Energy Wave Wake Up Call

IMG_1556There are changes coming thick & fast at the moment. The energy that is flowing through & around us is a blast of WAKE UP! Imagine you are still pressing the snooze button on the alarm clock. So here is someone with a glass of cold water, pulling back the duvet & throwing the water all over you. Wake Up! is the command. It’s time both to see the world as is really is & to see all your own beautiful Light.

I’ve been waking up, on & off, since 2005. Yet when I look back further certain years strike a chord too – May 2001 when my own creativity birthed a child; January 1998 when I was wrenched out of a toxic work pattern; August 1987 when a grand trine Harmonic Convergence took place & the world meditated together; 1976 when I found Past Lives through the pages of a book. There have probably been many other points in my life when I surfaced for a brief moment to wonder why I was here on the Earth & what it was all about. Each time sleep would claim me once again.

In 2005 I finally stopped snoozing in a dream reality & woke up. It hasn’t been easy to stay awake – the comfort blanket of pattern & habit calls me back from time to time. There is a ‘reality’ that is so seductive it’s hard to throw it off. A ‘dream’ where someone else has all the responsibility for my life, this world & all that happens in it. Waking up means accepting that I co-create this ‘dream’ along with all other beings – that I am responsible for my bit of it & if it’s crap then that crap is all my own. Not an easy realisation. Followed by the understanding that if it’s crap I can do something to stop it being that way – I can change myself so that I ‘dream’ a different world. The trick is to find enough of us who take this responsibility for self & are prepared to co-create a very different ‘reality’. Because that means we all have to change our individual selves to recognise & acknowledge our join ‘dreaming’. That’s when I met the Earth’s ArchAngels. Their insistent, kick-ass energy has shunted me through a massive set of changes and I ‘dream’ a very different world now.

So now it’s time for the rest of us to wake up fully. Try not to cling to the old habits. It will make your transition more challenging than it really needs to be. Be prepared to take full responsibility for yourself inwardly so that the outer world can also change. Stand up for what you believe and honour your inner Light. Who better to help you through this uncertain & possibly shocking time than The Earth’s ArchAngel Lureshia. She is bringing inspiration & infinite patience into your ‘home’ – your very self. She is supporting you on this part of your journey so that you find your deep inner knowing, unconditional love for yourself and, in this way, you widen your vision to embrace your whole self.

To feel her around you sit quietly for a few moments & imagine the smell of damp leaves, the sound of the wind in the trees and the vibration of Mother Earth. Then hear the crackle of the fire in the hearth, see the warm candle glow & feel the warmth of a cosy blanket. Let her copper & gold Light fill your mind as she brings you her loving, joyful encouragement to take the first step on your new journey.

Be secure in the understanding that she has helped you pack into yourself everything you could possibly ever need. That she will nurse you through the challenges, hurts and disappointments. That you will gain so much joy, success & contentment into your life that every step will have been exactly the best one for you. blue-clock_1._blue-twin-bell-battery-quartz-heart-shaped-alarm-clock