Astral Art

Since 2009 Annie Conboy has been channelling vibrational psychic artwork with the help and encouragement of her Guides and Inspirers.

As she explaIns “One of the things I really enjoy doing is letting my psychic senses roam free so I can catch the waves of energy. I like to do this in positive energy places and record my ‘reading’ of the flow by drawing. It’s something I’ve done for a number of years. Many people expect that psychic artwork will be the faces of their loved ones drawn by a medium as a message. That is certainly one way of connecting people to energy, especially of their loved ones. I also like to encourage people to connect for themselves. It doesn’t require any art training on my or anyone else’s part. Only a willingness to be still for a moment and the desire to be catching the energy around us.

In fact, the first time I did this I was the observer of a group who were trying to make Spirit connections. I had been given the job of describing what was happening to the energy flow. My tools were to be the chalks and paper provided by the tutor. Little did she or I know that I would be able to sense the colours of the energy so accurately. I still have that drawing. And I have been catching the energies again ever since. Being away from home often inspires me to pick up my pastels, pencils or paints and get going with my artwork.”

Energy of Tenerife

Energy of Tenerife

This artwork is from Playa San Marco when Annie visited in 2016. It’s on Tenerife in the shadow of Mount Teide. Annie sketched this shortly before  the volcano underwent a series of earthquakes.

She recorded “The waves were quite turbulent, nearly good enough for surfing perhaps, with a fierce pull. Standing in the volcanic sand I felt the roar of Mount Teide anchoring the land as the sea pulled in the opposite direction. Some very powerful forces at work! Strip away the houses and what remains is the timeless relationship between the fixed and the flowing. That’s a duality we all have to balance – standing firm or going with the flow. Of course my pastels seems like the right way to capture this tug of war. At the same time there was a harmony in the energy. The water will eventually wear away the rock. The volcanic sand was proof of that. What seems fixed must always give way to change.”

Crystal Collection

Bringing the Higher Chakras into Balance

Over the years Annie has developed her vibrational artwork. She has tuned into crystals, ArchAngels, Elementals, Spirit Beings and the energy of places. Her pieces are charged with positive healing vibrations as well as being easy on the eye. Glowing colours reflect the ebb and flow of the vibrations as they stream around us. Deep within the artwork there are glimpses of the beings behind the vibrations. Faces peep out. Shapes form and disappear. Her work creates a link to the other worlds around us. As she says “Opening our senses to the non-physical world is much easier when it is represented in our visual range. I enjoy bringing the connection to positive energy in this way. My pictures are here to be felt and shared.”