Waiting Is Over – Time To Move Ahead

For quite a while I’ve felt like I was waiting for Godot. In the Samuel Beckett play Godot never arrives. Each day repeats and repeats with ever more ways to interpret the experience.

The last few months have had that quality about them. I’ve been taking action. Stepping through each day by doing what felt to be right. Being grateful for all that has come my way. Yet still restless underneath it all. Wondering at the insistence of my Guides that I do no church services in 2018. Trying each new opportunity that has been sent my way. Not quite sure that what I’ve been hoping to manifest will happen. Most of all still feeling like I was waiting for the main event to start which is not like me. Usually I procrastinate for ages and then reach a decision point. Once I take action I put aside anything else and just move on.

But not for the last few months. I’ve been more decisive than before. Yet more uncertain too. Feeling as if there was still fog all around my future plans. Though I’ve kept making plans and puttin things out there. What has been interesting is having to live with this waiting feeling. Like there is something much bigger yet to happen. And there are one or two key things that are unfinished. As if the completion of certain things has had to wait too. I kept asking my Guides what I was hanging about for. In their usual dry way they kept telling me to put one foot in front of the other and not worry about the path I was on.

Until today. It seems the waiting is finally over. I can move on with the things that have been on pause.

It’s not quite that Godot has turned up yet. But something is about to break the monotony of going round the same old circles. For a start I can finally write the conclusion to my book. It has been on hold for some time. Last night I realised that it couldn’t end with the person I was then. It has to end on the person I am now. During the first half of this year I have changed as much as I had in the last five or six years. I can finish the book because the new me has another one to write. I’ve also enjoyed doing Letters From The Light Side for the last three months. It’s shown me that I want to do more of that direct communication with people who can benefit from what I have to say.

That also involves a commitment to podcasts as well as video broadcasts. So that I can share the knowledge my Guides and the Energy Beings have given me. And that’s a key point. Getting the information out and reaching those who can use it. My daily blog has been the start point but the Inspired 2 Write challenges have been the test of helping other people find their voice once they have the information. So that they can share their experiences and hard earned wisdom with so many more. Finally today I took a step in purchasing the next part of my psychic school. A place for me and others to retreat and learn about intuition, Energy Beings and spiritual purpose. I had asked for it to be brought to me 12 months ago. Now it’s a reality.

I have to put in more energy and action to bring in the next part of the story. It’s important to keep dreaming. There will be more waiting involved. But I know I’m on my way. Godot is  too!

Day 556 of my blogging challenge 

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