What keeps me going

IMG_0722An earlier blog today as I’m having a night out & it’s not work related, lol. As always the day I planned has turned into a day of synchronicity , starting with waking very early when I exepected a lovely lie in. So I headed over to the office a bit earlier that expected. It’s always very peaceful in the Centre first thing and I love pottering about. I had planned to get my pictures up on the walls so people could see them (& perhaps buy) But someone came early for an appointment. It gave us a chance to sit for a while and chat properly.

The pictures were still on the floor when someone  arrived for an unplanned Reiki session. No pictures to put on the walls & I wouldn’t have been here. The Centre seems to pull people in at exactly the right time so that they get what they need.  Next up was a scheduled counselling session that got delayed. It gave me enough time to sort out a PartyLite order for my friends – another thing that was delayed from earlier. The candle sales help to fund the Centre. They are also one of the things that creates our ambience. I love the fragrances, that they use essential oils & that people seem to relax more in the glow of candle-light. In perfect timing my counselling client left as my reading client arrived. Hardly a heartbeat between going & arriving. The same could be said for the Spirits who joined us in the reading; 5 lovely people who were keen to talk was such fun.

Now I’m writing my blog, with the pictures still on the floor, but knowing that people who were feeling heavy about life have walked out much lighter and brighter. There will be another day to hang the pictures. But there may not have been another chance to lift the people who came in. So what keeps me going? Why do I carry on doing what I do?  I left the Centre at 10.3pm last night feeling so blessed to have had a proactive day. Of course, there were still lots of things left undone. I could have got stressy headed about what I left on my desk. I was back at 9.30am this morning. I choose to be back here because I love how much support I can give to people. And I include myself in the support too.

There have been many difficult times in my life as there are for all of us. My experiences aren’t unique. Today someone asked me what kept me going through those times. It reminded me that I am blessed with a lot of support. I have an amazing range of people who listen to me when I need to get things out of my head. I’m also supported by wonderfully down to earth energy beings. And, when I thought about it, I have a faith in something Divine about our lives. That there is a plan somewhere that steers me to be in the right place at the right time for the right people. I can’t accept that life is ultimately pointless or that when we are dead we are dead. My life experiences support a very different viewpoint. In those golden moments of insight, when I feel connected and part of ‘something’ I find my deepest, greatest strength. That is what keeps me going. How about you? What keeps you engaged in your life?

Day 33 of my blogging challenge.

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