feedbackAnnie has been working as a Counsellor & Inspirational Mentor for almost 20 years, in public as an Intuitive Medium for eleven and a Reiki Master/Teacher for 4 years. Over that time she has helped many people find the direction in their life, given comfort through thousands of messages and supported people back to wellbeing. An accomplished teacher of spirituality Annie has mentored and encouraged people who are now working as mediums, psychics, healers, coaches and running successful businesses. This is their feedback about Annie’s work with them.

Feedback from Mentoring

This is the kind of mentoring I have needed since I started my business.. solid business guidance along with the gift of intuitive insight. Annie helps me to make progress through areas in which I struggle and get stuck. Knowing I needed a listening ear and mentoring support in my business helped me take the plunge and invest in some sessions. However because the mentoring encompasses every aspect of ‘me’, it has been life changing and invaluable. There’s also the flexibility to space the sessions out as you need them. I would recommend Annie to anyone who feels they need a bit more support, with anything in life, even if you’re not clear about why or feel you can’t justify it. It will be worth it.  Natalie

I would like to say: The best kind of people are the ones that come into your life and make you see the sun where once you saw clouds. The people that believe in you so much you start to believe that too. The people that love you simply for being you. The once in a lifetime kind of people.   Silvia

Thank you once agin for the clarity and openness of your work with me. There have been so many lightbulb moments that I can’t put it all into words X

There are times in your life when you need a certain kind of help, support and guidance that isn’t the tried and tested. Yet you can’t put your finger on what that is at the time, but when it comes along you just know it’s exactly right. Meeting Annie Conboy was exactly right for me. I was stuck, feeling lost and had to make some decisions about my future.  Working with Annie has helped me navigate this journey, unravelling all that was knotted, straightening things out and slowly but surely bringing clarity. It’s not easy work and it can at times be emotional but Annie has this incredible ability to bring all that was stuck to the surface and allow it out into the open with great warmth and humour. It is no exaggeration when I say that working with Annie is transforming my life in so my ways. Yes, ultimately, I am responsible for acting on those intentions but working with Annie has made me want to do it. There is still much work to do, but I can feel my confidence growing and am beginning to stand in my own light and that’s all down to the work I’ve been doing with Annie.  Paula

I’ve known Annie Conboy for a while now, lovely woman. She saw a light in me and I felt as though she took me under her wing, guided and protected me. I attended many of her groups and courses of which I learnt each time, not only of everything metaphysical but life’s challenges too. I have since moved away from the UK to Australia but keep in close contact. Whenever I need help even now she’ll help me out through a problem. I call her one of my spiritual teachers.  Andreas

Annie has an amazing gift! Apart from always being kind and having a nice word of support, she’s such an inspiration, so knowledgeable, and she always gave me so much insight, reassurance, direction and encouragement through all the years I’ve known her. After our sessions I always come out feeling empowered and lifted. She works with compassion and integrity, and is extremely honest. Thank you Annie, for everything, today & always!  Silvia

Feedback from Workshops

Thank you so much for today I have learnt so much and my ‘jigsaw puzzle’ is piecing together nicely thanks to your inspirational teaching. X <3

I had some real light bulb moments yesterday and a few more today when I had time to process the information. Thank you very much for explaining everything in such a simple way. Sharon

A really insightful day. Loved it. Great to learn more about protecting yourself from and connecting to energies and to understand more about listening to our own intuition. Now need to absorb, practice and come back for more xx

It’s been a wonderful day I’ve really enjoyed it and learnt new knowledge.And it was really nice to meet you 😊. I look forward to any more workshops that you may be do in future xx

What a wonderful day x Thank you very much. Very inspiring and loads of great guidance. Thank you so much for creating such a wonderful space xxxAnnie was recommended to me through close friend. We attended 2 workshops with her – Exploring Intuitive Connections and Activating Transpersonal Chakras. I enjoyed both immensely. I found Annie a genuine, very warm, caring and welcoming person. She provided a lovely relaxing and race environment to work/chat in. She encourages healthy debate with everyone acoss all matters. I felt my input was listened to and valued. Not feeling daft/put down or patronised when voicing an opinion or experience. Even when I felt I was ‘jumping on the back’ of someone else’s input. I really enjoyed the training which was very informative and delivered what it said on the ‘tin’ and more. It prompted me to think differently about some of my own practice for example : I have always thought ‘ as above – so it is below’ – I now think ‘as it is below so is it above’ in relation to everything starting with our roots and where energy is ‘blazed and transmuted’. Yes Annie Conboy you’ll to for me ☺. I can only highly recommend you!

PS: I am looking forward to doing more with Annie, training, attending Friday afternoon sessions and attending her new open circle when I can.  Dawn

I still can’t quite believe how life changing the workshop was. It has helped me understand so many of my life choices. And given me the chance to make deep changes in the way I am. You have so much wisdom and give so generously. Thank you.  Avril

Feedback from Readings

You are the reason I live in beautiful Wales with your wise words of advice you changed my life I will be eternally grateful xxxx   Linda

Thank you for your excellent evidence. I really felt like my Mum was in the room with us. I left feeling relived, happy, sad and at ease.  Sarah

Feedback from Healing

Such a lovley lady an place the healing was just what i needed cant wait to go again Thank You xx  Joanna

Good morning Annie, just want to thank you for all your help and advice this week. I am sure it will be beneficial. i will definitely keep practicing and get my chakra’s opened and balanced.  Keith 

Feedback from Counselling

I was troubled a few days ago and went down to meet this beautiful lady! We had a heart to heart discussion. I had to make an important decision that night and was struggling to fight head -heart… This woman strengthened me and I felt calm and confident again. I made the decision and once change happened that thick cloud of negativity uneasiness left my abode! Moreover, she was so kind.. she didn’t charge me for the consultation, instead gave me a warm hug. What a beautiful soul.  Sylvia