Courage Shines Through

imageAll day I’ve been trying to get myself organised so I can go away on my creative retreat tomorrow. I had all the little bits and pieces planned. Of course I had to throw that plan in the bin from the moment I woke up.

There were other priorities that bumped my stuff down the list. So I’m writing my blog rather later than expected with my bag still not packed. I’ll catch myself up eventually. And I can always sleep on the train or plane. What was more important today was to listen to the quiet courage of several people dealing with the bumps in life’s highway. As they spoke I could see their strength and that courage shining through. They were all determined to get through this troubled, turbulent time as well as they could. It made me think about what brings that courage out in us.

Is it pure survival instinct? I know that there have been times when I’ve had to dig deep to make sure I had the necessities in life. When I’ve felt myself wanting so much to give up and give in. I’ve been in that spot of deciding if I wanted to be alive at all. Did I step back from that choice because I was too full of life force? Was my survival because I don’t want to quit on anything? I’m not sure there is an easy answer. Because I’ve also been through experiences where I felt my emotions would overwhelm me. That if I started to cry I would never stop. Where I stretched myself thin and then thinner. Somehow I turned that around. Digging deep again I got through. Was that courage?

Some of those times were full of fear. Fearful thought flooded my mind over and over. It seemed impossible to still my mind.

Yet what I learned about myself was all the imagined outcomes that were never likely to happen to me. I learned all about the adrenalin rush of living with fear on a daily basis. There was a lot of work involved in getting my fear to manageable proportions. Stepping into the flow of my thoughts I had to start removing the fearful ones. But at the same time I had to love and embrace those fears. Fear happens to help us survive. It’s a normal reaction. Is it fear that sparks courage? Is it one emotion balancing out the other?

Listening to these lovely people talk about what they face at the moment I felt humbled. They are stepping through difficult times with love, laughter and a recognition that fear is a natural response. I’m sure they would tell me they aren’t being brave at all. All of them have learned to  face their challenges by loving themselves. I’m sure they will all do incredibly well. And I know that underneath all of my fear was something really special. I loved myself enough not to give up on myself. Just like these inspiring people who brought me rays of sunshine today.

Day 302 of my blogging challenge.

Journey to the Afterlife

imageSometimes I’m asked about the Afterlife. When I’m doing readings people like to know that their loved ones are ok. And that their journey has been peaceful.

Thinking about my own feelings when I have lost loved ones, I recognise that need to know. It’s one of the first things I asked my Guides about when I started to make contact with Spirit Beings. What happens when we start that journey from here to there? And how much changes for the person making that journey? I know those of us left behind have to deal with all sorts of feelings and thought. There is a grieving process I have been through more than once. But what about my loved ones?

I’ve also been able to check out what I was told by my Guides. The loved ones who come to talk to their families are only too happy to  explain and confirm their experiences in the Afterlife. Again and again they tell me about the way they passed over. Even in the most tragic of circumstances the Spirit person has been out of the physical body before that body stopped completely. I have listened to their explanations to the people who have come to hear from them. I am asked to tell their relatives that they felt no pain, can remember no pain and that having a physical body is like a very faded memory. The Spirit people tell me about the loved ones who are with them as the physical body dies. Loved ones from the Spirit World who guide the dying person from this life into the next.

Reuniting with loved ones is a key part of the journey. I have been able to pass on to those here who came to be with their loved one.

It’s reassuring to know that the bonds we have down here are still strong in the Afterlife. As I talk about the people welcoming the newly returning loved one I can feel each one is helping the Spirit person to understand the transition between life and death. I often see the whole group gathered around a table, or in a garden or relaxing in a beautiful landscape. The person who has passed over is the centre of attention. Family and friends come in and out. They chat, laugh and remember shared times together. There is a lot of joy and love.

There is no physical body to be in pain or hurt. No memory of trauma. The Spirit person can adjust their appearance to any time in their human life. Often they choose a time when they felt happiest. And I find myself describing people who are in the prime of their life. Not the body they had when they passed over. I see them fit and well. They are fit and well. Eager to be busy again. They tell me that they want to help their loved ones here. And they also want to find a purpose in their new life. Because that’s what it is. A new life with new choices and fresh options.

I know that they communicate with us for some very simple reasons. First they want us to know they are ok, well and happy. Second they want us to know that they still love and care for us. And finally, they want us to know that their journey has been successful. They have been born into a new life or, as I prefer to think of it, they have returned home.

They will wait in the garden, or by the river, or on the mountain, or around the table, with everyone else until we join them there. When it’s my turn to cross over, or yours, they will be there to welcome us home too.

Day 300 of my blogging challenge.

Realiging Energy at Home

imageOne of the things I really enjoyed exploring is Feng Shui. This Chinese system of considering the energy of your home or workplace is said to help put us into to a positive flow. Today I have been realigning one of my rooms to enhance the best flow of energy.

My home is very precious. I’m sure that we all want to live in a nice place. A place that feels secure and comfortable. Not necessarily a place full of material things or that has cost too much. I am very fortunate to have a home that is just right for me. Yet over time the energy of my home can become a little bit worn out. Weary. Or stale. So I have been clearing the old or stuck energy from my bedroom. The rest if the house will be done next!

I’m doing it because my energy has changed over time. The energy my possessions have gathered may no longer fit with the vibration I have today. I’ve also been around other people. I’m sure that I will have picked up some of their energy and brought it home. That happens to all of us more often than we realise. Of course, if the energy has been positive I’m delighted to bring it into the house. However, not all people are giving off positive energy. More often than not they aren’t aware of their aura energy at all. I’m not blaming anyone or saying that they are in the wrong. I know that I have had days when it’s been hard to beam out the loving vibes. And I also know that there are days when I have picked up energy because I haven’t been paying attention to my own aura.

Its important to think about the impact of energy, especially in the room in your home that you sleep in. Different rooms, because they have different purposes, need different energy states.

My bedroom needs to be a calm, balanced and restful room. If I am to meet all of my commitments to doing the services Energy Beings ask for then I need to be well rested. I have noticed this year that my bed and furniture ‘feel’ out of alignment. My room is not as restful as it could be. For the last couple of months I have had the urge to move everything around. Today as I set to and shifted furniture I also had to empty things out. What a great way to see all of the stuff I’d been hanging onto. Because I could see things I no longer use. Clothes that could be recycled to charity. Items that could be gifted away to others. And those items that were broken and could be disposed of.

Interestingly, as I began moving and clearing I was reminded to get my Bagua, a ‘map’ that helps me to consider the energy flows, to have a look at what I had planned. Of course, when I got mine it was reassuring that my intuition had been directing me in the right steps all along. Continuing to listen to my intuition it was easy for me to release all those things I no longer need. A walk to one of the local charity shops with my first two donation bags felt really refreshing. Back home I rapidly filled another two bags. Already the energy was feeling like it was moving again. I still have more energy to release from my piles of books and CDs. Some are calling out to go to new places too.

Then when I am finished with my bedroom I can start to look at the other rooms in my home. After all, a change in energy is a wonderful way to acknowledge that I have changed too. Clearing the old energy will also make room for, and invite in, new energy, possibilities and choices. Just what I need!

Day 294 of my blogging challenge.

When good stuff happens

imageIt’s been a kind of muddled energy day. Yet amongst all of the ups and downs I felt amazingly calm. It’s like I finally learned not to sweat the small stuff. Wonderful!

My emails were delayed because the server had been attacked by a Denial of Service. Apparently this happens quite a lot to host computers and companies because people think it’s a fun thing to do. Odd stuff to waste your time on really because what would the loss of the internet do? Life would still function. I know it did before the World Wide Web. I wonder why people don’t waste their time on making the Internet better for everyone so nothing is hidden. Why not target the Dark net?

The I’m sorry if I’ve already lost you. It took me a while to find out what a denial of service was though apparently the dark net has been growing just as fast as the Internet I’m used to. So, no emails for a while. Then a mobile phone signal that danced in and out. Isn’t technology wonderful when it works. Apparently it could have been atmospherics, the position of my head or, as I prefer to believe, gremlins. Energy gremlins. There must have been diary gremlins too. My appointment for this morning failed to show, or let me know. This afternoon another appointment slot has been added to a waiting list so it’s time for me to wait my turn again. That’ll be another three months then.

I could go on itemising all the irritating stuff but it isn’t important. So much good has been happening too.

I had lunch with my PartyLite Mummy, Liz, and my lovely daughter. We have a new way of working that will really suit my needs. There was chocolate cake. And we talked about my sister, who is busy on her PartyLite journey too. All of us, even Erin, are excited about discovering our Signature Scents and sharing the fun if doing so. Later in the afternoon I had a chance to do a Parashiel’s Balm treatment. I love the way people sink into that warm and comforting energy. It often takes them a little while to gather themselves after, so I know they have been wrapped in this ArchAngel’s love.

I’ve also been going through my accounts. Not my most favourite job. I like to know where I am before I send them to the accountant. There were a couple of small errors in bills I’d already paid so I will have some funds to come back. I also realised that I am doing ok enough to have an upgrade of some of my technology in the office. There are a couple of things that will really help me and I was able to order them. In the past I would have hummed and hawed about each one. I would have had to justify it to the voice in my head who believed in the fear of lack. That voice was silent today.

I know that the work I have been doing to look at myself and make changes has started to pay off.

Whether it’s business or personal stuff I can handle it much better because I am freeing myself from obligations that have limited me in the past. When good things happen it’s because I have created the right energy conditions for them to come in as presents from the Universe. That’s how I’ve been seeing everything today. The Universe is happy to reward me so long as I’m happy to receive whatever is sent in. Even the irritating bits are useful. They show me things about myself or others that I need to pay attention to. I’m being helped to make sure that what I give out I’m prepared to get back.

Staying calm, focusing on the good vibrations and loving every one and thing that is out of step with my world can only happen if I am completely honest with myself. So I haven’t looked around at what others have been doing today. I’ve been looking at me. And the most important thing I’ve been seeing is how I can improve me. How I can do, say and be better at being me. What others think or feel of me is all about them. I can’t do anything about that. Being true to me is the best feeling. No where near a perfect me. Or a saintly me. Not a me who everyone ‘knows’. I’m being true to the unique Spirit me as much as I can. Every day when I notice that the good stuff has happened I know I’ve taken a step towards the Spirit me.

Day 282 of my blogging challenge. 

Giving birth to another dream

imageWhat a frantic few days! Church services, a Centre to run and PartyLite candles to find out about. All alongside the deadline for my first manuscript to be completed. Also how exciting! I get to do all sorts of things that I enjoy and call it work.

I’m always amazed at the way my life has shaped itself around things that I’ve finally realised I am good at. It’s like living a dream come true. When I gave birth to my daughter I though my biggest dream had finally happened. However, I’ve been lucky enough to dream more dreams. And to watch them manifest in the world. There are more dreams to birth in the next few weeks and I’m so excited yet full of butterflies at the same time.

Today one of the most personally rewarding dreams was born. Those of you who have followed my blog will know that I started all those days ago because I wanted to help myself overcome writers block. I was sure that if I stuck with a blog a day I would find enough words to make a book. Hopefully one of the ones I’ve had stuck in my head for years. Now it’s a reality. I have sent the first draft of my manuscript off to my editor. I know it’s not the finished article yet. There will be a lot of polishing to do. Yet I’m sure that at the end I will have what I wanted. My words will be out of my head to be shared with others.

I have always written this blog with two aims. One, to help me reflect on my day. I like to take my experiences and explore what they are all about. The second has been to let people see what a psychic life is like.

A psychic, or as I prefer, intuitive life is all about ordinary people doing extraordinary things. Extraordinary in the sense that not everyone is doing them yet. I’m sure that when cars first appeared people thought that their drivers were extraordinary. After all horses, feet and carts had got us all from place to place for hundreds of years. Why use a contraption to get around that was noisy, fast and dangerous? Nowadays we don’t bat an eye at all the cars on the road. Driving is seen as an ordinary thing. People do it for a job. Everyone wants to be able to do it. And most of us can.

I am certain that one day we will all use our intuition to connect with one another. It will  seem odd not to. It will be an ordinary thing. I’m also certain that one day we will all use our intuitive ability to connect directly with our loved ones in the Spirit World. There will be no need to visit a church or a medium. It will be an ordinary thing to chat with out Guides, family and friends in the Afterlife. It’s all about getting over our connection block.

Having finished my book it’s time to birth another writing dream. I’m looking forward to  another two books. They are in my head and need to be on the page. It’s also time to start manifesting the biggest dream of my mediumship so far.

I’m about to launch the Earth’s ArchAngels Mystery School. Three years of hard work, going forward then into reverse, has delivered the ArchAngel’s Wysdom Odessy online training course. It’s also brough forwards Parashiel’s Balm energy healing and waves of support from the rest of the ArchAngels. Now it’s time to teach their mysteries. Students have been coming forward one by one to take up the opportunity to immerse themselves in ancient knowledge. Soon I’m off to visit the Dragon Tree on Tenerife to pick up another set of energy vibrations for the school.

The Seekers and Custodians who join the Mystery School are the people who will help to birth that acceptance of intuition. They are the designers of our next model of working with Energy Beings. They are like the drivers of the first cars. People who like to develop, test and push the boundaries of what we think can be done. I know it’s going to be an exciting, challenging time. It’s also going to be frustrating, irritating and hard to wait for this vision of Earth to finally manifest. My Guides tell me I will see it happen whilst I’m alive. How wonderful that will be.

Please dream your dreams. Make them extraordinary. Believe in them, in yourself and in the support around you. Stick at it. Keep sticking at it. Your life can change so that you give birth to your dream too. I know it can ?

Day 280 of my blogging challenge. 


Under Construction – Hard Hat Required!

imageToday my blog was very much under construction as I made my way home from a church service. So many Spirit Beings had stepped forward to bring in evidence after evidence of being present. It really gave me a pause for thought.

Sitting in the traffic jam of a diversion because the motorway was closed I listened to a song containing the nickname of my Gatekeeper Guide. I laughed at some of the other music being played because it reminded me that twice this week I’ve had to give a gift from Spirit to a loved one. That gift was a hard hat. Usually when I get something two or three times it’s a prompt for me too.

That’s one of the things that amazes me about the Spirits who come to talk. They are also willing to put things in their messages to family that are understood by other people who are listening. There is a lot of sharing in the Spirit World. Along with so much love and healing. As I tapped on my steering wheel along with the music I considered the significance of a hard hat. One was definitely a tin helmet from the First World War. The second was the kind you get on a construction site. Both are required for protection. And both have made the wearers more visible.

Of course I have quite a few things under construction. Some have been being built over a number of years. Some are brand new. I also have a knack of getting in the middle of debates about all sorts of things. Sometimes the strong words bounce onto my head too.

Its hard to keep building my dreams when I am having to take time out to remind others that I’m not the enemy. We all have a right to make our dreams happen. I might not agree with your dream but it’s yours to manifest. You might not agree with my dream but similarly, it is my dream to bring in. There is room for all of us to build, grow, evolve – whatever you want to call it. If only we actually did live and let live.

It’s also hard to be visible. I had to be pushed very hard to get myself publicly speaking for Spirit. So it’s lovely to feel at home now working in churches and centres knowing that I do my best every time to work to the best of my ability. My next bit of being visible is to get my book published. The manuscript deadline is fast approaching. It’s one I set for myself so that I would finish this particular piece of building. It pushes me further out of my comfort zone as it explains my journey into mediumship. Yet it’s my dream so I’m making it happen.

So when I get cross with myself for pushing me perhaps I need a hard hat to remind me that I’ve chosen to do what I’m doing.

Really that’s what I need to understand. My dreams won’t please anyone else but me. They may fit neatly with the dreams of the people around me if I’m lucky. That is a bonus. I still have to move ahead doing what I came here for because the Spirit people tonight showed me, once again, that there is a bigger plan. It’s still under construction and I don’t quite know what is being built. However, if I keep a clear head and trust that I can do my best whatever emerges will be good enough.

Day 279 of my blogging challenge. 

More Questions and Answers

imageI love it when people ask questions. I know they are not really asking me. They are asking for guidance and their Guides are only too happy to make sure I have the answers. After all I’ve been a Spiritual Counsellor for nearly 20 years.

Finding the best person to help you when you are ready to explore your intuitive senses is really important. Just as with your Guides, there has to be a relationship of trust and authenticity. I know that as I worked my way through the questions I had about intuition and psychic senses there were big shifts as I healed myself. I was fortunate that my Guides pointed out the best people who could help me find the answers. My teachers also encouraged me to move on to the next question too.

That’s how I worked my way through understanding how it all works. Of course my Guides had also pointed me to experiences that I now see were helpful in answering my queries in later life. No wonder I loved crystals, became a therapeutic counsellor then a spiritual counsellor. My fascination with Tarot, astrology, crystals, sacred geometry, pendulums, runes, the Tibetan Book of the Dead, shamanism and so much more built brick upon brick towards new answers.

My latest question is about the shift in alignment that is currently taking place within all of us. How to we make the most of this new opportunity to express our energy in a different way?

The Earth is repositioning her masculine core and feminine outer layer. There is a rebalancing of these energies going on to bring in much more feminine energy. We are all having to do the same. Men are having to rediscover their emotional nature and women are having to rediscover their logic. It’s exciting but it’s also a challenge. We are being pushed to find new ways of relating to each other, to self-heal and to rediscover the positive of surrounding ourselves with loving energies. It will be quite a journey.

Now is the time to use all the psychic tools, crystals and oracle cards. I know that my intuition is being boosted by the rebalancing while my thinking is much clearer too. Looking for the signs and symbols I can use synchronicities as signposts for my journey. This will help me to decide if I need to do more or less of this or that. If I keep the question of how to balance my energies in the front of my mind I know I will travel to the best place for me to be.

It’s good to know that I won’t be doing it on my own. As well as sharing this time of change with everyone else on the planet we are also being helped by the Energy Beings around us.

I know that we have so much help from non-physical beings. You don’t have to believe in them or even be aware that they are there. However, they are doing all they can to support you and me to make good choices. To make positive changes and get into balance. If I change then the energy of the Earth shifts again by a fraction. If a lot of us change there is a much bigger shift into positive alignment. Notice when you are being nudged. Let your intuition be your sat nav. I wish we could wake up in the morning and find a wonderful world. It hasn’t happened today. Perhaps we aren’t asking enough questions yet. But I know one day it will.

Day 278 of my blogging challenge. 

Catching a Breath

imageWhere has the day gone? I’ve finally sat down to reflect on my day. And, of course, to write my blog.

Sometimes I wonder how I manage to pack so much in. It’s like my diary fills itself in overnight. When I get up in the morning I do wonder when I’m going to be catching my breath for a moment. I’m very fortunate that my Guides send me plenty to do. They also make sure I pause every now and again. Sometimes for five minutes, sometimes an hour and every so often for a week or more.

I’ve  noticed that when you really love what you are doing it’s hard to stop. There is always something waiting to be done too. Yet I also know that catching your breath, however long you need to do it, is a fab way to recharge, reflect and refocus. If you love what you are doing enough to get lost in it its too easy to ignore the need for food, rest, a break, your family or friends, a social life. Having a pause gives you time for a balanced life.

Today my pause for breath came between readings. Catching myself feeling a little tired I got a cuppa and let my mind drift for a while.

I’ve been working out a shift in direction for my work. I am bringing in more of what I love doing and stopping some of what feels a bit like an effort. Of course there are new things as well. Containing my impatience to get started I have to end some of my other activities. That seems sensible but I always find it a bit hard to let go. Probably because I’m going to be stepping out of my current comfort zone. As my mind drifted ahead, then back, then ahead again I let myself notice where my resistance to changes was coming from.

I don’t like to do the same thing over and over. I tend to need to move my work every two to three years. Yet at the same time, if I’ve put my time and energy into something it’s my baby. I feel wholly responsible. Letting it fly the nest, so to speak, it the challenge.  If there are other people involved I worry about how my choices will impact them. Or that they may have to change what they do too. Sometimes it’s about working out if they are ready to fly too.

Of course, all my introspection may lead to deadlock. I have to be careful to keep moving myself forward.

That’s the really useful part of catching my breath. It’s a chance to keep filling my life with the things I love to do. The spin off of all the moments spent pausing for thought is the creative inspiration for new and positive growth. Like an athlete on a running track waiting for the starting gun, clearing my mind in those moments means I am flexible and ready for anything. Change is actually less stressful because I am expecting and embracing it. I guess I’m going to stay busy with pauses because I don’t want to stop what I’m doing. Here’s to the next pause though. I’m off to Tenerife for a longer catch of my breath soon, lol.

Day 276 of my blogging challenge.

Getting my Affairs in Order

imageThis morning I knew I was in for a busy day. I had a lot to do. Getting organised, tying up loose ends and generally sorting out was not top of my list.

However, the energy of the day bumped it up to the top. My Guides have been stressing for a few months that a big shift would be happening soon. They encouraged me that I needed to get everything in order so I would be ready. I kept asking ‘ready for what?’. But, not unsurprisingly, there didn’t seem to be any clear answer. They let me amble along doing bits and pieces to organise myself. I happily bumbled about ignoring their suggestions. Until today.

Some days are full of insight, intuition and clarity. Putting an order to what I will be doing next was at the front of my brain when I woke up. After a chat with a lovely friend first thing I felt I had the structure in place at last. All the bits and pieces of info I had got over the last five months made sense. It’s very exciting. I’m going to be busy. No wonder I have to get the practicalities in order.

I can honestly say I wasn’t expecting the next bit. At 3.20pm (BST) the Earth shifted her internal alignment.

I was sitting in my car at the traffic lights. In front of me for a second or two the ground lifted 4 inches and then settled back. I felt slightly disoriented and headachy. My internal sense of where I am located in time and space was fuzzy. Everything was slightly off track. My daughter saw and felt it too. We were both astounded. The first big shift just happened. Mother Earth was putting herself in order too.

I was aware that a realignment of energy was going on. After all the waves of energy have been building up in strength for a long time. I also knew that we would be getting noticeable shifts in the location of the Earth’s power grid. All this is part of the clearing of energy needed to connect more strongly with our intuition. Lots of Lightworkers are coming out of the woodwork at the moment. They are balancing the disruption of the Earth’s realignments. Another kind of putting things in order.

I’m taking responsibility for my own energy. I’m getting it in order. It would be lovely if everyone else was doing the same.

There comes a point when you have to stop looking at what other people are doing and start paying attention to yourself. It’s very easy to comment, misunderstand or misinterpret what someone else is doing. Thinking you know better what ‘they’ should be doing means you are missing the point. I’m focused on my own ‘stuff’ because that is the only stuff I can change. As a teacher I can encourage, explain from my experience or support someone whilst they put their own affairs in order. But I can’t do it for them. So I’m not telling you to deal with the shift in energy this or that way.

I’m sharing what my day has been about. Acknowledging what I have experienced. Offering you a viewpoint to think about. Do you need to start putting things in order? Have you noticed that you are going to become even busier in living a passionate life? Are you ready for the next realignment? Grab the energy of today’s shift and make the most of it.

Day 275 of my blogging challenge.

Reflecting on the Future

imageThe month is flying by. Lots of things have come much more in focus for me since I stepped into the Light of August. Now I’ve started reflecting on my future. On the dreams I’m building and the focus I need.

I have to say that this time of year is always a time for me to think about what I’ve achieved and where I’m going. I find September is my month of endings and beginnings.  No surprise really as my birthday is in early October. I like to check in to see how much closer I am to making my dreams a reality. That always leads me to planning for the future once I’ve reset my goals. Some goals have been ticked off the list, some fell off the list and some have more details added. Reflecting on all of these is very powerful.

Interestingly, whatever goals I set myself I know that I will achieve them if I pay attention to the guidance I also get from my lovely, lively Spirit team. After all, they know the dreams, goals and plans I made for myself before I fell to Earth. I’m the one who has forgotten what I promised myself. So they help me to remember. Sometimes it’s in the signs and signals around me. Sometimes it’s the words I hear someone else say. And often it’s my inner intuition being triggered by their presence.

The insights flash into my consciousness like bursts of fireworks. Suddenly I know. With complete certainty. It feels right. I’m back on plan. The future has become full of possibilities once more.

Reflecting on these moments, I feel that opportunities are everywhere. There are so many ways to go. Which route will build my dream in the best possible way? I know that I gave myself plenty of choices when I set my plan. Now it’s up to me to be focused. To tease out what will work best with the ‘me’ I am at the moment. Which options will bring out the best of me. And which options will bring out the best in me bringing out the best in others.

That’s part of the dream too. I want everyone to share in my dream. Everyone who wants to. Perhaps we can make it a wonderful team effort. Certainly our plans will have had that opportunity. I’m sure that the point of being here is to work together as one. To share good intentions, build big dreams and take the actions that will benefit all of us. Working together we can change our lives for the better. We can generate a positive flow of energy that will wrap everyone in love. For when we love what we are creating and doing we get passionate about life.

I want that passion for living. I know what it feels like when all passion has gone. When life seems bleak and empty. When I ceased to want to live. Reflecting on a life without passion I know I will choose the positive road every time.

So the year that’s on its way in is all about me doing what I love. Focusing on my big dreams (and there is more than one) and being creative. I fully intend to enjoy every moment of it and share it with as many people as I can. Here is to the books, the writing, the listening ear, the fragrances, the ArchAngels, the Mystery Odyssey, the artwork, the mediumship and the healing. And of course, anything else that takes me towards a passionate, fulfilling, dreamy life!

Day 273 of my blogging challenge.