Workshops Spent Wondering

img_2197I love asking questions. I enjoy debates. That’s why I also love running workshops.

When I’m in a workshop the idea that I can get people wondering about the subject under discussion is great fun. Over the years I’ve learned that asking questions opens the door to different points of view. That’s certainly what I hope to encourage people to do in my workshops. Today’s workshop was all about past lives. I don’t expect people to come along believing in reincarnation. It’s also the case that I don’t expect them to leave believing in past lives. It’s far better that they leave wondering about the information they have discovered. Then they can make their own minds up.

So my workshop followed the flow of questions, answers and further questions. It was about meeting the needs of the people who attended. It was also about my help to bring their past life memories to the conscious mind. That’s another thing I love. Working intuitively means that the day can depart from a plan and become an adventure for me too. There is no rigid framework when I’m responding to the needs of the group. And I am always amazed by the way that everything fits together perfectly. From the answers I give to the examples I choose to use. In the ways that each meditation links and builds on the one before it. To the ‘ah ha’ moments when people make sense of what they are learning about themselves.

I find workshops are a setting where wondering can be shared by more than one or two. The energy of the group and the exchange of ideas create more encouragement to explore.

That’s something I really value. The participants, through their contributions, bring the whole group through an adventure together. I find that supportive energy really important. It means that more insight is achieved. Overall that’s what I want to offer in all of my workshops. So I’m grateful for all of the people who attended today. They gave their energy, effort and ideas. I had a wonderful wondering time too. So I’m ready for the next workshop next week. Since we are discovering trance mediumship ability in people I know there will be another great adventure for that group. It’s one of my favourite experiences and an interesting way to communicate with Energy Beings. What a great way to spend another workshop day!

Day 322 of my blogging challenge.

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