Winding Down Weeks

It’s been a winding down day. I had a few things left to do for my work – all of them things I enjoy. All so that I could enjoy a winding down week or even two before the new year arrives.

I often find winding down a bit of a challenge. Even though I tell my Spirit Guides I am closed they know I will always respond to a request if the need is really urgent. It’s the way I’ve worked since I started my public mediumship. Yet there are times when I set aside my own rule and open up to the Energy Beings once again. I’ve never liked rules that were so inflexible that they couldn’t be bent a bit. So I’m sure if I’m needed over the next two weeks I will do what I can. However, my Guides will always respect that I need time for me.

Even if I don’t. They close the connections and make sure I rest. And I am getting better at making sure I do rest. Rather than spring out of bed this morning and get straight into my day I enjoyed a long rest in bed. I will be doing that again over the holidays on more than one day. I spent my afternoon with my Tarot cards reminding myself of the Fool’s journey I had taken this year. In fact I could see just how much I have grown and that I am ready to embrace the changes coming up. I am sure that what I am doing will be the right thing wherever I may wander next year.

It was also time for winding down the services at my local Spiritualist church. It’s been a challenge to keep the doors open this year but we have done it.

Enjoying the singing I thought about the hard work that has gone into recovering from the flooding that affected the town almost a year ago. I know it’s time to rest from that challenge too. Speaking to someone today who had to leave her home at that time we both felt positive about the future. The flood water had disrupted us. Yet we had both regained our balance. I know we both felt it was going to be a much more positive Christmas time for us this year. Like me she felt we were survivors. I didn’t know her before the flooding. That’s how we met. Now we are friends.

There are positives that come from adversity. Recognising that the challenge is over means that we can rest and recover. All of us. There is time to reflect on the year just gone. Then it will be time to put it behind us and move on. I appreciate the winding down time as the point when I can let things go. It’s also the time when I can focus on the things that really matter to me. This week I am going to have some mum and daughter time. We are off to see a film, going shopping for her clothes and getting our house ready for a family celebration of the turn of another year. I have a couple of great books to read. There are TV programmes I want to catch up with. The cats need plenty of cuddles.

Where ever you are I hope you find some winding down time. I hope you can find a quiet hour or two to do exactly what you wish. And I hope that you enjoy letting go of all duties and responsibilities while you do so ?

Day 399 of my blogging challenge.

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