Words as Judgements?

imageComplete rest. Busy doing nothing. Every now and again I enjoy down time.

Although it’s not strictly true that I’ve done ‘nothing’. I did get up. I have read my books. Meals were made and eaten. At the back of my mind information was being processed even if I wasn’t paying it any attention. There was a phone signal for about an hour so I replied to a couple of messages. Even in a ‘do nothing’ day I notice that I’m not really idle.  Yet the words idle and lazy seem to carry big judgements too.

It’s interesting to me. The idea that if we aren’t running around piled up with tasks somehow we consider that to be lazy or idle. Yet in spiritual terms to sit silent and in contemplation is to devote myself to apparently doing nothing. I find stepping out of tasks or activities a challenge. Perhaps that is why I and so many other people have struggled to learn to meditate. In this modern world we seem keen to keep occupied every last second of the day. And sitting down to meditate is placed in the category of ‘doing nothing’. So perhaps I had to overcome some guilt caused by meditating. Perhaps I had to remove the judgement about what counts as laziness. And perhaps I had to learn that it’s ok to devote time to me rather than other people.

I am not a lazy person. I enjoy being busy. But would it matter if I was lazy or didn’t enjoy being busy? After all it’s only words.

I’ve thought about that a few times today. Who set the definition of laziness. Who’s standards am I applying? Of course I recognise that my parents had a view about laziness created by their life experiences. And the faith schools I attended placed a value on work and productivity arising out of their particular set of beliefs. I live in a country where the Industrial Revolution influenced ideas about basic necessities only being available to those who were prepared to work long hours in difficult conditions. It seems there are layers of meaning in the idea of laziness. I respond not only to my own view of this word but to all of these influences.

Even my statement I’m not a lazy person implies a judgement on others who appear to do more or less than me. Is it better to produce acres of widgets or to spend time on an inner journey producing self awareness? And why do I measure being busy anyway. I guess that’s why I love psychology so much. I’m trying to understand how I tick. What motivates me. I always feel that if I can strip away my assumptions, take the judgement out of the words we use and look at life from upside down I can free more of the true me.

A new look at judgement words?

I also feel it’s time for all of us to understand the push that the words lazy and idle are designed to give us. They filter in from an idea that our contribution to the world has to be measure in widgets not inspiration. That to spend time on personal growth or self development is an add on. I wonder if the end result of the push to be productive has really been to withdraw us from our spiritual connections almost completely? No wonder I need a retreat.

Day 254 of my blogging challenge. 

Going Away in the Heart

imageWe are going off grid again. I can’t wait for another retreat from the energy currently going around. No phone signal or wifi and the chance to do some reading. Or thinking. And certainly connecting with my inner guidance in my heart.

I’ve been reading James Redfield’s books again. Starting with the Celestine Prophecy he laid out a series of steps humanity would have to follow in order to make changes to the world based in our love for one another. In a wonderful synchronicity I also started to reread a book by Brian Bates called The Real Middle Earth. This book takes me back to how it was in the first 1000 years of this country after Christ is said to exist. Commonly called the Dark Ages, because we didn’t write much down, the book offers a different perspective. It’s about culture and spirituality under threat from invaders. The old ways are going. New influences are taking root.

If fact, this little island has been invaded so many times in the last two thousand years that being able to accommodate new influences has become one of our greatest skills. When I think about karma it seems that our approach to building an Empire could be seen as a payback for all those invasions. But I also think that every payback bounces into another and karma is being paid back to us too. So how do we end the fear and hatred?

I know becoming fearful and hating won’t solve any issues.

Our long history as a group of tribes that became a nation in one way or another proves that there is strength in unity. I believe that unity has to be the right kind though. What I wonder about is how it would be if we all came together out of love for one another. What would it take to shift us out of fear reactions? How do we stop seeing the ‘other’ as a threat? And most of all, how can our spiritual beliefs help us to embrace the reality that we are all exactly the same under our skins?

Those are big questions. However the only starting point I have is me. First I have to recognise my ego mind is conditioned to perceive fear in all sorts of everyday situations. I haven’t chosen this conditioning. It has been applied all around me in the attitudes and values of the society I grew up in and now live in. My parents lived through a time of war. They had life experiences that shaped their expectations. It is hard to hang on to love and hope when a feeling of security is missing. Their generation learned to be grateful for very little. Yet the fear was always underneath. The fear that everything could be taken away in an instant.

My generation grew up with that background fear as part of our energy. Perhaps it led us to want to keep the status quo.

Never upset anyone. Going along with the accepted wisdoms. Keep the peace. Store away all the material things we could. Not recognising that material life is only part of who we really are. Living in fear erodes faith. It took me a long time to realise that faith is an important quality. If I have faith in myself I can achieve whatever I want out of life. I can turn off the fear of the ego mind. If I have faith in my inner guidance I can allow myself to accept the help that is all around me. If I have faith in a higher guidance I can recognise a Divine connection that is more than me.

There is hope in this Divine connection. I can hope that all of us will find a way to the same connection. I can hope that recognising it will lead all of us to understand that we are all connected. If we can understand the connection we share then we can change how we relate to one another. So my retreat into a form of silence is my way of refreshing a connection that will help me to rise above my and other people’s fears. When it is time to act I will do so in love and connection not anger or hatred. What will be created will be for my and other people’s highest good. There will be no need for karmic corrections to happen because we will all be following the path of loving evolution.

My work will always continue. It’s going to because it’s in my heart.

It may have taken some time but I now recognise that no matter what, the work I came here to do will always happen. So long as I step back from my fears and recognise the loving connections all around me. If I flow with the synchronicities of life and do what my intuition prompts me to with an attitude of service then I will be growing myself. My mission is to evolve myself. That this may benefit others is a bonus. I feel that when we all recognise that we are here to work on ourselves, to remove the urge to live by the ego mind impulses, it will be possible to have a world of peaceful, loving, kindness. It’s here now if we really want it. All I have to do is choose.

Day 253 of my blogging challenge. 

Accountable. Who me?

imageI’m retreating from the world again tomorrow but before I go I have to file my accounts.

One aspect of running my business is to keep track of money in and money out. Otherwise how do I know if I’m able to meet my commitments. Bills have to be paid, even if it takes some time and effort. I also have to be accountable for any taxes due, legal requirements and local taxes. Lots of ‘red tape’ so to speak. The up side of looking at my accounts is to see how much progress I’ve made in offering services that people want. Especially since a chunk of what I can offer is given for free.

I find that is one of the hardest parts of running a spiritual business. Balancing the income that keeps me able to work at what I love with my desire to make things accessible for everyone. I know I think about it often. After all, it’s up to me if I charge or not, what is charged for and when. Even how much I charge. That is where doing my accounts help me make decisions. I’m back to making sure I can pay the bills for my work space.

There is another kind of accountability though.

One of the Spiritualists principles, channelled by Emma Hardinge Britten, relates to compensation and retribution hereafter for all the good and evil deeds done on Earth. It links with another one which is Personal Responsibility. Both of these suggest that I have to consider how else I might be accountable in my business. Or life, for that matter.  Just as I balance my financial books I also need to balance my ethical books. Everything I do creates a consequence. Not only for me.

The people I offer my services to matter too. If I am giving messages from Spirit then I am accountable both to the sender and the receiver. It’s important that I do my best to work honestly, clearly and giving as much evidential information as I can. Operating my business I also have to work honestly, clearly and giving as much information as I can. Working with others it’s important that we behave as positively as we can to each other and anyone who visits us. Creating a pleasant and safe space is my responsibility but not only mine. It’s everyone’s.

Taking this wider into life I am also accountable for how I relate to myself and others.

Being mindful of my own personal ‘stuff’ I need to make sure that the energy I put out into the world supports the way I choose to live my life. I am ready to look at the big picture of my life when I get to the Afterlife. I am sure there will be some actions I have taken where I will need to make reparation. Yet I am also equally sure that there will be some actions where a balancing out will occur. Where it will turn out that I have made a positive contribution to someone or something.

Remembering that I am accountable has another purpose too. I often pause, consider and sometimes rethink my reactions to situations and people. It doesn’t matter how people react or respond to me. What I have to do is accept my responsibility for my choices. Then make the best ones I can based on my current level of understanding. It means I have no hiding place but since I have nothing to hide I’m happy to be called to account.

Day 252 of my blogging challenge.

Standing in the Light of Love

imageI’ve had an amazing day. I love meeting new people. Making the connections I am supposed to make.

I feel so privileged to help people see that they have been standing in their own Light all of their lives. When people do finally stand in their own Light they are able to become new people. The person they had hidden underneath all along. I know that we all have a tendency to stand back from our own Light. I’ve been judged so many times, often without actually meeting the person doing the judging, so it’s no wonder that the energy of those opinions has ‘soaked in’ to my view of myself. My thoughts have become less accepting of myself. I have become less loving of who I am. So I’ve definitely been standing back.

At the Psychic Club today I led an exercise to help everyone feel their individual intuitive vibration. This is a great way I use to get people aware of how Light they already are. Then I take them further into the exercise so that they can raise the amount of Light energy they are receiving. I guess for Light you could substitute the word Love. To me Light and Love are one and the same. When we are standing in our own Light we are loving ourselves enough to recognise how unique we are. It also means that I am ready and able to shine out that Love to others.

I often feel that’s the big mistake we make about love.

We believe we have to first give it to others so we can get it back. But we don’t see that energy is a circular flow. What we carry in our aura energy goes out to others. If I’m standing back from loving myself I know my aura will also be standing back from giving love to others. Perhaps what I am giving out isn’t really love at all. Maybe I’m sending out an energy wave because I feel it’s my duty or my responsibility or because I ought.

I can tell myself it’s love. But how can I understand if it is when I’m not prepared to receive love from myself. So standing in my own Light/Love is a way to both give and receive. To and from myself and others. If I wish to have more Light people in my life then it makes sense I have to give myself Light. That way I will radiate the Light in my aura energy out to others. And based on the principle of what you give out you get back, hey presto, more Light arrives!

What can I do to step into my own Light then? Especially as doing so can have more benefits for all of the people I connect with. This is often the hard bit. I have to recognise that in any moment I am unique. There is no other Spirit on this planet who has the same set of energy vibrations as me. Never mind that I have human flaws. What counts is my unique contribution to the energy ocean that we perceive as this life. So what is that contribution? I can choose to shine my Light or I can surround myself with darkness. By shining my Light I can light up the darkness so others can shine too.

All of my teaching work is about standing in my own Light so that others are encouraged to shine too.

I dream of a world where all of us are bright, twinkling lights joined together and radiating such strong Love that fear, aggression, hate and war would be a dim memory. Please find and shine your Light by learning to Love yourself. I want to join you in making the whole of Mother Earth a beacon of Light!

Day 251 of my blogging challenge.

Milestones: Staying Loyal

imageIt’s certainly been an interesting week! So much new info has come in from my Guides. I’m finally a lot clearer about the actions I have to take to deliver on my spiritual goals. They have been helping me to notice the milestones in my progress so far. Then signposting new milestones, lol.

They have also been highlighting one of the most important aspects of any action. Loyalty is required to achieve anything in life. Loyalty to yourself, to others and to your purpose. Loyalty that will be tested at every turn. Noticing the milestones helps me to check if I am being loyal in my thoughts, feelings and actions. Because I know what an ego trap these different strands of loyalty can create if not considered carefully enough. Only seven months ago I went through a big test in loyalty which ended with me stepping away from a person and situations that person created. It was the right decision. It was also a milestone in learning to put my needs first. I also learned that I could survive disloyalty and do things all by myself if I needed to.

The Universe never stops testing us. Looking at my milestones I know that I can fall back into old habits far to easily. I have always struggled to accept that the world is not full of fair minded, loving, peaceful people. I have tended to trust first and ask questions second. This week I feel that I have passed several milestones. And I won’t be back to old habits either.

I know that trust has to be earned. So I set tests for myself and others. Challenges to see if I am really doing what I say I will. Am I authentic? Do I present the ‘real’ me to the world. To do so means I have to love and trust that me. Even when others don’t. If I trust myself then I can also be loyal to myself. I can express my feelings, make my decisions and move my life on. Then I also look to see if the people around me are authentic. Am I seeing in their actions the true nature of the person? Do their actions lead me to trust them?  Not the words they speak. Words are easy. I have learned the very hard way that not every word spoken is trustworthy. Including my own words.

That’s where the ego traps lie. In a distorted loyalty and breach of trust. Leading to actions that suit the ego purpose above the spiritual purpose. In my past I have been loyal to myself, to causes and to people based on a false understanding of the nature of loyalty. Many Lightworkers are drawn into declaring loyalty to someone or something because of emotional manipulation, faulty logic and a misunderstanding of energy exchanges. We all hope that we can find a way to be of help – the drive to altruism. Yet we often forget to help ourselves or stay loyal to our truth. I understand this need for a compassionate purpose. For milestones showing my achievements. Progress. Evolution.

So how do I progress? Step by step is the first answer. Slowly is the second. Staying focused on trusting myself to do what I feel is the right thing. Noticing my ego moments, how they arise and when.

I also have to be aware of other people’s ego moments. Asking myself if there is trust and loyalty if those ego moments keep happening. Going back to my Guides for support in how to deal with a lack of authenticity in others. Check out what test I’m being set. Considering where I’m not being authentic with myself or others. There is a lovely poem by Marianne Williamson that also helps me remember to stay aware of my progress. It reminds me to keep shining my Light so that others caught in tangled webs can be encouraged to break free of the ego mind too.

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.
Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.
It is our light, not our darkness
That most frightens us.

We ask ourselves
Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?
Actually, who are you not to be?
You are a child of God.

Your playing small
Does not serve the world.
There’s nothing enlightened about shrinking
So that other people won’t feel insecure around you.

We are all meant to shine,
As children do.
We were born to make manifest
The glory of God that is within us.

It’s not just in some of us;
It’s in everyone.

And as we let our own light shine,
We unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.
As we’re liberated from our own fear,
Our presence automatically liberates others.

The answer to my challenges is to trust in my ability, stay loyal to my purpose and weed out the ego voice that tries to tempt me to ignore the prompting of my own intuition.

That means I have to be prepared to remove from my life those people and situations where there is absence of trust or loyalty. Half measures won’t do. My energy vibration is too precious to me to let it be distorted by the games ego plays. Being spiritual isn’t about me ignoring the ego actions of others. Or of me letting it pass time after time. I know this might seem harsh. However, if I am to help the people I’m here to help I can’t clutter up my energy until I’m unable to shine my unique Light.

I feel I have passed another milestone. I’m not here to p,ease myself or other people. My purpose in being here is to be exactly who I am. Love me or hate me, its not important. I will help whoever and wherever I am sent on my spiritual journey. That is what I intend to trust and stay loyal to. How about you?

Day 250 of my blogging challenge.

Focus in on the basics

imageIt’s been another full on day. Lots to do. And lots to think about. I’m going through another big energy shift to get me ready for the next step with several strands of work. It’s exciting but confusing too. Finding a focus point is a challenge.

Part of the shift is me deciding what I want to follow up in all of the work I do. Part of it is me agreeing to the new work that is coming my way. And certainly a chunk of the change is about me stepping closer to living as my authentic self. Alongside that is the background reality of who I am as an Energy Being. It’s all about what I choose to focus on. I found myself discussing that with my daughter this evening.

We were talking about whether the grass really is any greener on the other side. She pointed out that grass is always grass anyway. We reasoned it out. Whenever I feel that there is a better opportunity in the field someone else is standing in I need to remind myself that my field is all of my making. If my grass is thin and weedy it’s because I haven’t focused on taking care of it. If I’m standing in my own lush green meadow why would I want to bother about anyone else’s field. It’s important to remember that I am me in whichever field I move to.

That point also came up in conversation this morning. I get a lot of people coming along wanting to become mediums. They expect me to teach them. But they also expect a transfer of skills to happen overnight.

I listen very carefully to what they say. I am often amazed by the amount of courses, development and workshops they have done. They are full to the brim with knowledge. I also know that they haven’t actually used any of that knowledge. They have focused so much time and energy on looking for the magic short-cut to instant messaging that they have ignored the discipline intuitive work requires. When I explain there is no way to shorten the learning curve they rush off in the next direction. Sticking with it as a way of developing seems to be a bit old fashioned somehow.

Sometimes I wonder if it’s actually a lack of respect for me and themselves that drives them on still looking for a quick fix. I have time and energy for anyone who really wants to be of service to others. I will help them by providing experiences, suggestions and sharing knowledge to the best of my ability. I also understand the excitement of rediscovering my intuitive senses. How fascinating using them can be. And how frustrating. There are so many ways to apply intuitive skills. It’s like being let into the sweet shop after a strict diet. Where to start? Yet I also know that until you focus in on the basics nothing else can be built on top.

I’m glad to say that my morning conversation ended up with me recommending some further reading to help that person refine their focus. Then an afternoon doing a Reiki Master attunement for someone confirmed the benefits of sticking with it.

My Master candidate has spent nine years growing and learning between Reiki One and Mastership. Sometimes there was a clear focus and sometimes a lack of focus. Perseverance won out in the end. My candidate respected themself enough to keep going. So a big effort to focus on healing service means Universal energy will go out to far more people. I guess it’s very simple. Do I respect myself enough to keep looking after my own grass even if I don’t know why at times? Am I still able to support those who respect themselves enough to do spadework on their grass? Do I honour the basic building blocks of my life enough? The basics make all the rest possible. Love, forgiveness, gratitude and service. The meadow is beautiful and abundant in my field!

Day 249 of my blogging challenge. 

Clearing and Cleansing

imageIt was too hot for me last night. Windows wide open to get a hint of breeze I couldn’t sleep. Waking up to another warm morning I had to get moving early. Never one to enjoy high temperatures I dived into the shower to cool down. I felt the flow of water clearing away the heat.

I was on the move early as I needed to take my car to the garage. As I set off the heat was broken by a thundery shower. For about ten minutes the heavens opened and poured down rain. Flashes of lightening accompanied the downpour. I got rather damp running to the car but it was another blast of clearing going on. Getting out of the car the air was slightly fresher. Not much though. Walking back along the path from the garage I enjoyed the damp air. The trees continued to drop water on me. And the sun came out once more. Here comes the heat again I thought.

The path was quiet. The flowers and trees seemed grateful for the brief downpour. I started to think about the rain. About how it cleared the air for a few moments. Then I thought about my aura energy. Mainly because I was photographing some wonderful light rays through the trees. The pictures reminded me how we collect other people’s energy if we aren’t careful. We also get our own emotions stuck in the aura field when we hold back from releasing them. My healing work is mostly connected with clearing auras, my own included.

Just as I clear my physical world of clutter I also need to clear my energy world of clutter too. Thoughts, emotions, experiences that really belong in the past can pile up to make blockages. They clutter up the free flow of positive energy so that I can feel heavy, overburdened or stressed.

Making sure I do my aura ‘housework’ is the only way of clearing the energy flow. I’m not over fond of housework (as my friends know) so it can seem like an effort when I start. Yet I have learned to be disciplined with my aura. I check in with the energy several times a day. Making sure that I clear away any baggage. I visualise any unwanted energy flowing down my body, as if I’ve stepped into a shower, and going down into the Earth to be cleansed.

That is the second step. Clearing the clutter is great. But it can leave a mark. Like a red wine stain on a white carpet. Yes, I’ve had one of those to clean up too. So I also take the time to do the cleaning that follows clearing. If I’m in the shower I visualise white light pouring all over me, soaking into my skin and all through me, including my aura. If it’s any other time I imagine a beam of white light hitting the top of my head and flowing down my body through my spine and legs. The light travels out from my spine to all of my body and aura. I also imagine feelings clean and fresh. Re-energised.

If you are feeling cluttered with energy try having a clearing and cleansing session. Pay attention to how you feel before and after. Use the aura techniques any time you get weighed down again. A little attention to your aura energy can make a big difference to how you flow through life ?

Day 248 of my blogging challenge.

Patience is a Virtue – so I’m told!

imageI remember many times in my life being told that patience is a virtue. Usually when I was getting frustrated that what I knew was the best thing to happen wasn’t happening fast enough.

My friends and family will certainly agree that patience has been one of my life’s lessons. When I see a need for action I can’t help but want to rush ahead. Often waiting for others to see that need, agree on action and then start doing it has been a challenge. I feel my need for speed is because I can take ages to make a decision. I like to make sure that it’s a good decision. Who doesn’t? But I can go round and round the matter rather too much.

Yet I also have times when everything is so clear that waiting is very hard. Especially when I’m waiting for other people to see what I see. I do try to explain but when it is coming in on a claircognisent connection that can be hard. There are some things I know. Not just think I know. I feel them in my heart and my mind as concrete facts. Clear information steering me in the right direction. I find it hard to describe that inner knowing and certainty to others. Especially if they don’t use their intuitive senses.

So sometimes it’s about waiting for people to catch up. Or the time to be right. Or for me to make a decision. That’s the key point. Most of all it’s about being patient with myself.

Another saying I heard a lot was everything comes to him who waits. I have helped myself to become less impatient by remembering that I will have all the time I need in this life to achieve what I’m here to do. So will everyone else. We will all be able to do what we planned before we came here. Sometimes that list of jobs takes 25 years, sometimes 95 years. If I take the opportunities as they come up then everything will have been done when it’s time for me to enjoy the Afterlife.

Understanding this has helped me to stay calm through many fears. My ‘if only’s’ have become ‘when’s’. I use the words ‘it hasn’t happened YET’. I know we will find a peaceful,way to live together. It hasn’t happened yet. When it does we will be ready for a new spiritual challenge to help us evolve. Practicing patience for longer term aims is a way to bring patience to current aims. It’s also part of manifesting whatever is needed at exactly the right time.

As we start to move into a waning mood let go of anything that is making you impatient right now. See that things can change more quickly and powerfully when you are practicing patience. Let patience be your new virtue.

Day 247 of my blogging challenge.

Moon Gazing: The Next Energy Wave

imageI’ve had a day filled with wonderful synchronicity. So many of my requests being answered so very quickly. I feel the forward momentum pulling my energy into new adventures. So no surprise on the way home to spend a little time moon gazing.

It’s not lost on me either that the numbers in today’s blog add up to twelve. I know it’s time for the next wave of Earth ArchAngels energies to be launched. I’ve been waiting for the signal to tell everyone more about it. Tonight, as I looked at the moon, I got my green for go signal. Some years ago, before I had even connected with these ArchAngels I was busy channelling ArchAngels Michael, Melchizedek and Uriel along with several of the Ascended Masters. Most of the work was done in trance with a group of loyal friends. We generated amazing energy between us based on the number nine, completion, vibration.

I was still testing the Energy Beings out during this work. I guess I will always question them and myself. It seemes to lead me to more connections not less. One particular evening I went out into the garden to look at the beauty of the full moon. She was bright in a slightly cloudy sky. As I stood there acknowledging her influence on the Earth I saw a pure golden light surround the moon. It was as if another light was shining on her. I watched in amazement as the moon started to move in the golden shimmer. I was seeing the opposite side. The side we call the dark side. As she flipped backwards and forwards I started to see geometric shapes in the surface.

I knew the shapes represented sacred geometric forms. They were moving so fast I couldn’t capture them in my mind. But I was certain that these shapes were a communication. I felt that I was being given some extra instructions if only I could work it out.

I have no idea how long this wonderful light show lasted. But suddenly the moon was covered by clouds. Her light was hidden. She stayed in cloud for the rest of the time I was out in the garden. Some time after that the trance group disbanded. We were sent on our separate missions. It was the time to move on for all of us. I was working more and more on my mediumship. My personal life was going through upheavals. Things turned upside down. I sort of forgot about the moon dance I had seen.

It can’t have been too long after that when I met Jan. I was painting again. Guidance was coming in about new work and new challenges. It seemed the meeting with Jan was fated to open up this new work. The channelling of the Pearls of Wisdom intention sprays was quickly followed by the scents of the individual ArchAngels. How far we have come. Today we discussed our Earth ArchAngels Roadshow. I have known for quite a while that one of the key parts of this work would be energy healing. For individuals but also for a much wider audience.

We have debated how this would happen for two years. The ArchAngels have contributed their opinions. However the actual method of delivering the energy waves has always been a bit vague.

At the start of this month I was told to send out three energy waves. Not full blasts in the way I know these Angels can deliver. The opening vibrations are to get people started on paying attention to the energy they give and receive. To help them ‘clean up their act’ so to speak. Alongside this I knew would be the individual energy transfer that is Parashiel’s Balm. Only I didn’t know when I would be able to really start that work. It felt like it would be soon. And I’ve had an opportunity to deliver a one to one wave today over the web.

On the way home the clouds looked like an angel’s wing, a dove in flight and an Elemental Earth Sprite. Then the moon danced for me again. She changed shape in a golden haze. This time there were rays of light radiating from an oval shaped moon. The rays beamed down to the Earth and out towards the stars. I know it’s time to start the one to one energy clearing. My work of the last two years is ready to be shared. I am  ready to be the purest channel I can be.

That is the key. At this present time I’m the only person able to bring in ArchAngel Parashiel’s energy wave. He has been teaching me the process for the last two years. The other eleven ArchAngels have worked with me to make sure that I cleaned up my own energy first.

That is the only way anyone can understand the work that is involved for others. You have to experience it before you can bring the energy through you. There are specific treatments needed to deal with the deep energy cleanse we will all need from being humans on this planet. Giving them is only possible when you have cleared your own energy of these issues. The Wysdom Odyssey is the proces that people can use in order to become channels for Parashiel’s energy.

Of course the Earth’s ArchAngels are making their presence felt to other people. They have been slowly nudging people to begin the work of clearing their own energy. The ArchAngels have also been busy at the Centre and people have sensed them. However, they have been very firm with Jan and I. We are the Guardians of their energies until more people have followed the same path as us. We have been given the standards they are setting for future Seekers, Custodians and Guardians. They will not allow anyone else to channel any of their energy waves unless they have done the required work. As they explain, it’s all about energy exchanges. What you get you must give and what you give you must get.

I know that I will continue to ‘clean up’ my energy act. It’s a requirement of being a Guardian. At the same time I can now offer Parashiel’s Balm Energy Clearing treatments. I’m looking forward to August. The ArchAngel work begins in earnest from the 12th! Such lovely moon gazing!

Day 245 of my blogging challenge.

Keeping an Open Mind

imageIt’s been a busy day! I ran a Trance Mediumship workshop at the Centre then rushed across to Leeds to do a church service. Both of these are part of my life because I was prepared to keep my mind open.

Although I came into Spiritualism sceptical about being able to actually communicate with the Afterlife I had spent a lot of my life exploring spirituality. Some of the things I learned, like how to meditate, hypnosis and shamanistic practises, made me think about altered states of conciousness in the mind. I wanted to understand what happened in the space between being wide awake and fast asleep. As well as reading about altered states I was also prepared to experience some of them.

Getting first hand experience was a great benefit. First it kept me open to looking for information. Then it provided me with a lot of things to think about. Finally, by experiencing hypnogogic states for myself I learned a lot about how to, why, when and where. I’m sure I have my Guides to thank for a very through training course in Trance even if I didn’t know I was in training.

So when I decided it was time to open up my psychic senses and find out about mediumship I headed off to a Spiritualist church keen to find out more. Not necessarily about trance states or transfiguration. I wanted to understand if Spirits were ‘real’ and how mediums contacted them.

As I found out more about how mediumship works I realised that it also involved a shift in brain wave patterns. That shift is what produces altered states. There is a point when the concious mind is occupied with something. The unconscious mind gets to push intuitive information into the concious mind. At least enough information for a message to emerge from the medium. Keeping my mind open was a way to allow the intuitive stuff to surface so I could recognise it and speak it out.

What I also noticed was that the more open I was to practicing my mediumship the stronger the connections became. It became easier to slip into a different brainwave pattern and achieve a deeper blend of energy. Then I noticed that I was open to connections with lots of Energy Beings. Spiritualism is mainly about contacting loved ones who are in the Afterlife. Yet I was also being contacted by other Beings who had a conciousness but not a physical body. Fortunately some of my earlier experiences were a great help in accepting the communications.

It was at this point that my Trance mediumship also departed from the expected Spiritualist route. As I worked to develop deeper altered states I found that the other Energy Beings were also willing to come forward and show themselves.

Over time I collected enough reports from observers to confirm that Angels, Elementals, Aliens and others also overshadowed me. They had become visible to others. I was open to this contact. I wanted repeatable evidence obtained by observations made by lots of different people. I work in half or full light for this reason. It’s important to me to move away from the traditions of the past so that we are open to new ways of finding evidence. I’m passionate about evidence. I feel it’s long past time when the connections with Energy Beings can move into mainstream science.

I have no doubt that some people will approach the idea that Energy Beings are around us with a closed mind. If they do they are unlikely to experience any. I know I was questioning but open to finding out. Having experienced these beings for myself I am still open minded. I am still questioning. I want to learn more. I’d like to understand why they have to work with us this way. Though I’m sure the answer would be something connected with closed minds. So next time you wonder about Spirits and Energy Beings have an open mind. Let yourself experience the information they want to share. Then decide for yourself if the are really there.

Day 244 of my blogging challenge.