Whistling In The Dark: When Life Shrinks

whistlingSometimes I wonder if I’m whistling in the dark. Trying to keep myself motivated and focused. When my days go out of shape or I seem to have hit a big pause. The times when my life shrinks in on me and it’s easy to drop into a low mood.

I was discussing my spiritual journey with someone today who was considering learning more about his intuition. Mainly because he is picking up all the feelings and thoughts of the people who are around him. Their energy transfers onto him and he ends up joining them in whatever they feel. I know all about that. It has happened a lot throughout my life. I read about empaths and sensitive people. Eventually I started to wonder if that was the issue for me. And in the process of opening up to my own intuition I discovered ways to shut out the ‘noise’ of other people. Then I seemed to spend a long time on my own, whistling in the dark and waiting for an answering whistle.

Sometimes quite literally if I was on a paranormal investigation. Eventually the connections with my Guides started to be much more active. I learned to hold my energy steady enough so that we could have proper conversations. Then I found I was less susceptible to the energy of other people. And much more clear in my communications with the non-physical beings. I was doing great. Until they stepped back. My world shrank because of the situations in my life. So I ended up whistling in the dark once more. Felling alone. My connection was so narrow because all I could focus on was the way my life seemed to be upside down. And I thought my Guides had abandoned me.

Of course, whilst I was whistling in the dark I was also trying to keep myself in a positive mood. Reminding myself that I could deal with anything I had to. Even if I felt alone my loved ones would still be there for me in the Spirit World.

So on the days when I feel like the darkness is back I know that I need to keep whistling along until the Light starts to break through again. I put on inspirational music, sing my head off and dance around. If my mind keeps dragging me back to worry and stress I go for a walk amongst the trees. Or I get a good book out and lose myself in another world. Using my Reiki I ask for blasts of positive energy. And I have a conversation with myself. Why have I let myself be pulled away from my positive life? What is so important that I worry it to bits? I know I am good at doing that when I get in bed – no matter how tired I am.

So I sometimes while I’m lying there I start whistling and singing ‘Give A Little Whistle’.

It reminds me to smile, to laugh off my worries and to stick to the path I know is the best for me. Even if I feel like that path has got too hard. Or I’ve apparently lost the path. And just like Jimmy Cricket my Guides always turn up to help me get things back in perspective.

So when you get to the point of feeling like you are on your own and whistling in the dark remember to give your Guides a few moments to whistle back to you.

Day 804 of my blogging challenge

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