Wet and then wetter!

IMG_3144What an ‘interesting’ day. The flood siren sounded again at 7.30 am – not the peaceful lie-in I though I’d get. We had already moved everything of value upstairs after last night’s warning. Then it was time to check on my home made flood defences & the water levels. Unfortunately at about 9.30am the river breached it’s banks and the centre of Hebden Bridge flooded. The main road (the lowest point) eventually got about 7-8 feet of water from where I could see. One side of the town was cut off from the other and the side streets gradually filled up further and further.

I’ve been incredibly fortunate – the water came along the road to within 6 feet of my front gate. The cellar flooded but it’s empty anyway so no actual damage. However, so many other people have lost so much. The priority has to be safety so the emergency services & flood wardens focused on people who needed to evacuate. It will be a mess to clean up but property is never worth the loss of a life. And one thing I am certain of, the whole Calder Valley, along with many other areas, will be pulling together to help in the clean up. We will get back to ‘normal’ as soon as possible. That is the one thing that shines out about our communities – whatever Nature throws at us we can all get through it together.

I’m not speaking some empty philosophy here. All day people have been calling at the house to check if I needed anything & to make sure we were safe.┬áPeople have wandered along to look at the floods & stopped to express their concern for me & others. I’ve had offers of all sorts from cups of tea, to meals to spare rooms & help with cleaning up. People have said how sorry they are that I might be caught by the flood. And my family & social media friends have also been amazing. I have felt their loving energy all day. The warmth of support has kept me cheerful all day. No one wants to see their home & possessions damaged (& there is only so much you can move upstairs) especially as it’s the place you are supposed to feel most secure. The kindness of today has balanced out the concern I’ve felt.

At times it was as if I should try, like King Canute, to turn the water away. At other times I was irritated by the cars still trying to go down roads that were so flooded other cars had been abandoned. They didn’t seem to think their waves would be a problem. Mostly I watched & waited as Mother Earth continued her cleansing process. All of the people who stood alongside me today being thankful that their homes were still safe will remember this flood too. We talked about 2000, 2012 & now have added 2015 to our memory banks. Perhaps we will finally be inspired to sort out how to live in partnership with Mother Earth once more. I hope so. I hope we keep the community spirit over the next weeks, months, years and remind ourselves that what matters most is the care and support we can offer each other. Let’s change how we do things starting right now.

There is more rain on it’s way. There are bush fires in Australia that could benefit from our rain. Somewhere there is a solution. We have to be brave enough to find it for the whole world!

Day 40 of my blogging challenge.

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