Why do I do it?

matrix1I love the movie The Matrix. The Matrix Trilogy is one of my most favourite film series (the Star Trek movies are another) because the ideas in the movies encourage us to question the nature of reality, of similarities & differences, and of spirituality. They are the man vs machine parable that has long been at the heart of science fiction writing as we explore the nature of what being human and not human means. In there somewhere is also the idea that there is an overarching controller – an intelligence that creates us, watches us and, for good or not, provides us with our life experiences. And so to one of the significant exchanges –


Science fiction has been a strong thread throughout my life. I love to read stories that challenge how we currently understand the world we live in and predict where it all might end up. When my connection with Energy Beings started to become stronger I looked at the science fiction I had read in the past with a new understanding. I was able to open up to my experiences because I had read so many future stories where all sorts of unusual things had become the norm. I reacted less with fear, more with excitement that I was exploring a brave new world (lol).

In that world lots of things run very differently to what I had imagined. I’m still learning and suspect there will be no end to the shifts in viewpoint I will have to make for the rest of my life. I also find that this piece of script holds good in my new world too. I continue to explore, endure and question because I choose to. No matter what disappointments, dead ends or puzzles have crossed my path I still embrace my ability to love. Live is followed by love – one vowel different is all. Even that intrigues me. Two of the most important words in our human existence separated (at least in the English language) by one letter – and a vowel too.

Do you choose to live with love? Love for yourself & others? Can we say that we are actually living if love has no place in our experiences? And how much love does it take to live at all? A little or a lot? So many questions to find answers to. I know that my Guides tell me that a little love creates hope and a whole life lived in unconditional love creates paradise. Perhaps there is an overarching Controller of some sort who is helping all of us to evolve into this state of unconditional love. That is a question for another time. Agent Smith is arguing that our lives have no point. Yet even the tiniest speck of love gives us the hope that more will follow. You can choose to live like there is no point to being here; or you can choose to search inwardly for the love you have inside and live a life of meaning. Why do I do it? For love!

Day 55 of my blogging challenge.

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