Abstract Energy Painting: Clear The Mind & Do It

abstractI feel very blessed today. I’ve been wrapped in the energy of ArchAngel Etieliel channelling his energy into paintings. He likes to create abstract pieces so that the energy transfer is emotional rather than structured. And I am always excited to see what will emerge from our blending.

As I let him take over my hands we chatted about the process of channelled abstract paintings. I am always interested in how the Energy Beings choose to work with us because there are so many ways they do. My Guide Team encouraged me to start being creative with art nearly ten years ago now. Over that time I have worked with several different techniques. Depending on which Energy Being stepped forward to connect with me. Each adventure into a new way of working, with a new connector, has been a bit nerve wracking. But very rewarding. I love the pictures I have produced. Many of them have gone off to new homes. New homes where they can radiate the energy to every one who needs it.

I believe that more of us can work with Energy Beings to create pieces of abstract work that contains their energy. But are held back by believing that they can’t paint. That was the case for me. Until my Guides helped me to get over my fear. They encouraged me to get the materials they needed. Then they asked me to clear my mind as much as possible. When I was ready I started to play with the paint. Not focussing on what I was producing. Noticing but nor reacting when my hand and arm tingled. The signal that the connection was being made. And energy was flowing into the piece I was working on. In fact clearing my mind left me able to go with the experience rather than challenge what was happening. Letting the abstract image bring itself out of the materials.

It took me a while to perfect a resistance free method. My Ego mind wanted the abstract paintings to look like something. After all that’s the way it sees the world. Yet my Intuitive mind was keen to let the end result be whatever it was meant to be. So I persevered. With the love and support of my Guides. Is it time to listen to your Guide Team and get creative with colour, sound, materials? Positive loving energy can be transferred in so many ways. Remember, you have so much to give if only you try.

Day 1000 of my blogging challenge

Striving For The Best: Connections To Love

strivingIt was my live broadcast this evening. Although I was striving for the best of connections the wi fi was patchy. Yet the love flowed through from the Archangels all the same.

It’s not the first time I’ve had to work with wi fi that faded out and in again. Nor with energy connections that switch on and off. In fact it makes me smile how similar connecting with non-physical beings can be to chatting online when the signal is erratic. When I first started channelling I got quite frustrated with myself about the way the signal could suddenly drop. Especially as I was striving to make the connection as strong as possible. My Guides were very loving though. They helped me to understand that the signal strength also depended on the energy I was surrounded by. And the way I was feeling and thinking too. So I focused on getting as good as I could in balancing my own energy and holding it steady.

That meant striving to love myself more. So that I could be relaxed when other energies interfered with the connection. Because that happens sometimes. Especially if what is being channelled through is likely to have a big impact. And share more love around. In fact my good friend Alan Cox and I always laugh about this. When I join him on his radio show we often get ‘interference’ in the energy. Interference designed to hide the message and make sure it gets lost. But I don’t give in to that. Because the Energy Beings always find another way to make sure they are heard. They direct their messages to lots of other people who are also striving to make strong connections. So that, in the end, many of us are helping to spread the love.

If you have been striving to connect with your Guides and wondering why the signal is a bit iffy keep going. It’s natural that the connection will fade and then strengthen. What matters is sharing the loving energy of these Beings. And passing on that loving vibration to all of those who you are connected to in the material world.

Day 994 of my blogging challenge

Jumbled Up: When We Carry Too Much For Others

jumbledSometimes my energy gets jumbled up. Especially when there is a lot of extra energy flying about. I can get so muddled I sort of forget which energy is actually me.

That used to happen a lot when I was learning to open up my intuitive abilities. Especially when the Energy Beings stepped in too. I found I was handling not only my energy and the energy of the physical people around me but the non-physical energies too. It made for a full head a lot of the time. Until I learned to narrow my focus and cut down the amount of energy I had in my aura. Closing energy off is as important as opening up otherwise the jumbled thoughts, impressions and feelings really get tangled. Like a mad plate of spaghetti with no end or beginning. It took me quite a while, with a lot of assistance from my Gatekeeper Guide, to get to the point where my head could handle all the energy signals. But that left me, for a time, confused, uncertain and full of doubt.

This jumbled stage is entirely normal. Only I didn’t know that back then. Because no one told me the connections would hit me all in one go. Once my ‘door’ was open wide enough. So I understand how much of a challenge it can be to sort it all out. I was reminded of that again today. A day where there was a lot of energy flowing around from other human beings. And where the Energy beings were also trying to attract my attention. I found myself muddled about what I was experiencing. And I needed to stop, pause, for a little to sort it all out. So that I could act from my own energy. Not from the prompting of other people’s energy. And I could establish a clear connection to my Guides. My work is dependent on that clear connection. Pausing was vital. Sorting out was a priority.

When you find your head is all jumbled up take a break. Step out of everything for a moment or two. Ask yourself ‘is this my feeling or thought?’ Also ‘is this someone else’s feeling or thought?’ Get your Guides to help you by asking them to point you in the right direction. And pay attention to your heart. What feels like it is you? And what doesn’t. Trust only what you feel is your thought or feeling. Then get on with doing what you have worked out is best for you.

Day 990 of my blogging challenge

Claresentience: On Feeling More Not Less

claresentienceI have very strong claresentience. I feel the presence of other people, sometimes physically and sometimes emotionally. Most times both. So it makes sense that the Energy Beings first used that intuitive sense to communicate with me.

However, it was a lot like learning a very unfamiliar language. Because how much do we really pay attention to our feelings? I know I suppressed mine a lot more than I let them out. And sometimes I was so muddled I had no idea what I was feeling either. Yet opening up to my claresentience meant I had to start learning my own feelings too. Though it started very much with experiencing a tingle through my body. Rather than emotions. A tingle I though was some sort of shiver effect. But as soon as I started to pay attention to it it developed into something stronger. I began to feel like someone was touching my hand. or my shoulder.

That distinct feeling of a hand touching me alerted me to a whole lot more sensations. Soon I could feel a hand stroking my hair. Or a finger tickling my cheek. Then I noticed that I felt a watch on my wrist or a ring on my finger. Or my ears being pulled. Eventually my claresentience started to involve feelings. Unexpected sensations of love, anger, tearfulness. And, of course, all of those feelings could have been mine. So I had to start asking myself who the feelings really belonged to. Especially if they came up when I was giving messages or was around other people. This development of my psychic sense of feeling accompanied the development of my other intuitive senses too. So picking the strands of information apart took some time.

Now my claresentience adds up to much more than tingles or an occasional feeling. When I want it I receive a constant and accurate flow of feelings and physical sensations to help me deliver a good message or channelling. If you are interested in connecting with Energy Beings let yourself notice the sensations. And start asking who the feelings belong to. I’m certain you will get some interesting answers.

Day 980 of my blogging challenge

Shifting Stuck Energy: Release The Feelings!

Shifting stuck energyOnce I identify stuck energy then I have to get involved in shifting it. Of course I could carry on holding all of that stuck energy. But that will only wear me down and wear me out!

When I started to use my intuition and develop my connections through mediumship I quickly realised that I had very muddled energy. Scanning my aura and my physical body I found loads of old emotions. Emotions that I thought I had got rid of a long time ago. My Guides helped me see how the stuck energy was involving me in more and more effort. Just to carry the energy. They suggested that I start shifting it as soon as possible. I also discovered that big chunks of energy actually came from other people. They had blasted me with their feelings. And I had ended up carrying the energy for them. That hardly seemed fair.

So first I started working on protecting my energy. Moving through my day in a bubble of positive, loving energy.

That way I became aware of what I was feeling. Instead of what everyone else, the world even, was feeling. It gave me a choice. Instead of adding more to my stuck energy I could feel the feeling there and then. And get rid of it. To get rid of my current feelings I knew I had to speak them out somehow. Or turn the energy into being useful for something else. I learned that shifting my feelings meant telling others, writing them down or standing in the middle of nowhere and shouting it out. It was also energy I could use to do my housework, go for a walk or do the gardening. That helped me get a clear space to start tackling the old stuff.

Shifting old stuff often involves me overcoming a whole lot of resistance to doing so.

That’s one of the hardest bits to understand. I know I want to get rid of the old energy. But  the fearful part of my Ego Mind thinks it’s going to be hard. That I might actually have to re-experience past hurts and pains. However, these old energies act as a hook on which current energy can get caught. Meaning more stuck energy builds up. So the old energy has to go somehow. I’ve used meditating on what isn’t mine and seeing it lift off me like a cloud. Or I’ve sat in my Reiki grid and watched the old ties fade away to nothing. My journaling has been a positive way to get the stuck stuff out into the open. Then I can use the Violet Flame energy to dissipate it. Or I try shifting it down my body and out through my feet into the Earth.

Then there is the inspiration of my Guides.

They do their best to help me overcome the resistance I feel by giving me messages of support. My Guides also help me if I get stuck on what I’m actually trying to clear. They gently prod me and push information into my consciousness so I know what I have to let go. I also get to do the work in my dreams too.  Because this is a great way to work with the emotions and not have to worry that they are flooding into my waking life. My Guides send me plenty of positive, healing energy so that I can fill the empty spaces with it. That way I’m less likely to take the stuck energy back on.  Finally, I pay attention to the energy flowing around all of us. I wait for the times when there is a strong, positive energy flow that I can tap into.

Shifting stuck energy is a lot to do with recognising I want to let it go. And turbulent energy often brings stuff to the surface for me to recognise too. Then taking some action. Almost any action. So long as my intention is to let it go. So I have to be firm with my Ego Mind when it tries to hang on. I love myself enough to be tough and let go. Do you?

Day 971 of my blogging challenge

Humbug: Sensing Behind The Masks I Wore

humbugMy Guides often remind me to be my authentic self. Especially when it’s tempting to be one up or down. Or when I stumble across humbug. Either my own. Or the hypocrisy of others.

I know we have all put on masks. We want people to like us or approve of us. So we hide the parts of ourselves that we judge and find wanting. As soon as I started to engage more with my intuition I realised something very important. I could sense very clearly when I was lying to myself. When I had slipped on a mask so that other people would approve of me. Similarly I could also sense the masks of others. Those times when the people around me were talking humbug. For whatever reason. It made me ask my Guides what use my intuition was going to be if all it showed me was that people had masks firmly in place. I was rather surprised by the answer. Identifying my own masks would be easier when other people mirrored them to me.

Because the real issue they wanted me to focus on was my own humbug. Our communications would be stronger if I was my authentic self. So I began the process of taking off my masks one by one. Every time I spotted someone else’s humbug I looked for where that was in me. Each signal or sensing was a gift. Giving me a chance to remove the inauthentic parts of me. Last night, in the middle of the night, dealing with difficult circumstances, I spotted another one. A little part of me that had been hiding. But one that was very powerful in pushing me to complain to myself.  Yet not to actually voice what I wanted to say. A small unauthentic moment. But an important one.

It showed me how quickly I now pick up on my own humbug. That gives me an opportunity to deal with my situations more honestly. Which also helps me resist putting on more masks. I am also comfortable with the masks other people wear. Much as I might wish them to take off their masks I understand that choosing to do so is a process. One that takes time to undertake. Just like the time it has taken me to boost my connections to my Guides.

Day 962 of my blogging challenge

Communicating With Yourself First Opens The Door

communicatingI’ve been thinking about my journey into mediumship today. And how communicating with non-physical beings sort of crept up on me. Bit by bit. Quite a lot of the time I was unaware of one of the ways that the door to their realm could be opened. Instead I seemed to spend quite a lot of my time talking to myself.

Communicating with myself is, of course, something I’ve done all of my life. Billions of thoughts have crossed my mind. Information about feelings and sensations. Plans, dreams, fears and hopes. Worries of all kinds. Discussions of the right and wrong of any action. All of the analysis I have done to find meaning in my life. It’s all been there. It feels like a constant chatter that only switches down when I am asleep. But even in sleep the communication continues. My brain is never really silent. Yet in amongst all of that activity there were also messages and information from my Guides. However it took me a long time to find it because of all the other stuff filling my head.

Communicating with Guides became a lot easier once I started to deal with the chatter in my head. Not by shutting it up. But by listening to it and sorting it out. It’s amazing how many worries I had that were unlikely to happen. How many fears I allowed to run riot and shove me into defensive actions. All sorts of meaning that I had decided mattered to me. So that I was stuck in trying to achieve far too much. I realised that my thoughts were out of balance. Too many should, musts and oughts. A mind full of things to restrict or limit me. And I realised I had been carrying all of these for far too long. So I started to let them go. To deal with them. And to answer myself in positive ways.

Communicating with my deeper self also helped me to make some space to recognise the thoughts that belonged with others. Because there were plenty of these. Judgements, advice, instructions and rules I had taken on. And there, right in the middle of this muddle was the loving, encouraging and supportive energy of my Guides. Waiting to help me open a completely new door. I stepped through, never looking back. Is it time for you to find your new door too?

Day 961 of my blogging challenge

Persistence Pays Off: Or A Tale About Stubbornness

persistencePersistence. That’s what I like to call it. When I’m doing readings for people I like to make sure that the information I give is as accurate as possible. It’s one of the things I feel makes a good reading evidential. And I do admit to being tenacious, stubborn, strong willed and dogged when I need to be.

It takes a lot of persistence to get through the doubts, conflicting information and frustration of trying to communicate with beings who are not physically present in this reality. A lot of my progress in communicating came from the discipline of working at it every day. I pestered my Guides for information and explanations. I set up my rules about the way I wanted to work. Then had to redefine them as new experiences took me into adventures I had never dreamed of having. It’s the same about my blog, my book and my art. I’ve been stubborn to the nth degree. Once I set off doing these creative activities I insisted to myself that I would keep going until I reached my goals.

So the persistence makes it very special when I get wonderful feedback. My book is doing well with positive reviews and comments. My blog is nearing the end. It’s been a mammoth task but so many people seem to have benefited. And my artwork is going out into the world and gathering very positive comments. Finally, my readings are something I am particularly proud of. Even I am amazed by the accuracy that the Spirit visitors bring. Insisting to my Guides that I wanted information I couldn’t possibly know has filled these sessions with all sorts of fascinating and truthful bits and pieces. Now I know I can apply that persistence, tenacity, stubbornness and strong will to anything I have to deal with in my life.

I’m proud to claim my persistence. And equally proud to acknowledge my stubbornness. I have come so far from where I started. I have work that I love, creativity all around me and many new adventures waiting for me. Is it time to stick to your dreams, persist and achieve them?

Day 957 of my blogging challenge

An Inventory Of My Don’ts: Breaking Old Habits

inventoryI know that old patterns die hard. Today I spent a little time taking an inventory of my don’ts. Thos things that will lead me back into old habits. As many things I could think of so I could avoid behaviours that pull me or hold me back.

My Guides always tell me that I an unique. They remind me to see all my life’s experiences as opportunities to help me love me better. However they also recognise that I have been and can be stuck in self defeating behaviours and attitudes. Beliefs that prevent me from making the best of myself. So every now and again they encourage me to make a list, take stock, have an inventory of my don’ts. To remind me what I have stopped doing. And to help me avoid staring doing them again. It also felt important to do this today because I am into the last fifty of my blogs. A record of nearly three years of my life. When I think about my blogs I can see some very clear messages about how to live my life going forward.

When my daily blog no longer provides a space for me to clear my mind before ending my day. I will still have these writings to refer back to. Because I have written through the good days and the not so good ones. Keeping an inventory of the challenges that I worked through. A record of my achievements and prototypes. All of the ways so far that I have explored being a Spirit in a human body. It’s interesting that some of my don’ts have settled in easily. Whilst others have required my constant attention and vigilance. That gives me a lot more to think about. To understand more completely what this blended being is that I call Annie.

I believe that we spend time here to embrace the absence of love. To learn how to recognise and love ourselves as completely as possible. And that enlightenment occurs once we can love our Spirt/Human self in spite of the events that happen to us in this material world. So the dont’s inventory is a great way to make sure I have swapped to loving me enough to be kind to me. Is it time you took inventory too?

Day 951 of my blogging challenge

Transformation: Letting Guides Show You The Way

transformationI’ve always been intrigued when new Guides start to make their presence felt. I feel as if a transformation has started. From one Guide to the next. And by implication from one me to the next.

Several months ago I started to get a physical signal from a new Guide. He has told me the name he would like me to use for him. Although I know from experience that he has not given me his correct name yet. Because this process of getting to know one another is founded on faith and trust. It’s also build on the changes occurring within me. I am going through another transformation. It happens every time I pass a spiritual test, clear more of the stuck energy and progress to a a new level of self understanding. Working in the service of Guides is always about getting to a new level of understanding me. So that I can reassure others that changing is always a better option. And, of course, be of more service.

However, the transformation is not to rewrite my personality or my characteristics. The change is to become more ‘me’. My Guide Team expands every time I discover another aspect of me to integrate. It might be the painter me. Or the writer me. It could be the healing me. Even the challenging me. As a Spirit I have wisdom and skills from other lifetimes. Along with the wisdom of my Guides. They can see the talents that I find it hard or impossible to acknowledge. And the encourage me to use them. To play with the idea of what else I might be able to do. Transformation, for my Guides, is about learning to be joyful in exploration. Taking a chance on an adventure and seeing where it will all lead. Learning to be brave about being me.

People often ask how they can get in touch with Guides. First, ask them to talk to you. Second, pay attention to what you feel. And not to what you think. Finally, be open to the extraordinary within your everyday life. Understand that your Guides are there. Because all you have to do is take the first step towards them.

Day 949 of my blogging challenge