Waking Up Our Own Abilities

Several times today I’ve been in conversations about my intuitive abilities. And those of other people. About how we can all tune in to the energy around us. And to the Energy Beings we can’t sense with our physical senses.

I love that I have been able to make that connection with my psychic senses that allows me to connect in with Spirit loved ones. I’ve discovered abilities that I once believed were fake or imagined. As I’ve put them to the test week in and week out for the last eleven years I’m amazed at how strong they have become. My Guides repeatedly encouraged me to practice, practice, practice. They reminded me that any skill is improved with use. That whatever natural talent I had could become stronger with use. So I’ve done reading after reading. Service after service.

Sometimes I’ve been frustrated. Often elated. My learning curve has been more like a spiral. Because even with a natural flair my intuitive senses had been asleep for most of my life. Occasional breakthroughs, moments of inspiration looked like they could be my wake up call. However I kept pressing the snooze button. I took my time in waking up. My abilities stayed well below the surface. Because I lacked the information on how to open them up. Also because I had been told they didn’t even exsist. And because I had been scared by lots of misinformation and myths. Although, luckily for me, one day I did wake up.

Siting quietly after doing some readings I though about the changes my abilities have brought to my life.

I feel more fully me. Life has become varied and never dull. I feel that I can be of service to people who are seeking a connection to themselves and their loved ones. It’s amazing for me to be able to watch as someone discovers their intuitive abilities. And to see them embrace another part of themselves hidden behind the Ego mind. I couldn’t have imagined this eleven years ago. Perhaps not even five years ago. My days are nearly always full of joy and positive energy. In the space between conscious and unconscious I have bridged a gap between my human and my Spirit self. And discovered that I also have the ability to share my joyful, positive energy with many more people than I could have known.

I’m so excited about the next eleven years. What wonderful changes will they bring. Better still, what new abilities are waiting to be discovered!

Day 443 of my blogging challenge.

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