Weak In The Presence Of Earth’s Beauty

weak in beautyThis evening I drove across my local moor in awe at the beauty of our planet. A vibrant orange sun was sliding slowly down into a purple blue haze. The sky was gradually drifting towards night. Soon the first stars would reveal themselves. I felt weak. A fleck of energy in a vast horizon.

Returning later in the full dark some stars twinkled down at me. The moor was like a different place. Empty. Open to the sky. Once more I felt weak. A tiny dot of humanity in my steel shell ploughing along under the timeless sky. Out there is a vast Universe. Down here it’s only me. Me driving through beauty once more. Both the light and the dark of the planet stirring my appreciation of what I often miss. Because I’m not paying attention. I know I tend to take my planet for granted most of the time. Perhaps because of that feeling of weakness. It’s as if I don’t want to be reminded of just how small a part of the energy I really am.

Yet how beautiful it is to be a part of something that is so spectacular. When I see the Moon or the Sun, as they regulate my days and nights, I want to soak in all of the energy they provide. They make beautiful pictures for me with light and shade. Their actions cause the planet to be green, yellow, brown, orange and red. As well as the blue of the ocean and sky accompanied by the white of the wave caps and clouds. Such a palette of colours for any artist to make something beautiful. No wonder I am weak with excitement as my creative eye itches to pick up a paintbrush and capture the beauty. Sometimes I stop and take photos. Inspirations for another day. Reminders that no matter how small my energy it contributes to a wonderful scene.

If I wasn’t here appreciating it would it all be the same?┬áThat’s the big question. Was all this beauty created for me? Or was I created to experience it, acknowledge it and return the energy? Deep questions about my reason for being here. Questions that also sometimes make me feel weak when I have no need to feel that way. Because the questions don’t really matter. Appreciating the beauty is an end in itself.

Day 893 of my blogging challenge

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