Doing Everything With Love

This morning I went to meet a lovely friend for breakfast. It was our TLC treat to ourselves. How disappointing to be served with a breakfast full of miserable energy! Someone had not done everything with love.

One of the results of being aware of the energy flow is that my intuition clicks when I am around the vibration of love. Like a note in a song or a favourite smell, I can sense the presence of love in anything. Everything is energy. I’ve written about that before. And how it can change the way I interact with the world. Because I can also sense the absence of love. For whatever reason this morning the cook hadn’t loved what they were making. The meal turned up half cold, over cooked and over seasoned. But I knew before I tasted it. It was one unhappy plate of food.

I ended up sending the breakfast back. I didn’t want another. If the cook was unhappy enough to put low virbrational energy on one plate things probably wouldn’t improve with another go. Instead I picked up a coffee from one of my favourite places – where they always put the love in – and had some toast at home. I enjoyed making the toast to go with my vanilla latte. The bread tasted happy so I was happy. Everything I ate and drank was full of love. Recognising the world is energy means being prepared to nourish myself only with the most loving energy.

That is also what Reiki teaches. Bringing in the Universal flow of loving energy can apply to food as well as everything else.

For a long time in my life I was a comfort eater. When I was stressed I reached for sugary food. Not very wise really as too much sugar can cause my body problems, not least weight gain. When I finally opened up to my intuitive senses I realised that what I ate could actually make me feel worse. Not just because of the sugar and other things. But because the energy vibration was low. It was around about the time I encountered my first unhappy crystals. They had suffered in being mined and some where beyond healing. Noticing the crystal vibrations and comparing them to food vibrations was an eye opener.

I guess that’s what made it sink in. As everything has a vibration what happens energetically can change any vibration. After that I became much more conscious of what I ate. I wanted my body to get the food that felt loved and happy. I also realised that I needed to do  everything with love too. And that I had to surround myself with others who had that loving vibration. Of course, it’s not that simple. Along with everyone else I have my unloving moments. Those low vibrational feelings that are triggered when I’m not strong in my self love.

Everything is a learning curve. Knowing that I have a range of feelings, some that are distinctly the opposite of love, means I have to choose carefully how to deal with my feelings.

I hope that I put as much love into things as I can. That’s what I would like to share. Because passing on the loving energy makes someone else’s day go well too. And eventually the love energy finds it’s way back to me. Looking towards 2017 I have a lot of things I’m doing that I love. A lot more teaching, inspiring and sharing. More writing and painting. Music. An amazing amount of Spirit and Angelic connections. Anything and everything that supports sharing the love around more and more. I’m open to receive it back too. I will be checking the vibrations around me and choosing only those full of love. Make 2017 your year to choose love. You know it makes sense ❤️

Day 410 of my blogging challenge.

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