Channelled Message For Light Workers Everywhere

channelledSometimes I forget how long I have been connected to Energy Beings. Their channelled messages have been coming in loud and clear for ten years now. But it’s hard to keep track of what was said. Unless they make it pop up in front of me again. Like the one in today’s blog!

I received this message in July 2009. It was channelled in from my work with Kuan Yin. She helped me to understand about mercy and about forgiving myself. Her energy was very gentle and loving at a time when I was challenged by my life. It was also a time when I had to decide how I wanted to move forward and embrace my spirituality. There were difficult things to do. And I cried many tears. She always stressed that I had to be compassionate with myself so I could offer compassion to others.

A channelled message for all Light Workers

We wish to speak to you about the compassion of the open heart. Willingly give and you will willingly receive. Do not be fearful and close your hearts against us. We continue to support and help. We are your light and guide. We bring you the lesson of compassion.

Where you find it is hard to forgive, or to understand, or to receive the hurtful words from another, be aware that this is you lesson in compassion. If you can receive these insults, this trouble, this turbulence into your heart without pain, without judgment, without self-doubt, you will transform this energy; so that instead of hurt and harm this energy can be re-transmitted, soothed and massaged by your compassion, turned forward into love and sent again to the person who sends it to you.

This is one of your tasks. Your group energy is about compassion. Not everyone will understand the path they are required to be on. Not everyone has your insight and clarity. You are workers for the light and you must open your heart centre and send forward the transformed energies of love so that whoever tries to send you harm and pain receives instead love, understanding and forgiveness.Remember you have chosen them to cross your path so you may take this lesson. Remember also that they have chosen their own lesson. They may feel doubt, they may feel uncomfortable. They may feel that they want to reject the love that is returned to them. But, by offering that love and sending it and transforming their energy, they will, in time, be transformed. These shifts in energy are subtle. They are not always visible in the outer world but be sure that the inner world will change and eventually the outer world will reflect the sending of love and compassion.

I could weep tears for the number of times this lesson is missed. I could weep tears for the frustration and the hurt that you take upon yourself instead of learning this lesson. Release to me, Kwan Yin, your own tears and fears and pain and hurt. For it is compassion that will help you. It will change in your heart centre anything that is sent in a negative way and it will retransmit it. So that as well as workers for the light, you are workers of Universal LOVE. LOVE is all and LOVE is the Divine.

Please take this message, take it as far as you can – share it with others, be it in words, be it through feeling but the biggest sharing that is available to you is the transformation through your own heart centre. I am here to share with you and will take from you energies you feel you cannot manage but also you must know the lesson is never too hard. You have within you the capacity to complete this lesson and to be successful in what you hope to achieve.

We are with Mother Mary and Sophia. We bring you this message, this learning, this teaching. Know also that you can place your fears and doubts in our arms and we will help you. We are only a call away. Many times the pupil struggles to try to grasp the lesson when the teacher stands by just waiting to help. Do not be a pupil who forgets to ask for help. We send our love. Go well with this lesson.

I hope you can share this channelled message and let it support your own Light Work. It is a valid today as it was nine years ago. The world is in difficult times and we all need to stay  focused on sending out positive energy. That is best done by acknowledging and recognising our own negative energy. And being compassionate with ourselves.

Day 903 of my blogging challenge

What Joins Us Together : What Pushes Us Apart

TogetherIt’s been a day of reflection. Listening to the Spirit World talk about what joins us together. And how we somehow manage to push ourselves apart. How can bonds and ties stay strong?

It’s always lovely to hear of friendships that have been life long. Or relationships that are celebrating a 40th or 50th anniversary. To notice that family members have stuck together, one way or another, as the children have grown into middle or old age. These bonds have stood the test of life and time. They have been flexible yet strong enough to weather all kinds of storms. As I listened to the conversations today I thought about how we stick together. And what can drive us apart. I wondered what my loved ones in Spirit would say. After all, they have shown me quite clearly that they are still linked to me with ties of love.

I had an Open Circle tonight. What came through very clearly from all of the messages was the love. Each communicator giving the evidence that their love for us is as strong and lasting as ever. Reminding me that the most important thing I can do is love my family and friends as much as possible. Especially during the times when we might be getting pushed apart. Because together we are stronger. The community in Spirit know that. They come here to remind us of that as often as possible. During all those times when earthly things threaten to separate us. When we pick sides. Or judge. Even when we get angry or upset at each other. When we want more than others. Or more than others can give. Love can keep the lines of communication open. Love for ourselves and love for each other.

I’m often inspired to talk about the community of Spirit. When we are all together and let the loved ones in the Spirit World join with us.

They help us to create a community that crosses time, space and dimensions. They are willing to share with us their love, healing, wisdom and knowledge. I know that they show us how we can be joined together in this way by our ties of love. They want us to notice how easy it is to create that shared community. And I know that they want us to realise that it is easy to create a global human community based on the same love principle. I’ve listened to people saying that world peace is hard. That it can’t happen. Even that our differences are too great to overcome. The Spirit people wouldn’t agree. To them it’s all about love.

If I can overcome what pushes me apart from my family, friends and community then surely we all can? If I can see each person as a unique human being and share the love with them then can’t all of us? I know it sounds so simple that many people would say it’s naive. However I believe it’s possible for all of us to learn to share the love. We only have to want to enough. I see that as the problem. Perhaps we don’t really want to set aside our differences and look for the similarities. Otherwise we would all be speaking out about the awful things that are happening to other people. Rather than having that secret feeling of ‘thank goodness it’s not me’. Or that even worse state of not even noticing or caring because ‘I’m alright’.

Keeping humanity together is all about love. I’m learning to love myself and those around me no matter what we disagree on. I want to stick with my community because I know it will make me and the community stronger. I hope you can resist the urge to see your community pushed apart. Let love show you the way.

Day 690 of my blogging challenge 

Sunshine, Handfasting, Making a Commitment

HandfastingThe sun is shining. I’m glad. It’s my pleasure to be conducting a handfasting this afternoon. How wonderful to be part of the process of making a commitment.

I always enjoy representing the Spirit World. One of the ways they ask me to serve is to be the speaker at wedding, handfasting or commitment ceremonies. When two people decide that they want to share a life together in the energy of love the Spirit World rejoices. Because they have found the true way to connect to one another. I know that making any commitment represents the underlying energy of love. Loving myself and others enough to make a pledge of some sort. An agreement. A bargain. And I also know that it’s not a step taken lightly. I struggle when I break a promise. That’s why I try to make only those I am sure I can keep. However, I’m also a realist enough to know that love is conditional on the Earth plane. And some promises do get broken.

It’s how I handle the broken promises that matters. And how I make myself better in keeping to my commitments. That’s why the tradition of handfasting arose as a commitment that could be entered into for a defined period of time. After that period the couple could end the vow or choose to continue for another spell. I’m always delighted if a couple know they want to enter a permanent handfasting. It means I am working with people who value the love they share and have reached a place of total certainty. Because life is unpredictable. So I know it takes a lot to pledge to something for the rest of your life in spite of ups and downs.

This afternoon as I wind and tie the cord to bind them the energy of that commitment will echo up to the Spirit World. Where their loved ones will be celebrating the love too. And I will be reminding myself to commit to loving me more too. So that I can make that loving commitment out into the wider world ❤️

Day 663 of my blogging challenge

Resilience – Love and Human Beings Endure

I’ve been to a family wedding today. It was an uplifting day. And a reminder about resilience.

There is a lot of fear energy around at the moment. So many big issues on a global level for all of us to address. Every time I look at social media or the news there are lots of negative stories. In hard times it’s important to have reminders that we will come through all of the challenges. I’m always looking for that glimmer of hope to show me the way. So as I sat listening to wedding vows being made I thought about resilience. None of us would have been sitting there taking part in the celebration without the determination of our loved ones who have gone before us. I’m sure there were plenty of family present from the Spirit World. But it also represented the enduring nature of love. The trust that through love our families will continue.

I also looked at the faces of the little children in the church. They are just starting their journey through life. How wonderful to be surrounded by people who know how to survive that journey. Because that’s the truth. We have  all come through many and varied challenges. Our lives have been bumpy as well as calm. Each one of us has, I am certain, had to find the courage to continue after it seemed like our world had turned upside down.  At the reception I saw family and friends sharing the occasion. Catching up. Updating. Enjoying meeting again. At least four generations representing all that is hopeful about families. Looking around I ticked off the grandparents, parents, children, grandchildren. A perfect representation of the way in which human beings carry on surviving.

It takes resilience to keep on living and loving. A toughness that is powered by hope. Based on love for one another. I don’t fear for human beings. I hope for more love for all of us.

Day 537 of my blogging challenge 

The Glue Holding Us Together

Families. Love them or hate them they are the glue holding us together. But perhaps the definition of family is worth looking at.

Today I went to see my friend Jan as she packed up her home. She is getting ready to move closer to her family. Life has pulled her across to a new location and she will have more time with them. But less with the people who are this side of the country. It got me thinking about our friendship. And how friends become part of our family too. Then they move further away as life drifts us into new opportunities. Yet the glue that holds us together remains. I like to think of my family in this way. Who am I glued to?

I was delighted to meet a friend recently who I hadn’t seen face to face for eleven years. The glue was still there. She and her husband became part of my family a long time ago. I think about them often and remember them in my prayers. In the same way that Jan will also be thought of often even if I can’t pop over to see her as often as I do now. That’s the beauty of family. It doesn’t have to be only blood and married in. My family is very much a mixture of blood, marriage, friends and loved ones in Spirit. I take my lead from the Spirit World. In the Afterlife we are all one family. There is no distinction about how I am related to anyone else.

I am part of the eternal family. The glue that holds us together is love. Because that is the enduring energy of connection.

Today I found that a reassuring thought. Over the past week I’ve been arranging to meet up with some of the people I consider to be my Earth family. It will be lovely to catch up and find out face to face how they are doing. Because sometimes a phone call or message chat isn’t quite the same. And I will see if the glue of love is still present in our relationship. I say that because sometimes it seems that a family member is ready for a new family. Like a marriage where a son or daughter is gained or lost friendships come to a natural end. Of a sort. That person will remain in my family thoughts. They will be someone I think fondly of but they may now be ready to relate to me in a different way.

Love has many different aspects. Families are the same. I feel that I have learned so much in my human journey through the different kinds of love I’ve shared. The times when the glue has been so strong the bond is unbreakable. Those connections when the glue has worn away and we have gone in different directions. Or those relationships where the glue has to be reapplied time and again. Even those wonderful ones where the glue is very flexible and stretchy. When I can share the love whether the other person is near or far. Most wonderful of all, to realise that the glue crosses time and space. I am connected through love to the Afterlife and my family forever.

I am surrounded by loving family. Even in the moments when I feel most alone there is glue linking me to the other people in my life. On top of the moors today that thought blew me away.

Day 527 of my blogging challenge 

In Troubled Times Love Is The Only Way

I was busy at my desk. I love turning my photos into messages. The radio was on. But the announcement was all about troubled times. Someone had attacked people going about their everyday lives.

In the aftermath people will be given bad news about their loved ones. Lives changed forever. The question why will be uppermost in people’s minds. Why me? Why them? On a wider level the fear and uncertainty generated will mix with the shock, disbelief and anger of grief. Many of us will be troubled by this attack. No matter what the reason for this action it reminds all of us that life is an uncertain process. It’s easy to fall into a negative response. To go about with fearful hearts. Getting angry becuase of a feeling of vulnerability. But I want to focus on the love we need to find within us.

The love of being alive. The love to understand that death will come to all of us in very many different ways. The love for one another that is the antidote to hate. I feel it’s important to recognise the troubled minds who take the love of aggressive action as their right. The people who act from misguided or troubled love. Who believe that love is best represented by acts of extreme violence. Someowhere in their lives they have chosen a perverse path where hate and fear are called love. We may never know or understand why. What I can do is to focus my mind on the purity of love. The respect and compassion for others.

If, in their troubled times, these people had chosen differently, by a different understanding of love, today’s events would have been impossible.

Making these attacks an impossibility happenes when all of us bring love to the fore. When we embrace our differences and learn to live as one global community. When we begin to rebalance the structures we have put in place. And change our attitude from ‘then and us’ to ‘all of us’. It’s not the first time that there have been attacks in the UK or Ireland. And many other countries around the world have suffered similar experiences. Today is the anniversary of an attack in Belgium. In some places attacks are an everyday occurrence. With that in mind I return my thoughts to love. Love is the only way. It will always be the only way. Teach your children and grandchildren the love of our global community.

Day 485 of my blogging challenge.

Immune to Feeling Fear? Grief? Anger?

I’ve spent quite a lot of my life acting as if I was immune to all sorts of things. Keeping my feelings below the surface quite a lot. Behaving as if I was resistant to pain, fear, hate, grief.

There is something about keeping going that is almost addictive. Because I feel it’s driven by a tiny little niggle that eats away at my certainty and will power. The thought that if I stop and feel my feelings I’ll never get going again. So pretending to be immune is a good tactic. I’ve used it as a form of protection. And sometimes even thought I was exempt from certain feelings. Like all things in life though I’ve discovered that immunity is a variable state. So I felt the grief of loosing my parents. Raw. Full on. Inescapable.

Also the pain, anger and hopelessness of failed relationships. Times when I’ve been drowning in despair. Or pulled deep into depression. Lost and alone in darkness. Perhaps what I did in response to these feelings was a protective shell. I fooled myself that I was immune so I wouldn’t have to express my feelings to myself. Or the world. I went into hiding from myself. But the reality is that I carried those feelings like a burden. Heavy baggage I was reluctant to put down. I had to wait until I was ready to see the stuckness this brought about. Perhaps even to keep battering my head against the wall I’d built around those feelings. Because that tiny little niggle made me feel weak.

If I am weak then I am vulnerable. Worse things can happen. That’s the logic of that mis-shaped thought. Better to be immune and exempt than infected and in need of help.

Because accepting help can be really hard too. I feel that we are conditioned to be helpers. Not receivers. Being in a state of needing help also sometimes ties in with feeling like I can’t handle things myself. Yet the strange thing is there are plenty of people who want to be able to help me. When I started to think about this idea of immunity from feelings I realised that it’s also a way to deny helpers. It’s easy for me to say I don’t need any support if I believe that I don’t have certain feelings. Yet I know, in the end, feelings exist. They are there first. Long before our cognitive abilities develop we feel.

But that leads to another thought. What feelings did I feel in my early years? What feelings was I allowed to have. Love certainly. Fear aplenty. Definitely anger, sadness and pain. These are all part of my human inheritance. Somewhere in all those feelings I developed a set of rules telling me what I was allowed to feel and express. And some rules about the kind of feelings I needed to be immune from. I say this not as a criticism. Or to blame. I learned how to handle feelings from the adults around me. I also learned to become a giver rather than receiver. These deeply held rules have governed my life. And I didn’t even get to negotiate or agree to them.

It’s time to put away these rules. To release myself from feeling immune to certain feelings.

It’s important for me to love my whole self. I can’t do that when I’m hiding from my feelings. Or refusing to allow myself to experience them. I need to love myself enough to allow my vulnerability to emerge. Learn to take the offers of support and kindness. Make myself a whole human being because I can feel things so deeply. And above all else, reminding myself that learning the opposites to love gives me a choice. I can pick the life experiences that boost the amount of love in and around me. Or I can stay behind the walls with my hidden feelings and await the next catastrophe that life throws at me. My choice is always LOVE.

Day 466 of my blogging challenge.

Happy 2017, Happy Life

The last few hours of 2016 are fading away. I’m happy and excited to be moving into a new year. I have my Tarot cards ready to do a little reading for myself. I can’t resist a sneak peek at the energy flowing into my life.

Whilst 2016 has been more of a challenge than I ever expected I also know that I’m ending it feeling happy. So many of my fears have been met and walked through this year. I’ve survived and learned a lot about myself. I have some outstanding achievements that I’m very proud of. And I am ready for all sorts of new beginnings. It doesn’t matter if anyone else knows what they are. I know what I’ve been able to do and that’s all that matters.

So what about next year? It’s so close now it’s breathing down my neck. I know there will be a lot of unexpected things but that’s life anyway. It’s about how I approach what happens. So I’m very clear that my year is going to be a happy one. I’m open to and attracting the positive in. Welcoming every moment because it will be good. There is no room for doubt. Or worry. Or fear. What I focus on is what will happen and I only want the best for me any everyone else. So I have a little mantra for myself: Love, Peace, Happiness.

The power of positive thinking has been proved over and over again for me this year. Even when I was wobbly and finding it hard to be positive.

Putting as much of my energy into being happy as I could got me to recognise all the good things I already had. I realised that there is a solid foundation underpinning my life. It’s based on being happy. Because if I feel it I can give and receive it. My happiness is based on small moments, memories and gratitude. Things could have been so much worse. Best of all I know that I have my loved ones in Spirit, my Guides and the ArchAngels in my life too. They are a constant force for love.

They surround me when my head drops, they lift me when doubt rushes in and they guide me to be the best me I can be. I know I can’t please all of the people all of the time.  Being of service is not about  pleasing people. It’s about passing on the happiness and love as often and as much as possible. So I expect to be doing a lot more serving for Spirit in 2017. I’m excited at what that may mean because I know they always draw me to do the things I think I can’t. Then I surprise myself. And that is another thing that makes me happy. Sending you best wishes for a happy New Year and may 2017 bring out the best in you too ❤️

Day 412 of my blogging challenge.

Doing Everything With Love

This morning I went to meet a lovely friend for breakfast. It was our TLC treat to ourselves. How disappointing to be served with a breakfast full of miserable energy! Someone had not done everything with love.

One of the results of being aware of the energy flow is that my intuition clicks when I am around the vibration of love. Like a note in a song or a favourite smell, I can sense the presence of love in anything. Everything is energy. I’ve written about that before. And how it can change the way I interact with the world. Because I can also sense the absence of love. For whatever reason this morning the cook hadn’t loved what they were making. The meal turned up half cold, over cooked and over seasoned. But I knew before I tasted it. It was one unhappy plate of food.

I ended up sending the breakfast back. I didn’t want another. If the cook was unhappy enough to put low virbrational energy on one plate things probably wouldn’t improve with another go. Instead I picked up a coffee from one of my favourite places – where they always put the love in – and had some toast at home. I enjoyed making the toast to go with my vanilla latte. The bread tasted happy so I was happy. Everything I ate and drank was full of love. Recognising the world is energy means being prepared to nourish myself only with the most loving energy.

That is also what Reiki teaches. Bringing in the Universal flow of loving energy can apply to food as well as everything else.

For a long time in my life I was a comfort eater. When I was stressed I reached for sugary food. Not very wise really as too much sugar can cause my body problems, not least weight gain. When I finally opened up to my intuitive senses I realised that what I ate could actually make me feel worse. Not just because of the sugar and other things. But because the energy vibration was low. It was around about the time I encountered my first unhappy crystals. They had suffered in being mined and some where beyond healing. Noticing the crystal vibrations and comparing them to food vibrations was an eye opener.

I guess that’s what made it sink in. As everything has a vibration what happens energetically can change any vibration. After that I became much more conscious of what I ate. I wanted my body to get the food that felt loved and happy. I also realised that I needed to do  everything with love too. And that I had to surround myself with others who had that loving vibration. Of course, it’s not that simple. Along with everyone else I have my unloving moments. Those low vibrational feelings that are triggered when I’m not strong in my self love.

Everything is a learning curve. Knowing that I have a range of feelings, some that are distinctly the opposite of love, means I have to choose carefully how to deal with my feelings.

I hope that I put as much love into things as I can. That’s what I would like to share. Because passing on the loving energy makes someone else’s day go well too. And eventually the love energy finds it’s way back to me. Looking towards 2017 I have a lot of things I’m doing that I love. A lot more teaching, inspiring and sharing. More writing and painting. Music. An amazing amount of Spirit and Angelic connections. Anything and everything that supports sharing the love around more and more. I’m open to receive it back too. I will be checking the vibrations around me and choosing only those full of love. Make 2017 your year to choose love. You know it makes sense ❤️

Day 410 of my blogging challenge.

Family, Friends, Festivities

It’s been a day to remember family and friends as I enjoy the Christmas festivities. This time last year the flood alert had been sounded and it was an anxious time. Today I’ve spent a peaceful time knowing that the people I care for are celebrating too.

Whether it was messages to and from family members above and below or a visit to my local pub to say hello to everyone I loved the festivities. Yet quite a chunk of the day was spent on my own. I’m comfortable in my own company. The solitude is something very precious to me. As is the opportunity to be with my family later in the day. Even though the town is quiet I’ve chatted to people I know. This mix has made for a perfect day. From my first cuppa, through cooking dinner and watching TV with a glass of wine I’ve loved my day.

As I sat watching an old film this morning I thought about all the small things that make for a perfect today. Greetings cards. A cup of tea. Presents ready to be opened. Facebook and text messages from family and friends. The joy of a perfect present that cost almost nothing. Harry Potter. Brussels sprouts. Laughter. Tears. There is love and joy flowing through my life. Theses festivities have shown me how much is precious and priceless. Because the memories will long outlive the day. Whether I’m sitting here on my own or sharing my time with others.

However, not all of us have family, friends or share the festivities. But that doesn’t mean the day is any less a perfect one. Each new day gives me an opportunity to send out the energy of love and joy. Every day is a chance to store up good memories. All I have to do is recognise that option and choose to make it so. At the end of my wonderful day I send you wishes for lots more joyful, memorable days ❤️

Day 406 of my blogging challenge.