Tender Loving Care For Me

I’ve had the chance to take a few days off work. To step back and take care of me. I’ve been able to rest and spend my time with people I care about too. It’s been TLC.

This morning when I was checking into my Facebook newsfeed – something else I’ve stepped back from for a few days – I noticed quite a few posts from people who were finding the last energy shift a bit hard going. As I thought about what they had been posting I wondered if they were managing to take care of themselves. Because often we are more concerned to look after all the other people in our lives. So much so that it can become exhausting. Giving tender loving care to others needs to be balanced with giving the same to ourselves.

It brought to my mind the guidance I have been receiving over the last few months. During each energy blast my Guides have reminded me that it has been about helping me face, acknowledge and let go of fear. They have told me that so far the Universe has provided me with what I need when I need it so why have I still felt frightened? And why am I still putting myself in these scary situations? It’s time for honesty. Complete honesty. They have reminded me that I been given a gift that many never get. I have a deep love that has been tested and passed the test. That is so precious.

So do I give myself enough TLC? Can I care as much for myself as for others?

That’s a couple of interesting questions. At the start of this year I might have had to agree that I was still giving more compassion to others than to myself. I’ve found it hard to stop giving other people’s needs more priority than my own. To take back some time for my needs. Dealing with the challenges I’ve found it hard to look at things only from my shoes. In the past I would be so busy looking at everything from any viewpoint other than my own. And feeling guilty that I wanted even a little bit of TLC for me. But what I started to notice was that very few people actually looked at things from my shoes either.

That’s my biggest learning I think. That while I was so busy considering everyone else’s feeling not many were considering mine. How did we get to a point where we expect the care to be one way. The love to be conditional on meeting only one person’s needs. I really don’t know. But I am aware that as I changed through this year I recognised that I had to reclaim my time for me. I can’t help anyone if I have become so run down with helping everyone. If my energy is flat then that’s all I’ll be able to transmit to the people around me. So TLC and taking care of me is now one of my promises to myself.

I suppose I could call it my first New Year resolution. It’s not the only one. But I know now it has to be at the top of my list of things to do every day. That way I will be able to offer support and positive energy to all the people I connect with in my day. I hope you are giving yourself plenty of TLC too ?


Day 409 of my blogging challenge.

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