Warmth Of The Sun: Feeling The Positive Flood In

WarmthThursday is my live broadcast day on Facebook. The sun was still giving some warmth as I crunched along the frozen path to the beach. A perfect place to open up and feel the presence of Energy Beings.

I found a quiet place to sit because the sun had encouraged more people onto the beach today. The rocks underneath me felt solid. They helped me to feel grounded. A key thing when I want to open up to energy connections. Mother Earth gives me a positive energy boost that helps me reach the vibrational level of those who want to communicate. I felt the angels draw in close and add their energy to the mix. The sun warmed me and I relaxed into the flow of their communication. It’s a kind of magic that the words I speak in that connection come from the Energy Beings.

Every time I do it I am in awe of the unconditional love I am given. I love the warmth and generosity of their gift. I try my best to pass on that feeling, that energy. Because it is meant to be shared. Love is universal. It connects all of us in a spiritual web. We can come together as our Spirit selves shining that love through our human existence. That’s why I love to share the energy, the wisdom and the ways that everyone can access this warmth. Sitting in the sun, watching it gently set into the sea, I thought about the ways each of us can give and receive love. It’s amazing to wrap mysel or someone else up in the energy too. Again it reminds me that what we give out we get back.

I let the warmth of the sun blend with the warmth of the presence. All things considered it was a Light filled afternoon. In more ways than one. Furthermore, I felt a wave of love race back towards me as the sun dipped lower. Of course I soaked up as much energy as I could. That love will keep me warm for a long time. Not to mention powering me into the next year. Take a moment. Power yourself with love. After all, there is a new year to enjoy!

Day 765 of my blogging challenge 

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