Blood Red Blue Super Moon: Get Ready For Clearing

blood red moonTonight there is an amazing Super Moon hanging blood red in the sky. But christened a Blue Moon too. We are able to witness an eclipse as well. Not just a regular usual Full Moon then. One that hasn’t been witnessed for 150 years.

I have to say that the weather here has been cloudy all day so my chance of actually seeing this moon is slim. However, I know it is there. And I can feel it’s energy pull. It’s a blue moon because this month there are two full moons. It is also a Super Moon because it is closer to the Earth this time round. And it’s also on the day when there is a lunar eclipse. In other words the Moon will be in Earth’s shadow. This causes the Moon to turn blood red. So what does all that do to the energy of the Moon? And, of course, as a consequence, to my energy.

The Moon creates the tides. It also creates tides in the feminine energy in and around me.  At the Full Moon I always feel charged with energy. I become a night owl. And my creativity zooms upwards. Dealing with the Moon being closer to the Earth also means that I get additional energy bursts. I am more intuitively sensitive than normal. Even though I am good at shielding myself from too much energy my dreams have been filled with other people, conversations and uncomfortable emotions. Relationships and communication with others have taken on a slight edge as we work through the impact of an increased intuitive knowing about each other.

Yet I feel the impact of the Earth’s shadow too. The red moon reminds me that strong emotions can drive fear and aggression as well as creativity.

I know that I have a shadow side. It’s also true that my actions and beliefs can cast a long shadow over others. I can choose to bring my collaborative, creative Moon energy to bear on situations. Or I can act out my shadow fears instead. The choice is up to me. This mix reminds me of the intimate experience of giving birth. Amongst the blood a baby is releasing herself from the shadow of her mother. She is emerging to take her place in the Light. The violence of birth is transformed into the gift of a life. Hopefully a life that will shine brightly with the energy of love. When I feel the pull of the Blood Moon I know that it is time to birth something new about myself.

I also know that to do that I will have to allow for other things to be cleared away. Like an afterbirth flows out and away. Perhaps painfully. Or perhaps not. Because it has served it’s purpose and is no longer sustaining life. So I will be taking the opportunity over the next few days to prepare for what I want to release. Working with my intuition to identify all the energy that has become worn out. Identifying all of my attitudes, beliefs, issues and material possessions that have stopped being life affirming. I will also be boosting the energy of my Third Eye (red and blue make purple) so that I can see clearly what also needs to shift spiritually.

For me the end point of this Blood Red Blue Super Moon is a wave of energy that enables me to approach this year of Divine Feminine energy with intention, hope and adventure. I’m being encouraged to move forward in my life. This energy combination is giving me the big push I need.

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Relating To Self: More Divine Feminine Lessons

relatingFlashes of insight are coming through thick and fast to me at the moment. Last night’s musings, following on from my blogs about the Divine Feminine energy, were relating to all sorts of relationship connections.

It’s as if my Guide Team are taking me step by step through what I know so that I rework my understanding. It’s a really interesting process. Because every time I think I’ve got to the deepest understanding I can my Guides peel off yet another layer of certainty. I have to say I am finding this new way of relating to myself very exciting. And refreshing. Although not without the struggles that come from having to let my preconceptions and judgements go. I’m learning a lot about the focus of this cycle of Divine Feminine energy too. The first blast this year has put relationships under the spotlight.

Clearest of all is my relationship with myself. How I navigate my inner world. How I balance my masculine and feminine energies. And how I assume things about myself. Whilst carefully avoiding anything that I don’t want to have to look at. It’s brining to the surface those pressures and patterns that have kept me rushing to be the one picking up the pieces. The one taking responsibility for everyone else’s emotional states. That one sided view of the Mother that often slips me into Servant or Martyr mode. And the reminder that I have also lived a good chunk of my life in my pragmatic, practical masculine side too. Perhaps at the expense of my feminine energy.

So this time is all about relating to my inner self. Continuing the process of finding the authentic me. The whole and complete me.

To help me I have lots of relationships around me. Relationships that allow me to be me to various amounts. Some relationships bounce my sarcasm back at me. Others remind me that I enjoy a good laugh. Still others show me my dedication, passion and will to succeed.  Then there are those that remind me I still want to manage everyone’s lives. And those where I struggle to let go. Even if the relationship has actually run it’s course. I am sure that I mirror back in all of these relationships. That I represent something to each of the people involved. We are all learning about relating to our self so that we can relate to each other.

That’s the end game. The Divine Feminine energy recognises the creativity of collaboration. I believe that if we all contributed our abilities based on our authentic selves then we would experience a very different outer world. But the challenge is to get to that clear and honest state of communication. I know I have it with my Guides. They can read my energy, with my permission, easily. And they give me permission to read their energy, to know their authentic selves, in return. Of course I may choose not to see them as their authentic selves. When relating to others we assume so much. Mainly because it is easier to guess than to deal with the truth. Because the truth may involve uncomfortable emotions.

I wonder how many times I have stopped myself when relating to others? Turned away from the honesty that is available because I have been fearful of what I might find out?

Mainly because I assume that others are making judgements about me. Yet is that really true? Or are we all hiding in a pointless exercise not to be our true selves? And does that actually makes a barrier to collaboration? A barrier that prevents us from coming together, sharing and caring in a deeper way? I believe it does. This is a time of great change if we want to have a different world for our children and their children. I know that I have to show the outer world my authentic self. Relating to my inner self I have to become comfortable with being open for people to judge me if they wish.

But I have to step back from judging myself. It’s time for me to embrace the feminine, creative, collaborative energy that I have and share it to all of my relationships. It means I have to think about my relationships in a different way. And I have to create more authentic bonds between myself and others. That’s not to say that up until now I have been lying. Or hiding my true feelings and thoughts. It’s that I am more aware of more of the authentic me than I have been before. It’s that I want to share. And I want to engage with people who are finding their authentic me. Together we can shift our relationships to a higher spiritual level.

In the end, it will be a choice all of us have to make. Relating to one another has always been a challenge for human beings. I know we have all tried to search out simpler ways of ‘knowing’ the other people in our lives. The simplest one is through our intuitive, collaborative selves. I hope your journey into your beautiful, authentic self will be a great experience. It’s so you can find the truth of the Divine Feminine at the heart of who you are.

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Feminism: Or The Rise Of Divine Feminine Energy?

Feminism It’s been an interesting day. Especially with all of the Divine Feminine energy flowing around at the moment. #Me Too. Time’s Up Now. Women’s Marches. Are we witnessing a turn around in the fortunes of feminism? Or is the underlying energy rebalancing finally visible?

When I talk to women of different generations there is a muddled picture of what feminism represents. Perhaps the last big sweep of Divine Feminine energy struggled to be articulated by women who were still realising that they could break free of the domestic sphere and move out into the world without fear. Certainly, as with every breakthrough movement, there were extremist views. And not enough momentum behind the debate to keep the spark of collaborative equality alive. After all the world had too much inequality to address all at once.

So for some women the idea of power because they were feminine creators of future generations never really took root. Not surprising really. As there were so many other issues about the life of women to change. As the wave faded during the eighties and nineties it was easy to sink back into the old habits of years gone by. The changes demanded by feminism, the acknowledgement that every single person was of equal value, got tied up in arguments and resistance. Interestingly, for me, during the rise of Spiritualism in the mid 1800’s,, these same debates were raging as women became mediums and stepped out of their traditional domestic sphere too.

Do feminism and mediumship go hand in hand then? That’s an interesting argument.

Of course I might be comparing apples with pears. However, I love that my Guide Team bring these thoughts to me for consideration. Especially as they have always asked me to think about things from an energy perspective. And that throws a different light on the rise of feminism. In fact it puts it fully in alignment with the rise of Divine Feminine energy. After all, in energy terms, we all have feminine and masculine energy. It is how I balance both those energies that is important. I have to recognise that my inner world is a mix of creativity and ‘make it so’ moments. So it’s not surprising that my outward world will be so too.

If I learn to flow naturally from one energy to the other and back again I have the best of both worlds. And so does the world outside of me. Because I can access and use all of my abilities to their best effect. In the same way that anyone else can too. We will be equal in giving of our best. That way the whole community will benefit from these combines collaborative efforts. Feminism is necessary because as communities we have stopped letting everyone give of their best. We devalue the work that is most important to our survival – that of producing and caring for the future generations. In the end this makes us emotionally and spiritually poorer.

I think we have a lot to do. It is important to recognise that equality is part of our spiritual journey. Therefore we have to be ready to embrace the feminine within us. And ensure that women’s concerns are heard and acted upon. Feminism is not the new excuse for men to say ‘poor me’. It is the opportunity for all men to embrace their own Divine Feminine energy too.

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Opening My heart To Let Love Flow

openingLove. I’m back to that word that seems to have a thousand meanings. Opening my eyes to how tricky it is to pin down a definition for this most powerful of human emotions. And the reason why I’ve done so many wrong-headed things in my life.

In my work I often talk about unconditional love. Yet I know I have been on a life long journey to understand where I am conditional with love. Even where I have mistaken other feelings for this very elusive emotion. Or when I have loved someone or thing more than myself. Yet I keep trying to ‘find’ love of one sort or another. And all the while my Ego Mind tries to mislead or distract me away from the very feeling I want to experience. Because that is the issue. Do I love myself enough? Am I opening my heart to myself and my own beauty? And in what way do I interpret the word love when I apply it to myself?

I realise that love for myself, opening my heart and being in the flow of love all require one key ingredient. It is that I have to trust myself. I have to allow myself the recognition that I am someone who is lovable. Yet with an Ego Mind that is always ready to pull me back, put me down or undermine my intentions trust can be so very difficult. It is within myself that I learn to interpret the meaning of love. But that means opening up to the part of me that I don’t love. The bit that I have learned, been conditioned to, taken on board from life’s experiences. Because not everyone I meet has seemed to fill my world with love. Bringing me reasons to distrust the very nature of love altogether.

Understanding the nature of disappointment, conditionality and restrictions in the flow of love is a way of opening up to more love.

As is my understanding that all of us are dealing with different interpretations of the word love. Interpretations that have arisen from what we have encountered from our selves and others. My journey into understanding love had been one of stripping back these layers within me. And re-engaging with my heart. Making it once more central to all I do. Reminding myself to stay open to the opportunities that love brings. Standing my ground in the flow inwards and outwards of this life enhancing energy. Letting love find me in very many different ways. And trusting my heart to circulate all of the love that flows to and from me.

This is a very important year. The Divine Feminine energy will be flowing powerfully through all of our lives. The Divine Mother will have our back, so to speak. It will be an exercise in tough love. Be ready to learn to trust and therefore love yourself unconditionally. And also be ready to learn to trust and love others unconditionally too. The energy of love is so much required to help us draw back from the self destructive urges of the Ego Mind. To release ourselves from the control exerted by fear and hate. Opening your heart, to yourself and to others, is the way forward. It is the way to manifest harmony and peace.

I understand you may struggle, like I do, with the meaning of unconditional love. Or struggle with how to live your life in the flow of unconditional love. However, keep trying. Remind yourself every day that you are loved. That whatever others think, say or do you are a person full of love. Trust in this truth and share it with the world in whatever way you can.

Day 794 of my blogging challenge

Eleanor Roosevelt: Strength, Courage, Confidence

Eleanor RooseveltOne of my favourite quotes is “You gain strength, courage and confidence by every experience which you must stop and look fear in the face. You must do this thing you think you cannot do” It’s from Eleanor Roosevelt, a woman who served her best in very troubled times.

I have a little book someone bought me as a gift a long time ago. It has lots of quotations from women and it is one of my treasures. I know that if I open a page randomly I will find something to inspire me. I was thinking today about inspirational women, Eleanor Roosevelt amongst them, because I met up with two more of my great friends. In fact this week has been full of wonderful women who inspire me to keep a positive focus. I love that I have around me so many strong, courageous and confident women. Of course I know they may say they are not. But I can see the Light they shine so brightly into the world.

I know that these women, like Eleanor Roosevelt, take each day of their lives as a gift in which to make a difference. They don’t shout it from the rooftops. Because they are too busy doing what feels like the best they can do. When I wobble I take heart from these friends. If my confidence in what I am or what I am doing has dipped I look at the example all the women around me are setting. And I find that although we may be wobbling gently together we are also all looking fear in the face. And chasing out of our lives. This evening someone asked me how I stay so positive. My secret is all of these vibrant, compassionate women. I know they will lift me when I falter. And I also know that I will do everything I can to be there to lift them in their moment of doubt too.

Cherish all of the Eleanor’s in your life. And the Paulas, Sues, Jans, Lindas, Sarahs, Claires, Natalies, Isabels, Fionas, Gwennes, Beverlys, Cathies, Dellas, Mauras, Mindies, Brendas, Lizs, Lynns, Julies and Deserts. Cherish every strong, courageous and confident woman of any name if she is in your life. Tell her that you see her Light too. Especially when she can’t see it for herself.

Day 793 of my blogging challenge

Earth’s Heart Ache: Feeling The Pain

Earth'sI love to get my shoes off and feel the Earth’s energy under my feet. Letting the vibrations travel through me, steading and grounding me. However, I have also felt the pain of the Earth as she tries to deal with our lack of care for her.

I was like so many people once. I didn’t understand the Earth’s connection to us. Nor mine to her. I went about my life the same as most other people ignoring the ways in which the Earth was being trashed. She is an abundant planet. There is enough for every person to live well if only it was equally distributed. And we took the time to use only what was necessary. Rather than dig into the Earth’s resources and spend them in such wasteful ways. However, as my intuitive connections grew I learned that the Earth has feelings too. And a consciousness. It became clear that we were meant to live in harmony together.

Last year I experienced the pain of the Earth’s reactions to the energy we are busy surrounding her with. It was indescribable. I know that her heart ache is reflected in all of the shifting patterns of weather, oceans, earthquakes and volcanoes. But I also know that most people still aren’t listening. Our desire for more and more, alongside the built in redundancy of our things, pushes an unending demand for raw materials. But it hurts my planet. She needs time and space to heal. I know that we have to help her. Firstly by asking questions of all those who want to exploit more of the Earth’s bounty. Secondly by paying attention to what we consume. And finally, by learning what we have forgotten. How to tune into her pain.

I know that if we could all feel that pain we would stop in an instant. It’s so sad to me that we have broken our intuitive link between the Earth’s energy and our own. It means I and a few others experience her pain. But most people don’t. You can help. You can change this situation. Take off your shoes, stand on the grass and ask to feel the Earth’s energy. Then help us change humanity’s attitude to the Earth we live with and on.

Day 792 of my blogging challenge

Turning Things Around: Positive Outcomes

turningI had a lovely conversation with a good friend of mine today. We were turning over and reviewing all of the changes that had been happening in out lives. And recognising that, from a distance, what seemed awful had actually turned out well.

Jan and I have worked together for several years. However at the beginning fo last year we both found ourselves turning in other directions. There were choices to review and decisions to be made. Some of our collaborations had to be put on hold. I remember putting some of the paperwork into a cupboard and wondering when it might see the light of day again. But I could also see that there was an upheaval going on underneath all of the ordinary, every day things. Jan felt it too. We had many discussions throughout the year about where we were heading. Both of us not quite sure but staying as hopeful as possible.

I also felt like it was the year of giving up things I wasn’t certain I wanted to let go of. Because each time I removed something from my life another things seemed to need removing. I know that Jan and I were sharing this same sensation. But we kept encouraging each other to go with the flow. I also know that we both wondered what all our efforts had produced. Because it seemed like they hadn’t really got off the ground. Yet some things had definitely changed for both of us. I guess we were really taking on the challenge of living day to day and trusting the Universe. So when it came time for me to let go of churches and my Centre I was ready to do so with ease.

Turning away from those things, amongst others, left me wondering ‘what next’. In a sort of free fall. And I am still floating gently along waiting to understand the point of it all.

Yet I also know that I have done the right things for me. As we sat talking together I noticed how much more positive there is in both of our lives. And how we both felt the stress of having to be ‘in control’ had been lifted. Actually, I listened to my good friend listing so many positives from the changes she had made. And I realised that I had so many positives to list too. Together we were turning things around to understand that we were doing exactly what would be best for us for the next few months. Perhaps years. That’s really important to me. Because I once lived a life so full of stress it was making me ill.

To be stress free, or almost, has been my big dream. I know it is the foundation of wellbeing. It is the way for me to enjoy my life and follow my passions. I also recognise that I didn’t achieve this all by myself. My family and good friend have supported me all the way through the last few years of change. Turning to others for help or inspiration has also been a key part of making positive outcomes. Especially my Guide Team. Each time I have felt like giving up they have been there boosting and encouraging me. That’s why I am so passionate about everyone else finding their Guide Team. It’s an amazing positive to have in my life.

Now I am determined that I’m turning an optimistic face to my future. Whatever the Universe bring to me will end up having a positive outcome. Even if it is also challenging whilst I’m in it. Find the guidance and inspiration. Look forward to a good life. And enjoy your journey.

Day 791 of my blogging challenge

Hiccups? All Part Of The Rebalancing

hiccupsI had a short bout of hiccups today. Both physical ones and life ones. All to do with the flow of energy through my day of course. A little bit of an uncomfortable feeling for a while but nothing to get stressed about.

In fact the physical hiccups got me thinking about the little niggly things that happened. And why I might be feeling niggled at all. I love it when everything is going smoothly. When my plans work, I suppose. When things go off plan it sometimes catches me without a back up plan and that’s something that irritates me still. I have been practicing going with the flow for a long time. But every now and again I get a reminder that I’m not quite there yet. A hiccup throws me out and I have to rebalance.

I know that the energy at the moment is all about rebalancing. So the hiccups have given me a chance to practice letting things unfold the way they are. They have also helped me to see what situations still get me reaching for my stress head. Instead of staying in the calm and peace of ‘everything works out in the end’. That’s really important to me. If I don’t know what the stressors are I can wander blindly along collecting more of that energy. And I’m on a mission to reduce my stress to zero. I’m doing that for two reasons. Firstly, I enjoy my life when I am not stressing about the experiences I’m having. Secondly, I am staying clear of the stuck energy stress can collect up for me.

In my work to connect with Energy Beings having a muddy aura gets in the way of the communication. Stress energy makes my aura muddy. Therefore catching myself before I get any stress is a vital part of my work discipline. The hiccups today got my attention. I stepped back from the stress. And my aura is clear. If you are working to connect with non-physical beings take a look at the way you handle your stress.

Day 790 of my blogging challenge

Puzzle It Out! Dreaming Messages Again

puzzleWhat a dream filled night! And day! Yes, I’ve been getting messages through my vivid dreams again. But, as usual, I’ve been left to puzzle the messages out. If only my Guides could make it super simple for me.

I love the way my guide team want to let me know what is happening. However they often have to work their way around my Ego Mind. It doesn’t like to let go of the control it thinks I have over my life. So sometimes I get a string of vivid dreams to get a message across to me. Yet I can also be left with a puzzle. Today I started a thread on my Facebook page because of last night’s dreams. It was interesting to see how many of us had the same themes popping up. It got me thinking about the Divine Feminine energy I have been receiving. And the task we all have to make a great change in the way this world operates.

The dreams had lots of vehicles in them. Houses and rooms. People who hadn’t been around for many years. Or who were already on the higher side. Even a baby or two. Healing and rebalancing also featured. I got a very clear feeling that a wave of justice was on it’s way in. That I would be helping people get turned around and stepping into their own spiritual mission once they had realigned themselves. Perhaps it was an example of our mass dream taking place on the Spirit side of life. Something the indigenous people of Australia talk about. I wondered if all of my ‘tribe’ were dreaming about these big themes because we had to work together to puzzle it out.

Certainly the dreams send a message of movement, or getting moving, new beginnings and a recognition of the Guides who are with us. Of the ties we make across time and outside of time. Because there are many layers to any dream I will, no doubt, keep returning to the puzzle I’ve been left. Or even dream more dreams with other bits of the whole. Is it time to go to sleep yet?

Day 789 of my blogging challenge

Angelic Support: Help Is On Hand If You Ask

angelicThere are days I know I don’t want to live through again. I know I’m not the only one who finds some things in life extremely challenging. But I am sure I get through with the hep of angelic support. Like tiny miracles the right kinds of help appear in front of me.

Thankfully those days are few and far between. The feeling that life has sucked away all of my energy and the gloom of events is pulling me under. Or that something is happening that leaves me stunned and numb. Loosing a loved one certainly made me feel like that. Struggling with poor health definitely got me feeling that way. Juggling my pennies and what seemed like a non-existent income pushed me into that gloom. Yet in the middle of it all I remembered to ask for help from the angels. From being a small girl I was always encouraged to reach out to the angelic realm when I needed anything. Anything at all. And if, at times, it seemed like they didn’t deliver I was advised to keep asking.

It’s actually turned into a life long habit. Made more significant for me when I started to sense the angelic realm for myself. Until that point I was taking their assistance on trust. As if the help that seemed to turn up could have had a logical explanation. Because I was somewhat at war with myself over what I believed. Eventually I had conversations with angels. And I don’t actually care if anyone else feels they are real or not. They became real to me. So I have continued to ask for their support. I have also learned to ask the people around me for support too. Not always directly. But certainly finding a way to request and get help. So when I am deeply troubled the angelic realm is my first call. Followed by a shout out to everyone else around me.

To me living means meeting each day’s events as best I can. If those events floor me or wobble me I will always turn to my angelic companions for help. And I accept everything they send me knowing they are doing their best to lift me. If your day takes a turn for the worst ask the angels to get you through it, to smooth it over or to send you the people down here you need. Asking takes only a moment and I know the angels like to give.

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