Changing Things or Staying the Same.

imageI’m off on my travels again soon. The chance to go and stay in an old monastery was too good to miss. I’m looking forward to some time to write. Or reflect. Or both. My life has been so full of change recently. I need my retreat!

I had to find my passport so I could check in online. Ploughing through all of my filing – ok, random piles of paper – I asked myself why I put things in safe places then can’t find them. It seems that particular habit is hard to change. I could find all sorts of paperwork from four years ago but nothing for the last three months. Since I know my postman does call here regularly I can only assume that I’ve found a really safe, not to say really secret, place for my bills. Having eventually found my passport in a bag under a pile of other random stuff I asked myself How to go about changing this habit.

It’s not as if I haven’t had to search for my passport before. On one famous occasion the day before I was due to travel I had a side trip to Liverpool Passport Office to get a new passport. Only to find the old one in a suitcase the next morning. It’s the same with my birth certificate. I know I’ve got it somewhere. It’s sure to be safe. Only it’s gone into hiding. In my valuables drawer – ok it has some sentimental birthday cards, my daughter’s birth certificate and one or two crystals in it – I have the other passports I’ve had. Plus a library card from when I was a teenager. And an old photo. I store these in a place I can find them. I guess I must like the excitement (stress!) of turning everything up side down once in a while.

At least looking for something let me throw away a lot of old papers. Something else I need to consider changing.

I know that I keep paperwork long past any useful time. Perhaps it’s because being self employed for 18 years I am used to keeping things for six years in case the tax man calls. It sounds like I have a good excuse but I suspect I’m a hoarder at heart. I always wonder if something will come in useful just after I might have thrown it away. So I keep it. Or if it has some ‘life’ left in it yet. I’m especially resistant to changing when it comes to getting rid of clothes. Having said all of the above, I have noticed I’m getting better. Slowly but surely I am clearing things out.

When I look at my life and the world as a flow of energy it’s easier to see where I get stuck. Possessions are only necessary in the moment. After all, I don’t know how much future I have and the past is a place I no longer want to visit. All I really need are memories in my mind.  Making a change by practicing remembering the good stuff and not holding on to the material stuff of the past has been a great step forward for me. I like that I can travel lighter. In the same way as I’ve learned to pack a really small bag for my travels I understand that I carry my memories with me all the time. I’ve learned to store the best ones and forget the challenging ones. After all, there is nothing I can do about the times it all went wrong.

That’s a key point for me. Making changes is also about working out what went well and what didn’t.

I would like to hope that I’m better at reflecting on how things turn out. Back to the retreat again. Stepping back from my everyday concerns, even for a short while, helps me to work out what changes are necessary next. I believe that we all try to do our best for ourselves and the people around us. It doesn’t always work out that way. Yet unless we look at what the unexpected outcomes have been how can we improve the way we act in the world? Change is a process of small, or occasionally giant, steps from what I have been to what I will become. The things in me that have ‘worked’ will stay the same. They are my foundation. But the rest of me must move, change, respond to different challenges.

Perhaps my paperwork will always be a bit messy. I guess I don’t believe that the time spent tidying it is worth the reward of findings things quickly. Who can say? One day I might find it necessary for me to set about changing that habit too, lol.

Day 290 of my blogging challenge.

Balance the Energy by Boosting your Vibration

imageOne of the things I do as a teacher is to hold the energy of my group. By that I mean that I keep an eye on what energy everyone is radiating so that I can make sure we all blend together. I make it all balance.

The reason for making a balance happen is so that we can all learn together in a positive way. When I started teaching about intuition I didn’t have any particular vision of how it would go. My Guides had asked me to start doing workshops for other people so that’s what happened. As I ran my first few I know I was learning as much as the people attending them. Not particularly about the subject, but certainly about working in energy. Energy that I can’t see, touch or sense with my physical senses.

I’ve been fascinated by the ideas of quantum physics and string theory for a long time. Perhaps it’s because of all those science fiction books I read, lol. Understanding consciousness, what reality is and how I experience the world have been a life-long passion. So when I began my journey into mediumship looking at the world as energy rather than as a fixed state was easier than I expected. The idea that we are all really energy did still tie me up in knots from time to time. How could something so solid be a wave form instead! My Guides helped a lot. They gave me pictures, stories and models that made the energy world a lot more meaningful.

They needed to help me balance the solid with the fluid of our human experiences. I had to understand the impact of willpower on what is manifested into existence. I admit it took me some time.

The reason I had to understand was so that I could move beyond what I could observe about people into what I could sense about people. I’m sure I, like everyone else, settle a lot of the time for what I can see. So anyone who can keep a poker face can be hard to ‘read’. Someone who is smiling at me may actually be very unhappy with me. Not all smiles are genuine. After all we pay people vast sums of money to make movies that are full of false smiles. So if someone is good at making their face a mask I may take them at face value. I could actually be very wrong to do so.

I’ve also found that people smile when they are feeling really fed up, angry, fearful or upset. We call it putting a brave face on. But it’s actually a false face. I know there have been many times when I felt uncomfortable with someone but didn’t know why until afterwards. I realised eventually that their energy was telling me one thing but their appearance was suggesting the opposite. How to deal with this? It became a much bigger issue when I was leading groups. Then I found I could have a real mixed up muddle of energy but lots of smiley, happy people. As I explored how to recognise and sort this energy out I learned one of my best lessons. If someone’s energy was out of balance it pulled the energy of the whole group out too.

Once again I looked to my Guides for help. Thankfully they were ready to help me sort it out.

They showed me how to ‘feel’ the different energy strands, follow the ‘colour’ of each flow and notice where it was blocked or out of shape. I found it was a bit like untangling a ball of wool that a kitten has been playing with. It I concentrated I could decode each strand of energy – each person’s signal – so I knew if they were in a positive flow or not. As the energy flows out and between each of us I could also see where there was too much emphasis on low vibrational energy. I could then apply more positive energy to that point and ‘free’ the participants to work in a better blend with each other. The balance achieved generally took the group from slower connections to improved connections.

Of course not everyone responded to the positive energy. Some people carry too much low vibration with them at all times. Yet to connect successfully it really is important to be in the most positive energy you can find. I know that anyone opening up their intuition will have to clear out old, stuck feelings that are low vibration. However, connecting isn’t the only positive thing to happen if you do get rid of fear, anger, hate etc. etc. etc. When you pay attention to the energy you give off and make sure it is positive life gets a whole lot better. I know this for certain. It’s something I’ve learned by my own experiences. As I struggled to bring a balance of feelings into my own life I noticed that staying positive works.

Even more exciting, that positive feeling generates more positive feelings in me. And if I share my positive energy then others start to share the positivity back. We come into balance with each other.

That is a really great outcome. It means that even if I’m surrounded by people who are in their lower emotions, full of anxious, worrisome or distressing thoughts, I can alter that if they are willing to accept a blast of positive energy from me. I call it my sunbeam moments. A short blast of the light, bright, loving energy, that comes from the Universe and is free to all, is all it takes. Why not join me in some sunbeam moments?

Day 289 of my blogging challenge.

Finding Dory, Finding Family

imageFor the third time in as many weeks I was back in Leeds today. Time for more shopping and a day out as a family.

Finding mum and daughter time between work, education and all the normal stuff of everyday life can be hard. I was determined to spend some time with my daughter before she disappears back into college for the rest of the year. Since she needed some things for the start of her course a trip out became the plan. On the train we sorted out the list of shopping. We also sorted out where we might get what we needed. Though I knew our first stop would be coffee and a cake. One of my little treats, lol.

As I wandered around the shops with her it was interesting to notice how much she has retained her ability to do her own thing. Even when she was small she always picked what clothes she wanted to wear. The fashions around at the moment got a bit of a thumbs down too. So I was secretly relieved that we did find a couple of things she did want to wear. However, before we got into any serious shopping I remembers a discussion I’d had with someone a couple of days ago. They were talking about the Disney/Pixar film Finding Dory. My daughter loved Finding Nemo. Was trip to the cinema on the cards?

Fortunately there was a cinema in the centre of Leeds showing the movie. We hurried off. Finding the cinema was our challenge.

I sat in the movie delighted that once again Pixar had done brilliantly. Both of us had laughed and cried. There had been a reminder of our trip to Disneyland Paris. Best of all, I got to spend some off planet time with the person who I care about most. And we both decided in our post film critique that the story was very spiritual. I don’t know quite when my daughter started to understand the back story from a spiritual perspective. She had always been a thoughtful, observant girl. I remember I sat with her as a young child as we watched Studio Ghibli films. She would get to the heart of the story immediately.

Today we talked about finding our true nature, our family and our abilities. I know it’s easy to forget that I am unique. Time after time the voice inside my head tells me to put myself down. I know one of the hardest things is to remember what you can offer to the world. It’s even harder telling myself that I have to do what I’m good at. All sorts of things have happened to me to make me feel and think that I can’t be good at anything. That’s were a strong family connection can help. We talked about that. Our family isn’t only the blood relatives we have. I’m pleased to say my daughter has a much wider definition of family. Both of us have had the love and support of people who started as friends but who are now definitely family.

That’s what it’s all about. I know life is about finding connections to other people. Positive connections that keep you afloat when the seas of life are rough.

Positive connections that I’m sure will help bring out the best in me. I am very fortunate to have a family who want me to be the best me I can be. Not by their expectations. But because they love me warts and all. I have found acceptance and understanding within my family. My daughter and I often talk about when you find your tribe. I love every member of my tribe family. I love them warts and all. How wonderful that the films young children are watching now contain such positive messages. I could, of course, be cynical and say that’s what sells movies. Yet how wonderful that parents are wanting their children to see movies that are uplifting and spiritual. I hope those adults of the future watching Finding Dory today will remember to be unique, loving and most of all, find their tribe.

Day 288 of my blogging challenge.

A Quiet Moment of Calm

imageSome times days stand out because they are quiet. I like it when I have space to relax and take it easy.

It’s a holiday weekend. My town has been busy as people take the opportunity to have an extra day off work. I have had a chance to sit quietly in the Centre. After a busy week I have welcomed the chance for some peace and quiet. I know that I need to step out of the busy, busy, busy energy every now and again. It’s too easy for me to keep doing and doing. Yet having time to myself, to do something that relaxes me, is very important.

In one period of my life I would have felt very guilty to be taking time away from work or busy-ness. At another period I would have been trying to distract myself from a life that felt out of control. And I also know that at certain points in my life being quiet, being with myself, was scary. Yet now the quiet moments always help me to feel calm. I know I am grounded because I can enjoy the peaceful flow of energy. In these moments I can be free of having to do, say or be any other way. There are no expectations being placed on me. Not even my own. Quiet moments are the spaces where I can switch off the thoughts and feelings. My attention can wander freely wherever it wishes.

As I sat listening to the music on the CD, or reading my new book, or gazing at the cloudy sky I stepped out of time.

That’s another thing I notice about being quiet. I had no idea what time it was. Several hours melted away unnoticed. How wonderful to stop time for a while. To remove myself from the pressure of time passing. Or from having to pass time. When that happens my Guides tell me it’s the closest we can get to understanding the Afterlife in this life. Everything is now for the Spirit World. My loved ones are so occupied by what is happening now that past and future cease to exist. I like the idea that I can experience a sort of nowness that is similar to their experiences after the have died. It makes me feel that they aren’t so far away after all.

In my quiet moments I can be more alongside my loved ones. Best of all, they can be more alongside me. I am giving them space to sit with me, share with me and be with me on their terms. It may have been a quiet, calm day yet I know it was full of companionship, love and laughter too.

Day 287 of my blogging challenge.

Recall It All: Past, Present, Future

imageSometimes I’m sure my Guides must be fed up with me. It’s taken me at least a couple of weeks to work out something that has been bothering me. Today I had a lightbulb moment. I worked it out.

Most of the time nowadays I look at the world as energy rather than as a material place. I recall my experiences as a flow of energy so that I can look at them from a different point of view. It helps me unravel what is going on so I can make better choices. I also look at the world as energy because I’m part aura, part solid. The solid bit is ruled by time and space but the aura can flow here, there and every when. That’s how I can pick up on what is coming towards me.

I go and look at the leading edge of the energy I’m about to receive. Not because I feel I can change it. After all, what you give out has to come back. But to see if I can give myself more choices in how to deal with whatever is on it’s way. For a few weeks I’ve known that I would be sending out another Earth’s ArchAngel Energy Wave. ArchAngel Comeliel will be sending her energy out next. She is the Keeper of the Akashic records and has helped me with all of my past life work. At the beginning of this week I found out the wave is going out on 1st September. I had been wondering not just when but why. I know the ArchAngels take the timing of things very seriously. So why that date?

Of course we will be in a period when Mercury has just gone retrograde (seeming to go backwards in the night sky) and there will be a New Moon to get things moving forward. Almost like one cancels out the other, I thought.

My thoughts led me to recall my own experience of getting to know the ArchAngels. Having spent a year of forward progression with the Angels and a year of retrograde afterward with them I felt this combination was significant. During that I time I also started to recall much more clearly who I was. Not only the Annie Conboy bit. I uncovered more about my energy essence, my Spirit journey and the purpose I came in with. The information was opened up to me so I could make the best choices to achieve my future in this life. It was time for me to know the truth about me.

This year is the time for everyone to make that journey. The truth about all things is gradually coming out. Sometimes it’s tumbling out. Occasionally it’s exploding out. We have to know the truth about this level of life so we can co-create a better version of reality. So what does that mean in practice. Another significant energy wave is on it’s way in. I’ve been picking it up for a couple of weeks. It’s going to be a strong blast again. Anyone who is already sensitive to the energy around us needs to take life very calmly. The wave will hit on 31st August so expect another feeling of life being turned upside down. It’s hasn’t but you will have. Understand that everyone will feel this wave but not everyone will know what to do. Be patient with yourself and them.

The wave shakes all of us up. It’s here to help our recall. It’s time for all of us to remember exactly who and what we are.

Comeliel’s wave will follow after to keep us focused on finding out. I’m sure we will be pleasantly surprised at what we uncover. After all, I know I want to help make a better world. So do most of the people I meet. Adding the Goddess energy of the New Moon into the mix will help us to dream and create bigger and better than ever before. It will be a wonderful time to send out big wishes for a world at peace, full of loving kindness and equality.

Day 286 of my blogging challenge.

Laughter Raises the Roof

imageOne of the most precious things we have is our ability to laugh. Laughter can shift even the most gloomy clouds. When I’m surrounded by  challenges that might bring me out of a positive mood I look for reasons to chuckle. Or giggle. Even just to smile a little.

Today has been a day full of laughter. There were smiles as everyone arrived at the Centre for the Reiki Refresh group. There were chuckles about the slight aches of my exercise exploits. And there was a burst of laughter when we heard my daughter’s loud chortles coming through the door. Laughter is both infectious and contagious. I know that if I smile some else will return that smile. It’s also true that when we laugh others can’t help joining in. When I do a message or a service I hope to share the chuckles. Or giggles.

That’s because I also know how much the Spirit World appreciates when we are happy. A laugh is an upbeat moment. If I can raise my vibration by appreciating the moment, the fun, the silliness, then I’m open to more of the same. It’s also true that a positive flow of feeling creates a ‘glow’ in our aura. That glow attracts the Spirits who want to communicate from their side of life. They love to bring more of that positive glow so that we are open to connecting with them. It’s because they want to share more love. I know that our loved ones want to boost the love that is around us. Even in our grief they want us to find the funny stories, the cheerful moments of memories.

If I can find the laughter even at the worst of times my loved ones know I will find the joy at the best of times.

I know it’s difficult to believe that my loved ones are there. Or it used to be. Now I have had so much proof, bit by bit, over and over, that I am sure they are there. In troubled times they have arranged for me to see the signs and signals that got me smiling again. Even when I wasn’t open enough to understand that they were communicating with me all the time. The signs were unmissable. They still are. I’m sure that whatever comes my way my Guides, family and friends on the other side will make sure I have a chance to laugh out loud. After all, they have connected me to people on this side of life who love to chuckle, chortle, giggle, guffaw and whoop.

Day 285 of my blogging challenge.

The Body Remebers Good Habits

imageToday I’ve had a fitness session with a personal trainer. I want to be more active to boost my own wellbeing. I wondered what shape my body would be in. It’s a lot of years since I did anything to exercise.

Linda worked me through some basic stretches and cardio exercises to see what work I would need to do. She also took time to see if my body was in alignment. Alignment affects how we move, balance and where we ache. It seems my right shoulder has drifted off on a tangent of it’s own. Repeated computer use (about 30 years worth, actually) because I’m right handed has shifted the way my muscles hold that shoulder. And where. I’ve got a bit of continental drift!

It explains why I also get aches and pains in my neck and right hip. So, over time my body has adjusted into a new alignment due to those repetitive movements. Now I’m getting the fall out of not sitting properly. The positive is that I can do something about it. As well as changing my posture when I work at the computer I can exercise to realign myself. Of course that will take time. But I’m looking forward to releasing all the discomfort caused by muscles and bones working in positions they weren’t meant to.

One of the wonderful positives from my session is that my body remembers all the fencing, aerobics and gym training I used to do.

I was really excited to do the lunges, stretches and box steps. Perhaps not as quickly and effortlessly as in my active days. But not bad for a layoff of rather too many years. As I though about this later it really brought home to me something I encounter a lot in my healing energy work. The body does act as an memory card for us. Significant traumas, old emotions and negative beliefs about ourselves can become stuck even in our cells. It’s quite a big thing to realise that my body is busy letting me know what I’m holding on to even when my concious mind hasn’t got a clue.

Also I’m so used to checking my chakras for alignment. I want to know that the energy is flowing up and down these power centres. If my chakras are aligned it is easier for me to connect with Energy Beings. I also want to ensure that emotions and thoughts are clearing through my aura rather than being piled up for later. Yet, until today, I rarely thought about my physical body’s alignment as part of that process. I suppose I did in a peripheral kind of way. But knowing something and acting on it are two very different things.

After all, I know that being in alignment is all about balance. My body needs balance as well as my mind, feelings and Spirit.

If I continued to let my right shoulder drift off whoever it’s decided to go, eventually I would be so much out of balance that my aches would become much more painful. With the consequence that I would find it much harder to feel and be well. Yet my body is clearly ready to forgive the drift. It remembered the moves and stretches from my old training routines. The old positive patterns are still there in me too. I know that with a little bit of effort I can reconnect to those patterns and use them to my advantage.

That’s the positive I’m taking from today. No matter how long it’s been I can get myself back into good habits. I can care for my body, making sure it is in alignment with the positive energy it is entitled to and I can have all the wellbeing I wish for myself. Thank you for the reminder Linda ?

Day 284 of my blogging challenge.

Some Days Bring Sparkle

imageThe sun sparkled. The smiles of the people around me twinkled. I’m sure my aura was shining too. It’s been one of those days.

I love those days when everything has a sparkle. The easy to float through days. Everything sparkles. They always come when I’ve taken my first steps on the right path. How do I know it’s the right path?  My whole being vibrates with a positive flow. Abundance pours over me. I can feel the excitement of change. I become aware of the birds, the smell of the trees, the laughter all around. Life has fizz. I love it so much I want more. Much more.

If you have been reading my blog you might be wondering what has happened. I’m not always good at accepting or making changes. Sometimes I hold myself back from the good stuff because I’m still debating what to do. Yet there is always a tipping point. A moment when to stay blocked will result in stagnation. The only way really is onwards and upwards. I know that recently I passed that point. Reaching deep inside I pulled out the tough love Annie I can be. I needed her to push me to my limit. To help me get unstuck.

Tough love is so important. It is the Saturn energy, or the Grandfather Samesh vibe, that pushes me onward. A blast of power to help me reach the sparkle of new beginnings.

There are times when I have to do what I have to do. Not to do so would be disrespectful to myself. There are times when I will definitely not be pleasing everyone. I wonder how often they have considered pleasing me. Respect is a mutual thing but it starts with respect for self first. When I’m lost in the confusion of change, busy weighing up everyone else’s needs and forgetting mine, tough Annie yells in my ear. She reminds me to take life less seriously.

For that’s what happens when change energy is about. All sorts of things that don’t really matter seem to become very big. It’s easy for me to forget that I’ve been around this block a lot more times than once. And that’s without remembering my past lives or those yet to come. I have to keep it clear in my head that I’m here to live a good, happy and purpose filled life. That’s because it’s what I planned for myself. It’s only me who has been making it hard. The sparkle in my day reminds me that I’ve started making easy for myself once again.

Is it time for you to notice the sparkle? To jump into the change energy and find a new beginning? Happy days ???

Day 283 of my blogging challenge.

When good stuff happens

imageIt’s been a kind of muddled energy day. Yet amongst all of the ups and downs I felt amazingly calm. It’s like I finally learned not to sweat the small stuff. Wonderful!

My emails were delayed because the server had been attacked by a Denial of Service. Apparently this happens quite a lot to host computers and companies because people think it’s a fun thing to do. Odd stuff to waste your time on really because what would the loss of the internet do? Life would still function. I know it did before the World Wide Web. I wonder why people don’t waste their time on making the Internet better for everyone so nothing is hidden. Why not target the Dark net?

The I’m sorry if I’ve already lost you. It took me a while to find out what a denial of service was though apparently the dark net has been growing just as fast as the Internet I’m used to. So, no emails for a while. Then a mobile phone signal that danced in and out. Isn’t technology wonderful when it works. Apparently it could have been atmospherics, the position of my head or, as I prefer to believe, gremlins. Energy gremlins. There must have been diary gremlins too. My appointment for this morning failed to show, or let me know. This afternoon another appointment slot has been added to a waiting list so it’s time for me to wait my turn again. That’ll be another three months then.

I could go on itemising all the irritating stuff but it isn’t important. So much good has been happening too.

I had lunch with my PartyLite Mummy, Liz, and my lovely daughter. We have a new way of working that will really suit my needs. There was chocolate cake. And we talked about my sister, who is busy on her PartyLite journey too. All of us, even Erin, are excited about discovering our Signature Scents and sharing the fun if doing so. Later in the afternoon I had a chance to do a Parashiel’s Balm treatment. I love the way people sink into that warm and comforting energy. It often takes them a little while to gather themselves after, so I know they have been wrapped in this ArchAngel’s love.

I’ve also been going through my accounts. Not my most favourite job. I like to know where I am before I send them to the accountant. There were a couple of small errors in bills I’d already paid so I will have some funds to come back. I also realised that I am doing ok enough to have an upgrade of some of my technology in the office. There are a couple of things that will really help me and I was able to order them. In the past I would have hummed and hawed about each one. I would have had to justify it to the voice in my head who believed in the fear of lack. That voice was silent today.

I know that the work I have been doing to look at myself and make changes has started to pay off.

Whether it’s business or personal stuff I can handle it much better because I am freeing myself from obligations that have limited me in the past. When good things happen it’s because I have created the right energy conditions for them to come in as presents from the Universe. That’s how I’ve been seeing everything today. The Universe is happy to reward me so long as I’m happy to receive whatever is sent in. Even the irritating bits are useful. They show me things about myself or others that I need to pay attention to. I’m being helped to make sure that what I give out I’m prepared to get back.

Staying calm, focusing on the good vibrations and loving every one and thing that is out of step with my world can only happen if I am completely honest with myself. So I haven’t looked around at what others have been doing today. I’ve been looking at me. And the most important thing I’ve been seeing is how I can improve me. How I can do, say and be better at being me. What others think or feel of me is all about them. I can’t do anything about that. Being true to me is the best feeling. No where near a perfect me. Or a saintly me. Not a me who everyone ‘knows’. I’m being true to the unique Spirit me as much as I can. Every day when I notice that the good stuff has happened I know I’ve taken a step towards the Spirit me.

Day 282 of my blogging challenge. 

Diary: Loving Myself Enough

13625373_10201848968303434_254503665621293958_nToday I bought my 2017 diary. The back of my current one is getting a bit messy as I try to sort out where I’ll be and when. Sometimes I have to smile. Actually my diary is only the potential where and when. The Universe may have a different plan!

That’s the fascination (and occasionally frustration) of living an intuitive life. I can diary something in for next week but there is no guarantee that I’ll be doing what I expect. It took me a while to get used to events and plans shifting around. Most of my life I’ve believed that it was important to control my days. To structure the chunks of time so that things got done. Yet I often had to change things around. I know that a part of that need to plan came from my Mum and Nanna. Monday was wash day. Tuesday was ironing day. Wednesday was cleaning the bedrooms … and on and on. It’s also from school. There is a timetable and lessons happen when the school thinks best not when you are at your best.

It’s the same with my working life. I guess I still cling to my diary there too. I know that it has been a slow journey from rigid working hours to working when I want. I’m going to show my age here, lol. In the 1980’s when computers suddenly became the thing to have in the workplace – all that modern technology – we worried that we would have too much leisure time. How would it be to only work 3 or 4 days a week. Or to, gasp, work from home. I find it really interesting that my freedom of working hours has come through working for myself rather than a shift in the way all work is organised. Though I still prefer a paper diary rather than the one on my phone!

Where does that leave me with time management? What am I putting in my diary? And perhaps what should I make sure doesn’t change?

I’m writing this during my Reiki Refresh session. Tonight no one else came. In my old working life I would have been stressing about that. Worrying if I had done something wrong. In my intuitive life I’m grateful that no one did come. I’ve treated myself to a lovely Reiki meditation and got some healing for me. And I can write my blog early for a change. That will give me more time to relax after another new beginnings day that was rather more stressful than I expected. I love being a Mum but sometimes the tough love is hard. The Universe understood perfectly. I got a chance to change my plans without any fuss or bother.

There is also another lesson that I need to notice. In my diary I have to have time for me. I find it hard to ignore when someone wants my time and attention. Or when I have business things to sort out. Yet I have to make sure that I have put time for me in my diary. Whatever else happens I have already blocked out my 2017 diary with my holiday weeks. I have restricted the number of church & centre services I can do. Finally, I have reorganised my working week from September this year to give me time away from work. If I choose to work at all hours of the day and night (that’s especially important when we have different time zones) there must be a balance of time off somewhere.

The key to my intuitive life is loving myself enough. Making sure that I understand my needs matter too. Giving but also being prepared to receive.

There is a lot of fear around the idea that we can be considered to be selfish. I know that the fear of that judgemental word pushed me to over compensate for a lot of my life. I took back very little of what I gave out. Even when people were desperate to give back to me. I see so many people doing the same. It’s wonderful that we care about each other. I love that it is in our nature to give rather than take. But there also has to be a balance. My Reiki Refresh is a way of letting people get used to receiving. I give. It’s something I love to do. Yet I’m happy to receive and in a roundabout way everyone who usually attends gave back to me tonight.

So whenever my diary changed unexpectedly I know that I will need that time. There will be something else I’m going to do. Something that will make perfect sense. A bit of giving or taking. An opportunity for me to look after me. I hope you can enjoy an intuitive life too. As I often tell myself ‘Go with the flow’.

Day 281 of my blogging challenge.