Wondering about Wysdom

IMG_0105Apparently the older I get the more I’m supposed to be wise. I know my life experience have been very varied. I’ve certainly read and learned a lot of things. Sometimes I even surprise myself with unexpected bits of wisdom. Yet there is a search for one kind of wisdom I’ve been wondering about all my life.

Spirituality is a rather flexible concept. What it means to me might be very different than to someone else. In my wondering about why we are here and what it all means I’ve considered many religions. I’ve read what philosophers have to say about the meaning of life. I’ve asked my Guides. I’ve talked to many, many people. Yet I find myself still wondering. In discussions I’ve heard a lot of ‘wisdom’ and seen not a lot of action. I’ve been encouraged to be the one taking action whilst others have paid lip service to what they profess to believe.

I feel that is my first wisdom concerning spirituality. It’s easy to talk about but so hard to put into practice. That contrast became a reality for me when I began my work as an intuitive medium. Suddenly I had the words of others to pass on. Others who were not physically present on the Earth yet still very firmly around and interested in us. A number of years ago I started to work with Energy Beings who were most firmly of the ‘walk the talk’ kind.  I’ve talked about the Earth’s ArchAngels in my previous blogs. Their spiritual focus is very much on doing.

A Wysdom Odyssey

For the last two years I have been living the energy of these ArchAngels. They have been with me on a daily basis. I have been an observer of life through their eyes. It’s was very strange thing at first to see myself and my actions through the mindset of another Being. I’ve often found myself wondering ‘why am I doing this or that’. I’ve been encouraged to stand back and look at my actions against the bigger picture. This has been a big lesson in spirituality – my own spirituality. I have made lots of changes to myself as a result of sharing their wysdom. I actually wonder less and do more.

A few months ago in my meditation the ArchAngels asked me to share my wysdom – the understanding I have gained through my connection to them. It’s a big ask. I have to step outside several comfort zones all at once. I wondered for a brief moment if I could do it. My heart gave me the answer. If I believe in behaving better in the world, if I want to change the world for the better, if I want to help others change the world then I choose to step forward. Time to walk the talk once more.

Here is my latest ‘walking the talk’ 😀


Day 225 of my blogging challenge.

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