Weird Energy Days Continue: Decision Time

weird wyrd sistersAnother weird energy day! Technology working then glitching. People feeling unsettled. Deadlines shifting. And an air of waiting. Like the calm before the storm.

Of course there are storms raging across the planet. In many different ways. I know that the weather is anything but settled. At all level s of our global society people are unsettled. In fact, for many of us, life is unsettled and has been for many months. But today some of the weird aspects of life became more noticeable. I want to use weird with the meaning it had a long time ago. As in something connected with fate. Or a person’s destiny. The Celtic word wyrd is the origin of weird and signified a belief that fate threw changes into a person’s life to challenge them. I know that there is a fresh energy surge coming in on Sunday. So the feeling of weirdness is part of the build up to more changes for all of us.

That’s the point. I’m not the only one awaiting my fate. So is everyone else. The best I can do is to stay calm and grounded. I keep reminding myself that I have faced challenges before and got through them successfully. I am resisting the urge to moan about the weird things that have been happening. Instead I’m welcoming these signs of my progress. My life needs a bit of freshening up. It’s time for me to follow new interests. Get myself moving towards new horizons. Dream new dreams. But also to be aware that my destiny is waiting to be fulfilled. So I’m ready to follow my fate wherever the weird energy takes me. I’m also aware that the synchronicity of events had picked up pace. Everything is starting to fall into place.

If you have been wondering about the weird energy remember that your destiny is to use all of your skills and abilities for a happy life. Let fate bring you what you have been dreaming of. Stay patient. It’s almost here.

Day 659 of my blogging challenge 

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