White Feather Blessing

img_4860The energy right now is bringing our worries to the surface. It’s time to face our fears. How do we keep trust and faith in positive outcomes? Are you looking for your white feather blessing?

There has been a tradition that white feathers turn up when the angels are sending you a signal of hope. Or when the loved ones in Spirit want you to know that they are around. Until I started using my intuition, noticing my feelings and paying attention to small details I hadn’t considered the possibility of signs. Being rather of a logical mind I dismissed all sorts of signs as imaginings. I know that I was being encouraged to see a blessing every time. But I wasn’t in a place in my thinking to appreciate my blessings. Or to pay attention to communications from Energy Beings.

Now, many years later, I love getting a signal from the other dimensions. I take it as an encouragement. Like a voice saying ‘keep going, ┬ádon’t give up, we are with you’. One of the signals they use the most is the white feather. My photo is of the one that floated around my head and landed on the pavement in front of me this afternoon. There was no noticeable breeze. Yet this feather danced in a circle before gently zig zagging down to the ground right in front of me. As I tried to get a photo it skipped around a little. And in this picture (but not the others) it is all white and fuzzy though the detail of the ground is clear. I smiled when I saw it. A blessing falling down to me.

I have been busy working in a higher energy vibration for most of the last week. Today I was feeling the sluggishness of stepping out of that energy. Alomgside of more clearing and an energy upgrade too. Quite a lot to take on.

I know I needed some encouragement. There were several things I had to deal with that would require a lot of positive energy. And clear vision. Alongside plenty of determination. I’m stepping back from some work that I feel is necessary so I can focus on other work that is now a priority. And I’m not that good yet at letting go. Mulling things over in my mind I decided on a short walk to get some fresh air. That’s when my white feather blessing turned up. Letting off some steam later during my exercise session I felt that I had come back into focus. I’m ready to step up and get on with the things that need doing right now. I know each one will take me further towards my bigger dreams.

I also know today’s blessing is not the first, or the last, to remind me to keep faith with myself and the bigger picture. Dreams are built of small steps. Of sorting out the detail. Bit by bit following my intuition to the next moment of inspiration. I hope that you find your white feather blessing. They are confirming that you are loved, safe and going in the best direction for you. Let the fear go. Release your worries as much as you possibly can. Let the white feathers be your guide.

Day 353 of my blogging challenge.

2 thoughts on “White Feather Blessing

  1. Hi Annie
    I felt I should send you a personal thank you from the heart. I attended your session on Tuesday evening in Shelley this week and you spoke with me about my auntie Rose who came through on my Mum’s side. My Mum has had a lot of comfort from this; they were best friends as well as sisters.

  2. Hi Denise, it’s lovely to hear that your message was also able to help your Mum. I know that our loved ones in Spirit always want us to know that they are ok and still with us. I’m glad that their love and evidence could come through me on Tuesday xxx

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