Unusual Last Minute Gifts: Christmas Present

Unusual presentsThere are some lovely little shops where we are at the moment. This afternoon I got the chance to find some unusual last minute gifts. I love finding different Christmas presents.

That got me thinking about Charles Dickens again. It brought me into my Christmas Present. I love the opportunity to search out little gifts that are unexpected, unusual and fit the person. Then to see the reactions of my family when they open the gifts. I don’t spend a lot of money because it’s far more fun to buy something special within a budget. A challenge really. I like to feel that I have been creative too. So I enjoy wrapping each little gift as well as I can. Because I do feel that it’s the thought that counts. Remembering what each person likes but might not expect to get. The more unusual the better.

It also guarantees a surprise when the gift is open. And I love the excitement that happy surprises bring. That’s what is special about my Christmas Present. I get to spend time in positive energy with the people I care about. And our other family are a phone call away. One of the positives of our modern technology. So the next few days will also be full of contact with family and friends to send positive wishes out to them. And to recieve their wishes back. Unusual though it may seem I also like a little bit of time to myself over the Christmas break. Time to bring my loved ones in Spirit to mind. An opportunity to remember friends who have drifted out of my life. And a chance to count my blessings from the year just gone.

I love my Christmas Present. It’s a wonderful time to share the gift of love. I hope you get something unusual as part of your Christmas celebrations. And get to share the love of family and friends too.

Day 760 of my blogging challenge 

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