Wilderness Escape: Heading Out Of Town

WildernessI’m back in the wilderness of a wild forest by a beach. I’ve escaped again to my creative place so that I can balance my energy. And get inspirations.

I love going into hiding. Disappearing off the Earth for a while. In fact, I like doing it so much it’s always a bit of an effort to come back. Sometimes I escape in my mind. But this time I have returned to my own little piece of wilderness to watch the sun set amid the yellow broom flowers. Setting over the sea making beautiful golden lines on the water. There is something very special about letting the wind blow the cobwebs away whilst listening to the call of the birds as they fly free. I find I have space to think. Space to feel. And most importantly, space to be. When I am empty in my head the ideas can fall in, like little prompts, reminding me that I am a creative being.

I know I can get too full up of the W energy of the world. It can be hard to hear the quiet voice of inspiration helping me to move on. Wilderness reminds me that everything blooms somewhere. What I can a wilderness isn’t really anything of the kind. It is fertile ground. All sorts of things can seed and grow. Grow in shapes untended by carefully manicured gardening. Being in the wild wood my ideas can blossom in all sorts of interesting and unexpected ways. I can reshape my life choices to better fit what I now require and desire. So long as I keep listening to that inner voice. Finding the space and time to let it emerge from the noise of the rest of the world.

That’s why I am on an escape again this weekend. It’s time for me to close out the distractions because choices have to be made soon. I love my walks into the wilderness. They are a way to discover some piece of treasure. I wonder what it might be this weekend.

Day 725 of my blogging challenge 

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