Washing Away Stuck Energy: Time For A Shower

washingI really felt like I had started my holiday break today. Washing the dishes this evening I thought about the energy I was also washing away. Releasing everything stuck or left over from this year.

My day started with another trip into York. A long train ride with time to get out my Passion Planner and continue reviewing my year. With the Winter sunshine washing over me I felt like I was clearing away the energy from this year. That’s a big part of letting go. Recognising the feelings and allowing them to be released. I thought about unconditional love, forgiveness, gratitude and service. I know that holding on to low vibrational feelings gets in the way of me being more unconditional. So I had time to apply myself to checking where I was up to with the more painful or hurtful experiences of this year. I wanted to check that I could understand these experiences from a different viewpoint and finally let them drain away.

Then I had lunch with a wonderful friend. I felt her calm and healing vibrations washing over me. Sitting with her I could feel energy draining away. Energy that could possibly get in the way of me doing what I want to next year. It was really refreshing. I love when my friends help me to clear my energy field. Some of them don’t even know they are doing it. But I am very lucky to have around me people who generously give their laughter and love. Those waves of energy are like a refreshing shower. It’s my habit, every time I am in the shower, to clean my aura too. So it’s also an extra bonus to be with people who surround me with positive emotions. I’m getting my energy extra sparkly clean. Of course that means that I can also pass on that positive energy to other people who might need to ‘wash’ their auras.

I love the way what goes around comes around. Washing away the wear and tear of an energy world that can be challenging and heavy at times. Sometimes a simple shower isn’t enough. That’s when I find my friends close around me. Sharing and caring. Is it time for you to release the energy of this year? I’m sending you a blast of positive friendship to help!

Day 756 of my blogging challenge

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