welcoming if everyone strives to be loyal to the church not factions within it.

I also feel that the people running the church, the helpers, members, mediums and supporter have to remember something very important. The church represents the Spirit World.

When someone new to the Spiritualist movement steps over the threshold do the feel that the place they have stepped into is peaceful and loving? Do they find people who are there to serve on behalf of loved ones in Spirit? That is the only reason to offer mediumship demonstrations. So it is on all of us involved in churches and centres to take responsibility for creating that warm welcome no matter what. After all, spirituality is something lived, shown through action and behaviour. Not just talked about and then ignored.

I also feel that my thoughts about a warm welcome carry over into other aspects of my life. We seem to find it really hard to work together. To welcome the differences between us as a rich source of choice. I know I have rejected others because I didn’t value their abilities in connection with our joint work. But the Spirit people haven’t given up on me. They prompt my thoughts. They draw my attention to being of service. And they are helping me to change so that I can do better, serve better and live better with the people around me.  Next time you are in disagreement with someone ask yourself if you are being loyal to your spiritual beliefs. The answer might surprise you ?

Day 378 of my blogging challenge.

Recharging My Batteries

img_2362Have you ever noticed feeling a bit run down. As if recharging your batteries is overdue? Today I needed a long lie in before heading to the office.

I know that there have been energy upgrades happening thick and fast. Sometimes too many all at once. Each time another one comes along I have to take a day or two just to resettle back into my skin. Recharging is a natural consequence of adjusting to running at a new energy vibration. So the extra energy bump I got yesterday has been evened out today. That’s why I took some extra time to rest. In fact, I have learned my lesson and don’t try to push myself too hard after a boost.

By the afternoon though I was back ready to work with Energy shifting again. Sometimes the place you live or work gets too big a build up of old energies. The Centre tends to gather the energy of the people who visit in exchange for giving out positive blasts. So I regularly clean the aura of the Centre. Sometimes I move the crystals and plants around. Other times, like today, I move the furniture around. Resetting the rooms creates new energy flows. I’m really recharging the space. And naturally, anyone, including me, who visits or uses it.

2017 has been a resetting and recharging year. However, it might have been easy to miss that in all of the fear energy that is coming to the surface to be released.

Part of the recharging is also about being able to let go of old energy. I know it’s easy to keep going round in circles. To keep thinking about the past or old feelings. It’s as if, sometimes, I can’t resist repeating the same patterns over and over. When I reset my energy by releasing old fears, worries and anxieties I make space for new, positive energy to flow to me. But old patterns often take a long time to shift. Especially if they have been there since childhood. Facing my habits with the knowledge that I can change is the best way to do it.

Getting myself on a new track is all about taking that leap off the cliff. I have to trust that what is new in my intuitive life has arrived for the right reasons. Not always easy, I know. But something that I’m doing to make sure I have the best start I can to the new year. I hope that you have found a little time to recharge your energy today. It’s worth a few minutes or event hours if you can. Then you will be ready for all of the positive, new and exciting things that will be happening very soon ?

Day 377 of my blogging challenge. 

One to One Intuitive Development

img_2359It’s been a kind of float along day. After a night of interdimensional travelling and prepearing for tonight’s physical mediumship circle I needed a gentle energy flow. So it was great to do some healing work and some intuitive development.

Although I love teaching in small groups or workshops one of my favourite ways of offering development is with one to one sessions. Getting over the barriers of disbelief, distrust and doubt about my intuitive abilities was really hard. I had to clear a lot of stuck energy from my aura. As well as old feelings and beliefs. Although I enjoyed attending a development circle I didn’t always feel like I got my questions answered. There were a lot of us with questions and only a limited amount of time each week. When my Guides asked me to help others develop I realised that I wanted to offer one to one opportunities.

However, it took me quite a few years to gain enough confidence to offer them as an actual route into development. It seemed to me that people were much more used to being part of a group. And I hadn’t quite worked out how someone would practice readings if they were only working with me. I also felt that I didn’t have a framework that I could offer. Having developed my mediumship rather more intuitively than in a structured way I somehow thought I should offer something with a logical order. It took me a few years to realise that what I had to offer was exactly what I had learned. Development of intuitive abilities is a process. But not a ridgid one. There is no right or wrong way to go about it.

In fact I was reminded very often by my Guides that I had to start from where people are. I do that in my workshops anyway. Offering one to one work would surely be based on the same idea.

Encouraged to give it a try I am very grateful for the people who became my guinea pigs. They helped me to work out individual bits of the process so that I could step someone through the exploration of their abilities in a way that was both personal and right for them. I became much more excited about this way of working with someone too. Giving my whole time and attention to one student meant that they got the best of me that I could give. Each session could flow intuitively from one to the next. Blocks and limitations could be worked through in private. Best of all, their Guides could prompt me with whatever development work was needed each time.

I also found that I could do this work with people online. Of course, it makes sense that energy work is not restricted by time and space. But it takes a while for that to sink in when you are used to a material version of reality. Being able to work with someone anywhere in the world was good for me. It meant I had to think about cultural and social differences. It also meant that I used all sorts of different models of development. In fact it reopened my Shamanistic, Wiccan and Buddhist experiences alongside Spiritualism and one or two other models of developing intuition.

I enjoy helping people. It’s great to have another way of offering someone support whilst they learn about their intuition. And the end product is someone else ready to shine their Light in the world. I’d call that a win/win ?

Day 376 of my blogging challenge.

A Makeover of the Mission?

img_2355I sometimes watch reality TV. One of the things I enjoy is those kind of series that do a home makeover. Turning the tired and faded into fresh and vibrant in the space of an hour. Today I had my own makeover experience.

The programmes usually employ designers to find cheap and cheerful ways to make somewhere look new. There is a budget. Then there is a plan. Sometimes what the homeowner falls in love with. Sometimes what the homeowner is disappointed with. I know there are TV shows that also apply the same process to people. Some are content with giving people a new look, clothes, hairstyle. Whilst others feature plastic surgery, extreme excerise and diet. Once again some people are delighted. Yet others wonder who they really are. I’m thinking about the makeover process because I had my own mini one today.

The local beauty salon was offering a free session to try out a new range of make up that they stock. I called in to see what was on offer. It felt like the right thing to do. I have been aware for the last couple of weeks that the Energy shifts have also changed the way I see myself. In fact I’ve been back to regular exercise for ten weeks now and feel much better. So what about my physical appearance? Time to freshen up my ‘tired’ exterior with a new coat of paint, I thought. As with everything wearing the same styles or using the same make up is a habit. I arrived at what I was comfortable with so it stuck. Now I’m not comfortable. So I need to change.

This goes deeper than a physical level. For me this year has been all about patterns and changing them. I’ve been going through the ultimate makeover. I’ve been rethinking my mission in life.

Not the mission I thought I’d decided on. But the mission I can now recognise more clearly because the fog of fear has been lifted. I’ve had an inner journey to examine exactly why I am a human being at this precise time in our history. Like finding a new clothing style or a new make up I have been experimenting this year with what I’m supposed to be doing. Although I have had some fixed parts to my life how I approach those has changed. And I’m especially ready to let go of anything that pulls my energy away from my main aims. My makeover has been about finding focus.

Working through the different options, checking what I feel I’m good at I’ve also been helped by the comments of others. In the same way that people saying that I looked good today reinforced that I did need that new coat of paint. Making sure I can complete my mission depends on really knowing the detail of what it is. Of acknowledging when I’m flowing with those details. And when I’m blocking myself by resisting doing what I’m best at. Fortunately I have a Guide team who are quick to signal when my mission is on track. Though they can’t make me do anything. I have to be the one choosing. They can confirm I’m on the right path.

Today I had some lovely confirmations about my work for the next nine years. My focus is on the right things for me. The makeover is almost complete and I can’t wait to share my mission with everyone ?

Day 375 of my blogging challenge. 

Comments Widen the Debate

img_2354One of the things I really enjoy is debating. People who know me know I will discuss on and on and on. I want to understand how someone else sees the world. So I love the comments and questions of a good conversation.

When I opened my website to do tonight’s blog I found some comments waiting for me. It’s funny how sometimes the comments form a thread of their own. So I have decided to share a couple of the comments – from Emma and Paul – because my reply was inspired by thinking about what both of them said.

Dear Annie,
It was great chatting with you. I hope we can talk next week some more about what you do and what I do, and how we can mesh that together perhaps in a new blogging challenge.
I find it extremely difficult to write on daily basis under my own pressure to complete whatever I set out to do.
The group challenges help with the support and a lot more. I met so many friends from different walks of life on Bradley’s 30 Day Content Challenge.
Today, as we approach Thanksgiving in the USA, I am grateful for the challenge and the people that I have met; like you Annie. You have enriched my life and you have fueled my inspiration.
You are my moral support when I struggle to write and that is not even having a writer’s block.
It feels like a huge commitment putting your thoughts out, but it is important to keep on doing that.
I keep telling my husband that 100 years from now we will be known as a generation of bloggers and posters and texters…and on and on.
Maybe there is a benefit to all of this that I fail to see immediately as I am bombarded by materialism from all sides.
More later. Thank you, Annie for writing.

Hi Emma, thank you for commenting so honestly about writers block and the purpose of blogs. I believe that the internet has opened us up to the opportunity to listen to new voices and be exposed to new ideas. Learning about each other through our blogs removes the idea of us and them. It shows us that people the world over have the same issues and concerns. The skill is in putting out your authentic voice. And in being able to screen the endless chatter by locking in on those voices that feel authentic. I skip blogs where the subject matter is false, selling me something or shouting out ‘look at me’. Because there are some fab bloggers who tell it how it is for them. They make me think. They make me feel. I open my mind and discover interesting stories. That’s why a blogging challenge is such a good idea. Those who might not have a voice get a voice. Those who are struggling might feel inspired. And those who find their true voice can help us change minds, which changes hearts and eventually the world.

Another comment on Peacefully Painting Angels , from Paul, is “it’s very sad to my way of thinking, that creative activities we do naturally as children, are seen as a luxury rather than essential for our Wellbeing.” I agree with Paul. Writing is also such a powerfully creative activity. As children we use our imagination to explore or view the world in a very different way from the way adults see the world. As we fit into the social framework we stop looking at the world as a magical place full of possibilities. We end up in a world of rules and fear. Yet if we can return to writing we are once again allowing ourselves to be creative beings. Journals, blogs, diaries, stories, poems, songs. So many ways to explore both our inner and outer world. To share things with others and help all of us to see that we are inside the Matrix trying to free ourselves and get out. I hope that in a hundred years people see blogging as the beginning of a creative shift. A way of bringing writing back to ordinary people so that they can play, create, inspire. Writing is not about a classic story. It’s about your story. It has value to those who read it and can identify with it or be challenged by it. Who knows what marvellous voices there will be in a hundred years time. But perhaps our efforts to create meaningful communication between each other will be the start of a whole better way of talking to one another.

As always Emma, your comments have given me food for thought ❤️

I enjoy reading your comments. They are our debate. When you find a blog you enjoy, here or on another site, please take the time to comment. If you do you may find that you are taking your first steps into creativity. Into finding your own voice. Who knows – you might even want to join the next blogging challenge ❤️️

Day 373 of my blogging challenge.

Stuck Going Round in Circles

img_2350It’s an enlightening day. I was reminded several times of the saying ‘The more things change, the more they stay the same’. It seems that one or two things are coming round again. And I wonder if I’ve managed to move in an upwards spiral at all.

It started because I had a difficult time getting to sleep. A flood siren at 7pm, the river raging and rising, rain that didn’t seem to want to go away. I felt I was back round at Christmas Day 2015. This time, instead of an elderly aunt I had my daughter to keep calm for. Preparations done for the possible flood I headed off to bed. But my mind was full of the memory of the 7.30am siren on Boxing Day  that turned into a flood on it’s way. In the early hours of this morning I was waiting. Would the siren sound again?

As I thought about that waiting feeling I realised that the feelings from the flood were, to some extent, still locked inside my aura. Mostly it was my fear for the other person in the house and my cats. My rational brain knew that we would all be ok. We could stay safe upstairs. Yet I was remembering the aftermath too. Four days without power. No heat. No light. Wearing layers of clothes to keep warm and expecting the lights to come back on every few minutes. In the end I applied some self-Reiki, had a discussion with myself, sent the frightened me a lot of love and drifted off to sleep.

It’s interesting really. I am able to cope with fresh flooding but a little bit of me felt helpless. Is it ok to feel that way? What about being a survivor? That’s when the next thing came round.

People sometimes need my help then move on because they can manage for themselves. Sometimes they look around for different support. Occasionally they fall back into old patterns. Every now and then they stick with me as we move the support into new areas. It’s part of the exploration we all do. I know that I have had support from lots of different people throughout my life. When I have been ready I’ve moved on to a new choice or a different method. Chatting with someone today I picked up the question I’d asked earlier. Am I giving myself permission to feel vulnerable?

I feel that we are all under pressure to be strong. To survive everything. However, that stops me from acknowledging the fear that is in my life. It might even stop me from recognising that I’m living my whole life in fear. When I am able to see the scared part of me I have an opportunity to gather round me all of the support I need. If I can’t recognise the fear then I push the help away. It’s like a secret I don’t want others to find out about. So I hide it from myself too. That is a limit I’m placing on myself. And for all the wrong reasons.

Of course it’s ok to be frightened. It’s part of the survival mechanism that has kept us alive for thousands of years. What I’m coming round to is that I can’t jump at shadows. Otherwise I really would be going round in circles.

So when I thought about it a bit more I realised that what the residual fear was showing me was a way to spiral upwards. How not to get stuck. I have to recognise my patterns. When I am in them I need to acknowledge the fear. Then I need to choose to do things differently. And the first choice I have is to take the support or not. I can’t allow myself to be driven by fear here, there and everywhere pretending I’m ok. But secretly rejecting the support that is offered. I have to listen to myself with compassion. If I comfort the part of me that is feeling vulnerable I can stop the knee jerk reaction.

My old habits won’t get a look in if I give myself time to respond differently. And allow myself a full range of emotions. By accepting that it’s my right to feel frightened I can offer myself the best reassurance. The reassurance of experience. I have survived times when I didn’t believe for a moment I could. I have come through times when the fear was so strong I could taste it. In the end it’s knowing that fear won’t stop me carrying on with my life. As things circled through my day it helped me to see that each experience brings me a fresh insight into me. The chance to take a closer look at myself and understand that I am making progress in spite of my fears.

Day 372 of my blogging challenge.

Me Getting Side Tracked?

img_2348Of course I started my day with a plan. I had a list of things I wanted to do. Or so I thought. Instead of getting on with things I fell asleep again!

Of course, one side of the story is that I was working late last night and had to be up much too early. Another side is that I had no appointments so it was ok for my list to slide. There is a third side though. It seems I had filled my day up with distractions. Stuff that could probably wait. All in order to avoid some of the things I really had to do. It’s hard working out what is a distraction and what is a necessary action. Especially when I factor in my intuition.

All day I was going to catch up on posting my events to my Facebook business page. Especially the one about the Reiki Refresh this evening. All I managed was a couple of sentences later in the day. By the time the event rolled around I was busy moving furniture at the Centre because water was leaking through the ceiling tiles. I had to cancelled the group anyway. So that item on my list was definitely one to slide. Even if it was the distraction of other things that got in the way first.

Another thing that got put to one side was my plan to book more mediums. A task I was busy with yesterday and planned to continue today.

Instead I spent my time on the phone with someone from a work placement my daughter has soon. Then her college because they didn’t know what they had sorted out. And then a call to someone who needed a bit of support with some changes they were making. Once again all of these were potential distractions. However they all seemed to me to be higher priority. And that’s the thing about distractions. Sometimes I need to flow with them. It’s my choice to put my planned stuff on one side. So I don’t worry about changing track when I need to.

I feel that’s the most important thing about distractions. What do I have to put on one side, why and is it the right thing for me to be doing at that moment? Some days I know that my distractions are me avoiding challenging work or situations. Occasionally the distractions are me self sabotaging. Often the distractions are the things that need to have my focus for all the best of reasons. When I get side tracked I allow myself the flexibility to have that happen. I do what I feel is best. But afterwards I always consider why my to do list is half done.

There is a great deal of benefit in setting things on one side. I notice that sometimes what I’ve planned to do is actually someone else’s responsibility. Or it’s a task that didn’t need doing. Maybe things have changed and my task is no longer necessary.

Looking at it that way I understand that it’s not about me getting side tracked. It’s more about me, often intuitively, knowing where best to focus my energy. I don’t have endless energy. No matter how much I can cram into my days. I have to have a sense of priorities. And not those that other people think I should have. In the end what I’m trying to do is be there for myself and others to the best of my ability. I work hard at trying to spot when my distractedness is an excuse for avoiding a tough job. Or anything that doesn’t make me feel excited to be doing it. I hope that most of the time I get the balance right.

Next time you find yourself going off track ask yourself why. You might get some interesting answers.

Day 371 of my blogging challenge.