My Wait Is Nearly Over: Time Off To Relax

waitingIt’s been a wait. All day I have wanted to jump onto my computer and write this blog. Because it’s the end of my working week, month and year so far. Tomorrow I am going to take a couple of weeks off (except not from the blog) to relax.

For a sometimes impatient person I find having to wait can be a bit of an itch I can’t scratch. I make long lists and itemise everything I feel I have to do before I can say I’m on holiday. Then I spend ages going through my list and deciding what not to do. The cats are all sorted. My house is all sorted. The spare keys have been handed over to my guest. I’ve even packed. Because I can’t wait to be on the beach again. Waiting to have some sunshine and a walk in the forest. I know I need to refresh my batteries for the next intense period of energy that is going to be coming in from 15th April. Another wave of powerful, healing fire.

The wait for that is my next task. I’m sitting out the rest of Mercury retrograde in my sacred space. Because once I start going forward again there is a lot to be said and done. Actions begun a long time ago are starting to return. Ready for me to take more action to keep the momentum going. Today I was reminded that life is an endless cycle of beginnings and endings. And the way to flow with the cycles is to be ready to do what is necessary at the right time. My holiday break is the perfect way to get myself relaxed. To make sure I am in tune with the energy flow. But here comes waiting again. I’m excited by the glimpse of what is to come. Yet it can’t happen yet.

Occasionally waiting involves wishing my life away and I don’t want to do that. Every moment has to count because I don’t know how many of them I have left. I don’t want to be in God’s waiting room wondering what I missed out on doing. So no more time to wait. Time to sleep and arrive at a new day.

Day 856 of my blogging challenge

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