Wading In The Water: Rebalancing My Energy

WadingRather unexpectedly I have ended up away from home again. Though it has given me a great opportunity to spend some time checking out the area I’m visiting. And to get myself wading in the warm water on a sunny evening.

I love the water. Especially since it represents emotions. And my flow of energy. As I have changed my personal energy vibration by opening up to my intuition the flow of water has helped me to clear out stuck feelings. Wading into the waves this evening I thought about my journey over the past thirteen years. That is when I really began to embrace the idea that all things were energy and therefore connected. Through the growing bond with my Guides and their insistence that I could develop strong contact with them I cautiously stepped in the wave s of my own emotions. And realised how much heavy energy I was carrying. From so long ago. That began my process of clearing and cleaning.

As I waded deeper tonight, delighted to let the warm water wash away any used up energy, I realised that I have come such a long way. I am very blessed. And extremely grateful for all of the help and support I have had along my path. Working and being of service to the Spirit and Energy Beings has brought me so much. In return for balancing the energy around me I have also been balancing my own personal energy. Giving and taking at the same time. What has come back to me from the flow of energy is the love and kindness of so many others.  Now I know I wade through an ocean of loving positivity shared by those who are walking along side of me. Wading along together we are all achieving a clearing and cleansing.

Our combined efforts are going out far and wide in our world. Flowing through waves of low vibrational energy to help others join in wading through the warmth of unconditional love. I am so excited to be a part of this sea of change. A sea that is rebalancing each one of us who wants to live a happier life by sharing together. Is it time for you to take a walk in the water?

Day 926 of my blogging challenge 

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