Waiting for Inspiration to Strike

Some days it seems like I’m waiting for inspiration to strike. Sitting down to write my blog, staring at a blank screen my mind wanders off somewhere else. Of course it’s not just when I’m waiting to start my blog.

I often find myself smiling at my blankness. I wander into a room having forgotten why I’ve gone in there. Or I pick up something I have just been doing and wonder what it was I planned to do next. My diary can be a revelation when I realise I’ve forgotten some activity I listed to do. Forgetfulness, absent mindedness, poor memerory. It can strike me any time and anywhere. And then there are the days when I can’t seem to recall exactly what I’ve done. A challenge when my blog is based on what has happened to me in the day!

Of course, there are also plenty of times when I’m waiting for inspiration to strike in other areas of my life. Right now I know there is a shift in energy coming along. I’ve been writing about it for the last three months. I also know that I will be able to get on with my spiritual mission really well. It’s just that I’m still not sure what my mission is. So how can I get on with it? Or do I go on strike? Say I won’t do anything and see what happens? How will I survive the not knowing what to do?

When I get myself backed into a corner like this I have to remind myself that doing something is better than doing nothing. Even small actions help.

So today I have carried on with my Earth’s ArchAngel workshop, my church service and my blog. I have inspirations floating around in my head so I have written them down. There are ideas I need to put some shape to. I’ve spoken to a couple of people who can help me get some of the ideas sorted out. All that I have done takes me a step closer to understanding my purpose eventually. I’m turning my thoughts and feelings into doing.

Strike whilst the iron is hot was a saying once used to encourage people to get on with things. It comes from making iron implements. When the iron is hot and soft it can be shaped more easily. I’m the iron and I’m making sure I shape my future in the best way I can. So whilst there is change energy around I want to make the best use of it. I like the way I can continue to take action even if I’m in a fog of not knowing the big picture. Perhaps that’s my state of mind more often that I want to admit. Uncertainty can make me feel fearful. Yet uncertainty eventually turns into absolute certainty if I am patient.

And here we are. At the close of a blog that has shaped itself whilst I was waiting for inspiration to strike. I encourage you not to wait. Take action whenever you can. Every small step takes you closer to your future purpose.

Day 392 of my blogging challenge. 

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