Lightworker, Indigo, Crystal: Which One Are You?

LightworkerI’m a lightworker. I’m often asked about what that means. As well as being asked about Indigo and Crystal people. It can get confusing. So I want to set out what my Guides have helped me understand about these different energy vibrations.

I’ve written in previous blog posts about Indigo and Crystal children but not specifically about the Lightworker vibration. Before I start I want to acknowledge the work of Doreen Virtue, Meg Blackburn Losey, Lee Carroll and Jan Tober. These were the people my Guides directed me to when I was trying to make sense of the little child it seemed I had agreed to bring into the world. Their books were really helpful in getting me started with the ideas of different energy vibrations across a global population. They also made me feel much less alone in my journey.

Especially in the 3 or 4 am waking hours that my daughter insisted in keeping. Learning to understand my place as a lightworker also eased the challenges of living with an energy sensitive child. In fact, as I moved deeper into mediumship I began to understand what a gift I had been given. And to recognise that I had to stand firm for the requirements of my daughter. Even if that took me outside of the mainstream opinions about child rearing. But it seems that I was given enough strength and tenacity to do that because her upbringing has definitely been very different than mine or most of her peers.

I am especially grateful to my Mum. She said to me one day that only I would really know my child and to trust my intuition.Back then I had no idea what I had got into.Thank goodness for my Lightworker vibration!

Her words have been my sort of defence against the dark arts whenever negative energy has flooded into our lives. Although there have been several times when I thought the task I had been given would end up being too much for me, today I realise that is how many parents of Crystal children feel. Reading as much as I could was a good way to start. But, being the sceptic I was, I wanted more evidence. Proof really. Because I could see that I might have to revise my idea of what our relationship might be. And how we would interact in the world. That’s when my Guides stepped in.

I got a great deal of help by tuning into my intuition. It made my relationship with my daughter much easier. Then I started to learn about energy vibrations and the ways in which my energy and hers could influence each other.

Added to the energy of the people around us I began to see how both of us could be strongly affected too. That’s why I started to ask a lot of questions about being a Lightworker. After the Second World War, and almost fifty years of conflict, economic challenges and hate filled rhetoric the energy on the planet was extremely ‘heavy’. In other words, the vibration of the Earth was very low and operating at the negative end of the spectrum. It was decided to help humanity return to a more positive vibration. Especially since it was almost time for our world to make a big vibrational shift with an evolutionary leap forward. From about 1950 onwards a new type of Spirit incarnated into human bodies. This Lightworker Spirtit energy produced people who were willing to serve others. Almost at the cost of their own selves.

The essence of the Lightworker is of the angels. There is a connection to Divine Healing and Unconditional Love that makes us prone to gather up all sorts of waifs and strays in order to serve them.

Lightworkers don’t rebel. Except against being here in the first place. Because a lightworker has been human very many times. And I know I was hoping for a bit longer off planet than I actually got. If you are like me you will have conformed in school and at home, in your community and in your work. You will have been anxious to follow all the rules in case of upsetting anyone. Like me you will have wanted people to like you a little bit more than is good for you. Lightworkers can’t resist a rescue so I know I spent a lot of my time putting the needs of other before my own. All so I could see them happy.

Of course Lightworkers have had to get used to a lot of disappointment. I know that it is really hard for people to raise their vibration and live a positive life. Especially when most of the energy around is feeding fears. But by 1970, or thereabouts, enough of us had done our work and a new vibration of Spirit began to come in. I’ve met many, many Indigo people. Unlike a lightworker beavering away behind the scenes Indigos know they are here to make changes. Big changes. Indigos struggle in any system that restricts their ability to be free. I love talking to Indigos. They are so focused on competing their mission. And they don’t mind who knows it. But they are hampered by a lack of direct orders.

Indigos are very energy sensitive. So much so that many of them have found it almost impossible to live on the planet. They want to go home. But they also want to carry out their mission.

If only they knew what it was supposed to be. I look for Indigo vibrations in all those people who change jobs quite a bit. Who are restless. They are the people pushing things forward, full of innovative ideas, and frustration that no one will take the ideas on board. Many Indigos work for themselves. They love the planet and feel more comfortable with animals than people. Ask any Indigo to complete a task and it’s done. So long as they feel that what you have asked is a worthy task. Because they don’t like wasting time. I love watching a group of Indigos dream up several ways of doing something. Then decide to shoot off in all directions to try each solution.

Yet I’ve also seen the loyalty that Indigos share with one another. They are aware how sensitive the world makes them feel. So they protect one another as much as possible. Think Marines, or a troop of peace loving, planet hugging soldiers ready to stand their ground for what they believe in. They reject aggression and violence. But suffer a lot sometimes when the world hasn’t changed. I know that giving an Indigo a purpose, some intuitive protection and peaceful surroundings is the best way to keep them strong. Being strong is important because I also know that their combined vibration is what has made it possible for the Crystal Spirits to come in.

There are at least three blogs about Crystal children where I explain about their loving vibration. Living with a crystal is both a challenge and a blessing. For that reason I’m very glad I am a Lightworker.

The Spirits who carry a Crystal vibration started coming in about 2000 and until about 2005 they found the vibration we live in very hard to deal with. If the Indigos are sensitive to energy the Crystals are over-sensitive. They struggle with low vibrational emotions including their own. They are a battery of positive, unconditional love. So I know they find it hard to live here. They often say they want to leave. They collect up other peoples negative emotions like it is water. Then they pour it out all over their parent(s). Many times I’ve had to help my daughter find a way to shield herself from the impact of other people. And show her how to release stuck energy.

Crystals are often classified when they get to school. There are a number of labels used to account for their sensory, mental and emotional differences. However, these children and teenagers are intelligent, spiritual and peaceful. Those born after 2005 can also handle the energy here much better than the earliest ones. They are also old souls. And have been off the planet for a long time, so may take quite a while to adjust to being back in a flesh and blood body. Crystals are fearless. mainly because death has no meaning for them. They tend not to tire because they can pull energy from the people around them. Their aim is to do well and share love. But struggle when their love is rejected.

People are finally waking up to their spiritual purpose. It’s time to embrace being a Lightworker, Indigo or Crystal. I feel that there is so much more we can all achieve when we understand our individual and family vibrations. Do you know your energy vibration yet?

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Doing Everything With Love

This morning I went to meet a lovely friend for breakfast. It was our TLC treat to ourselves. How disappointing to be served with a breakfast full of miserable energy! Someone had not done everything with love.

One of the results of being aware of the energy flow is that my intuition clicks when I am around the vibration of love. Like a note in a song or a favourite smell, I can sense the presence of love in anything. Everything is energy. I’ve written about that before. And how it can change the way I interact with the world. Because I can also sense the absence of love. For whatever reason this morning the cook hadn’t loved what they were making. The meal turned up half cold, over cooked and over seasoned. But I knew before I tasted it. It was one unhappy plate of food.

I ended up sending the breakfast back. I didn’t want another. If the cook was unhappy enough to put low virbrational energy on one plate things probably wouldn’t improve with another go. Instead I picked up a coffee from one of my favourite places – where they always put the love in – and had some toast at home. I enjoyed making the toast to go with my vanilla latte. The bread tasted happy so I was happy. Everything I ate and drank was full of love. Recognising the world is energy means being prepared to nourish myself only with the most loving energy.

That is also what Reiki teaches. Bringing in the Universal flow of loving energy can apply to food as well as everything else.

For a long time in my life I was a comfort eater. When I was stressed I reached for sugary food. Not very wise really as too much sugar can cause my body problems, not least weight gain. When I finally opened up to my intuitive senses I realised that what I ate could actually make me feel worse. Not just because of the sugar and other things. But because the energy vibration was low. It was around about the time I encountered my first unhappy crystals. They had suffered in being mined and some where beyond healing. Noticing the crystal vibrations and comparing them to food vibrations was an eye opener.

I guess that’s what made it sink in. As everything has a vibration what happens energetically can change any vibration. After that I became much more conscious of what I ate. I wanted my body to get the food that felt loved and happy. I also realised that I needed to do  everything with love too. And that I had to surround myself with others who had that loving vibration. Of course, it’s not that simple. Along with everyone else I have my unloving moments. Those low vibrational feelings that are triggered when I’m not strong in my self love.

Everything is a learning curve. Knowing that I have a range of feelings, some that are distinctly the opposite of love, means I have to choose carefully how to deal with my feelings.

I hope that I put as much love into things as I can. That’s what I would like to share. Because passing on the loving energy makes someone else’s day go well too. And eventually the love energy finds it’s way back to me. Looking towards 2017 I have a lot of things I’m doing that I love. A lot more teaching, inspiring and sharing. More writing and painting. Music. An amazing amount of Spirit and Angelic connections. Anything and everything that supports sharing the love around more and more. I’m open to receive it back too. I will be checking the vibrations around me and choosing only those full of love. Make 2017 your year to choose love. You know it makes sense ❤️

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Standing in the Light of Love

imageI’ve had an amazing day. I love meeting new people. Making the connections I am supposed to make.

I feel so privileged to help people see that they have been standing in their own Light all of their lives. When people do finally stand in their own Light they are able to become new people. The person they had hidden underneath all along. I know that we all have a tendency to stand back from our own Light. I’ve been judged so many times, often without actually meeting the person doing the judging, so it’s no wonder that the energy of those opinions has ‘soaked in’ to my view of myself. My thoughts have become less accepting of myself. I have become less loving of who I am. So I’ve definitely been standing back.

At the Psychic Club today I led an exercise to help everyone feel their individual intuitive vibration. This is a great way I use to get people aware of how Light they already are. Then I take them further into the exercise so that they can raise the amount of Light energy they are receiving. I guess for Light you could substitute the word Love. To me Light and Love are one and the same. When we are standing in our own Light we are loving ourselves enough to recognise how unique we are. It also means that I am ready and able to shine out that Love to others.

I often feel that’s the big mistake we make about love.

We believe we have to first give it to others so we can get it back. But we don’t see that energy is a circular flow. What we carry in our aura energy goes out to others. If I’m standing back from loving myself I know my aura will also be standing back from giving love to others. Perhaps what I am giving out isn’t really love at all. Maybe I’m sending out an energy wave because I feel it’s my duty or my responsibility or because I ought.

I can tell myself it’s love. But how can I understand if it is when I’m not prepared to receive love from myself. So standing in my own Light/Love is a way to both give and receive. To and from myself and others. If I wish to have more Light people in my life then it makes sense I have to give myself Light. That way I will radiate the Light in my aura energy out to others. And based on the principle of what you give out you get back, hey presto, more Light arrives!

What can I do to step into my own Light then? Especially as doing so can have more benefits for all of the people I connect with. This is often the hard bit. I have to recognise that in any moment I am unique. There is no other Spirit on this planet who has the same set of energy vibrations as me. Never mind that I have human flaws. What counts is my unique contribution to the energy ocean that we perceive as this life. So what is that contribution? I can choose to shine my Light or I can surround myself with darkness. By shining my Light I can light up the darkness so others can shine too.

All of my teaching work is about standing in my own Light so that others are encouraged to shine too.

I dream of a world where all of us are bright, twinkling lights joined together and radiating such strong Love that fear, aggression, hate and war would be a dim memory. Please find and shine your Light by learning to Love yourself. I want to join you in making the whole of Mother Earth a beacon of Light!

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Afterlife Dreams

imageIt was a long night. I couldn’t settle to sleep. I had too much energy zooming through me. So I started to re read the Celestine Prophesy. In the sequel, The Tenth Insight,  James Redfield talks about the Afterlife. About how we are being asked to bring Heaven down to the Earth. Or more accurately, how we access Heaven from this plane of existence.

The usual door into the Afterlife is when we loose our physical overcoat by dying. Our clay bodies are of too low a vibration to cross over with our aura and Spirit energy. Yet there are other ways. Many thousands of people have reported near death experiences. Although they have visited a different place it was not their time to stay there. Details of these experiences are surprisingly similar. Glimpses of the Afterlife have also been experienced in meditation, through visions or in dreams.

The idea behind the Tenth Insight is that we will evolve until we can cross from this life into the Afterlife conciously. Without having to leave our physical body behind. It’s based on an understanding of this reality as energy vibrating at a certain rate. By raising the vibrational rate of our energy we can become more like the world of the Afterlife so the way from here to there will be easier to travel. When I first read these book, many years ago, I was still very sceptical. I was only just beginning my journey with no real understanding about energy. I had to experience more to understand more.

I went around doing all sorts of things that might come under the heading of spiritual development. Yet it wasn’t until I had my own visit to the Afterlife that I went back to the books on my shelf to seek more understanding.

I know I had a life changing experience of the Afterlife. I also know that in the bliss I felt I also resisted coming back here. I didn’t want to fall back to Earth. The certainty that there was such a place/space settled in me once I returned. Although it was hard to accept that I had to be back here I got on with getting on. But I also asked myself why I had had that glimpse of heaven. And why we were living in a place/space so far removed from bliss. I daydreamed often of this world being full of the bliss I knew could exist.

Eventually I realised that my personal beliefs had shifted a long way. I wanted to improve myself, my energy, so that I was closer to the energy of the Afterlife. I started to live my spirituality as best I could rather than merely talk about it. Tackling things from an energy point of view I made every effort to ‘clean up my energy act’. It was a roller coaster ride. So many things to work on, understand and practice. Yet bringing that Afterlife vibration to this reality could only happen if I worked at shifting the energy vibration higher.

I still dream of the Afterlife. I catch random snippets occasionally when I’m daydreaming too. Or when I’m speaking to someone who needs to learn that it really is there. That we are always evolving and life goes on.

I often ask myself how it would be to live my life in that blissful, loving, connected feeling all of the time. Certain pieces of music or words bring that feeling of bliss back to me. My connection to my Guides also brings the energy of the Afterlife. It’s where they live and work. The development work I’ve done on my psychic senses has been another door to the Afterlife energy too. All the messages I give remind me of that place/space because I’m communicating with the people who are there. I can get a boost from the energy by doing something I’m passionate about.

There is also another way to bring the dream of heaven here on Earth into being. I can help others on the journey to understanding energy vibrations. With my support they can step across the divide for a moment or two, make connections with Spirit beings and experience that there is a life after physical death. I know that when you have experienced the higher energy vibrations in this way you see your life here differently. The way to help others opens up for you. By helping myself to seek out the Afterlife here I can join with others who are doing the same.

As we jointly raise our vibrations we begin to manifest a different world. It may take time. I’m not certain it will happen before I have to go to the Afterlife by leaving my physical body behind. But I am certain that it will evolve and be a reality one day.

Day 243 of my blogging challenge.

Truth Will Out

imageTruth. A very slippery word to define. Very often it means ‘my version of the truth’ or ‘my interpretation of the truth’. So what does truth mean. How do we know that we are speaking, meaning or acting from the truth?

I wanted to know today because if I use my powerful voice I want to be sure that I am speaking truly. So I looked up the definition. Truth is: the quality or state of being true;
that which is true or in accordance with fact or reality; a fact or belief that is accepted as true. Whew! A lot of room for debate there. It can be a state of mind. It can be a fact. It can be something that is accepted as true whether or not it actually is.

As I considered the definition I thought about the time when people thought the world was flat. It was stated as a fact although, as it turns out, it was only an accepted belief. Eventually it was proved to be a false belief though not until there had been a lot of argument and general falling out. My mind pinged onto another such example. I have been reading a lot about the idea that the Universe is actually a hologram. Not an accepted truth but when enough people believe will it become true?

Perhaps we we can only interpret truth when we consider the purpose behind what is being said?

The idea that a state of mind represents what is true is very interesting. I have changed my beliefs about many things during my life. What I would have sworn was true when I was twenty is somewhat different now I’m approaching the second half of my life. I still get stuck with the ‘does my bum look big in this’ question. Do I tell the absolute truth or a friendly lie? Who suffers for my lack of truthfulness? Can a lie ever be for a good purpose?

Interestingly, now I work in the world of energy vibrations, I am able to read the shiver present in someone’s aura when they fail to be authentic. When I am not being my true self, warts and all, my energy will fluctuate. The vibration alters ever so subtly. I notice when this happens in myself and others. I often let the change pass unchallenged if it is in others. Although I do wonder why they have decided to misrepresent themselves. When I catch myself in a shiver I check what is going on.

My authentic voice is the one with power. Not the power of right, force or control. The power to speak lovingly of myself. The power to represent what I am feeling and thinking honestly. With no fluffy confusion of apologies for having an opinion. When I drift into a half-truth, perhaps a deferential tone or flirtatious manner to put myself in some sort of submissive position I need to stand back. What is happening to make me shift from truthfulness? What purpose have I got for giving away my power?

Does conditioning drive our level of truthfulness?

As a social group it seems that our perception of truthfulness is coloured by the status we have. Politicians are allowed to lie so long as life continues along familiar lines. Doctors, teachers, employers, financial experts are allowed to give an ‘expert’ version of the facts so long as they are a shared belief. Children are taught to ‘be polite’ about the way they describe others. We are told to be tactful, to keep our true feelings or thoughts to ourselves and to ‘behave pleasantly’ to one another. How interesting that our energy never lies.

There is a change required in all of us. We have become so easy with our own perception of what is true that we are intolerant of others. We reject their right to have a different version of the truth. I have been challenging myself to convey my feelings and thoughts as clearly as possible. To tell the truth exactly as I perceive it. Then to check for the shiver in my energy. Because when something is in accordance with my heartfelt truth my energy will be smooth flowing. When I am giving my power away I will know. I can question why. And I reclaim my power by speaking my truth. After all, it seems the truth is different for all of us and that’s ok for it to be so.

Day 224 of my blogging challenge.

Speed Up & Connect with Guides

imageA question I’m often asked is how I connect with my Guides or the Spirit people. I believe we all have six psychic senses – to feel, see, hear, smell, taste or know energy information. Because I also believe that we have to understand that we are energy beings rather than human beings getting the connection going at the right speed to make sense of the information we are receiving is critical. The more we make sense of the info the more confident we feel. As we get more confident connecting becomes easier and we can actually speed up our development process. So it doesn’t, in the end, matter which way we perceive the energy info through our intuitive psychic senses. What really matters is being able to process it faster.

The starting point is to work out which way you process the energy information. Are you strongest at seeing, hearing, sensing? Or there might be two or three ways you can ‘translate’ the energy information. Your Guides will have been trying to point you in the right direction most of your life. We often dismiss the gut or instinct feelings we have about things because we have learned to doubt the information. Perhaps it doesn’t always come in clear and understandable. Sometimes the speed that the info flows is to slow or too fast. Sometimes our rational brain tells us it can’t be correct. Lots of things get in the way so we wander along wondering if there is anyone there. All around us there are signs happening to tell us to pay attention to the intuitions but it’s almost easier at times to ignore the signs too.

If you do start to notice the tingles, flashes of light, orbs, objects turning up in places they couldn’t or shouldn’t be, the way in which other people often say the very things you were thinking about you can acknowledge them. If you do take notice the frequency of signs picks up speed. Having got your attention the Guides are delighted to keep your interest going. They hope that they will be able to direct you to the people, places and resources that will help you understand some more. So you might find you discover a group who enjoy investigating the paranormal, or a local Spiritualists church, or a book full of useful info or a class where you can go to practice connecting. Each step forward you take will help you by making sure you are learning the how to of communicating.

At some point you will find that you need to speed up your personal energy vibration so that the connection is easier. This is how it works. For those of you old enough to remember 45rpm (revolutions per minute) records you might also remember how slow they sounded when played only at 33rpm. Or how squeaky and fast they sounded at 78rpm. If you have no idea of what I’m talking about here is an example of the speed slowed down to 33. And here is an example of the speed at 78. Imjagine that your vibration is 33rpm and that of your Guides is 78rpm. The only way to connect and talk is  for you to speed up and them to slow down. When you meet in the middle at 45 the exchange of info is amazing. You can get clear, accurate and complete conversations.

To raise your vibrations you can start to pay attention to the energy flowing through your aura. Are you a positive person most of the time? Do you feel that you love yourself? Are you holding on to any negative, fearful or sad emotions? Do you let go of the thoughts and feelings that reduce your energy? Look out for ways to feel positive (count your blessings no matter how small) or to encourage positive thought patterns (affirmations and mindfulness can help). Remember to ask your Guides to give you hints & tips too. Open up to the love and healing energy are always beaming at you. Meditate and find some inner peace. As you take these steps you will be clearing away the energy clutter that has held your vibration at 33rpm. Soon you will notice that your intuition is coming through stronger and you are trusting it more. Finally you will be part of a much more detailed conversation with the Guides who can help you much more. One way or another you will have bridged the gap in being able to communicate.

Day 167 of my blogging challenge.

My psychic life: Day 14

Great-Barrier-Reef-coralThe theme today has been healing! Myself included. I try to start every day with a Reiki meditation so that I can put myself in as much positive energy as possible. I love being a Reiki Master/Teacher though I fell into it, or better still, my Guides prodded me into practicing Reiki. They worked very hard to get a message to me to do Reiki attunements & then made sure the right people were around to keep me on the Reiki path. I actually did my attunements over a number of years, being nudged every now & again when it was time to move up to the next level. Being able to self heal at any time I needed energy support has been a constant benefit of the attunements.

I also enjoy that every time I do a Reiki healing with my Reiki Guides I have another blast of healing energy too. The Universal energy is there for all who are willing to receive it & we can have as much as we wish. Over the years Reiki has been one of the ways in which I protect myself from any low level energy I’ve been exposed to or taken into my aura. It’s also been a way of raising my own energy vibration so I can make stronger connections with the Spirits & other Energy Beings. One of the things that helps communication is a clear aura full of positive energy.

As I’ve learned about the world as an energy world rather than a physical world I have wondered so often why what I know isn’t common knowledge. We have some sayings that explain how the energy world works e.g. what you give out you get back, what goes around comes around, karma comes back. Yet we often choose to ignore what these saying are actually telling us. My Guides explain it this way: Imagine you are a wonderful coral on the Great Barrier Reef, being fed & nourished by the water that flows all around & through you. If you are in pure, clean, happy water you will grow strong, thrive & blossom. If you are in polluted, unhappy, dirty water you will starve, fall ill &, eventually, die. Which would you rather be?

We are physical only on one level. At another level we are aura + physical energy. Our feelings & thoughts are also energy. We ‘swim’ in a great big energy ocean along with everything & everyone else (including the animal kingdom & the planets). As we swim along we are giving off the energy of our feelings & thought – not the ones we would like people to think we have (the masks we wear to hide our true selves like the shell of an oyster). Our true energy is going into the energy ocean. So are the energy feelings & thoughts of all the other swimmers around us. If our shell isn’t strong enough their energy mixes with ours. We get whatever their true energy signals are. We also get caught up in the tides of huge energy outpourings. For example, if enough people are worried, stressed & anxious about money guess what kind of energy tidal wave we will be bathed in. Or even a tsunami of feeling & thoughts.

Keeping our own energy clear & clean within a good strong shell will benefit everyone. First because we aren’t sending out low vibrational feelings & thoughts. Second because we can choose to send out positive vibes into the energy ocean so that others experience the positive flow rather than a negative one. Keeping positive doesn’t mean that we can’t feel anger, grief, fear, depression. These are all human emotions & everyone experiences them at one time or another. Remember – we are not looking at the masks we wear – we are awake to the true energy signals we transmit. We can recognise the benefit of these emotions & thought and learn to let them wash over us; rather than become a hard build-up of stuck energy requiring a lot of healing energy to shift. We can also remind ourselves that we can choose what to focus on in our lives – the ups instead of the downs – so that as much as possible what we add to this ocean of energy is for the good of all.

And the best reason of all to be in a positive ocean? If enough low vibration energy gets stuck in the aura it manifests in the physical body as dis-ease. Once our physical body is affected it becomes much hard to heal oneself. So back to my Reiki meditation – I want a clear, deep blue ocean to swim in. To make sure I have that I clean & heal my aura every day. Remember, what you give out you get back. Is it time for you to start healing yourself?

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