Working the Energy in All Ways

I started my day doing some shamanic work. Then it was on to readings with the Spirit World. And finally working the energy again at Hebden Bridge Spiritualist Church.

One of the things I really appreciate is the variety of my day. I enjoy the opportunity to be working in lots of different ways. It means I can swap from one activity to another if necessary so that I don’t get stuck in a rut. I feel we all like a variety of things to do. However we don’t always get the chance to be flexible about the tasks we are given. Working for myself has been a great blessing. One with a steep learning curve. Also lots of ups and downs. Some quite scary moments too. But never dull or routine. I feel fortunate to have been able to follow activities I enjoyed doing.

Best of all, I have discovered that I love looking at the world from the energy point of view. Instead of being into the detail of who did, what, when and why I can consider my life as a flow of significant points. Moments when the tide turned one way or another. Last night I was watching a programme about a small boat crossing a challengeing tidal flow between Orkney and the mainland. Although the people were paddling hard the effect of the tide was to drift them along. I guess that’s what I’m doing when I consider the energy view of things.

There are tides flowing through our lives deep under the surface. I have to navigate my way from one end of life to the other. Working to steer myself on a safe route. Trying not to capsize.

If I have learned lots of different ways to surf the energy I can help myself when the tricky tides change abruptly. That’s where my connection to Energy Beings really adds to my journey. I’m never alone in my boat. They can suggest changes of course, techniques and also boost my energy. I remind myself that working in many different ways lets me benefit from a wide range of positive influences. I’m so glad that my Guides were keen for me to have the widest possible training, over many years, and that every day they let me immerse myself in energy work. I’m learning every moment I’m working!

Day 422 of my blogging challenge.

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