Unlucky Friday 13th?

imageOne of the comments that has been flying around today is all about Friday 13th. People say that a Friday 13th is unlucky. Often they go to extreme lengths to avoid bad luck on a Friday 13th. It’s an interesting superstition tied in with religious beliefs about the betrayal of Jesus Christ by the thirteenth apostle Judas on the Friday after the Last Supper. I love to hear about superstitions. All those things that are supposed to be unlucky if they happen or you do certain things. I have to confess that I have a special fondness for Fridays, not because it typically represents the end of the working week,  but because I was born on one. Would I want to believe that any Friday was unlucky? It also reminds me of the little rhyme that says ‘Friday’s child is loving and giving’ so being born on a Friday is more of a blessing than bad luck. Although if you love and give too much I suppose you could call yourself unlucky.

It all depends on which way you choose to see things. I look at the number thirteen and immediately start doing my numerology! To me one and three convert into the number four. I love four. It’s the number of the Angels. Any day that adds up to four brings Angel energy flying around me. And if the day happens to add up to eight then I have ArchAngel energy everywhere. Eight is also the number of infinity. How great is that. An infinity of ArchAngels! But back to four. It’s also a number of harmonious balance. A square is a strong foundation on which we can build our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual lives. When we encourage ourselves to live in balance in all four areas we are going to be living life to the full.

If you wish to consider Friday 13th as unlucky enjoy the thrill of fear it generates. We are very good at scaring ourselves and then laughing about it. For me that is one way to experience Friday 13th. Or if you would like to set aside the superstitions in your life take Friday 13th as a day if angelic loving and giving. That’s the beauty of life – you get to choose which way you experience it.

Day 179 of my blogging challenge. 

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