We all need an Angel

EtielielI love all my angel oracle cards. I have a reasonable collection of packs that found their way to me – one way or another. Today I was talking to someone about being able to pick a card at random & somehow get exactly the right guidance for that moment, question or day. When I was little I loved to hear about my Guardian Angel. It was comforting to believe that a special, very loving being was around and would protect me.Although that belief in angels wavered in adulthood, today I am delighted to be able to work with these fascinating Energy Beings.

Angels have featured in our stories and myths for thousands of years. One of my favourite examples (& one I have tested for myself) is the idea that when you need an angel’s support a white feather will appear in a place it couldn’t possibly be expected to be. I have a wonderful collection of feathers, some large & some small, that have turned up where & when I least expected them. So if I feel I need a confirmation about something, or a nudge in the right direction or that I would like to feel the connection to unconditional love I keep my eyes open for feathers. That is also why I enjoy using angel oracle cards.

It doesn’t matter which pack I use I always do the same thing. I shuffle the cards with my question, concern or issue in my thoughts and as I pick a card (or sometimes 3 or 4) I ask for guidance. Whatever card I get I trust that my attention is being drawn to a positive view of my current need. Usually the card makes perfect sense. Occasionally I have to think a bit deeper about what the card has brought me. As I let the message from the card sink in I feel the loving warmth & calm that the presence of angels brings me. Sometimes I draw the energy as it flows through me. Sometimes I write. Often I find that I am moving through my life more confidently and with a positive outlook. That is where the angels really help us. Not by bringing miracles. Not by removing all of the challenges in life. By being the supportive, loving energy that encourages us to persevere in the face of all odds.

Sometimes the angels bring their loving help through the acts of others. The last week has shown me so many angels in human form doing random acts of kindness in a quiet, peaceful and generous way. Angels are very rarely the center of attention. They are the force in the background encouraging others; making things happen for no other reason than that it’s the right way to be human and part of a community. Angels will do what’s needed, even the very difficult things, without a fanfare or the need for recognition. Their message is always that they, and we, can do things out of pure love for one another.

As a community of human beings we have forgotten that unconditional love, unconditional, forgiveness and unconditional gratitude lead us to serve each other unconditionally. That is the way of peace. The angels send us that message in any way they can. Next time you are wondering if angels exist, or you have a question that seems too big or too complex, or if you have lost your positive glow ask your angels to show you that they are with you. Be open minded about how your confirmation arrives. Then keep the conversation going by asking again and again.

Day 49 of my blogging challenge.

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