Womb Life: How We Get Used To Waiting

wombI’ve been doing some healing today. One of the things I like to do is wrap the person in a blanket and keep the light very low. As I shut out the sunshine today I thought how it felt quite womb like in my healing space.

It got me thinking about that experience in the womb. That time of waiting as my physical body grew and matured. My Spirit encouraging that new physical life to shape itself and decide if this was the right life to enter into. My physical body being bathed in all sorts of external energies. Influenced by all of the conditions surrounding my parents and family. Because even in the womb I was intuitively aware. Able to feel the connection to my Spirit self and to all of the beings around me. But nothing is fixed until I decided, Spirit and human body, to finish my time of waiting and enter the world. It was only then that my ‘time’ began.

Now I am in a busy life. I move through my day from task to task. Time flies by. The quiet and shade of the womb is long behind me. Yet I also have to keep waiting. Waiting for the next client. Waiting in the traffic when I went out this afternoon. And waiting in the queue to pay for my purchases. Then waiting for my daughter to get home so we could eat. Because waiting is a way of experiencing the flow of energies, time, self. I am sensing my own movement from one period of waiting to the next. However, sometimes I forget all about waiting. I push helplessly against the need for waiting. Forget the timeless warmth of the womb which I carry as part of my sense of who I am. And that is when I become dis-eased. Out of balance with myself.

If I take the opportunity to return to that womb space I can reconnect with my ability to wait. My Spirit can remind itself that it is a being out of time. Because only the human part of me feels time passing. And that in no time at all this human body will be full enough of experiences to be set aside. The waiting will be over and I will return to that place of unconditional love. In the meantime I will wrap myself in a blanket and embrace waiting.

Day 891 of my blogging challenge

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